The Paranormies Present: Friday Night Frights EP4: We All Float Down Here
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nothing everybody and welcome back to the Terrordome he's percent Friday Night Frights this week Tyler and I will be holding down the reins as Zeb is on a nature walk a spirit journey through the for castizo women so bus with our show this evening we have brought on two very special guests first we have paranormies royalty how's it going Bradshaw taking some ayahuasca find these castizo women Executives at that kind of trip please taken no I just I always have to got the plug is to see the woman any chance I get and from VRBO tempestus we have Rory has a going-away man can't complain where the white women at I can tell you that we got a real Bape gang on this episode today ask of you that's right big game what y'all doing what are y'all running now 100 crunchy squares 6 mg of nicotine in it I'm using a smok bad I like it yeah I need to get up on that Smock I'm running strawberry milk right now and my begin what is Heracles tank in my 150 158 nice f****** dirty in so I have a backup Pro color in nice green set of 42.0 Watts naked very cool wow contact this is like the strongest may 5ever use this thing runs between the f****** thing was between 90 140 I got to sit a 115 tugging like coughing my f****** head off at 12:18 do you like it's going to go up to 150 I usually work 150 even you guys aren't you enter control coils Cox funny cuz I do have like temperature control and all that on here but like I don't know I just don't like it it didn't work with the s*** really like had any luck with that when I was vaping everybody was like because I'm actually running the coils that are meant for temperature-controlled and I don't care I just Rent-A-Center StreetWise Merry-Go-Round wattage what were you discussing this week guys why I am not a good host in my my Facebook Messenger open that's what we're discussing sorry was trying to join the chat room okay we'll punch him in the throat Bradshaw whatever he'll he'll come back I'm not even going to say that I'm going to edit that out anyway this week we are talking about the it films both the original and the remake you want to take us War start with want to start with probably the original I'm going to preface this by asking did I know we talked about this during the ER before the show but has anybody else read the novel yeah I would like right it's amazing it's a dates a ton of words and a ton of pages that's all it's a huge huge but it's it's that's awesome I really is well-done I was one of those nerds you like you before the miniseries came out had read it and then you know before it became I want somebody to just came out everybody started reading it became super popular Pride ready before then and baby books I wrote a couple of his books like I would say probably one of my favorites will be like the first in the Dark Tower series okay I really enjoyed that s*** that was really good but new stuff like a Salem's Lot have a hard time sitting down and and I have the same problem with it I was like this book is just so much to take in and the one thing that I always notice Stephen King is he so descriptive about everything I'm like he'll be detailing a smell and this is obviously you know that this is like tripping balls as he's writing this stuff cuz he details the hell something smells so that you can smell it yourself insane the way he does that it in for some people it's too much it's too much detail but and sometimes it can be in some of his books but I think a lot of times it it real allows you to visualize it put yourself there which Alana authors are missing is thick-headed just gloss over the really put you in it and help you Dark Tower the first one the Gunslinger where he's like detailing the smell of piss and I was just liking this is awful skip ahead a scalpel sentences and not talk about that to get her fiance feel like Stephen King I was that quite well did the whisper motherfuker is out there man he really is I can't stand him as a human being but yeah I actually haven't read much of this works I read I've not even attempted to read it it's just so I got tiny hands it's on Wheel day for me yes oh yes I haven't read. The Dark Tower series was really good though when you go read the books versus the you know movie or TV adaptations of his books I've never read his works and then they that's all I know of it is that you know the TV or movie adaptation is they don't really there well that's kind of weak you must be this week writer and then you go any read and you like oh wow like there's a reason why he's one of the selling authors of all time cuz he's easy rupees are in an insane amount of get out of books and most of them the vast majority of them are just just gold pure gold The Running Man when I was in high school and I Uber accomplishing the guys at keep dropping my dad's a big Arnold Schwarzenegger fan and everything so I grew up watching like Commando and everything but I love that movie. I read the book I like this is I actually didn't really enjoy it in comparison to the film one that's one thing I think that with the it movies is that they actually you know other than obviously the level of Gore and you know that you have certain scenes were cutting things like that the the kind of chronological order of things something that ain't never pretty pretty true to the book and yeah obviously the original the TV mini-series they had to cut a lot of it out because it's TV yet I was like a bee on Sunday I was like you said that wasn't going to fly so things with that you know in growing up watching the TV series mini-series that they did