Happy Equal Pay Day! The (other) holiday based on a lie | Ben Davies

happy equal payday on April 10th there is a holiday that allows the entire world to virtue signal and push an agenda based solely on a proven lie vomited up at nauseam by political activists and what separates this made-up holiday from others like say Kwanzaa which was made up in the 60s by a Marxist nationalist who was later convicted of kidnapping and torturing women is that this holiday allows businesses to jump on this divisive holiday and give promotions and discounts of 20% to really stick it to the man I've been Davies this is pure Hollywood this is so stupid I hardly know where to begin first off the gender pay gap is a lie yes if you had of all the money made and divide it out by just men and women what they make equally then yes it'll be about 20% higher for...

Apr 11th 2018
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