Eight Lessons For Filmmakers From 'Calvary'

CalvaryThe GuardGod's Not DeadGrace Unplugged Eight Lessons For Filmmakers From ‘Calvary’ Faith-friendly films don’t have to be soul-less excuses for a sermon. ‘Calvary’ shows how. August 11, 2014 By Rebecca Cusey Stop the presses. More unlikely than spotting a unicorn, uncovering the Holy Grail, or finding Beyonce’s pants, a rarity is about to appear in theaters. A faith-friendly movie is winning the respect of secular critics and appealing even to those who would never darken the door of their local church. Not only that, but it succeeds in the basic, fundamental job of a movie: It entertains. “Calvary,” from the Irish team that made “The Guard,” follows a priest (Brendan Gleeson) who receives a death threat from a parishioner, in revenge for being abused...

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Aug 11th 2014
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