Ex-UN Ambassador: What Countries Say Behind Closed Doors | Nikki Haley | POLITICS | Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Nikki Haley, former US Ambassador to the United Nations, about the massive John Kerry foreign policy scandal involving Iran, challenging political corruption within the Republican party, what countries in the UN security council say about the US privately, and the truth about voter id laws. First Nikki talks about the revelation that Iranian foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif told a supporter that John Kerry had informed him of at least 200 covert actions by Israel against Iran in Syria. If true, why is a member of the Biden administration leaking intel to an enemy of the US and endangering US allies? Calls are beginning to mount for John Kerry to resign. Meanwhile the mainstream media bias is apparent as the media ignores the story or runs defense for John Kerry and the Biden administration. Nikki discusses how she got into politics by fighting corruption and challenging the Republican political establishment. She also shares how her focus on eliminating big government, supporting free enterprise and union busting helped bring back South Carolina’s economy. She also talks about how she was offered the job of UN ambassador by Donald Trump and what it was like to work for him. Nikki shares what the United Nations is really like and how international relations are much different behind closed doors. She discusses why Obama’s brand of foreign policy, and his liberal use of foreign aid failed and made the US look weak. She describes the threat of Russia and China and why the US’s veto power in the security council is so important. She also discusses how the Biden administration’s approach to foreign relations will repeat the failures of Barack Obama. She also shares how much money is wasted on the United Nations headquarters paying for obsolete jobs like elevator operators. Nikki gives her thoughts on the voter id law passed by Georgia to address voter fraud. She discusses how she was accused of racism and voter suppression when she passed a stricter voter id law in South Carolina. She also made sure anyone who needed a photo id would get one. In the end voter turnout actually increased after the law was passed. She also points out the hypocrisy of Democrats who refuse to sign a bill banning anti asian discrimination in college enrollments. Nikki believes that racist Democrats are actually the problem since they expect so little of minorities. She also gives her predictions on what the future of the Republican party will look like after Donald Trump.

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May 9th 2021
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