"A Fast, Fun, Family-Friendly Fantasy"Content: +2 Moderately questionable elements.

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What You Need To Know:In the animated TREASURE ISLAND, young Jim Hawkins finds that a spaceship has crashed nearby. The dying captain gives Jim a golden ball with some markings on it and tells him to guard it . . . and to beware of the cyborg. With the help of Dr. Doppler, Jim discovers that the ball is a 3-D map, showing a hidden planet filled with treasure from a legendary pirate. Jim and Dr. Doppler take a space galleon away on an intergalactic expedition. Jim befriends the rough cook, Long John Silver, who tells him he has the makings of a fine “spacer” as he and the crew battle supernovas, black holes and space storms. Jim discovers,...

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Aug 16th 2012
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