it just shows it his mouth opens and then like that's the end of that scene with Georgie right take us all in theaters I kind of assumed they would do the same thing they were all out Georgie gets his whole f****** arm bit off and I'll go it was rough the TV mini-series actually I guess worry there's a question for you in the book did I did book jump back and forth between their adult life and then their their childhood memories yeah Racines where did it like it at certain times it would stick to a certain time and then there'd be times when it would kind of jump back and forth there's a lot that's not I don't know that's it's it's hard to in the way they did it right quite a bit and then some different chapters it wasn't like all the way through the thing can I go back and forth but certain chapters to gotcha okay alright well then let's run through the plot of the original film tell me when I kick this off on the chronological order of everything but like as it opens up if I recall correctly it opens up with what's his name Ben unicycle right and she's riding down the street singing a song as she pulls into her yard and her mom comes out about the rain come inside and then and everything just gonna stand around and then she just like it does this weird thing the it film were as it goes after a victim it does like a point of view so does like a point-of-view going towards the girl and then the mom comes back outside a couple minutes later and the price was knocked over and everything on the mom screams and then like Appaloosa what not and the order black guy Mike right there and he's basically been following this because when he was a child the losers club or Lucky 7 or whatever they were and that adaptation they basically have the same thing happen when they were kids 7 years earlier he calls bin like men's Nautica this is really pissing me off of this because it starts off with them as adults it doesn't build up the story you know I like this entire things through flashbacks and I had a hard time following it in comparison to the so it's really hard to kind of like lay this one out because it's like prices and it jumps back to that as they were kids and then now we're adults again back the kids back to the Dalts yeah whisper series of flashbacks in the each one of them you have their perspective told it wasn't like oh we're going to sit down and have a powwow and here's remember know it was you know they would introduce each character and then do a flashback that was pertinent to that character yeah I feel like like when it originally aired on TV you would probably be a little bit easier to follow up likely than the actual like a movie form that you buy on DVD because it would break for commercial breaks things like that like a lot of it was edited it in a particular way for commercial breaks which you it seems really weird when you watching straight through now I don't have you don't have those commercials there so it breaks in goes to this other scenery continues that scene in a really weird way because you're it supposed to have a commercial there I don't think they probably hadn't expected to have the cultural impact it didn't become a real cult it was actually yeah because you know but like I said I was one of the few people that read it book before the miniseries came out it was one of his least you no less popular books before the miniseries given. it just kind of really resonated with people I know it did Whitney I watched it when it originally aired and if I tell him I ate there podcast weren't even daughter I'm the old man of the group yeah obviously I was a kid at the time too but it resonated with me outside man you know obviously it was a different time in different things were shown on TV and it was like that would it was actually terrifying scary for the day now you watch it it's kind of like yeah yeah but that was it was terrified repeat kids are having nightmares and shut their pants or turn it off the TV like I said just you're not like the different time yeah I was inside my my girlfriend and I was telling worried before the podcast but my girlfriend had never watched the original you know the TV mini-series and so we picked up the Remake from Redbox 1-day and we're watching she's like wow this is actually really frightening to scrape me out cuz I mean the Remake was really dark and then I finally like okay well I have the TV the whole thing she's like how did people find this Carrie this isn't this is nothing and I'm like dude it was 1990 like it was a current time they weren't used to blood and gore in and should everywhere you know they didn't have the Walking Dead on television you know yacht something like The Walking Dead would never fly exactly it wouldn't like not in not in the way that it's it's shown what happened the race mixing dead nice to be expected DVDs days you know yeah no kidding about the it films that has I believe his outlasted the the times you know is Tim Curry's call as Pennywise I always thought that you did a good job and I know it was the thing I was most worried about for the Remake cuz you really top 10 Kris his portrayal of pennywise's perfect or I should say at Jo Delray but Tim Curry such a fantastic bucking job cuz he was able to do this Sinister clown without being over the Fox News just kind of like this almost campy kind of feel to it before CGI and everything so everything had to be done that was just him and I mean so all those he looks and laughs and all that like it was so is all proper cinematography bring up a scene and making the Environment Erie and him pulling it off perfectly you can also just like come into f****** set likey all eyes are on him when