The Paranormies Present: Friday Night Frights EP 5: The Witching Hour
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good evening everybody this is Friday Night Frights I'm your host zeph with me on my Tyler and Patrick and tonight we are going to Del into some spooky Flix about the origin something to do with the origins of Halloween would be witchcraft how you doing tonight guys 7 bro I'm feeling pretty damn good how are you guys I am similar feeling good how are you Patrick yeah I'm I don't know if I'm quite on top of good but actually you know what just happened it is the start of the witching hour for Tyler and I so we're actually recording through witching hour so I'll look at it is the perfect time to you doing this episode then man like this is Peak which hours for us you know I do announcements of a sort the first announcement I would be f***** Boston and all of New England Abomination games tonight in the World Series I don't care if people hate sportsball I don't give a s*** I just want to say f*** Boston that was most retarded bull never seen any way the other night we had a quite a spooky Happening Here the house I think I might have mentioned it before you guys at least but yeah you messaged me about this but this house in general is kind of like it has some creepy happenings and stuff like every inhabitant in this building has seen experience something so last night we go cuz I know the dogs are out back and shut the sliding glass door and close the blinds and so we did all that me and my girlfriend it's like 11:30 and so we can close the blinds and the TV is on that show lawn something like that was lawyer shows and so turn off the TV to my desktop my computer taking a sexy p**** with you retards and you know then we we both to go to the bathroom so we raced down the hallway to go fight for the bathroom and so I ended up going first leaving first and so I go out and you can see down this hallway from our room I get the doors up so I go back in the room I sit down at my desk associate posting with retards at one point she comes out of the bathroom and I turned look because you know sound activity I noticed that the TV is on and it's just like back on that lawyer show and it's like got some Muslim dudes the terrorism and he didn't do nothing and so I just kind of realize thinking ahead typical night turn back around she says to me turn the TV off and I kind of stood upright Lakeside upright and was like oh yes we did there's no one else here what the f*** do you got like a groomer ghostin like that how he wants to watch TV TV because it's always in the bathroom and it watches crappy lawyer TV yeah dude but you use your teacher like Target because like there ain't no way we'll all be watching like the f****** there's no way that's that's garbage when I'm watching that you mean we're not watching the Law & Order hate crimes season we might watch that for good content rooting for the bad guy no I mean it's horrible but yeah anyway so ghostly happenings spooky stuff and some of my steps go missing from the fridge now and then so probably is are ghosts I'm actually exit are you guys drinking sips right now cuz one of the orange ones probably going to break out at some point as well just killed one the blue one actually you know what you know what is I was going to drink a blue on today to give the Dodgers good luck and I did I got a red one because that's what that that's what, I first and voodoo and other such that but malign sorcery tonight we are going to movies to do with witches because it's the witching hour and because witches are free Halloween thing isn't companies episode we did we did the which the 2015 horror film also going to talk about hocus-pocus because it's a bizarre movie where Sarah Jessica Parker is actually kind of hot the only film where she doesn't look Foot Locker at our Pace right now and it's yeah I'm telling you right now man if you go to Sarah if you go to Google you go to images you search up Sarah Jessica Parker looks like a foot up dude like they're people who shop toes on top of her head she looks like a f****** foot but if you focused your like damn she looks like snack snacks you eat butt alright then the listener will get it then like that's all that matters give me the last episode we got nice comments eurocontempo the audience right now did forget to introduce assisted paranormal what we're like rotten tomatoes Scooby-Doo but we're not Jewish well actually the parallels of my life to Shaggy and Scooby-Doo are kind of unsettling I don't like where my life no but yeah you guys are great you put up with our crap did you what one did you guys want to start with I feel like we should probably start with the witch star with the witch yeah but this was actually honestly one of my favorite films guys guys look the name Moritz this is ID actually like that it was stylized that way because you don't like the the letter w I guess as it is nowadays didn't exist back then that time. It wasn't really like a thing so like the beach only make sense you know when I was learning French I found that there were there word for death Louis Dube louvino BB and I thought to myself while France that might be the first good thing I forgot that that's pretty great yeah okay so this film that everybody told me when it came out everybody told me it was bad and me being total faget I listen to a lot of people when they told me that it was bad so I waited a long time to see this film and when I finally did see this film I was very very disappointed in myself that I had waited so going to watch it and that I listen to everybody that told me it