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Find behind the scenes footage on instagram:[Music] and here we are good morning are we live yeah we are live okay you know let's watch that monitor there to up to program if I'm just seeing the overlays there's our second installment of good morning bug Club live by the way we want to see your Chet over there at leis yeah that's right blaze reading your live chat do leave a name or an alias because we haven't quite worked we wanted to get this up really quickly for you we don't quite have the we don't quite have the this creating usernames working right can we just shut that monitor or make it program because I'm seeing everything that that Gibbon is working on right now is overlays which I very much appreciate oh yeah we have a lot to get to we'll be talking about Joe Biden's latest sexual assault allegations the latest Ovid 19 wolf Lou update sleaze as well as the stimulus bill and um what are you have some problems with with that and let us know in the chat listen leave your name and your what do you want us to talk about most this is a more interactive show it's more like a radio show what they call the podcasts and the reason we're doing this like I've said is we're not first responders we're not doctors so we can't create any we don't have a pillow factory so we can't create yeah I mean new masks for you but what we can do is provide you with more content because we know you're going a little bit stir-crazy especially since the quarantine has been extended so it is hashtag mug Club quarantine if you want to send in pictures of you with your mug we might be reading some of those later or tonight yeah and a lot of credit calm /schedule is where you go to see the full scheduled programming for the entire month of April and use a promo code quarantine ladder with Crider comm slash mug Club you get $30 off that's our biggest discount pretty locks at apocalypse and please final thing if you already member of my club please do consider please just renew because otherwise Vox has won this is a great time to do that it's a great perfect time to is a great time to renew okay so we have a lot to get to by the way in the news before we get to the stories that we kind of want to talk about let's do some fact-checking from the morning yeah a morning roundup so really quickly I think we have this clip from Morning Joe where they made the claim that everybody saw this come early in January let's go to that now we've heard Zeke Emanuel that nobody could have seen this coming the fact is everybody saw this coming everybody saw this coming in early January so I know it's I know you like me now we've heard Zika met was that what he said if we can get program up there so I can see what they're saying actually here's the thing the World Health Organization said that there wasn't any human human transmission as of January 14th warnings are they didn't even mention on the show until January 24th when they had an expert on there who was by the way on there to still say don't panic about the co vid whoa flu here's another clip and how worried should Americans be should they panic good morning mica no Americans do not need to panic the Chinese are already panicking as they should because this virus is spreading all through the central parts of China and it's a new virus it has never been seen before so it's mechanism of spreading is not quite known yet what I would suggest however is that Americans take this as a wake-up call for seasonal flu we are not out of the flu season Italy we've already had the flu in the u.s. 140,000 of dog-whistle name I don't know why your panic everybody saw this coming I'm just going back to that interview Morning Joe I don't even know his I just call him morning you pray right because it's really his only value to society is this Joe in the morning this is the kind of Monday morning quarterbacking that you're seeing from me it is remarkable right right it as a left-right thing and this is important for people to know listen like I said I won't be shamed into panicking we'll get into the numbers were some people yesterday I don't know if was Falchi or bricks not Hans Brix screw that guy brick said the death toll could be 100 220,000 in the United States and I know some people are panicked about that so we'll talk about that a little bit more but they tried to separate this did you notice into a left-right issue right because before that New York Times BuzzFeed is you see Morning Joe they were all saying don't panic it's not an emotion the seasonal flu yeah they were wrong about that okay we can all admit they were wrong about that but then they try to attribute the right meaning conservatives saying hey listen we don't know everything yet we do know it's not as deadly as people are now trying to tout this to be so we shouldn't shut down our entire economy so we've conflated the two everyone said it's nothing then they said okay it's something the right said we just don't know how much of this something is and is it worth the toll that is taking on the economy therefore they try to make it sound like we're deniers so using the same techniques right now I notice against people who think that this pandemic needs to be handled seriously but needs to be handled with a balanced approach to both the livelihoods and the lives of Americans and that's a problem well there are these things going around on Facebook and Twitter where it's like Trump found out about the virus on X date and then this is the number of times he's like gone golfing since all right so it's like knowing about the virus is not the same as knowing the extent right and and but before anybody died and obviously his response was you know his response could have been good could have been bad but the the issue is not when he found out about it it's when he found out about the severity which depends on what's information he's getting right which by the way this is something that people need to think about how many times have you had the sniffles or had a sore throat and you thought yeah I think it's just allergies I waited out and gone into work it's not that serious that's effectively where we were before and I don't just mean Americans I don't just mean the government the media