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Steven debunks Vox's latest video on the gender gap in politics, and Larry the Cable Guy stops in! Also ISIS Representative Mahmahood al-Mahmahood is in third chair, so keep an eye out.

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Hippies and Muslims hate me!louder with crowder studios protected exclusively by walter and hopper neglected by the system in a world of d-platforming and bogus hate-speech guidelines ain't nobody care about us until one teacher so why should we even try and fight it holmes changed everything because there's nothing cool about letting them silence you as i watch all the channels that are going through hell i have to ask them because in my class free speech is its own reward and you don't have to go through life a victim that's a choice you come and live in my neighborhood for one week and then you tell me if you got a choice that little youtube wanna put till i serve em in the night have asian in the street you have to rage against the dying of the light damn it you promised you'd fight back if matt's life is going to be worth a damn you better give me your best i need your best don't have that kind of cash just laying around like usa and your friends six feet under already made theirs damn it why was your age we didn't have mug clubs we didn't have anything like mud club i would have killed for mug club but we have it now we have it now because it's 2016 damn it it is 2016. [Music] shut the up jorge this 2018 dangerous mugs [Music] [Applause] [Music] so [Music] [Music] ah that's the guy who rolled the dice by having a terrorist in his studio and it came up is it snake what is snake eyes bad i think that guys are good it depends on the game i don't know i have no idea uh it serves at the sound of the weekend thank you so much for being here and uh like i was saying in third chair today we have mahmoud al-mahmood director of communications and public relations for isis good to see you stephen glad to have you back see you here we hope that you see the softer side of isis i dwell i will do my best today i'm here to kill you with kindness uh i see what you did there i see but uh and also actually kill me i believe well you know eventually eventually it's a long shot these are he's uh and then we have we have we have larry the cable guy on the show today uh because you know someone sent a bomb yeah and they thought it was actually it thought it was one of your flags it turned out to be getter done flag did you see that no no i didn't i we use arabic you guys say that all the time i don't know when to believe you are yeah well that could be what isis is credit for it well like a frat boy who farts we take credit immediately uh edgy mortgage didn't bring any wine today protesting all the things and quarter black of course producing first so question of the day there's no black twitter it's called world star uh the question of the day who okay who got it worse tucker carlson or jim acosta right and do you think either of them had it coming because i think the answer might tell us who you are are you really offended by the jim acosta scenario is there an equivalent i've been seeing this on twitter people like well you know you think it's okay to revoke jim acosta's press badge so then it's okay to do the uh kill the beast there at tucker carlson's house ramming down his oak door i am i am it's remarkable uh listen of course right off the bat i want to address the uh the thousand oaks uh shooting at at the time of this taping we don't know exactly what's happened i lived in moorpark for a while out there in the valley uh close to thousands looks beautiful great people so my heart goes out to them not enough info um to really talk about and i don't really want to go to the gun control issue right now you know because i used to say it's a winning issue for the right i i actually uh i can't it's one done they make no headway on gun control when these issues happen so i it's it's like feeding it to feeding a tumor just let it let it die just don't look yeah what's what is the isis opinion on american gun control you know uh we are going to just sit with this one out good uh guns you know if you guys have guns you want to shoot each other with guns i don't see why we're going to stop it okay i said oh jesus wise person i don't know about the killing with kindness all right leading us before that you good girl what was this you're doing this with your lips yeah that had a thing okay it's almost like a baseball leaving the news uh i guess uh today well the least surprising news of the week jim acosta finally hasn't had white house potentials pulled the decision came after the now of course notorious standoff between him and president uh donald trump during press conference wednesday when he wouldn't give the microphone back to an intern now of course listen on the right or most on the right see this as a given while those on the left see this as donald trump driving his final nail into the coffin of modern journalism [Applause] it seems my life is gonna [Music] we do not have the rights to that song by the way but no one does and it's like no one really cares yeah look the the most dangerous place to be is between jim acosta and a news camera right that's when he's doing reporting but at the same time when when obama i'm sorry when trump said to him i just channeled obama's are you used to quit caffeine all right i'm gonna give you one more chance to wake up here morgan no whatever it is everyone in the studio come on let's get it that's confusing obama yeah let's do the west side story we're not doing it that's right you have to do that pick it up all right so all right trump said that he was like a person right but he said he was a despicable person