was always a s*** film because honestly really probably one of the best horror films I think I've ever seen in my life you know I have to say it promise good things just with the theatrical poster I mean that which has curves she died like this film until the other day because like that's were saying your everyone was saying this movie was bad you don't even like three person they gave praise to it really was Stephen King and we all know house I feel about Steven Kent correction actually I'm sorry to interrupt but after after last week's show I feel there's a clarification you guys run Wildwood have number one punk rock is awesome you fax can go metal post about your Black Dahlia Romance or else what number to Stephen King is it City author book Stephen King and Aiden even talked about his best work which was the stand because right flag has a gangster homoeroticism stuff there's an entire chapter in The Stand where a character forces another one at gunpoint to jerk him off and then sticks the barrel of the gun in his a****** and yeah hold on man like you're talking about the stand Patrick and I were hanging out early because like this is f****** 3 in the morning that we were recording this earlier and password what we were in the Stephen King section of Barnes & Noble because I wanted to go in there and talk s*** about Lincoln kids when the new a Barnes & Noble in you guys want everyone to think you're getting we are in there to talk s*** about Lincoln it only makes sense was Lincoln a witch so we were in there and we were like looking at all the books and everything we're talking about the same as like dude like the body you know like that's how he met us the title that he went under for the the movie and everything but it's the same thing you know like he's got the short story for the Shawshank Redemption which became also my favorite movies so it's like I can't hate on too much as an altar but I can hate on him as a person because I think he's f****** awful that is true is a shipper I'm giving my obsession with wendigos and skinwalkers all that I f****** I'm so so I'm really stoked for the does Pet Sematary remake sit there doing oh hell yeah absolutely I need the first Pet Sematary the original was I mean and buckin tastic I did like the first one even though the wife was really annoying and I wanted to punch your face in imagine not wanting to punch women in the horror film though on this podcast best spec women Pet Sematary thing is is when you watch South Park in like through the weed remember that one is more like the old man from The Pet Sematary parody Warriors are all bad stuff in that Cemetery or whatever you know like he's in a couple other episodes it's f****** great he's like so bad stuff happening right there you know Don't Go Near That characters ignored his orders every time as I f*** yeah dude I guess exactly what happened in pet here we are so I can't wait I can't wait for the the remake for them to basically do listen to f****** same thing to the South Park parody that again really focus on the fact that there's a f****** windy go there just Elmington the first one most people that I know that have seen it you talk about the windigo they don't even realize that it was in the movie at all the only nod to what I think is when he's going over the original Mikey looks into the brush like a pair of eyes leering Adam or something like that but yeah they totally cut the wendigo pretty much out of the film entirely is abominable ahold the source of everything we're not doing did the sisters Sanderson sisters two of the three Sanderson sisters are actually tribals genius Lebanese but we'll get into that later I'm sorry guys I'm sorry man dude that said submit is what it is he is that like what we were talking about this in the bar too he actually redroof me on the the the Hocus Pocus I don't know because of a tattoo of us I just got done cleaning up my bathroom good funded have to tell why you have to tell people that no man like The Listener needs to hear this I need to know what I seriously don't know that you puked in your bathtub vegetable glycerin needed to know well I'm sure that they're very pretty live your riveting Tale springtails to get to that don't involve Florida man losing his f****** lunch all over a toilet probably going to need to take TV in here but so do the which right first off I want to start out with the factor this movie was made on a $4000000 budget so for million-dollar budget grossed over 40 million at the box office that's a really good turnout the former amount yeah I mean it was a really good turnout this was a. set back in the 1630s so it's in the 1630s New England I'm sorry you're absolutely right there a 1630s New England and it used the language from the time the writer and director of the film took a lot of the writings at the time and kind of adapt script with that language which I thought was very very cool you're the writer being a Robert Edgar correct review I'm not sure Robert Eggers is great he does some awesome movies is what fell so I will give him pass even if he's a Jew either some awesome pieces Danielson gets to stick around exactly material and it's like I can give you a pass on being whatever you are you get the oven last play John Williams on being a reptilian how about you know how to catch Williams on Beyonce music unless he'd actually been there you can't answer that that's good reason New England right yes sir family of the the family of the film I can't remember their last name but they're in court get other people's Court basically saying they're not going to repent for I actually don't remember what