The Best Way To Enjoy 'Rogue One': With A Beer Milkshake

Rogue OneStar Wars: RebelsThe Clone WarsDirty DozenEpisode IV: A New HopeRogue One: A Star Wars Story The Best Way To Enjoy ‘Rogue One’: With A Beer Milkshake December 16, 2016 By Brad Jackson I love going to the movies. Having two kids now, I don’t get to the theater as much as I used to, but for the big films, the ones I really excited about, I make a point to carve out time and go. This year I’m insanely excited to see the new Star Wars movie, “Rogue One.” I’ve been a Star Wars fan for as long as I can remember. I still have most of my original Star Wars action figures from the 1980s, have an office full of Star Wars Legos and collectibles, and own all the new books and comics. I’ve written before about how exciting Star Wars has become lately, with the “Star...

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Dec 16th 2016
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