i was like you kind of crossed the line there yeah look reporters are supposed to be jerk sometimes you don't you don't get mad at them for that you can pull their credentials and he can go back there he just doesn't have a hard pass they have to reissue it now so no big deal right i think it's i thought it was perfect and i'm not necessarily a huge donald trump but i loved where he goes why did you call the caravan an invasion well that's what i that's what i think that's how i see it that's how i see i see it as an invasion he goes well you think it was inflammatory no that's called a difference of a pigeon okay he backed it up zero oh my gosh i mean backed off zero now you've got it to me you've got it what do you have that is it that bug that you picked off the toilet joe rogan was talking about the idiocy i don't know i don't know are you still doing well in my mood you seem confused yeah i you know i just want to say that none of this stuff with the drama in the press room would happen if gary johnson won that's true you got let's see this is what you guys don't have free press you don't have any of these issues right people just get shot uh well yeah sadly but uh i'm just saying you know johnson president we're not talking about this it's gonna be a nice happy place mostly because he's a late and homosexual and that's not that not saying he couldn't hold office and we'll talk about this uh later we'll get we're doing a vox rebuttal because ours was so fun this week where they say more women need to be nominated because um but gary johnson always seemed very gay to me i don't know why you can comment let me know i don't think i don't know but about that but it is about time that america elects a president who doesn't know where aleppo is that's speaking from the heart all right in more seriousness that would be a good cover for you advantageous that's that's that is very selfish i see it it's almost as though you have ulterior motives more serious news of course this week uh um another man was injured uh by uh yet another exploding bottle of corona uh this has been going on for a while this is actually the third man i have the third man in recent months to say a corona bottle exploded while he was handling it causing a gruesome injury uh the quote is he said it's like they're selling glass hand grenades now there's been no official explanation explanation so you just screw you stop being so conscious there hasn't been an official explanation from corona as of yet but we should note that authorities actually have been suspecting foul play as as i always have [Music] yeah i was wrong about you alcohol i see you found a kindred spirit have you i'm more of a bud light lime guy oh my gosh look i said the douche go ahead i kind of laugh a little bit at this and i'm sorry this may be like the dark side of humor for me i kind of think if we just step back let the corona thing take its course all the corona drinkers will be gone we won't have to worry about it a little bit if you drink corona this might be just it's sort of it's sort of like vaping batteries yeah exactly we just step back and go let's let nature take its course here i really would have thought you know you wouldn't think the explosion you would think it's mexican tap water would be the the high risk factor there well that's a good point actually yeah montezuma's revenge i think is something that's a real thing yeah i thought it looked like you're about to say something there no but i never i never know because you know you're terroristy a little sh oh i was just up to something in my mind so shifting creativity all right turning to big tech uh the youtube gamer shirako am i saying that right shiroko why would you ask me by the way i i want this man to be a guest in the show so shirako however it's pronounced dude uh please we would welcome you he had his channel deleted for sharing a clip in which he fed a suffragette feminist to an alligator in the latest red dead redemption 2 game you know i can't really do it justice let's just let's just watch the clip this is what got him banned here on youtube let me vote all right it's a national disgrace there'll be no more wars no hunger no stupidity we'll elect a woman president within the first 10 years of course you see men are successful don't worry it's coming guys briggs you need us women to help straighten you out [Applause] [Laughter] get the lasso there you go i've never played this game but when i was watched as a non-gamer i can't stop playing this game ah well i don't know it gets it gets it gets better it gets way worse i will defend myself oh alligator is in ketosis i'm sure high protein i had not played this game and i love this game then his youtube channel was reinstated and i swear he actually came back in the very first video or one of the first videos it's called deporting a mexican and he played a game another thing in red dead redemption so this guy just doesn't care and it's a good there's actually there's a strong debate going on in the gaming community because if this is a violation of guidelines on youtube then everything is a violation of guidelines on youtube because if you do do you have any idea how many people you kill in these games and most of them are men that's all you do you blow people's brains out you can't if you are starting to police what people do in video games we are screwed because every video game out there that's popular has stuff like that in it or at least the ability to do stuff like that they said it promotes violence i'm like what game that's fun doesn't yeah like i don't know racing games creative outlet racing games no that's violence ram into people tetris little little pollo pop hey why don't you go in with the helicopter going through the maze oh good lord