happened it was like some kind of religious dispute that they were you know in the middle of this proceeding and the town basically said you have this choice or you can be banished from the town they like what we're not going to repay did everything that we did was for our God and it is what it is so the town can banish them and they ended up moving out to the outskirts of this this town and I moved out the outskirts of this town send Deb's Farm before the the credits roll title screen Rose you see that pretty much face in the woods that they live on and kind of praying are there Farm to be prosperous get hard for me cuz they're like going to the forest and everything or like praying to the God and everything and it's just kind of like a really dark foreshadowing of what's to come very reminiscent of pretty much Pagan Traditions without the actual sacrificial aspect of it I like yeah he added a nice twist to where it's just like damn I know she's about to f***** up but we talked about witchcraft Wingstop it is very Pagan and it's an assassin Halloween now that you know Adorn shopping centers and stuff is literally Celtic tradition Granny's everyone appropriate their holidays and s*** was going that because I'm thinking about Halloween it just it's so delivery was Great Lakes of the forest is very foreboding and dark and New England yes. But they really got that right in the film Oye they captured it perfectly think of spoopy New England in this movie did it like they got it good job this film was great the music the the language it was all spot-on it was very impressive they put you in in the film with with the attention to the and the atmosphere almost definitely he was the best example of a period piece done correctly far too often you are. Pieces that'll try to like catered toward modernity and this one didn't it use the language from the time it used all that shity awful movie Knight's Tale f*** off wrong but I still enjoyed the that movie so f*** you did was a good time but yeah it catered to modernity too much I hated it was awful like this like your opinion bro we're allowed to have that here it's not exactly a horror film so I don't know if we are talk about it but yeah got any film internet racists who decided to start a podcast about horror films do we really have credentials not a racist I'm a racialist it's different bigger fair enough so let's get back to talking about levitch okay so yeah I'm going to throw you have holyshit hungry dogs down Pull-A-Part Rich's is the movie thing our is it just someone with a stutter making the poster do women when this movie first like came out and got announced and everything Patrick and I were all like and like yeah he's going to go see the vetch and everything yet cuz they use the double vision everything so of course we took him manage if I'm making fun of the name but I actually I really appreciate them doing it that way from everything else yeah hell yeah I want to come in again on the year that the Pagan symbolism in this movie was really on and it's not even like over like kind of that cheesy movie Trope wherever for dirt bikes just hang Pagan frappe listen thinking more like the subtle imagery like them prostrate themselves before a bunch of trees yeah the woods and dance around and prostrate themselves to an altar in the forest by what we're jumping ahead a little bit in the face but why even just like the the dark imagery in everything the Winnie talked like those the way they spoke everything their wines that were written for them it was. Accurate and which I honestly really appreciated that because you don't get that very often in films like they actually tried to be like a lot of people maybe they didn't have a high enough IQ or whatever it's really follow the film and that's why like I probably caught a lot of criticism is because people didn't have that agency to actually followed what was being and if you can't understand the language of the film yet you're not going to enjoy it yeah I agree this is probably you know the the jewellers were like God's not laid out for me I don't get it basically yeah I think I already said the writing was done by I thought was very original really I mean I know that's definitely but it was a very original clock I don't think I've heard a story like this one before I agree yeah and even if you had it was just so there were so many there were so many elements to the plot it was a very complex it wasn't just a straightforward like oh Woods or a which goes in and sacrifices this know there were so many elements thought that it was just it was very like I said it was very original where did finally got my dog calm down where we leave off here is doing outside. whatever you did kind of seems like every morning my dog somewhere around 2:30 maybe 3 in the morning start barking for no actually apparent reason and then me being the artist I am I kind of I grabbed my gun and I go clear the house I stop grabbing my gun cuz I just don't care anymore like it there's never anything it's more show me sexually a Bergen they just kill him so I don't have to hear my dog at 3 in the morning tomorrow morning yes it's basically the boy that cried wolf it's the dog that cried which at this point and I just don't get why dogs go off a lot but they're like call goes right up into the deserts like coyotes go through all the time and s*** oh yeah s*** speaking to coyotes man yeah I've been working night shift and s*** lately so I came home the other night in her coyotes in my front yard and I was like what the f*** dude like I'm getting that like I don't know how coyotes are cuz I've never