THE DAILY SHOAH #154: The Daily War Room

The Death Panel has been annexed by The War Room to talk about Trump firing Comey, Confederate monuments, the wall, females in the military, and Vice's special on the Saga of Whitefish.

Death Panelists-in-Chiefs: Sacco Vandal, Eli Mosley, Caerulus Rex

D’Nations HERE or via PP to [email protected]

The War Room annexes The Daily Shoah 9:40 Daddy's Comeys fired 17:00 Vetposting hours 29:37 Jefferson Davis statue comes down 41:43 Shitlib literally can't even Picture Album 53:23 D'nations/Shilling 1:00:09 Suicidal Solidarity 1:05:22 S**c & run with deportations 1:17:50 Fighting Muh-Sojiny>a wall to save your people 1:28:15 The Saga of Whitefish continues... 1:53:53 Fascist Anarchist by Sacco

Proper Review
May 12th 2017
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