‘I Do … Until I Don’t’ Hearts Marriage, Rom-Com Cliches

It’s amazing how quickly potential can fizzle.

Four years ago, actress Lake Bell earned raves for her directorial debut, “In a World…” Had Bell segued seamlessly to a behind-the-camera career? Was she the industry’s newest double threat? “In a World…” didn’t deserve all that hype. It still showcased a fertile voice lurking within the actress.

Her sophomore effort is every bit as clunky as what you’d expect from a wannabe auteur. “I Do … Until I Don’t” is a cutesy title for an indie film apeing a mainstream rom-com’s worst tics.

Writer/director Bell plays Alice, a married woman struggling to have a child with her husband, Noah (Ed Helms). They’re facing financial...

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Sep 1st 2017
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