interacted with him I'm getting out of my car with like the flashlight on my phone on my gun like my f****** handgun pulled out everything like James Bonham back to my f****** front door like oh God like what the f*** is going on probably kick them to death I figured that was the case but I didn't want to risk it like one-on-one or in general there kind of chickenshit but if there's a whole pack of them going after something smaller about their own size they're pretty vicious only two of them so I wasn't too sure and they kind of look like German Shepherds you know they had like a similar everything and I was like what the f*** do till I when I got in my car like like backwards to my front door handgun drawn like flashlight on my phone on and everything was gone. Going to get bit by a wild animal walking in my f****** front door is all f****** arella like myself Lucy back to the Village what do we revolve guys when I went to them like praying to the land and everything okay so yeah so after credits roll and credits roll the title sequence rolls you have the first show is thomasin the youngest daughter not the youngest daughter I'm sorry the daughter that is you have the next odd the oldest daughter actually she is supposed to see to the the younger children as as wasn't * the oldest wooden seat to the younger children she is playing with the baby Samuel playing peek-a-boo and one minute you know you see heard you're playing peek-a-boo and then at some point the baby Samuel just totally disappears Gone Gone without of well there is one Trace yeah that's true the the cloaked figure yeah little Little Red Riding Hood trucker yeah and the baby's gone and obvious Thompson starts freaking out actually was that before that it doesn't matter. I think about it it's the trial before the title sequence and you don't listen right now thinking about it cuz I'm sitting here alone in the dark Osteen was perfectly shot right cuz they're playing peek-a-boo or whatever right and she like uncover rise and the baby's gone and then after that like her screaming and everything cuts to the wood like chewing this baby with a f****** rock and that was one of the things were like this is what made this film so powerful for me it was it really did feel like a film that you shouldn't be watching there Parts in it that felt very very uncomfortable and as I said. Or if you can meet me feel uncomfortable in a cell and not like uncomfortable because you have just extreme amount of violence like uber violence you make me feel like I should not be watching this quarter terrible but cringes in like oh God this is not right exactly but it's a different kind of from Dad of like the hostel films for instance where it was just like well this is disgusting we're never going to do the hostel movies on care if the topic of the Paranormal uses like for medicinal hostel films are disgusting and people that enjoy them are twisted and I probably Jewish I agree wow so I'm here for Twisted and Jewish Family like the first hostile was good yeah just found out no history on the hostel films it'll take bucking 10 seconds no my God just let me do it no do you know why she did that she uses it as a flying Lichtman babies so whenever you wonder why Jews are in the pedophilia it's how they power their space programs to get them back Outbacks oh my God your first when it's common knowledge 250 years you can think of my if you just want your Wikipedia on what a flying what minute is it's a hallucinogenic Goodman said that even used by witches in the practice of European witchcraft from at least as early as early mod . Wendy tail recipes for such preparations were first recorded and like you said it's used to Fly-Rite laid its also allegedly used for lycanthropy Michael yeah that's one of the other names for is lycanthropic ointment what let's talk about that entire scene really quick we're like all all you see is her in the corner grinding at something with a rock and it doesn't really it'll lose it being the bay right and it's really f***** up, right all you hear is the grinding of the rock on like another f****** rock powerful scene in the film because it it made use of so little yeah they didn't have to show explicitly that kill it just got to use like kind of dark environments and implied violence which is really even like Nexus her rubbing this s*** all over her skin and it's just like did she do but I think she did and the music was another what was the second owner of my life disclosure there was another part like during that scene the music was just very powerful because it grows louder and louder and that was another favorite part of this music is generally a solid thing talked about in the first episode we did it with jaws that the score really makes the the mood definitely yeah and that was that was the case in this film to just throughout the whole film you had. music was well-placed and the use of Silence was well-placed to just silence in horror films is real powerful if used correctly agree it's completely green hens and makes it claustrophobic I mean yeah I probably don't need to explain it for anyone's ever watch the horror film that used to it like that but it's a really good song technique in this movie did it very well yeah yeah I agree I do have to say though work work there okay okay so fast forward to the scene the woods is very powerful with the baby it's very it's very morbid it's very uncomfortable open at 2 I mean hands down yeah I know usually movies that's bad because that's like oh we don't really have a good story so we're just going to take what action movies kind of shity right because it was