no no that's true that's not very violent but he's like in our countries that we represent that's actually let him say what he's saying mr obama what were we about to say there well i was going to express the plight of the turtles from the mario brothers you know you stomp on the turtles like a bunch of savages we would never play such a game no no stop on those turtles what do you do with the turtles there in uh in syria we don't have turtles i've never seen a turtle there really yeah i don't know if somebody ate them all but that would be it so it'd be a novelty we could we should next time having stu we should show you that show you the turtles i would love to see a turtle i would love to to go to the san diego zoo if that's down the street or something i don't know no we're nowhere near yeah a little bit of bigger landmass you think everything's close yeah 20-minute drive i know no it's like people with canada they have no idea that british columbia is nowhere near montreal uh finally in um in in in sadder news uh justice ruth bader ginsburg was actually you know hospitalized for fracturing uh some ribs in a fall according to the statement ginsburg 85 experienced his comfort effort she was going home following the fall uh was admitted to george washington university uh thursday morning for observation and treatment and actually a lot of people an emt on the scene is a mug club member and snuck us a video of the justice uh before bringing her to the hospital i've fallen and i can't protect roe v wade it almost seems like that's distasteful um maybe maybe a little yeah it's just a little bit that was fast that was real suddenly though by the way if ruth ruth raider ginsburg the gop senate pickup seemed like a little bit of a bigger win right this is one thing we're talking about ruth bader ginsburg have you seen the documentary on netflix they've been trying so hard for someone to convince them rapping grandma and i remember matt damon talking about i want to see i want to see the actuary tables and john mccain because there's a very strong chance that he dies and sarah palin is president with ruth bader ginsburg or bernie sanders it doesn't matter all of a sudden just holding out like what is it uh somebody said that it was like this gula ghoulish death watch basically for the supreme court yeah i can't remember who's the german capiro or somebody or no term it was herman mckay it's absolutely that this is mr nine nine nine that was a good daddy's pizza it's a good solid plan so i have a serious question for you like i i have a big problem with lifetime appointments for supreme court justices for stuff just like this we get to basically sit and watch people wither away so they can't use it to profiteer off hover around commercials well that's also true and you know self-lubricating catheters that yeah as well but i do have a problem with long-term appointments i mean i i don't think that supreme court justices should be lifetime appointments i think they should have a term or something where if they get too old we've got we've got a situation where she's not able to really do the job she's not able to walk apparently she's not sleeping half the time right asleep half the time we shouldn't have this person up there just dying in front of everybody we should let them go off gracefully i don't know that i agree but actually we're receiving word actually right now that the notorious ruth better ginsburg's rib is actually not doing so well uh yeah [Music] gerald seems surprised almost as though he didn't read the show today at all wait there's a show the terrorists the terrorists how are you doing there mahmood this is live right yeah there are no second chances right yeah oh my gosh okay so as it was usually you lifetime appointments is that i want you to finish that's pretty much i have that's a serious point for me though i understand i really don't think moving on to the vox rebuttal i'm in the waiting time move the football right as i kick okay no this is so but you you obviously had some opinions on this and i had you watch this before you came on the show remember i sent you this this morning yesterday we're going to be talking about this on air yes i watched this on my kindle fire did you really yeah i really i don't think you guys should do anything with fire in the names okay burning people alive it just kind of brings up bad memories i think that's a brand new it's appropriation that's i i could see your point i could see your point i don't know i don't i don't see his point at all you don't have to concede any territory yeah you're gonna use it the terrorist is being nicer to me than you he is he is i have no problem with it you can check by the way did you see the notice that one the crazy super fan who really loved you there at uh um i did i did just didn't i did too i watched you made it up no i watched there is not one she stopped no because you know if she falls asleep you can like snicker and make jokes about her but you're still awake so we can't make fun of and you didn't wear the same colored shirt as i wore today yeah finally like three days in a row randomly we should coordinate well he's now now he stole quarter black's thunder oh i did no come on that's not even blue i'm partially colorblind that's not the same color i think i think uh garrett is a quarter black and then the other three quarters is dicky greenleaf with the short sleeve button shirt i'll own it whatever the mixture is it's very white so what do we end up with i mean it's three quarters we talked about jim acosta we talked about dr carlson but let's kind of get into the realm here of of identity politics in the wake of the blue wave as it's been called i guess by the left like we said see yesterday's analysis when some loosen that's