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Dave Rubin and the panel discuss Black Friday madness, the Iran nuclear deal, America's Anger epidemic and much more. Watch a crazy clip of a Black Friday crowd stampeding into a store in the video.

Part 2: Black Friday Madness and Mayhem

Rick Grenell: @RichardGrenellhey guys welcome to the Thanksgiving edition of the Reuben report I'm the chief turkey dave rubin I've got a beanie k williams and Rick Grinnell its Richard Grinnell on Twitter but you said call me Rick coming all my friends on the race if you want to be we are friends and it's ebony k would not just ebony Williams I'm putting the K in there yes ya ain't have any Williams on Twitter know what I wanted to keep to keep that way yeah it seven EK ebony k alright very good well it is Thanksgiving I think when we're putting these clips of it is actually Thanksgiving so let's start with some thanksgiving stuff so organizing for action which is President Obama's super PAC they sent out an email this week telling people that they should talk about Obamacare at the Thanksgiving table because there's nothing better than talking politics and policy during thanksgiving and not only did they send an email but there was a link to a website which would guide you because you're the voice of reason that's what they told you you're the voice of reason in your family and they give you a little guide to how you should go about doing it so they give you some conversation tips you can start by asking have you thought about signing up for health insurance on the new marketplace grandma offer to walk them through it would you like to take some time with me to sign up right now ask them to make a plan and commit to it when do you plan on signing up don't forget to follow up have you signed up yet and some things that are important to communicate being covered helps you stay healthy and protects you in an emergency you can find a plan that fits your budget financial assistance is available for all those who qualify and you get to choose the plan that's right for you period they should have put a period in there okay just easy questions to start is there anything worse than talking politics with your family at thanksgiving look I think it's it really unfortunately is telling of just how much of a struggle they're having with messaging so now they're having to send this thing out for like a holiday special really like come on it's not not a good look yeah I do plan on talking Obamacare at the Thanksgiving table I probably would but my first question would be are you willing to pay higher premiums for the same coverage I mean on that show let's be clear I actually think this is a great idea I think this is the exact reason why the Obama re-election team did so well and why he was re-elected they're very creative why not put forward some talking points to encourage people they've got a lot of people who are sheep they got a lot of people who just follow the directions and start these conversations at the dinner table the fact is people don't know about this process because the website is crappy and the messaging is terrible but I think this is a very creative way lame but creative yeah well all right well speaking of lame let's take a look there was also a video that they created and it's like a two minute long video they think it's really hilarious but it's actually quite lame this is just the end of it so what did you want to talk to me about we know you don't have health insurance we love you no matter what but it's time to get covered that's it health insurance it's important I know and I'll do it I just thought never mind yeah something very pandering and season there something sort of insulting about that I cookie that's what I'm saying to me it's it's insulting but I i do get Rick's point in that this is what they do and this is what they do well I will say I'm surprised to see it being the parents initiating the talk with the Sun because we all know Obama strongpoint tends to be the youth and so I would have almost expected the kid to bring it up to kind of spread the message amongst the older generation remember this is the group that gave us binders full of women I mean we're talking really lame a messaging that doesn't make sense but again it works I mean I think this war on women thing is crap but it works and people just hear that basic stuff it's catchy and this is the same thing yeah so just to the bigger idea of Obamacare at this point I mean this obviously shows some level of desperation that they have to give out such specific messaging and all that kinda stuff and also get involved in holidays you're supposed to be thankful I feel like it's the one day where I try not to talk about politics do you think this thing's going to turn around by the by the end of the year because i'm still looking like a disaster no and I was so frustrated guys to see him put another deadline for himself when clearly that's not something that you guys are doing well I'm meeting a deadline so that's what I don't know whose idea that was what that person needs to be fired but yeah no I don't think it's going to turn around any time before the end of the year so speaking of getting fired one of every story that we've done on this on this show I keep saying someone has to get fine yes fire somebody someone an IT guy the guy who is testifying that we are we eighty percent of it wasn't even made fire somebody the janitor how come no one ever gets fired well look we r 5 years into the obama administration and there have been a lot of things that have gone wrong but we just don't fire people in government that's the union way you don't fire people you just reassign them and i think it's terrible i think in the private sector you are gone immediately and then they you know announce that you're going to spend more time with your family so the simple fact is that if they did this I think then they would have better people coming in because people would be feared it would be fearful that they're gonna get fired I agree that even if somebody who tends to lean left I agree with you a hundred percent Rick I think that's the problem with government and that's a problem a lot of people feel about it there's no consequences when you mess up and when people don't have an incentive such as keeping your job for doing