totally unexpected and so far early in the film that it was just like it's like they're farmed their worst edit it's pretty tranquil it's not really a threatening place unless you're freaked out by doing like myself you know first 10 minutes yeah yeah it was totally out of left field that really didn't you didn't see that film going that far that quickly and that was the thing what you said you too and to Austin Thomas rely on that technique I want to shock you right out the gate this kind of ledge along a tranquil path for at least a minute and then it showed you that scene and we are very beginning another just rolling through the woods going to go fill up the farm so then I come back to oh okay the baby was gone stuff do you want to continue with the Plata now or did you have more to say and I was kind of my I think I'm not senile continuing with the plot yo following the under which in the woods desecrating the baby thing the Mother Catherine obviously you know mother's going to take to this kind of seen her being missing the motor doesn't actually know what happens but you know her baby is missing and that naturally just set her on a path of depression at this point it skipped ahead kind of weeks I think and heard the Mother Catherine she and all day crying and just feeling sorry for her baby to return the baby exactly yeah that's that's one of the things we can under selling this film is the the religious aspect of it because it was a huge part of this film they they pray every day for their baby to come back and and I know it doesn't so I think if the Father William hee hee you know takes Caleb Caleb Atwoods is a flying ointment thing being lycanthropic agency yes Catherine just you know she just cries and praise and praise and praise and the dad insists that it had to have been a wolf so I feel like that was probably an odd and anyway I mean maybe it was new so because of this the Mother Catherine she forgot she forbids the children going into the forest they're not allowed to go dead no it's kind of a few minutes of tension with her being I would say overbearing but you know straathond protective and then William the father is taking Caleb be the oldest son to go by trap Forest food lycanthropy thing was an accident I don't feel like anything in this movie was done on accident I feel like it outside of the realm of Supernatural and everything some like wolf would only make sense to be like oh that's was stole the baby so I guess I mean outside of like yeah. Oh yeah they didn't mrs. step with this film when they were riding it out I feel like that is crazy like a normie kind of goes like that is what is only logical and like oh yes I'm anime took the baby while you weren't paying attention I would blame it on myself but yeah exactly engines yeah no kidding Elizabeth Warren was out here stealing our valid Theory very valid there are very religious Samuel the baby was not baptized exam yeah that was a big thing I was going to get into that later because it becomes becomes a part of the the wood becomes a part of the script when Caleb start asked his father and would so let me get to that actually that's where I was going so yeah so William like you said text Caleb in the woods dog and they're hunting for food because the crap the prompts I don't know if we mention this before the crops are actually kind of dying off there's a curse on the LED not necessary don't know this at this point but there's a personal and the crops are starting to die Ben and William actually makes note saying to Caleb you-know-who cross that we have are not going to feed us through the winter and so we need to go out and we need to hunt game so well do you think that William Bears a resemblance to anyone you know I definitely saw a bit of him in like my grandfather and everything and then like the way he looks I can't put my finger on it but reminds me of someone all on top of it like the the guy they chose the play William he has the perfect voice is Ralph ineson second season he's one of the guys who dies really quick thanks kind of excited character because they changed up the plot so there's I only know that the actor is pretty much what imagine I'll look like when I'm 45 he does bear a striking resemblance to because in addition to his voice being very gracious and kind of like a perfect voice for like you know or you know a Frontiersman he's got a very basic voice and he does ask depart so I'm sorry yeah I was kind of making fun of him saying he's ugly and savage-looking and then like oh wait a second that's me Google connect on a future me going off of that someone looking like a horse or we're going to get to that later sweetheart Caleb are going in the woods trap for game Caleb in the woods and it's at this point that Caleb start ask Williamsburg you very crucial questions because William was I'm baptized he didn't have the booty trap ever since which was Samuel Samuel Samuel Samuel did not have the ability to repent for a sin to ask God for forgiveness Caleb starts asking you know does Samuel go to heaven and William starts you know William start saying that he doesn't know really comes point where he doesn't actually know how to answer these questions the fact that you don't all All Peoples are born in sin y'all people are born with sin that's very very rudimentary to Christianity yeah which you know a price heavily permitted the New England at that point Patek Family Insurance in Surprise right so you know past this point then William starts talking to Caleb and the family is on Hard Times the family needs me underground casting from their their town and they have too much