Anna Kendrick Saves 'Pitch Perfect 2'

CupsGleeHigh School Musical Anna Kendrick Saves ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ The ‘Pitch Perfect’ sequel brings us more a capella contests and overblown and underimportant drama. May 15, 2015 By Rebecca Cusey If it weren’t for Anna Kendrick, “Pitch Perfect 2” would be a dreary, half-funny, catchy but predictable flick. Its paint-by-numbers plot adds nothing to the genre in which a plucky underdog (team or person) finds (themselves, redemption, meaning), fights (racism, sexism, economic hardship), and solves relational problems with their (father, mother, boyfriend) simply by nearly losing and then rallying to win a competition in (dancing, singing, racing, or sportsing). Kendrick returns as Beca, the leader of the Barden Bellas, an acapella choir-slash-sorority-slash feminine...

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May 15th 2015
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