he's on Sky Tim Curry in general like everything he's in he's deaf he steals the show but hands down that's why I you know I agree with you there that I had low expectations going then everyone just because you know how do you how do you top that and specially like the the trailer you're like I don't know it seems a little weird but all in all pretty satisfied the best part is they didn't try to mimic with Tim Curry did like then try to build off of what Hillary created they didn't try to recreate it they went with something completely different and I appreciated that announcing about in the remake did Pennywise even really speak yes what time's yeah but I think he had I think it was some like maybe 70 lines at the bike 70 words under 15 minutes of screen time throughout the whole film I believe yeah Ron just ridiculous the lines he did deliver Skarsgard I mean they were haunting though it really wore quite morbid to it was his perfectly for sure is there's no way you can talk Tim Curry saying we all float down here though yeah I know that's that's actually going to be the title of the episode because who wouldn't recognize that exactly all float down here yeah well actually the whole reason we're doing this is because it targets kids yeah and these are doing a episode on pedaltube topic you know we can do the It remake and like a Nightmare on Elm Street or something and then Bradshaw and password like no let's let's just do that it films and compare the two I think that's more than enough that this reason we're covering these films because we always forget to say that at the beginning of the episode that's true we also could have done the Jeepers Bruce films because their director targets kids to make everybody aware that I did not know about that he's a convicted pedofile nothing hot water balloon movie because of that but I don't divulge too much into that I just want to make that joke but as far as the enemy series go we start off with I can run Mike Mike he's up following the scene because because you know this is something that had happened before and he's trying to get information the police chief and he said you look this is a problem this happened before this is going on simply children you know so it's something that's kind of weird about that though is like so does he just go to every you know time a kid gets in a missing or or you know anytime a kid gets murdered in this town shows up to to see if it's it you know and like how does he know it sit before he finds the the Mikey Mikey right I'll how does how does he even know that it's it like you know yes a small town but with population they have kids got to come up missing from time-to-time right like it's got to you know things happen and it's not it so I just I don't know that's kind of weird to me yeah you would you would think the police would start asking some questions to like each one of these crime scenes Siri what is the curator of the the library there and then like that the town history and yeah like that's why he's like stay there and it's so just think about how how in-depth look at all that the history the crazy history of this town he has like I would I would I would get the f*** out of the miniseries everyone else left at except for him he's the only one who stayed behind everyone else leaves and they become big shots yeah and he's just librarian or whatever like old oak where we're always in this poor town it's like yep that's my place there was the roughest like I laughed so hard it's going to feel bad knowing it breathe loser of the losers Club tier though he starts calling everyone to tell them like hate it has returned and he calls been first I believe right that's the one who's making the movie Everything cuz I think it done yeah family calls that. He called bill first bill first yeah pretty sure something about the bill character I don't know people think I like that's the really like Stephen King writing himself into the book Ryan oh yeah oh yeah the book author writing horror novels yeah writing or end screen yeah chocolate that's him in his own book people contacts is the one I was thinking of when I said that but yeah the writer yeah it was definitely Stephen King no doubt about it he's like a famous author now they're doing a movie adaptation of one of his books so he's writing the script for it and you well that sit down and have dinner with his hot ass wife and you get to phone call and it's Mike Sandler it's back then they'd shoot back to this when does the flashback for Georgie yeah yeah because it was his brother so it's the same thing as the Remake where paper sailboat and he's like hey you got to go down to the cellar in the basement and get yeah whatever that yeah I got to get the stuff to put on the hair so it doesn't listen when you put in water and Georgie runs down there and use the same color Erie aspect with the basement you know and he was back up they do that whatever SS Georgie you know Georgia goes out into the stringdusters I am with the boat I do want to point out how back-and-forth do is he goes from being huge dick to a great brother and like I mean it's so bipolar I don't know if you guys got onto that but brother stuff like my little brother but he'll also be there to help him out that's true but I'm sorry also that in both versions of it obviously cuz it's pretty much the same person there is that it shows obviously the original series was even further back in time but the the newer what is this supposed to be the 80s that kind of shows you the time where kids could just get oh without any kind of transformation or any maybe just go out in the rain and go run around like and that's true you wouldn't see that