pride to go back and ask for forgiveness so they're trying to make do on the outskirts of town and well with that comes hard times William tell Caleb at this point that William had told the Catherine the silver cup now this is ecchi inherited from her family was an heirloom Korea and this becomes a point of contention later on the phone but I'm not going to get into that right now so you know William tell Caleb that he he traded Catherine's of workout for gold for money really Willy for hunting supplies is what it really came down to ya yay so he he didn't see himself having another choice I would like really in reality he did the right thing like you have to be able to support and supply for your family and he did what he believed was right and I was have to agree with them like as much as like if family heirlooms are very important right the Ring of my father proposed to my mother with is very important to me because that's going to be passed onto me to propose whatever woman I end up marrying but at the same time I can understand exactly right but I understand the importance of if my family had to sell that ring to like support and I when we were children I'll completely understand because the the family takes precedence over items there comes a time between I'm sorry go ahead Cody McKenna way though and it's it's is important to a family even though it's material is a lot of material and that's why it becomes a point of contention later on the phone because it is just that important yes agreed on both points there yeah I would say with more radical Centrist yeah exactly I think it's important yeah but I would definitely say it's important both ways so so going back to the Pod here both when Caleb come out of the woods they didn't manage to go actually there's a pretty important scene here dog and run off and tried to it was a rabid I'm sorry bro I'm sorry but I cut you off your where I decided that I hated this movie like as soon as soon as they f****** left and the dog went running with them I thought I'm not going to like this and sure as s*** I didn't like it just like when the dog needs pulled he'll from the pitching mound I thought I'm not going to like this and then their relief pitchers gave up eight runs but anyway yeah the dog and the children go into the woods so you're jumping ahead but your time does this is Wayne Caleb in the father route and he sees the rabbit he tries to the gun and everything and the black power shoots into his eye as he pulls the trigger yeah basically backfires that scene is f***** up yeah and nothing really have in between those two scenes that are super important so we can cut a jump ahead to that I don't know there's a lot of stuff that happens between those two scenes I mean that s*** that's going towards into the Fillmore the that's coming towards like the the middle of the film where the detention is the most raised there's a lot of importance should in between that I want you to couple days ago and maybe I miss something so yeah so yeah they're they're trying to trap this rabbit and the black powder fires you do it says often too horrible the father gets black powder and I can't imagine that feels very good you know I live in modern-day I don't know that well my gun just fires Maiwand to Florida so you can give it a shot yeah my my gun just fired him I wanted to but so because they had missed their shot at basically a decent meal yeah you're talking about a family that's that's really weird I'm just rabid here for a decent meals you can you can really tell how how far their finances of Fallen how how desperate they really are and kind of keeps that tone or very Bleak tone for the about that though is it really helps capture the kind of witchy New England vibe at. Because what were the Salem Witch Trials if not brought on by desperation and that's why I feel you like this film was so genius that a lot of people just kind of missed the point so they walk out of the when they come out of the woods and pretty freaking out you know the Mother Catherine is freaking out she starts asking Caleb where he's been all day oh yeah this is where he lies to his mother and says that he saw apples in whatnot and who is William would not tell the Mother Catherine where they had been you know they just said they were and Catherine can understand why and William didn't have really good reasoning for it at this point yes Caleb start talking about you know I thought I saw apples down by the the creek or something and get out of William and I wanted to surprise you with them he thought it would make you happy I feel like it's more than that is what I feel like William would not tell a lie because he is a man of God I feel like he did not want to lie or was not capable of doing so because it wasn't in his nature. lie to his wife like that yeah he was a very Godly God-fearing men you see that problem throughout film he he will really I mean we'll go into it later but he really feared God and really could not commit a sin as sausage or really would not try to intentionally you know so at this point Caleb's are talkin the Mother Catherine and says you know we were trying to apples without it make you happy but Bubba there's another kind of thing here where it shows kind of the tension between Katherine and Thompson so it's at this point the Twins and twins become very important later on but the twins are running around the same song yeah yeah talking about Black Phillip and the Goat had gotten out and at this point at winter running around singing about Black Phillip and this point William hats get crowned black coat Phillip Black Phillip back into