it well why are you doing it well so yeah it's the no-brainer to me so it's part of the things they don't fire them because if you fired one person you'd have to fire a ton of people like it would sort of like it's like the string that would unleash the whole really not so I i was in government for a long time and i had a team of 11 people that worked for me and there was one individual who was not doing her job having alcohol problems sleeping at her desk and i set out with HR to try to figure out okay how do we get rid of this person they're clearly not working and I was told absolutely you cannot get rid of them you have to deal with them send them to counseling talk to them we're not getting rid of them you have to deal and so as a boss you just reassign them yeah I can't get one of those jobs but nobody can drink during the day nobody wins and even like somebody like you know the teachers unions and stuff and I love teachers I went to public school they're amazing but I had classes where I'm like is this serious you know seriously you know you're wasting my time all these students those teachers gotta go so I mean that's a little bit of an edge reform issue but it works in every sector yeah it does you're right yeah well we took a Thanksgiving segment and turned it into something about how more people should be fired pretty like that all right let's let's move on but stick with Thanksgiving for a little bit so black friday which has become somehow more important than thanksgiving itself of course this is the day after thanksgiving when every store on earth has sales that you will not believe in you can get a flat screen TV for like 25 bucks and that whole thing but of course there is a price pay and there are many videos on youtube that prove it Oh I mean that's America because I love America I am sure that is America that's why we went with it it looks like it's at a World War Z is this just consumerism run rampant I have a terrible economy Dave I mean come on these guy they're trying to get a flat screen TV for twenty-five dollars when they're out of work but do you think come on but they even if it was a good economy people love this stuff for some reason to i think it's great i think commercialism is fine look I'm all force pushing the season having these stores open on Thanksgiving Day I don't buy any of this phony stuff that if you're not you know closed on Thanksgiving Day you're not pro-family baloney a lot of people eat in the morning they want to shop in the afternoon yeah when I say yeah my mom and I that's our thing like you know that's our bonding we don't have the big traditional family it's just the two of us we eat we we show our thanks and then we bond family oriented style through shopping do you do it on thanksgiving cuz now just in the last couple your stores are actually starting to open on thanksgiving too it's not just unwrapped toy store isn't open on Thanksgiving I'm like you know you forget something on the way to a friend's house for or family dinner you want to buy something you get bored after four hours i'm not a football guy night sit around watch football i want to go out and shop and get some stuff done I'm a Virgo right I left I'm a little sad about that guys as I've also worked in retail and and that's I hate it for the people that are working don't want to be at work and then they don't have an option that that does suck oh yeah oh stop but i forked retailing have to work on days that i didn't want to work at work your way out of retail know what you're doing now I mean this message to people they are giving you work you work hard in retail you'll get a different job I don't look come on this is America you get to work if you're working for jobs and one happens to be on Thanksgiving you're getting paid but isn't there something to be said for just having a national day off like I get it you want to shop and you want to do that it's nice to keep the economy going on but just to have a day just two days a year maybe thanksgiving christmas that's it we're pretty much everything is just shut down and we can stop this endless i guess so but at the same time I feel like it's about choice and it's about options you know and it's like you know we're both saying for some people that's their bonding I know for all my family thanks Thanksgiving and Christmas Day we do shopping and we do movies so thank goodness somebody's you know working the ticket booth yeah jus movie in Chinese that's how to see work yeah we're helping the economy in another dealing this bodes poorly when people in other countries see this kind of thing cuz I is there any other country that a day of riots for all kinds of other reasons probably much more legitimate reasons but does this make us look EE stupid then because then they're like look at those Americans when they have riots it's because they want to get you know a microwave at half price no I think they're jealous I think they look at us and they say wouldn't we love to have an economy that's booming where people are rushing through to buy something I mean economies around the world are doing terribly they would kill for this yeah that's the American Way right like yes I consumerism at its finest but I will say when you really do the research these sales aren't all that great no they're not that that's what's crazy I'm trying tough oh great just you're just selling the thing but I mean come on like I'm serious yeah final thought on this what do you make of like just the general group mentality like when you see those videos they're they're funny but people literally get trampled something I got killed could they have walmart a couple years ago peppers I mean all kinds of what is it about that cuz I don't think it's just about the deal I think there's some other a Gretel lives yeah something else going on I love to see it I love to see the videos i love to see people like rushing in and who gets it you know one of the best things this is those bridal Oh God when there's like a bridal sale sale and those brides are like Russian over people those are fantastic you can't see another what would you do with the right would you actually participate or have you participated I don't know where a wedding black friday though he's a sound funny I was good but the black friday stuff you know maybe if it was the sale was right