you know that doesn't happen these days our kids it's pouring outside and go run around the neighborhood without telling my parents anything play a different time will they definitely lived in a homogenous ethnically homogeneous neighborhood nuts probably for sure let me know when you guys ever been to Maine right up until about 5 years ago was right statement Country 93 percent white I believe maybe name is 93 now but we did an episode with masonia song that's like hurricane Irma yeah so this is where Georgie and counters it in the the drain is the drain right and play pops up in the yard again this is like kind of like a scene by seeing both in the original and the remake and that's what really liked about this with the Remake is it was basically the same back between actors as well as circus got blown away with the storm in the you can you hear the elephant sir whatever the circus down here you could smell the popcorn blah blah right yeah and this is where Pennywise like oh well what about your your boat and you want a balloon you know that that's where Georgie goes for it and an in the original blacks out after I know Kenny was like oh we all float down here we all float and then is Isaac change colors in like sharp teeth are showing and everything the greatest cinematic scenes I've ever seen just like teeth out of nowhere and just like last down on the arm arm gets ripped off kitchen Broadway arm stretches out from the sewer I grab them to drag him back under yeah it was definitely a Tony 2017 film and that remake the actually net Indy mini series they talked about how jordy's body was found with his arm bitten off but in the remake they show it never found body do you know at the end when they're actually down in the sewer that scene was crazy too cuz I went to see the Remake as is a lark cuz I like the original and I didn't think he was going to be that good so me and my my girlfriend when and as soon as I saw him bite Georgie's arm off like I knew it's going to be good yeah again I was highly surprised surprised YouTube the dinner after the funeral in the Series right he's looking through the pictures and everything that's what like blood just starts gushing out of the photo album and everything and his parents come in and like freaked out on him for going in there I guess it was something that's not true with the book as well was after Georgie died it was like building it matter anymore I think it was even more so in the book like ever so distraught about losing their kid that they just that's stop caring yeah you think mom in the remake I think she's in like one scene where she's playing piano but I don't think she actually has any lines but in the mini series and they freak out on him for going in the room looking through a photo book and everything in the remake his dad freaks out for having the whole like sewer thing planned out and what not worried like oh this is where the body would have turned up down is that freaks out on him for taking which actually act like the whole complete lack of parenting throughout this entire recycle movie was a big problem in my opinion ohyeah that is that a apparent in the books cuz I feel like that's sort of intentional the books in the Anderson homes but these films take place when it would be summer the Gaetan fight monsters yeah it's it's been too long think that was Ben whittwood she's totally a different character in that forces the book because he's ghetto he's always kind of sequester to himself and yeah you become successful like really successful look like he has really nice house he's an architect and everything like that he has his own private jet and the landing strip at his house but he's still like States himself and reads books he's very much a you know homebody when you can. not that she's not this weekend you know party animal freaking Playboy lettuce blank is the the adult Ben and the kid been really even with weight loss they look nothing alike like it just kind of bugging me but like adult Ben look just completely different person yeah testing back then they weren't didn't but also we're not really talking about a huge budget production either so it was probably like yeah it was it was very very low-budget that's like I think that's just a step above straight-to-dvd or straight to VHS with the time stop the fact that they even had temporary and there it was surprising to me with the low-budget right well he he he only had so many lines so they probably wouldn't even have to pay my much he probably was the budget nobody else get to split the rest yeah I thought I am DB list of the budget but I can't find it here I'm sure what you did but I'm too lazy so but Tyler it's a it's a big paranormies tip for you it's just always have the Wikipedia article open thanks cuz talk about is what's on the Wikipedia 12000000 homegroup two different locations British Columbia pedia Malcolm McDowell almost played Pennywise that was very disturbing Clockwork Orange music inspiration Clockwork Orange that was one of the other places he took inspiration for his quirkiness in his character so better funded cuz I'm looking at like the list of films film adaptations from Stephen King books and like the first film one was Carrie in 1976 you know like the miniseries for it was released 1990 think that someone bigger probably would have picked that up but but it at the time wasn't one on one of his senile one of his lower-end selling books so yeah they probably didn't expect it to get that much out of Carrie and Cujo I'm reading through list right now I know the majority of these young like carry The Shining Creepshow Cujo the dead zone Christine Children of the Corn Firestarter