Content: +2 Moderately questionable elements.

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What You Need To Know:In the exciting, new Paramount picture, LASSIE, Lassie must save the day and rescue thirteen-year-old Matt from his rebelliousness when the Turner family moves to a small village in the Shenandoah, Virginia, countryside and finds itself caught up in a modern day range-war. Slightly marred by six mild obscenities and two ambivalent exclamatory profanities, LASSIE is, otherwise, a stirring coming-of-age tale involving redemption, forgiveness, courage, and all those virtues we associate with the original Lassie movies.

Content:(C, B, L, V) Christian worldview of sacrifice, forgiveness and redemption with several strong moral messages; 6 obscenities & 2 exclamatory...

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Aug 17th 2012
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