uh i would pay somebody to wait in line for me and then come in at the last minute that's the way of real capitalist does it face somebody oh that wait in line and go from there all right well let's move on from capitalism to some international stuff you might have heard about this the nuclear negotiations with iran looks like it's moving forward a little bit with the p5 plus one we got a deal there's a lot to do here so i'm going to try to break it down simply because i feel like this is what's getting lost everyone's just immediately like hey it's greater that's awful so let's let's break it down a little bit here's what the US and the p5 plus 1 got Iran's going to neutralize all their 20-percent enriched uranium they can't enrich uranium over five percent and must dismantle equipment that can do so so they can't build more this is centrifuges and things like that and they're going to get daily IAEA inspections here's what I ran got four point two billion in overseas assets unfrozen 1.5 billion in sanctions lifted and the u.s. implicitly acknowledges Iran's right to enrich there's already a debate about this Iran is saying that they got the the right to enrich the u.s. is saying not quite and we got a little more for you here are some reasons why it might work China and Russia are on board so we have a bigger international group backing this it meets the Iranian demand for the West to acknowledge its right to enrich and I just said that seems to be a little up for debate at the moment and unfreezing of assets is tied to Iran Iranian compliance so they have to actually do some things to get some of these assets back and here are some reasons why it might not work it only lasts six month the permanent deal might be tougher so this could last a little bit and then fall apart many countries most of the neighboring countries Israel Saudi Arabia Bahrain Qatar Kuwait the United Arab Emirates they're all skeptical and those are the guys that basically live on their borders there's opposition both in DC between the Senate the Congress and in Tehran and it ignores non-nuclear issues funding for terrorism they fund Hezbollah in Lebanon their funding Assad in Syria and all kinds of stuff okay so it's a lot of information but that's pretty bare-bones stuff how do you feel about the deal in it will just start with the general end of it look I like the concept of diplomacy but I am concerned I mean one of my greatest concerns is yeah I'm all with the daily inspections but it still doesn't sound like real verification to me oh man I do have very serious concerns about that and also like you said it the last points a big one to me it doesn't address the non-nuclear issues which are still very very much concerning uh you know if that's not the only issue is the possibility of a nuclear bomb right so everyone's ignoring that part of it that you know right now they have this American hostage right now they are they have three great okay so there's three American hostages don't even know about the other two three Americans in prison okay so so they've got three Americans in prison so we didn't address that we didn't address the Hezbollah issue we didn't address arming Assad and all that so a lot of people are saying that that's legit we're not addressing immediate concerns but is this sort of how negotiations have to work that we had to give up some stuff too well i hope i hope not there's so much here don't even know where to begin first of all in the three americans in prison truth be told i work with one trying to help amir hekmati get out of prison okay i don't think that this deal should ever deal with americans in prison there are two separate issues and we should not put our government in the position of negotiating for prisoners right we don't do it we shouldn't expect others to do it that's not a very what's the basis for that basically because this is a nuclear issue this is very serious national security issues this is not something that we want to trade prisoners for that will encourage someone to grab an American next time and then we have to negotiate for that American so I would immediately put that aside i'm sure the family is not happy that I'm saying that the simple fact on this deal is though we have six un security council resolutions already passed that are very clear that say Iran must stop enriching all uranium right Russia and China are on board with that so this agreement is not greater international support we already had Russian trying to us on board this agreement is less than the UN Security Council agreement this is weaker than the UN when you are weaker than the UN you've got a really big problem I don't buy that you have to do this just for negotiations like your point on the daily inspections is a really good one because it's not really daily inspections of anywhere we want to go its daily inspections where they tell us to go okay so that's so that's the part that so the try let's talk about the trust thing here because right so they can say yeah you can inspect this building today or this uh heavy water reactor today but we have stuff over here that you can see we've already been through this with North Korea so is part of the excitement over the deal is that just most people just sort of don't understand like it sounds good all on paper but actually how it works other people are excited that it that there's engagement for the first time in 30 years I think people are excited that there's been a 15 minute phone call and now that there's no handshakes and embracing it and it looks like diplomacy but I do tend to agree with some of the things you know both of you guys are saying especially since Africa saying I don't think I think we gave too much and we got too little and and I think that's ultimately any deal is not necessarily a good deal a deal yes that's good that's a step in the right direction and i appreciate john kerry saying it's just that a step and we've got the six months to go further but it does feel like they got a little more than wonder why Hillary didn't do this deal because she was against it really oh she's not going to negotiate with Iran let's be very clear about something that the media is not telling us we have negotiated on this for a very long time in 2006 we started with a deal the international community was united and what President