This Movie Trailer On Van Gogh's Life Will Mesmerize You

Loving Vincent This Movie Trailer On Van Gogh’s Life Will Mesmerize You March 3, 2016 By The Federalist Staff A new movie depicting Vincent Van Gogh’s life and work will be the first feature film to be animated by paintings. Each frame of “Loving Vincent” is an oil painting in the impressionist style of Van Gogh, according to The Daily Dot. To pull that off, there are 12 paintings every second, and none are computer-animated. Over 120 of Van Gogh’s paintings will be incorporated into the movie, The Huffington Post reports. Watch the trailer here: A film about Vincent Van Gogh made with oil paintings Every frame of this movie about Vincent van Gogh is an oil painting. More info here: Posted by The Daily Dot on Monday, February 29, 2016 The...

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Mar 3rd 2016
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