Here’s The One Big Thing ‘The Last Jedi’ Gets Right

“The Last Jedi” came out this past weekend, in case you are the only person in North America who didn’t notice. From a strict movie point of view, it’s a hot mess. There’s a meandering plot, gratuitous scenes, campiness galore (Porgs? Really?), an occasional foray into SJW-land, and some incredibly unsatisfying moments. Who is Snoke? And in the name of all that is holy, why can’t that giant ship catch the little one for half the movie?

Despite all of this and more, this movie moved me as few movies have done in recent memory. The reason is simple. It got the one thing right that matters.

Love means sacrifice. It means learning to be vulnerable, to fail, to be present even when it stinks, and it means doing something about what is wrong, even if the...

Proper Review
Dec 20th 2017
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