and certainly if you look at the time line Donald Trump was doing more than the media because it was around this time where he put a travel ban on China it was around this time where he was actually consolidating so that we would have a pandemic response team or task force I don't know the exact terminology don't hang me on it because if it's a task force or pandemic response you know what I mean to say promo code quarantine $30 off let me know with your oh by the way I forgot that we do not have Gerald aid today right right you do not have Hatter and Bill Richmond but in in third chair today actually uh as an expert on the the Chinese flu we do have a Bruce Lee Bruce how are you sir well si coronavirus can flow or it can crash coronavirus if you put it into a cup it becomes the cup if you put coronavirus into a pillowcase it become a pillowcase if you put coronavirus into a rectum what's wrong with you okay oh I see what's going on there Brittany I think it's genius I you know what he was all you were a horrible fighter Bruce you were a terrible fighter absolutely of no value at but you were a brilliant and I appreciate your expertise on kung-fu I'm more scared of him now than I would have been if he were yeah yeah Bruce how how did you how did you get to be here okay that's all just gonna do is yeah not really we now know that my lawyer probably has a little bit more to contribute than Bruce Lee I mean he's an expert of sources not immune from the corona I'm confused it seems you that's one of the benefits of the zombie apocalypse is they don't need to worry about any one of several benefits and isn't it bizarre with zombies that immortality applies except the brain stem will combine this idea of sort of a pseudo spiritual element like they're done dead they've come back it's like well unless you hit that cervical vertebra then there's nothing there's nothing God can do that medulla some weakness yeah so another morning roundup do we have do we have the stinger from that tree okay morning roundup [Music] and the First Baptist bulletin is in the church foyer a big advantage that you guys all Bible studies are cancelled oh but we will have unless it's a Bible study of ten or less people right exactly and we're gonna have by the way even Brendan on the show because he has to wear a lot of protective gear because we're worried that he might be infected and we'll have Brautigan of course senior news correspondent on later with the morning after a roundup of all the news from the week and of course traffic updates because we want to keep you abreast yourself here's something that's pretty telling you know Donald Trump right his actually you know what let's go to CNN really quickly before I trash them I want to hear if they got themselves a microphone Florida Governor under pressure to issue statewide shutdown now this may seem trivial right may seem like it doesn't matter and we will get to the projected death rates that they talked about last night but this this does matter because right now they are they have a Chiron going on that Florida might be pressured to issue a statewide shutdown yeah but there is nothing in the news that the FDA approved new drugs and therapeutics to combat coronavirus yeah there was nothing on CNN as a running headline telling that we have the ability to sanitize up to four hundred thousand masks and the my pillow guy was speaking at a briefing because 75,000 masks will be coming out of his factory per day so this would be totally fine in a 24-hour news cycle yeah if it were the most important news but it's not well in CNN knows that it is part of the pressure right so like putting the chyron up is adding pressure to it right so they're there cooking at all it's it's all basically using the news media as a way of steering politics absolutely cutting down and saying we're not watching I want to certainly I don't want to get them talking about so here's another fast fact by the way Donald Trump's approval ratings have been going up I'm doing so here's so stock market this doing this actually the stock market doesn't at long-term it still does this so if you sold all your stock if you sold everything in your 401k you screwed up right this is not the time to cash out exactly I don't care how much Kramer you watch is it Jim Kramer I don't remember he's the financial guy is the equivalent to Gallagher bonk yeah and like Gallagher always funny always funny I want to take my financial advice from that guy CNN of course because the approval ratings are going up and this should this should be pretty telling I think the folks out there because remember Rachel Maddow came out yeah not long ago and said we need to stop airing the prompt the prompt the Trump press please right yeah because this is propaganda we need to stop airing it and then I think it was HuffPo these other websites said we need to stop doing this because his approval rating was going up now again it's not sort of like new media when we're not being gamed by the algorithms which is why we need to hit the notification bell we do better than a lot of the shows that are on network television right Donald Trump when he doesn't have to go through the intermediaries we just have to go through these gatekeepers there you go you can hear the notification they'll hit all notifications if you're subscribed of course iTunes Android all of that router bit subscribe we're putting up more content than they're up there than ever if he doesn't have to go through them in other words he does enough to go through Maddow right people hear what he has to say directly right his imperial ratings go up here's the thing you may not like what Donald Trump has to say but that's about as pure of a litmus test as you get yeah people watching him directly saying all right I like what you say right now you may want a fact check what he's saying and that's your job as journalists it's your job to fact check it correctly by the way no not fact check Donald Trump because he says we have some side liquids to sanitize amass and people go there's no spray that'll sanitize him it wasn't on an x-ray he was talking about a machine by the way I just found out that our dryer they don't also have this you can let me know in the chat our dryer your office dryer has