Content: +1 Moderately questionable elements. (Discernment required for young children.)

Production Quality:

What You Need To Know:SPACE JAM is a mix of live action and animation featuring the Looney Tune characters and basketball great Michael Jordan. When Bugs Bunny challenges a group of little aliens who have come to make slaves of the toons to a basketball game, only Michael Jordan can help the toons get out of a jam. Fast-paced, well-executed and moral, it has prayers and a church scene, but is marred by an all-too-believable seance scene.

Content:(B, O, L, V, M) Moral worldview with prayer & church scenes marred by brief, comic seance scene; 7 uses of the word "butt" as well as two other mild vulgarities players & a few mild vulgar animation sequences;...

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Aug 21st 2012
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