really what the election was but in the wake of these elections uh people have tried to read into something i think that isn't there exactly and then push agendas that don't make sense so laying the groundwork there enter vox's latest video telling us all that we need to vote in more women because the 2018 midterms were huge for women candidates a total of 273 women were on the ballot in the 2018 midterms representing both parties now compare that to the past five elections that's a big jump in women candidates vying for office so women must be pretty well represented in the us government now right not exactly okay so here comes the doom and gloop first off before we get to rebutting this is there not a is there not one straight male capable of narration in all of the vox studios nope not one not one none of them what's the hiring process like there are you gay check yes or yes do you sound a feminist right you have a list an add-on is latino yeah it's like the opposite of when you purchase a gun which by the way i'm not one who sees racism on every rock but when you go to when you go to purchase a firearm are you it has caucasian black and then it has latino and then afterwards it has non-latino you have to check the box specifically non-latino specifically singles out doesn't say non-black not work non-latino i i assume because of illegality of citizenship uh let's move on to the first that's not a trick question no it really is that literally seriously box just one just one you mustn't be afraid to expand your horizons i'm sure there's a straight old white guy there somewhere probably the one controlling the purse strings find him have him narrate the next video all right let's move on to the clips the share of women in the house and senate has increased over time but it's still well below the share of women in the u.s population and if you dig deeper congress looks even less representative women of color make up 18 of the u.s population but before the 2018 midterms they accounted for just seven percent of congress it's so boring so by the way your mic is on while this is while the clips are going just so you know he gets quite like he thinks no you can be you're not muted uh because i'm sure everyone would love to hear your commentary on what vox is doing or about women and y'all's culture typically right that's always going i'm sorry like i was gonna fall asleep yeah yeah like ruth bader ginsburg and then crack a couple you wake up like what happened to my ribs they elect women here i don't know could you imagine a dinner with ruth bader ginsburg and bernie sanders i don't have it just it would just be the words what for 20 minutes i could get a trance what what what what you filthy um that's what bernie sanders that's what he says that's what he calls versus pet it's my pet name it's a term of endearment i call her my filthy fish it's a term of endearment really she doesn't like it much so i don't understand the vox video here women make up fifty percent of the population only nine percent they they only make up what nine percent of construction workers yeah who cares well and they voted they voted for these people right the women vote here yes they vote more they can vote this is not like some advanced country where that is not the case they voted this is who they voted if we did because not enough stuff for jess we're we're fed to crocodile that's true so we got to the point now where now everyone can vote one at a time okay so 50 they're like 50 percent of the population they only make up this percentage yeah okay they make up nine percent of construction but they make up 75 of education health services right this is something people go into different fields gender i think we have an overlay here from the bureau and labor statistics since when does every job have to represent a mirror image of the census of the united states demographics you know what else by the way doesn't mirror the full eighteen percent they talk about the women of color yeah like eighteen percent women of uh okay only thirty percent of black women have high school degrees 14 have college degrees so it would stand a reason that they don't all make it to the highest levels of government though 68.5 percent do make it to the highest levels of the wnba yeah well look we if fox is going to be if fox is going to be calling people out why don't they have a little bit more diversity on their staff instead of gay lispy latino males that is a very good that's like 97 percent of their work except i can't confirm that this guy was latino oh i can just pretty much confirm that yeah it sounds like including it's not like gay dar well i guess sonar would be yeah yeah sonar is pretty close yeah i'd be really sorry is usually people usually when they're looking and they're saying gaydar so that's not yeah well we're hearing so that's yeah that's like you're looking gay vibes are coming back to you right you're looking gay vibes are coming back that's why i mean what's the over under on this i don't understand again they're just picking something to complain about and saying oh well they represent this number of the population so you should represent this percentage of the electorate why i i don't know why and by the way it changes every single year from straight mail to game not at fox but from straight mail to gay male from white to black from male to female i mean you could follow a district you could follow over the last 30 years and you would find something different and you certainly would find some diversity of thought unless it's in california or in new york but that's what really what we should be talking about here but again vox just you need to vote for more women because well why they make up 50 of the population okay need i say more yes you do