'Gone Girl,' We've Been Waiting For You

Gone Girl ‘Gone Girl,’ We’ve Been Waiting For You The new psychological thriller film ‘Gone Girl’ is not anti-woman. It explores what bad women can do. October 7, 2014 By Rebecca Cusey “Gone Girl” is an exciting, suspenseful thriller that keeps its audience enthralled from opening to credits. Nearly everyone seems to agree on that. But is it misogynistic? Talking heads find consensus harder on that question. In a year of overhyped artsy movies and lackluster blockbusters, “Gone Girl” is just what we’ve been missing. It boasts flawless direction from David Fincher, A-level acting from Rosamund Pike and Ben Affleck, and a story that just won’t let you go. If you like R-rated psychological thrillers and don’t want the story revealed for you, stop reading now...

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Oct 7th 2014
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