a sanitized steam cycle oh that's nice and then it also has just throw the masks in there well it hasn't anti microbial cycle - and I'm not entirely sure that I understand the difference but I do wonder if people mocked Donald Trump mercilessly for saying hey we should be able to sanitize these masks like is it outside of the realm of possibility if whirlpool figured it out yeah if doctor why are they trained why are they expecting the president to know about these chemicals that will sanitize thinks he's just saying hey I think we might have some chemicals that could sanitize these mats low energies alright and absolutely worked yeah and then the my pillow guy said that God left public schools so you know yes the CNN may have been uncomfortable enough to pull the broadcast but Fox and MSNBC both ran right so there and they're pretending to be nonpartisan they're pretending to be yes virus but MSNBC who had admittedly biased fox who is admittedly biased and now that's the point now it's migrated to CNN so CNN is taking cues from in Rachel Maddow I want to make that really clear and then they'll go with this logo that says just the facts right that's the thing we've seen I don't have a problem with Rachel Maddow I don't people go hey why don't you focus on them so much visually maybe if we want to rebut them that's fine and wonder about an argument but I don't have a problem with media buys from MSNBC from places like the Young Turks from people who are opinion journalists I don't I have a problem with trying to claim that you were unbiased and lying to people about it so last night scene and refused to air president Trump's press conference which is interesting because then they tried to pull some information from the press conference that they now think obviously makes a situation look very dire so they want to tell people that everything is terrible but they don't want to tell you that hey you know what private industry stepped up and we're going to have in abundance of masks and tests that's very quickly despite the FDA and CDC so um matter of fact CNN they didn't air here's what's most telling they didn't air the briefer last night instead they decided that their news time would be best suited to covering this I don't know why you take your shot at that I mean you know just because you don't cook I mean mom shares her secrets about how to make sauce very few people I mean you shouldn't break ties yourself that you're not one of the people that mom saw as worthy to run about mom spaghetti I'm sure she would have is just that you spent so much more time in the kitchen Chris mom's little helper in the kitchen I really respect that and always under force in the kitchen when you think of it I don't I'm gonna see if I see some common ground brothers Cuomo we need to offend you taken taken but you helped mom in the kitchen was a beautiful thing I had to do keep in mind exact moment they were talking about precautionary measures to be taken during this pandemic where are you where are you I'm gonna man wants to know where you were mom I know where you are where are you physically I'm just shocked Thurs members of the CDC our commander in chief were providing valuable information to the American public but they are so dead set on making sure that Donald Trump can't speak to you directly that they decided to air that's too old monitor grab out there mom Elmo's a nervous mom spaghetti shut up oh I hope you both choke on your spicy meat-a-ball and see I figure if I do it without effort it's not racist if I said spicy meat-a-ball you know maybe media manager can write but if I just say spicy more like a Jeff Goldblum that's a spicy meatball but you would never yeah you would never there it is yeah you never do an actual like cartoonish caricature I would never not on this show what do you think about that Bruce do you think that was responsible for the new cycle well see if you put an on CNN CNN becomes the can fart or can talk and CNN get national platform it doesn't make any sense you know what these tidbits are not valuable no I think he's insightful okay see that was a little ventriloquism I don't need a special for it Jeff Dunham we get it you got a puppet with the racist voice what else you got puppets so here's something else let me know put your name in there for the chat will be live chatting folks over there in the blaze dr. Burks right the US officials initially responded to the coronavirus the way they did because they thought it was going to be more like they said more like a SARS type epidemic not a global pandemic which by the way anyone know where SARS came from there's a trend here named Bruce sorry okay yeah you you started he's repentant he is repent yeah look he is not humble man even as a drug addict / fraud fighter yes not beyond redemption no he's a legend as well and they said that they were missing so again I want to be we want to be careful here I want to make sure the people understand we're not trying to downplay the pandemic I want you to remember that the media who's blaming President Trump for it for some reason just like Hurricane Katrina was a was george w bush's force because he caught you know hurricane katrina started talking about it george w bush bought a plasma ball at Spencer's whoa and then flood it all so they decided to build a town was it five hundred feet below sea level I'm not sympathetic but I also don't fully understand why we're rebuilding at a place that has to have that happen again like let's just you know find the nearest it doesn't have to be a mountain like a mound like I would just say let's make New Orleans like a pitcher's mound just me you know and just build house it was a humanity Habitat for Humanity how president go in there and put it on a hill yeah Jimmy Carter come on over just put it on a hill so we don't have to blame it on the next president so again this is right now dr. Burke's talking about how they were missing a significant amount of data and they believe this is going to be more SARS like here you go could we have known something different you know I think all of us I mean I was overseas when this happened in Africa and I think when you looked at the China data originally and you said oh well there's 80 million people are 20 million