"Dominium Over All Creation"Content: +1 Moderately questionable elements. (Discernment required for young children.)

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What You Need To Know:HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON is an animated feature about a scrawny but brainy Viking teenager named Hiccup. Young Hiccup wants to be a powerful dragon slayer like his father, Stoick, but Stoick fears for his scrawny, klutzy son. Stoick leaves with the other Vikings to find the dragons’ lair once and for all, but agrees to let Hiccup start training with Gobber, the blacksmith who teaches all the children how to fight the various kinds of dragons. Meanwhile, Hiccup befriends a dragon he injured. He discovers that the dragons are not what they seem, but how can he tell his father and the rest...

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Aug 4th 2012
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