catseye Silver Bullet Maximum Overdrive Stand By Me which everyone loves that film yes I completely forgot about Creepshow I didn't realize I was forget that's him yes short that is full to based on consists of five short stories to base short stories weeds from 1976 and the crate from 1979 and then the rest and he wrote specifically for the film actor I love the crate because my favorite band did a music video that buried it the Black Dahlia murder what a horrible night to have a curse did they do the music video on a parotid Creepshow and there's good stuff there's a the crate and one of the other ones I can't remember what title was able to metal post what's up dude once per episode at least this isn't really that medelita post hardcore band from Boston to my hometown they'd actually have a song about it that is pretty good at has some like it's like post-hardcore like brass in it cuz it's it's about it and they know what the clown they have like the horns and everything it's what was it this it is the end I think it's called name of the band is Ice Nine Kills back years your Ricky from this is the apocalypse is playing guitar forum oh wow. unfortunate because I feel like you could do better you could because this was a drastically more technical band but but that's okay as long as he's doing something I guess I mean metal bands no getting a Google call Pennywise punk band but they're totally baggett's so pumpkin all good I remember your headlights and albums went away tried to come back and nobody get together album away for free and still nobody liked it and it was it was it was for it they actually included a couple metal shirts in there like a belt was wearing a shut the metal up your ass shirt another steam he was wearing the anthrax shirt and actually the song has the short as weird from this a like follow me or die or something like that and it the song it's about Stephen King one of his books that's pretty cool stuff like that I'm glad they didn't LOL you know what the Nirvana T-shirt and stick that in there or something like totally were all dating the totally an In-N-Out that's think she is like the the mean kids from back then I totally be wearing Anthrax and Metallica shirts and you know correction Metallica shirts in high school and I was considered a loser generation Xavier times have changed you missed the bus on that one man in the eighties they were scared of you in the nineties I called you a faget so yeah so something that I found interesting that a lot of people may not know since you're going to talk about Stephen King books is that they're all interconnected ballpark universe and so the guy the caretaker from The Shining is directly referenced in the in the it book they don't represent in the movies but he's directly referenced in there that character the you know so I just found that interesting when you find out how is he referenced see if you can remember exactly I just remember the character name being a dick dick Hannah Ram it's in the book when I was doing research on the interconnected to be the other universes of the universes of Stephen King I don't remember exactly what context he was mentioned in the book but and then also the town where it happens is also the same place where the Alien Invasion and dreamcatcher Rapids Blackberry is also a big plot point in the Dark Tower series I believe yeah well if I kind of University even King writes about I don't want him ever talking about politics again I'll just give a brief rundown of the it character Pennywise Wiki has a great saying written up that actually talks about understand everything I'm so in the novel pennywise's an eternal entity that can shape-shift and change form wives on Earth blah blah and it would sleep for approximately 27 to 30 years at a time in the film they just cut it down to 27 just went with that and then towed after that it would wake up at 4:20 on your feet on children's fear and you can take the shape of basically anything and then that more in the original without the shape-shifting where Richie goes down to get a mop from the janitor and he's the werewolf from the horror movie that they're watching the night before you know then they cut that stuff out of the Remake cuz honestly that's kind of cheesy nowadays what's a lot more shape-shifting Islam or settle in the remake like he's ya mere a lot but it's a lot more subtle and it's in the background Tapas in your face like I do hey you're on the spooky monster going to think it's more of like hay on this creepy old lady that very staring at you with this creepy look that you don't even notice the things that are set there for you as the audience not for the character in the movie there's a scene where when they're patching up after he got cut up by Bowers and there's a painting on and it's like these five guys that were shot down and dairy they were bank robbers and this is like goes into Dairy sister whatever you see like a little clip of it has been going through the book and the Remake is in the remake they make the white kid the historian with makes sense they'd actually include in one of the stills pennywise's characteristic part of the mural like looking down on them grinning like a cool dude nice little tulson right there let's not let's not gloss over how awesome them going down the bank robbers was mural cuz that's pretty awesome that hey these guys but they weren't even robbing a bank in that town. and the townspeople gun them the f*** down and massacred their asses f****** a b**** lady f****** Justice right are we continue with the story from here so hard to jump back and forth between when they're adults to win their kids such a hard to follow up actually