people in Wuhan and 80 million people and who Bay what and they come up with a number of 50,000 I don't know lime no ice then you do this kind of global pandemic it's my beverage of choice oh okay so a couple things are important I've talked about this there's a finite amount of resources with government and this is something that the left gets perfectly wrong so before I move on with more statistics that whole but I can try to you a little bit of context here and a lot of the times when people say I'll I just take issues as they come on an individual issue by interest you should look at every issue critically but you should start off with a worldview there's nothing wrong with an ism provided that it is correct you know everyone has one you need to be honest about it and a worldview will help determine at least how you sift through information that is superfluous and you don't have time for the left has an ism that is perfectly wrong let's look at yes left-right third party man this isn't for you right now so the right we understand that free enterprise is not there it's not a finite sum not a finite amount a lot of the left they say well I want a piece in my pot not infinite I want some of my I want some of that cheddar no no it's that's not finite it is actually you can build more pies yeah yeah let me go over this you can build more pies in the free enterprise in other words how do you build more pies well you have a rotary phone then you have a touchpad then you have a cell phone they have a cordless phone then you have an iPhone so when people say they'll tell the telecommunications industry is really hurting guess what and you say I want a piece of my pie your pie now the iPhone is created now that creates work for whole new app developers games right all the kinds of software that have made Everett that have improved everybody's lots you can go and bake more pies in a free enterprise system job by contrast the government cannot bake more pies there is a finite amount of money because you sooner or later and sooner rather than later run out of revenue that you can generate by taxing people and that's something called the Laffer curve a lot of people think we can just tax the wealthy 100% they leave so it's even lower of a threshold than that but let's say that's the ultimate threshold you can tax people at 100% the government can generate no more revenue than that effectively not including dividends or some other investments right we understand that still compared to the private sector the Left sees it differently they see private industry as a piece of the pie that's why Bernie Sanders or Cortes need to redistribute it and then they look at government and see it as an infinite sum that we should be paying people indefinitely providing free health care free internet free take your pick and I'm not exaggerating in Germany internet was declared a fundamental human right which is dangerous because it the government can take away a right once they declare it to be a right under their purview so this is remote least in those countries they don't have a constitution so the right understands private enterprise you can bake more pies government very limited in what they can generate you left seized private industry as evil villains who need to have their wealth redistributed and the government this all-knowing altruistic entity that can generate profit from scratch they couldn't be more incorrect and that's how you are looking at two sides viewing this pandemic so how you view the world matters before you look at it on an individual issue by issue basis you need to determine how you understand the free market and the government's capability to extend these bailouts indefinitely and the longer the government props up these older industries the slower that growth will be right - the slower that those new pie's will end up being baked right and then some of them end up being cobblers notes most said I don't know the difference between a pie the cobbler I don't miss you maker I know what an apple crisp is it's what has an OD crust yeah but I hear southerners always lay eggs the best peach cobbler first off if you like peach anything you're weird it's disgusting no Sh no fruit should run the risk of folliculitis I do not like peaches I think it's the shape a pioneer cobbler yeah I think I think it's the shape is a cobbler hi there's a cobbler like baked with the top on it top in a bottom I'm seeing like it oh we have the overlay here we have the fact what's the dimension of a cobbler in a pie do we know well Google has told us young Google it says one way to differentiate between PI and cobbler is through the crust Oh pies are encased in pastry either just on the bottom or on both top and bottom cobblers on the other hand are simply topped with some sort of baked pastry or dough that sounds very much like a technicality I've never seen a pie in my life without a crust on top I've never gone on pie forget about this we've gone too far we've gone too far and we're getting loose what's your opinion on on the pine cobbler well see if you put a pie into a crust it becomes a crust if you put a cobbler under the pastry it becomes the pastry table can flow or it can crash in cake is just a vehicle for frosting well okay I understand you're a pie guy yeah he's a pie guy what about is more of a dumpling guy here's another thing that's pretty important finite resources this is why I wanted to bring that up so you understand there are finite resources with the government that they cannot necessarily bake more pies January 29th what was Donald Trump doing he was forming the coronavirus task force January 29th what were the Democrats doing around that time shift was delivering On February 3rd closing impeachment arguments so keep this in mind I want when we now talk about how we should have known this was coming and the government should have been more on alert and done their job I don't have the ability to bring up every single show and watch it in fast time for you throughout January 29th to February 3rd but I'm willing to bet if you remember going to your memory bank you remember all of the headlines about Adam Schiff swatch job Donald Trump yeah oh she destroyed Graham anything about the corona virus being a global