Reynolds Reclaims His Throne in ‘The Last Movie Star’

In the special features for the Blu-ray edition of Adam Rifkin’s “The Last Movie Star,” Rifkin says he sent the script to Burt Reynolds, explaining that if he didn’t want the part the movie wouldn’t be made.

It’s easy to see why.

In “The Last Movie Star [Blu-ray],” Reynolds plays Vic Edwards, a once-mighty megastar who is now elderly and alienated. He gets an invite to receive a lifetime achievement award from a small film festival in Nashville. On a whim, he decides to attend.

This starts him on an unexpected journey of reflection over his career highs and lows.

What’s immediately apparent is that Reynolds is playing himself. The Vic Edwards character has all the trademark “Burt” mythos swirling around him....

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Mar 26th 2018
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