you want my opinion is what's going through the Remake animal reference back to the miniseries sure as the how they line up definitely the movie is definitely a lot more fresh in my mind it's been a minute since I've I watch the miniseries so I re-watch the miniseries and I I feel like turn off the roast into glasses if it does it's not the same as when I wash it when I was a kid it's just so much better series probably like 2 years ago 3 years ago and yeah I got that same feeling I play it's just not the same like this is week even like my kids were watching it there like what is the scare Dodgers manager b**** that way the miniseries is like what four and a half hours long it snowed feels they really does feel like it it's like 3 hours and celerina have for something it does drag on like two old men riding bicycles and shittin leg you know what's really funny is it's like the scenes like that are completely added in there not from the book at all and he just 40b you do made for TV cartoon series this is like you got flying leeches you know sucking kids to death and then they got out here let's have this family dinner we're all smiling and laughing too cheesy music why was it named buy me one more please it is funny that you brought up the device Quilcene because that's the point where I stood up pause the movie and plague come back to this really cool is is the media player I use has the ability to watch videos at higher speed so I said it to 1.25 speed nice and Eddy made the movie a little more bearable how much watchable at that speed but it just get through it faster yeah yeah there's a lot of traffic at a trim from it every Stephanie yeah there's a lot of time filler you could tell they added intellect and look let's let's fill in the void here yeah but the Remake and will reference back to the old miniseries I feel like that's easiest route to take where he described Georgie dying dim the smacking his head on the on the thing on the road everything was hilarious I completely unexpected you know because I'm expecting like a scene proceed matchup and then all the sudden he's why I'm like oh my God I laughed I laughed out loud when I saw that was like why am I laughing watching this movie I was about to start but I'm like a laugh about to die but I'm over here laughing there's a scene because you don't like he's down there talking to Pennywise and when he goes to reach for the boat in the balloon that's when he gets his arm bit off there's actually a scene it was called what if and it was basically seeing for seeing but then it gets up to that point where you like oh well don't you want your boat and when he reaches for the Buddy 2 Saturday's like thanks and runs Play Bella's included with the DVD nice let's sing like there's a great way you know when you have kids to teach him hey when I say don't talk to f****** strangers I mean don't talk to can strangers you see what I happen to you tell strangers exactly that was the whole like you have my name now I have yours we're not strangers it's like kids are dumb yeah you're right that makes sense I promise you the legs actually better does the next scene is where they during school right and know that yeah yeah yeah yeah I'm like last day of school they see the bullies and then no girls gets trash dumped on her in the in the stall really undercutting that section when they walk out the classroom they're making fun of the f****** Jewish kid go to a bar mitzvah yeah I thought that was hilarious I saw it in theaters with a couple of other people I know who are redpilled and we are all like like sweet to like drop the rabbi's going to pull down your pants rest I said funny the jokester kid I remember their names but the jokes that was totally me when I was that age like everything was some like dirty joke you know like everything cuz that was that was your way to like it specially if you were cuz you know if you remember you know kind of mature than the other guys as far as like what's up with it came to sex and stuff you could you can make all kinds of jokes like that and even worse than that and have them know what the f*** you're talking about you know right you know what I never realized growing up with Richie was played by Seth Green in the miniseries yeah yep Seth Green Our God yeah India remake are not in the remake in the original we're like all grown up and you got you guys head in the the fridge and everything and he's like dog noise like a witchy long time no see no one noticed a nose job hey one of the production companies on the new one is Kat Smith Productions Smith Productions we found the Jews other there you know they're there. Always there it was pretty cool you know all these kids who played in the remake we're all girl all about like 14 to see teen years old like the guy who played Richie and the guy who played Eddie they did a lot of Adeline where they would just improvise their wines like as far as jokes go and the guy who played Eddie even wrote a couple of a full rich character that's badass that's badly pretty awesome I just want to point out how much the adult which annistown bothered me and I know that's the pot calling the kettle black because I tend to curse a lot but the fact of the supporting our kids just every other word it really bums me out like it was my only gripe with the film NFL water was kind of pisses me off more when I was 14 probably cursed more than I do now yeah play like that it's probably yet probably screwed in real life but offend your sensibilities by thinking the layer of authenticity cuz it's f****** I was saying like Niger faget in public when I was four thornhaven like before the red nigger faggot cuz it sounds funny