the the cage he gets pushed into the dirt and you don't so is closer almighty this is a time well before washing machines and s*** like that so braces before why are you telling me they didn't have electricity back then his are you trying to tell me I am I am I I don't know those people know that but yeah I heard you say that again like my Stark alarm when I know it's it's I just want to point out it's it's a time when p we had to do everything for themselves this was not it was a time when the families really relied heavily on the children as they should but really rely heavily on the children to take kind of upkeep the house it'll we didn't have washing machines wouldn't have dishwasher ship it was really an entire family working together to make sure a house functioned this point where you see the detention between because Catherine does not forgive Thomason for losing animal throw the entire movie she will not forgive her and it becomes more and more Winthrop film but this is kind of one of those times where we're going to the children the twin the two youngest ones are running around screaming their heads off and Catherine it's kind of like basically what the f*** are you doing why are these children inside get these children inside do what you're supposed to do kind of thing now and I was kind of almost unwarranted it seemed like to the audience anyway and immediately Catherine is like you need to go you need to grab your your father's clothes and get them washed ASAP getting the children inside and then crowded shut you know so it's really where you see that Thompson is this large responsibility much more so than anybody else has in the family it seems like anybody want to say anything is a communist harassing me on Facebook Okay so extremely Jewish but so yeah so Thompson you know Crow the kids grab the father and that's when Caleb says to the to Catherine you going to look I thought I saw apples down by the creek but we've all we were trying to get for you Caleb and says you know basically like you don't have to try to make me happy but what kind of thing so that I think it was I'm sorry I had to her please go ahead. earlier but in film itself it hasn't really been touched on how important that is yeah only the fact William tell Caleb that he traded it that's how we've touched on so far because it does like I said become a point of contention Lane on film she basically blames Thomason old well later it'll grow later in the film Yasir give me a few minutes I'll get to that as well later in the film because that night they're talkin about because like I said like we've all said the family is struggling with finances with food and so you know I actually get back from the woods everybody they think William and Kate I think that everybody is asleep and they start kind of having a dispute about you know how they're going to survive the winter basically and that's when Catherine know that my okay I'm sorry that might actually be that dinner I'm sorry you're right that's what I was thinking I was thinking it was like one after the other, I apologize it is it is that it doesn't get disclosed until later what we happened you're right yeah it's so at that point yet Catherine they're all sitting down to dinner Catherine asks Thompson where the cop is and how basically blaming her like I don't know what happened and yet Catherines I quote you're full of s*** and it's at this point that not only does Caleb not say anything hold on no near the scene where I think that Thomason and Caleb went down to the creek to wash Thomason was washing out Williams and this is where one of the twins comes up and says you're a witch exactly yeah they blaming her being the Witch and everything saying that she's the reason that same right right exactly that's why I think if that's why I'm thinking the cup scene is later because I am actually skipping a Racine so so yeah the twins follow the Caleb and Thomas and onto the the creek and I never Ruth kind of f****** weird scene and it's just the over-sexualization of witches here which I like the weird thing here where Caleb is caught staring at not caught but Caleb from his point of view you get to the camera focuses on Thompson cast and it's imply that Caleb has some sexual desire and desires for Thomason and it's at this point she looks over at Caleb and Caleb quickly looks away and killed Thompson says you know hey what's up looking water a minute something and he get pissed off and and she's like you know I only meant it as a joke or whatever but he's pissed off because he was embarrassed and it's at this point then that one of the twins walks down and start accusing Thomas and kind of in a joking manner of the Witch and Thomason goes full on into it she starts she starts saying that I'm going to curse you Bubba and really freaked out a little child I can't remember which one it was the girl twin Mercy Mercy Mercy really she makes the twin Mercy cry and mercy runs back up to the house because Thomas census I'm going to I'm going to tell mother and father would have done going till mother and father that I'm the Witch and then this becomes a point Ron where they do but yeah she goes near go until it's and I think it's that break sanity for Thomason that she just fully goes into it I know Tyler and I were talking about this earlier there she wasn't back to which the whole time no I don't believe that I feel like it was a break understand baby cuz you spoiling should kind of I guess I just don't fully believe it though it's just the breakdown of her sanity because she has so much pressure on her she has so much responsibility she kind of just