Obama did was undercut the entire international community to pretend like he got some new deal and that we're talking with them for the first time yes the Americans are talking with the Iranians directly but make no mistake we've been talking in a group for a very long time and the world has been united we just lessened the demand so what do you say to the people that say we'll just the talking is good this whole thing that's happening on Twitter you know I've been very vocal about how I think the whole twitter things a ridiculous because there it's blocked right twitter is blocked in iran so Ronnie and Zarif they're all tweeting to us in English and then everyone tube video he's putting yet doing a YouTube video and I was like great can you open up the Internet in Iran so that your people can actually see your videos it's all a farce so they keep trying all right so they're telling us about this charm offensive except we're the only ones seeing it so it seems to me that if you really were behind the people of Iran you would be fighting at first let's how about we just give them Facebook and then we'll go okay well now maybe we trust you because they don't seem to trust their own people enough vote but yet we should present our core issue is whether or not they have the right to enrich okay and already today we heard the Iranians come out and say we're so thankful that we have the right to enrich when the White House is saying no you don't and now the Iranians are calling the White House a liar it's four days in Dave we're already falling apart unless agreement so I think what John Kerry would say to that is what we can just ratchet up the sanctions again after six months but I don't think you agree look a lot of people think that they're two to three months away from breaking out and this neutralizing their 20-percent enriched uranium is a lot of BS because you can neutralize what we know you have we don't know what else is behind the curtain and if you neutralize a little you can ramp it up pretty fast so speaking of what we don't know I think there's some times when we all talk about this stuff we can only get the information that's being disseminated to us and look it's already come out that they were negotiating privately for a long time so is there a little bit of futility in sort of the day-to-day discussion of this stuff unless you're sitting in the meetings right there right and that's the part about it that you know I want to get behind it my emotionally it sounds really good to me but I don't know maybe it's the defense lawyer me I'm just always anticipating what I don't know what we're not seeing as a nation like you said Dave they don't even trust their own people so I don't know how I can trust anything you're telling me was what was right so what could we do to then empower the people and not empower the regime because no one's I haven't heard anybody even the most people the furthest people on the right I haven't heard anyone say they're against the people of Iran people want them to be free well what we could have done is we could have supported the Green Revolution when they took to the streets but instead President Obama said we're not going to get involved so he took a pass at supporting the people and he's supporting the government now so i think president mom is doing the exact opposite what he should be doing if you want to bifurcate the people from the government support the people don't play into the government's lame messaging I mean it's just they're not a bunch of moderates rouhani tweets and our entire media go crazy because it's Sweeting that I cannot believe that that everyone retweets it like oh my god this is so great except they can't see it it's because they were so thirsty for the idealism behind it yeah but I don't wither there are some great people to follow that our inside Tehran that are doing you know and i'm not talking about Thomas her bunk from the New York Times yeah I mean I think he's terrible he's part of the the problem but there are people on Twitter that are really good to follow that are inside Iran that are giving you really unfiltered information are ways to get around it now I'll get some of those names and we'll put them in the in the description so my last thought on this is I think it's also a little bizarre that you know countries that don't border Iran seem pretty thrilled about this so US and england and france and germany and russia etc but all the guys around them are going this is not good I mean the fact that Saudi Arabia and Israel suddenly seem like allies is crazy so how do we should we be giving a little more credence to the neighbors that are right there I think so because again there's there they at least have a likelihood of seeing a lot more truth than we're seeing we're just too far removed from it I agree on the the enemy of my enemy is my friend and that's clearly what we're seeing with Israel's I right but and it that gives me more pause like I'm already looking at around sideways right you know and and now that your closest geographical neighbors are so adamantly a fearful and opposed to it gives me even further pause we gotta give them some credence on that our allies don't trust us in our enemies don't fear us anymore and it's a really sad commentary on the Middle East but you know I look at Turkey and Jordan and you know Lebanon i think is one of the saddest stories of the Middle East we we we pushed the Syrians out of Lebanon to give Lebanon a chance in the bush administration and now the Syrians are back in Lebanon Lebanon has fallen apart all because of the Syria Iran problem and now we just empowered Iran the Lebanese are left out yeah alright so finals have thought on this because we can talk about this forever probably so what would you say to the people that would say heard everything you just said right there and say well what's the alternative war because that's sort of the way it's being framed right now either we had to take this deal or war was coming nobody wants war but the simple fact is you have to ask yourself a very tough question do you want a nuclear-armed Iran and I think you know the president President Obama says no everyone has said no the the reality is the facts show they're really close to break out six months of them pulling our chain could be the difference of them breaking