"It’s Love that Makes You True Blue"Content: +1 Moderately questionable elements. (Discernment required for young children.)

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What You Need To Know:SMURFS 2 returns the pint-sized blue heroes back to the big screen. Smurfette is Smurf-napped by the evil wizard Gargamel and his “Naughties.” Gargamel has an evil plan to steal what makes the Smurfs “true blue” to make him the most powerful wizard in the world. It’s up to Papa Smurf, Clumsey, Grouchy, Vanity, and the Winslows to rescue her! They journey to Paris and adventure around the city trying to get Smurfette back. In the end, they all learn the meaning of love and family.

SMURFS 2 is well made with some impressive animation, sound, vocal...

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Dec 3rd 2013
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