Content: -3 Excessive sex, violence, immorality, and/or worldview problems. (Sometimes excessive content such as violence is in otherwise redemptive movies.)

Production Quality:

What You Need To Know:Jeff Bridges stars as bomb expert Jimmy Dove in BLOWN AWAY, an action-thriller about the leader of a bomb squad and his race against time to catch a psychotic bomb-maker played by Tommy Lee Jones. Despite powerful acting performances, this movie falls short of greatness, marred by lots of violence and foul language.

Content:(R, LLL, VVV, A, P, M, C, B) Heroic romantic worldview; approximately 35 obscenities and 6 profanities; 6 deaths, shots of charred bodies & blood, 2 fight scenes, brief shot of dead dog hung upside down, & numerous bomb explosions; alcohol...

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Aug 17th 2012
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