the way they introduce the characters in a miniseries I actually preferred over the way they introduce the characters in mia3 make dogs I was going to say that boy is kind of still the same they introduced him and pretty much the same way kind of but it's like in the miniseries you don't like me you get introduced to the characters at the Barons and like that's where they're introduced to Ben and everything but but it was soccer names whereas in the remake it's just come like oh here's three of the characters all at once coming out of a classroom then who Jewish kid and then you get introduced to Beverly like properly and everything and then you get introduced the Ben proper and Mike oh yeah that's something we forgot to mention Mike's character when they introduced him he's working at that family life and uncle I think so yeah I taking care of him and his uncle actually give them like some Super Sound Advice like your boy if you don't call in line if you don't get right or whatever you're going to be just like the sheep in this cage and you're not going nowhere don't put the boat between your eyes I like dance pretty good Michael Blackson a cage but play by Morgan Freeman this time the actually do hard-working you know kind of salt-of-the-earth black dude they probably got some pretty Sage wise advice they should probably be giving it to their own people if they die how many times have I said that myself but that you just go to old southern town and you have a lot of these old blacks that like they don't show bad about anything they don't get in anybody's business they they carry on if sound advice and they know what they're doing and it's like yeah they've been through through hard times but they bring them down they just keep on chugging and said they've been they've learned from that like hey he's how you get on with your life and move some of that and still be successful right you damn son who was the first one to inquire out of the group encounter Pennywise was Mike wasn't it I always want to say was Beverly but I probably not no no Mike seeing with the in the alley was before Beverly was it I want to say one of the Jewish he needs some pretty quick well that was raised up yeah when he's at the he's in the office but that's not seems like it's a little bit late I want to say Mike seeing was the first I could be wrong when they went to the what came first because you know Pennywise is on the stage Pennywise is that clown that's on the stage when they go that like town the town celebration was the same guy who plays Pennywise just dresses a different so it's the Pennywise you know just in different point chronological order of how they see Pennywise isn't really that big of a deal cuz they kind of like shoots her really quick yeah yeah then kind of the kind of stack them up real fast those first encounters so the Stanley the Jewish kid he's practicing his line from the tour and everything for his bar mitzvah. He goes to put the book back and as he's walking into the office there's it's like painting of a girl holding a flute and you like covers the side of his face yeah like obviously creeped out by this image and as we said before young Pennywise feeds on beer so obviously he's a little bit scared he's putting the book bag this would obviously bring about pennywise's kids scared going to take advantage of that one you know and the painting falls off the office now hits the ground Stanley walks over picks up and the f****** girls gone like non and painting anymore yeah door creaked open behind them and everything and they there's a f****** chick with the flu like an unlikely look up mangled teeth and everything. He runs out of the office whatever Eddy's Eddy's encounter was actually like I really enjoyed the way they filmed at he's walking past the creepy house and everything and I he dropped his pills and as he's not picking them up and put them back into the Container like this nasty bloody hand reach down and grab that in like hands it over to him he looks something like this leper hobo yeah just like home tell me what kid would not immediately just turn around and run the f*** away from that I do absolutely no kidding right mediately just just Sprint as fast as you can away from that you know even me as a grown man somebody that too gross and does looking I'm getting the f*** away from them as quick as possible so he gets chased through the yard and he's trying to climb the fencing looks back and there's Pennywise like the upside down pyramid of balloons which actually half of that was CG half of that was real like the first 6 balloons were real the rest was all CD I thought I was cool and then the way they film that as I looms are raising up and you see the face you know I just kind of other than ice creepy aspect to it and he's like oh we all float down here if you live here you don't be home then he takes off and whatever bills I would say the bills was probably the scariest when he encounters it for the first time yet there's the water dripping on doing from the roof there from the ceiling I should say. So he goes to grab like a bucket walking back to his room Delight in Georgie's room turns on so he walks in there pics of a Lego turtle which actually is another reoccurring thing and a Stephen King book is imma turn the turtle which is like that every would probably know more about that than I do is actually irrelevant actually it's pretty relevant 222 it is that yeah the the turtle is like its other Eternal being that is the the Yang to its ya as far as these Eternal beings go so it's like the goodness you know yeah it doesn't get into that with this he's deliberately cut that part out like completely they