pandemic that Donald Trump wasn't prepared for no we were still on impeachment and if you are President of the United States or if you remember really any of the significant branches of government you can't be both preparing for a global pandemic that nobody at that point had truly identified as a pandemic and simultaneously dealing with one of the biggest impeachment shams in modern it throughout all of American history yeah there are only so many resources to go around all of your headlines CNN we're about impeachment Adam Schiff and now you want to go back no why would it why wouldn't the American public prepare because you basically were a glorified you're a glorified sub Network for c-span running shift yeah like it was a morphine drip and now of course a number has come out so people are afraid Brooke said the number could be a hundred thousand to two hundred twenty thousand deaths that'd be terrible if it was true I don't buy it now let me tell you this is just totally opinion I think it's important to note that first off all of their projections have been wrong okay every single projection that may have been wrong in the UK was made 500 thousand others saying 20 thousand or less we talked about that yesterday in the United States they said 2.5 million then they're saying a hundred to two hundred something thousand also important to note is we don't really have the most accurate way of accounting for deaths that are solely coronavirus related this is something people don't fully understand that in any influenza season about seven to fourteen percent of viruses that go around are some form of corona virus not this new form of nut that's why it's novel coronavirus but if you bring out Clorox or you bring out some you know industrial cleaner you'll see that it says it kills corona virus so Carter virus has been around for a while even including what we have now if you were to add them all under global influenza deaths it wouldn't be significant enough at this point to be a blip and something that's really important in New York City is what we're talking about okay New York City is saying if the country goes the way of New York City we could have a hundred thousand a two hundred twenty thousand deaths and I'm not saying that that cannot happen but I do think we need some context here I have a number of the 790 deaths in the city of course these numbers are apt to change 777 of the patients 98% had underlying conditions in Italy over 99% of coronavirus beta patients had other health problems the average age was 79 years old well so I want to be clear about that that still looks if you look at a hundred thousand that looks like a lot obviously it is a lot they also talked about the guy who created this Imperial study up Ferguson said well really if you look at these deaths two-thirds of them are actually from people who would have died within the next several months to a year anyway meaning not just existing conditions but stage 4 lung cancer emphysema right serious respiratory illnesses and this accelerated it not saying that we shouldn't help them unlike Italy who says you're on your own that being said that does change how we deal with this as a society when you understand that only 1% in Italy were younger than the age of 70 and healthy and in New York 2% were young and healthy the death rate is very very different and we are still treating everybody out there as though they are part of this 98% demographic of people over the age of 79 with serious pre-existing conditions so even if you look at that hundred thousand number you're looking at possibly ninety to ninety eight thousand people who were going to pass away within the next couple of months to a year anyway and it was accelerated by coronavirus now what's important about that is I'm not saying this is insignificant but those same people who are going to die anyway who maybe have cancer who maybe the emphysema would also die if they got some sort of serious pneumonia or flu that would accelerate it as well so take that number a hundred thousand and based on all the data that we have two thousand would be people who are young and or healthy yeah so it is a very different picture if somebody only has a corona virus and dies or if it's just the final straw just a straw the bright camel's back it and you can't deal with those things and but it's not that's not how it's being reported at all no nobody's talking about it's not how it's being reported and here's the reason it bothers me so much is let's follow the sequence of events okay Rachel Maddow says don't air the Trump press briefing so does salon so does slate so does HuffPo so MSNBC doesn't do it then CNN says we're not going to run the press briefings so they don't run the press briefings in those press briefings Donald Trump says hey the FDA just approved a drug these therapeutics that have had a really high rate of efficacy we are creating hundreds of thousands of masks and able to sanitize hundreds of thousands more this is this is the silver lining right now look at all these Americans who are coming together without having to be coerced by the way what's what's happening we're gonna clip without having to be coerced by the way that's not broadcast but then they pull a snippet from the press briefing that they didn't run saying a hundred thousand at two hundred twenty thousand Americans are going to die again without context at ninety eight percent of the ones in New York City were with pre-existing conditions that timeline and you tell me that the media has your best interest at heart and this isn't just about doesn't mean that the information is not accurate okay I want to be clear about this yeah okay we had I want to make sure the numbers right seven hundred ninety deaths at the time of when we were doing this fact-checking the morning seven hundred ninety deaths in the city of New York City in New York City I know that was redundant okay that's true that is true but context does matter when 98% of them involved old people or people with pre-existing conditions that is also true so when you choose to only pick a fact that is a total number without context and you choose to not broadcast the fact that we have new therapeutics

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