Pull 'Mid-August Lunch' From The Movie Archives

Babette's FeastMid-AugustLunch Pull ‘Mid-August Lunch’ From The Movie Archives August 26, 2016 By James Vescovi It’s August and time to watch a movie that’s as life-affirming as “Babette’s Feast” (1987). Like that film, “Mid-August Lunch” (2009) is also about food—specifically, a feast day known in Italy as Ferragosto, which comes during the height of the country’s summer holiday. Gianni (Gianni Di Gregorio, who also directs the film) is a sixty-ish bachelor who lives with his 93-year-old mother in Rome. Mother and son have fallen on hard times and find themselves behind on their bills. Help arrives with a visit from his condominium’s property manager, who offers to reduce his overdue maintenance—but only if Gianni will take his elderly mother for two...

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Aug 26th 2016
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