just kind of references yes it was then as bill is walking back out like he hears or sees something across the house and he follows it down to the basement and there's Georgie down there like I lost it don't kill me or whatever right and as he's like you'll float too you'll float too you know the basement Outlet. f*** out the basement was flooded what was that Bradshaw Yeah Yeah Yeahs really creepy was that entire entire f****** saying there the whole atmosphere things dark there's like you can hear the water kind of moving around and everything and he's yelling and Yugi Pennywise raising out of the water and he's got Georgie like a f****** puppet yeah you know just kind of like controlling them to talk and then he drops Georgie and it's like this animalistic vicious attack you know you just cry I don't really know how to explain it look like he was being attacked by a wild dog yeah it was it was definitely and basements are kind of a huge fear for a lot of northern northern kids I mean basements are always darkens colder than the rest of the house and you know so it was it was just a really good seeing there I don't know anything because well I don't have a f****** basement in the South but it's so funny I actually moved have a basement is it is creepy let and it still kind of creepy but over here like uuu fools you only got the basement today I was born in the basement molded by the basement attic until I was nearly a man about another water droplet and I think that that's something that a lot of people kind of missed was that each of the characters has trigger and within with Bill it's raining and so because of you. going missing in the rain so I'll let took was that one drop of water dropping to like set off the sequence of events Pennywise in you'll notice if you go back and watch if you didn't notice you know watching it really worth it it has a trigger and it only took me how I can be something really settle and then so like when that when the other kid drops his pills that's you know part of his hypochondria you know that's his that's his trigger play the drama club is well tools getting dirty incident that triggered that the whole sea delivering meat for his uncle's company you were right by the Y he is the first to meet Pennywise is yeah he is but yeah so he's like down the Sally trying to deliver me to this company and did they actually change this one from help wasn't the trailers and I'm like the original seen as to what actually the theatrical cut but other the door has like a gauge trains and everything like pain comes off the door kind of like starts coming open in like these Burns hands are coming out and everything he's here people scream like Mike and blah blah and basically with his the backstory there was his parents died in that building at yeah and he was able to escape his family wasn't exactly sure what trigger was who is Raina Bowers game can you see Pennywise down in the hall in the original seen how they filmed it was like he was like hanging from a hook and eye swinging back and forth iceborne yellow and everything and he's behind like the other flaps and whatnot I thought I started still work creepy aspect to it color on it going over here on Pennywise anytime you went from being Williams trying to be nice and sweet like to Georgie his eyes were blue and then right before he's going to do something by Elizabeth eyes turn to this you know orange yellowish color yeah. That's another aspect I like about like sounds like this we talked about this with the from hell cuz that's how they did it with the bad guy there when you when he get without his eyes go from dark blue to Black yeah Universal way to depict you know benevolent to manavalan that yeah yeah transition because powers and his gang drive the car down almost hit him with the car and everything goes back to normal let's see who would be next on that one can order it would be so I guess Mike stand then I think Ben's Ben's was the one that actually like scared the s*** out of me because I didn't really like to nothing was just creepiest f*** Rory take this one I'm trying to remember it so this is where he's in the library and oh yes yes history book he's going through the photos and everything and actually this could have triggered me a little bit and I don't get like triggered easily but this kind of made me mad at firework explosion at this Easter thing one of the f****** photos they used in that book with a picture of a soldiers from Gettysburg yeah I wasn't really just added in the Easter eggs but it was an actual photo from soldiers at Gettysburg me off but whatever so he keeps the book and its Zooms in on this tree that was there an Aziz flipping through a Eminem further further on the tree and they're just as kids Head Upon one of the Winds what the f*** that was brutal but as that's happening worry about it up earlier but the librarian is behind him like in the distance just watching with like this big Allison Grant and she has this like you know these deep-set like dark eyes or you could tell it it's definitely Pennywise like in this different shape staring at him something so in the remake Ben first encounters Pennywise in the in the library and then in the remake he also is a heavily the first adult to to see Pennywise again in the library yeah new series net Library quesadilla blue flutes by and he follows the balloon and he sees this likes me Easter egg with any f****** normal person on Earth would be like a f*** that I'm going back on here yeah basement of this library after seeing that yes yeah it's one of things to you is like in a town like this specially being him or

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