'Stranger Things' Is The Best Thing Going On Television

Stranger ThingsPoltergeistE.T.Close EncountersThe GooniesAliensPredatorWar GamesManhattan ProjectSuicide SquadThe Green HornetVision Quest'sLostThe X-files ‘Stranger Things’ Is The Best Thing Going On Television August 5, 2016 By David Harsanyi As someone who struggles with hypercritical behavior, my first reaction to any well-reviewed show is to find a way to hate it. So I was legitimately surprised by how much I loved almost everything about the new Netflix show “Stranger Things.” I guess a more precise thing to say would be that I admire almost everything about “Stranger Things.” Mostly, I admire it because it gets the 1980s right in a way that the majority of retro TV gets the decade tiresomely wrong. It’s always distracting to watch a movie that botches the small...

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Aug 5th 2016
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