How 'The View' Treats Conservative Black Voices | Kim Klacik | POLITICS | Rubin Report
01:18 "... you on the show but you were on the view ..."
01:35 "... yeah so um the view actually the booker ..."
08:28 "... of the view i'm sure all of them would ..."
09:47 "... but i look at those women in the view ..."
10:25 "... in light of the view thing but just ..."
11:33 "... women on the view would actually ..."
14:22 "... wanted to talk about on the view ..."

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Kim Klacik (U.S. House candidate) about her recent appearance on "The View" and her argument with Joy Behar. Kim explains why there seems to be a double standard for how black women are treated on ”The View” depending on if they are liberal or conservative. She also explains why there are growing numbers of black Trump supporters and black conservatives. Finally, she explains why she is running for office in Baltimore and how 50-plus years of Democratic leadership has failed the black voters of her city.

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Sep 18th 2020
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