The 'Mad Max' Update Emits A Primal Scream

Mad Max: Fury RoadMad Max The ‘Mad Max’ Update Emits A Primal Scream In a world gone mad, the mad are the sane ones. May 15, 2015 By Rebecca Cusey In “Mad Max: Fury Road,” it makes perfect sense that an army wages war with an electric guitarist suspended high above a battle rig. As the army screams, he bangs out their heartbeat in electric metal riffs. The movie is a heavy-metal world, a long expression of emotion and testosterone, a frenetic spin and jive of life and death among the ruins of civilization. The tension hits in the very opening scene. Mad Max (Tom Hardy) is hunted like an animal by a tribe of chalk-skinned warriors and haunted by the voices in his head. The two merge into an endless cry of torment. In a world wasted and controlled by power, his only instinct...

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May 15th 2015
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