snaps in that moment and another this point you know Caleb's like you do why did you do this what is wrong with you bubba buck Thompson's as you know you hate me now to don't you just like mother and father basically and blaming her for Samuel exactly snapping her sanity that she can't containers so right so yeah that's in goes and the dinner scene like Tyler was talking about and that's where Katherine questions Thomason about The Disappearance of a cop yeah basically implying that Thomas and had something to do with it that she stole it that she broke it something and no does anything not Caleb not William they don't say anything about they just kind of let Thompson take the heat for it yeah it's a first yeah they don't they don't say anything until much later on much much later and in this week after it is thought that Katherine leaves thinking that you know Thomas and still has something to do with this cup so later on when Catherine and William think that they're all asleep all the children are asleep guitar talking to William saying no Thomas end of age she needs to go live with another family you know she doesn't need to be you're taking about resources in our food and s*** like that you know obviously the kids are talking about marrying her off find a guy or just you sending her to be a maid basically and yeah exactly imagine how shity that is the overhear that conversation of your own parents and like yeah you know what I think would be best we just sent her somewhere else but expected of of women at time you know it's kind of like being married off is one thing being so to another family to be like they're made yeah that's f***** up like that that is betrayal to the highest bucking degree in my opinion it would ya it was definitely shity I am not going to deny that it's just but I'm a very traditional is kind of person and it was what is expected of people at the time and now I think we want something in that it's just me your everybody can hate me all they want for that but f*** you Alex damn wow that was the that was the spiciest for the audience that's a spicy steak you're ever going to hear on Friday Night Frights personally personally attacked by those that that is so cuz I only have like 3 tattoos so that hurts oky have a stupid mouth you're not you are you telling me you're not a ton tattoo virgin yeah yeah I'm not to forget her alright I'm sorry back on track we actually haven't spurred out a lot on the Epsom really proud of us guys shut off with the children overhearing this conversation you know Thomas and focuses on Thomas and Caleb over here conversation not so much the twins but I'm sure they were awake to maybe they weren't I don't care but the important part Thomas and heard this conversation so search preparing can go into the woods but Thompson you know I guess you're either going to take me with you or I'm going to make a huge f****** scene Caleb forces is forced to and take her into the woods they go into the woods they start talking probably I can't actually die I feel like there was an important conversation had between the two I just can't remember it right now I don't know if you remember that when I know that they had a slight conversation as they were heading into the woods she was on the Morrison he was leading and everything I can't remember the conversation like verbatim or anything but it was it was important but I can't remember the contacts that I don't know why it was basically about what was going on and everything looks like the family and insane milgo missing stuff like that gacha okay sorry about that so yeah they go into the woods her and Kayla go into the woods they take dog with them this is where we were talking about I was talking about the dog you were talking about the dog like free so f*** out so cuz this thing of course this is where I come back yeah of course that you have the best timing so yeah they kind of go through the woods they don't end up actually saying anything until dog actually starts chasing a rabbit into into the forest so the dog runs off Caleb runs after the dog the horse freaks the f*** out and kick actually kicks Thompson off Thomas and gets knocked off she hits her head and boom she's out so the next thing next thing that happens is Caleb he gets lost in the woods and finds a dog disemboweled just a really fun find adult disemboweled are neurons alright hold on I'm skipping ahead here Thomas and found she wants out of the woods after not finding I'm sorry go ahead stuff I was going to correct you and say that she wouldn't she leaves the woods cuz she looks for Caleb and can't find him take us back to him being lost in the woods then you know he rounds a corner and then he finds the dog emulated f***** up and it was at this point where I was reaching for my steak in my hammer and. So you know co-founder with myself cuz diving into that sea diving into that scene where Thomas and leaves the woods Lisa wasn't she runs back to the house and the family start asking you where is Caleb where is Caleb and this is at this point where the the tension between Katherine and Thomas and grows because she had lost yet again another child as far as Catherine was concerned you're kind of jumping ahead of here like though like it kind of jumps to Caleb cracking the dog through the woods before it gets to that point that's it yeah oh okay yeah I apologize Brute Force to spare so I'm sorry but you're right next to me up pretty hard an example feel the same way and I know Patrick you'll feel the same way too I love dogs like this whole scene f****** up cuz li

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