New Film Festival Celebrates The American Soldier

American SniperSniper'sDay OneKajakiForrest Gump New Film Festival Celebrates The American Soldier U.S. soldiers aren’t nearly so psychologically messed up as they often seem on the silver screen. A growing film festival explores the unseen side of military life. May 14, 2015 By Rebecca Cusey Last year, “American Sniper” surprised establishment Hollywood by portraying an Iraq War sniper as an unapologetic hero. To make matters worse in the eyes of the creative Left, the movie went on to be an unprecedented hit, grossing nearly $350 million domestically to date. In the echochamber of leftist Tinseltown, this is a gross deviation from the standard playbook of portraying American soldiers as pitiful victims of a corrupt government or bloodthirsty evildoers in their own right. “Sniper’s”...

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May 14th 2015
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