The War on Drugs & Criminal Justice Reform (Pt.2) | Shon Hopwood | LAW | Rubin Report
02:27 "... criminal justice issues that's always we ..."
09:37 "... about criminal justice reform is a big ..."
09:51 "... Americans support criminal justice ..."
17:27 "... agree that the criminal justice system ..."
19:56 "... criminal justice system till a family ..."

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Shon Hopwood, bank robber turned law professor, to discuss his views on criminal justice reform, the state of the war on drugs in America, the prison sentences for drug crimes, the 4th amendment (the right to privacy) and more.

Want to have a better understanding of the importance of the 1st amendment? Do you want to know why our founding fathers felt that free speech was the most important of our natural rights? We sat down with participants in the justice system to discuss a variety of topics from constitutional law to criminal justice reform.

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Feb 8th 2018
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