out so sanctions are not going to work any longer it's too late for sanctions I think the fact of the matter is if you don't want a nuclear derron you're going to have to have some sort of action the YouTube people are not going to be happy with you know and I know that all right let's move on so this is actually a really big story that broke out this week so USA Today is no longer going to use the official White House photographer pictures of the president and of the first family because they feel that this is basically propaganda but coming from the White House 38 news outlets agree with them and they sent a letter to the White House protesting they're shutting out of independent photo journalists in favor of taxpayer-funded photographers the White House official photographers name's Peter sauza so what you're seeing on the left there that was just taken by any old photographer and this is obviously in washington DC at the mall and all the photographers if you look at the picture on the right they're all stuck in there in that spot and they're getting that sort of distant picture but the official White House photographer he gets a pretty sweet spot right behind the president the full image and everything else right there that's Peter salsa on the left with his camera and that's a that's a image from a regular photographer who has to get him in the picture to get the good picture of Obama and then obviously on the right that's the good picture of Obama and that's the picture that then gets tweeted out by the White House and then picked up by all the news organizations and all that now this one is particularly interesting so this is the Obamas visited the cell where Nelson Mandela was held this was they announced that this was going to be totally private that they were going to be no photographs taken at all however yes photographs were taken of course this is done by Pete and the USA Today their director of multimedia he issued a statement on this the functions of the president at the White House are fundamentally public in nature and should be documented for the public by independent news organizations not solely by the White House press office and that's Andrew Scott from USA Today so I think what's interesting about this is this has always been done we can think of pictures of every president in modern times where they have the official White House picture but what's different here is that now because of social media once it gets tweeted out by the official account everybody picks it up no but a different though because the White House this White House is barring so they're all photographers from going in on the Nelson Mandela visit reporters were barred from going in they were not allowed they were told no pictures only to find out on Twitter a little bit later that there were official pictures you know who else does this Iran and North Korea stay around me do their absolute value I have sang about Russia here yeah that's what they do I mean this is outrageous but you know what if the reporters in the White House press corps are not going to be up in arms about it they all want to be like sheep and follow it you know they're looking ridiculous but they are starting to wake up right yeah okay here's the thing I I think there is an issue of propaganda and I part of my brain Toli alliance with that but then there's another part of my brain maybe it's the vein side that feels like doesn't the president and his family have a right to control their media image in that way like if I see a picture that I don't like of myself on facebook i'm gonna untag it seriously but kind of the same not anointed by God I liked it fine i was gonna say I know it won't happen here oh but no and get that so the fact that he's our president makes it different but I understand some desire even if it's not necessarily from bad motives I guess is all I'm saying it might not be that it's because I know what everyone think it was untagging himself on facebook that's it it's another to bar everybody with a camera I do you guys think there's a distinction between the public events so let's say that event at the mall at the MLK thing or versus where where there can be a lot of photographers there and they penned them they literally put them in a pen vs uh something private in the White House I can understand that if he's on a phone call uh you know with rouhani that that can be the the official White House because you can't bring in a zillion photographers all that they lie live this problem for eight years and that reporters are never going to be happy until they are actually inside the room where the decision is being made the problem is they're not saying anything to this White House they've spent five years allowing this White House are now a little bit it's a little late we've been we've been through the reelection uh you know my problem is is that you don't get to say that you're for journalism and then stay quiet on this cuz you're ruined you're ruining journalism so I think the hypocrisy is really taken America back in terms of freedom of the press yeah why do you think it's a slippery slope I'll say that kind of contradict my previous statement in that if it gets to this point where there is such restriction and banning and and I have sole control over my media image then it does create a lot of space for for bad things and stuff like that does this also go to how we were too focused on image constantly because this White House obviously in the advent of social media everything is very image focused and it when I was reading the story was reminding me of Marco Rubio in the water bottle whatever his rebuttal was that night nobody even remembers but everyone remembers this guy uncomfortably having dry mouth and grabbing a bottle of water and that's what was I mean CNN literally ran a headline in this destroy his career right so is there something about image that maybe we're getting completely out of control with instead of substance yeah I mean yeah yeah obviously yeah I mean that's the thing and that's um I think we've got to decide where we want to place that moving forward this is not new we've seen this gradually happening for years now and I just think because of social media it's just now at an all-time high and we are we're visually s

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