yes we're expecting more i thought the argument was over well no they've actually done studies in the most egalitarian countries in the world these gender gaps actually spread out further so in places where they have the most opportunity the most equality women tend to segregate themselves in careers and fields and industries more so than we see now so it's absolutely scientifically disproven wait what was that again so if you say 75 percent of females are in this workforce and there's only 10 over here is engineers in the most equal societies in the world that gap is actually larger it doesn't get narrow which is what you would expect because they would have more opportunities they can treat it more equally and it doesn't narrow it all it actually gets larger because people self-select out of these things most of the time but we have to move on from uh from women and black women to uh the more the more important martial pressing issues next clip lgbt women make up about two point five percent of the u.s population don't buy it there are only two openly lgbt women in congress greater than sign that's less than one percent screwed it up by the way i just love how they toss in the tea and just most of the lgbt let's it's like 90 percent g and then so we're saying 2.5 no first off they now they've tried it's they're trying to say it's five percent of the population is gay five point something no it's it's not they just realize that if they keep bumping up the percentage that people will become more embracing of the politicians the cultural ramifications but only two maybe because it's weird i challenge anybody to take a melatonin and try to make it through this video it is literally so boring yes the guy's voice is pretty monotone too that's why that's why i'm looking for everyone here to help snap it up i've got to deliver the information i need you guys i need to play straight man it probably because it's weird right we had we had the first transgender mayor of a texas town on the show oh yeah and you know what the whole time i was insane it was very respectful and we sat there and we talked about sort of uh uh we went back i think to judith butler to fund dubai we talked about gender theory but the whole time i'm just going in my head this is weird this is weird this is weird that's all i did when i watched it it was very very bizarre and most people probably now doesn't mean that you're less than doesn't mean that i think you should be the victim of a hate crime but it means that if somebody is really weird a good example leslie in austin people remember him he used to wear short shorts you see his butt cheeks he passed away was really sad he was kind of like an austin icon right he was no i don't know if he was homeless there was a legend kind of starting the point is he was weird but people liked him they embraced him probably wouldn't want him united said it that's why you've only would have appreciated the dress i'm not mad at leslie you're not that leslie every town has a leslie okay this is uh by the way hey if you're not a mug club member you can watch the show every single night hit the notification bell if you're subscribed on youtube because subscriptions don't show up in your subscription box anymore uh and uh would you recommend of course that you join my club unless you want the whole show to go away and uh we have an upcoming change my mind we might be back at tcu on monday or we might be back there tuesday and broadcast live who knows tcu who knows you thought you'd let us out in the rail but uh that's coming soon on baby i will say that someone might have a case of the mondays all right next clip take a look at this chart showing what 20 candidates spent time talking about women were much more likely than men to discuss issues like education climate change and minimum wage and they're 200 percent more likely to be blindsided by a third world war because national security was nowhere on that list first off the slave handlers like they're more likely to talk about these issues which right okay first off you're really trying to straddle the fence here vox like they're more likely to have mentioned these issues at one point according to the box chart who gives a rat's ass but let's go with okay these are the issues that matter most to women climate change education minimum wage [Laughter] you you think this is going to convince everyone who's what you think a chart saying that women tend to care not about national security not about the primary purpose of government keeping its citizens safe that that the fact that they couldn't care less that that's going to uh i guess appeal to more voters i am i'm i shouldn't be dumb i shouldn't say i'm surprised or dumbfounded i'm just disappointed look i understand that politicians are going to pander to their audience and they're going to talk about the things that are important to them but if i see climate change and there's 50 some odd percent of women talking about it and not saying it's a hoax i'm not voting for that person or at least challenging it as being the 95 or 98 of all scientists agree kind of thing yeah so if i see that on somebody's talking points i'm like i don't know if you know what you're talking about yeah i'm just trying to drum up votes but that's actually code for you're gonna hit her which i don't support oh we we tried to uh to convince people with pie charts and stuff like that initially at the beginning not that effective no not that effective that you're a religion of peace or that you know we started we started hey uh but you know uh you told me that uh uh president ross perot oh so he won in y'all's country today is just a third party extravaganza johnson he didn't have any niche with

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