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Find behind the scenes footage on instagram:[Music] did you actually hit repeat no it's just me I'm doing the intro but I'm doing it with my in real-time versus video right the performance amazing good morning my club and non mod club everyone out there on YouTube because it's a quarantine month so we're giving away everything for free oh if you've enjoyed this if you've enjoyed spending your time with us go to a lot of credit I come / mug Club entering the promo code quarantine and you get $30 off that's a big deal this is the last week it is and it's going to culminate in the in the livestream on Thursday a few hours but we were going to do the press briefing and then fact check CNN turns out they might not do the press briefing that's what I hear echoing hears it pops Crowder's mic isn't on yet is it right good we have a popper Crowder's gonna be in here a little bit later what are we talking about a couple of things namely that corona is not not a hoax not a hole right at all no but you were hopes by the media oh yeah a lot of you will be talking about Joe Biden and in all the rape oh all the rape showed a jovial and then and then more I didn't do it our way the cover-up of the rape yeah because you know what they say about rape the worst thing about the rape is is that it's the actual rape but then the show is that they lie about the rape right is the cover-up that's a very common saying yeah it's very it's a long one yeah not on a bumper sticker with Joe Biden the hypocrisy is pretty bad yes but the rape was worse yeah or any of a surprise and by the way you can subscribe of course iTunes Android anywhere podcasts are sold or not sold and crowder bits is available on YouTube right now for Lily extra clips of course live chat only from local members if you're watching there to at the blaze TV right now we will be reading some chats later use your name put you'll have a good we s yeah great I did great we can help with allergies though oh wow so you should get a great weekend but yeah first thing you mention is allergy yeah I'm saying I've had a great week and powered through I went down pica joke peek what I that's a place in Arizona Oh heared me red rocks in Arizona one time was driving across the country from Los Angeles to Texas yeah there's a place called pica Cho Peak I think it's like it looks just something like prehistoric there's a little gift shop little gift shop at the bottom down there and I went in and they had scorpions and lollipops and I was like oh my gosh this is a giant lollipop with a scorpion that you can eat you know yeah yeah I'm like I don't know if does anyone actually eat these I hadn't seen the owner of the store I swear to God he turns around well it takes one with a brass pair kid he was a veteran who lost his eye in Nam oh wow reminds was very nice very friendly but if the owner of the novelty shop right underneath pit and there's nothing for miles Peter Joe peak is still I would love to have you in the show did he have a ball in has he not heard of strawberry I mean come on it's gonna normal strawberry there was a scorpion we'll never mind that's much more I've seen those yeah yeah because why would I eat a lollipop yeah with a skort with a school zone oh wait a second see you never know live chicken a little bit she fared the best with the fork a from home yeah that's like an after in before photo comin heartburn drug being studied as a possible treatment I'm a little curious about this because I saw this this morning they were there pushing our heartburn medication sometimes deactivate certain receptors that are attacked vyek Ovid right reg I know is there live we weren't ever supposed to talk about this but it's actually surprisingly people been talking about how bad smoking is and I have not no medical advice here whatsoever but they did one study in China where they looked at the people who contracted coronavirus and it was unbelievably low the percentage of smokers in comparison to the director the total population of China they got and a big reason they thought is that nicotine actually acts on the if I'm not mistaken like the a2 receptors that kovat attacked so they down regulates the sensitivity of those receptors kovat attacks it and it really has nothing to attack I wonder if it's the same thing with a little bit of peptidase at pepcid ac - smoke is your lungs already destroyed it becomes smoke No so I'm not saying you should smoke flu and let me ask you this question for everyone watching and we can go through with the chat but also this is gonna be our caps of people in the comments section below you stop shaking you've restless leg syndrome it does you need me to gif do you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis that's all the Christmas leg syndrome Beauty this hardcore pharmaceutical this is my mild plaque psoriasis normal I'll honor it to severe it's like well if we say severe we won't get enough catch a sliding scale exactly like I don't know you have moderate what if someone doesn't make that phone call because I think it's moderate not moderate just an hour and then it just gets away from there turn around moderate severe it's just severe which I don't like those come what I asked my doctor shouldn't my doctor be telling me about there's nothing about this model there's nothing I can do I'm sorry patient to severe plaque psoriasis what about what about pepcid ac give me a prescription pad I'm gonna write down some percocet while I'm at it like it's a speakeasy yeah come on back with the pepcid ac oh all right we should probably okay we should probably but I will say this I I don't hate Western medicine but if pharmaceutical reps should be shot at dawn before breakfast one point when I was like before Brooke I talked about this when I was early married and I was defecating in boxes because I had some stomach problems yeah turned out it was related having my next removed and all this stuff like a probiotic thing so anyways I'm on there and I go to a gastrointestinal gist and he's taught like him he's asked me what am i doing like learn from my parents you know and there's this stunner pharmaceutical rep because hey do you mind if one of this rep us it's yes don't finish that sentence I do mine yes in there at all yeah I don't even want your understudy there at all whatever they call it what do they need they don't need to be there nurse so I don't know but do you think that any of this will catch up with Joe Biden the accusations the allegations of rape the fact that the media has not been holding him accountable whatsoever before we go into any of this with Joe Biden I want to be clear I think we should hold this the same standard as we did justice Brett Kavanaugh so I don't think that Joe Biden is guilty at this point I have no proof that he's guilty at this point but it's fun to act like he's guilty trolling going on but there is some information that I think people should know the real crime here is not whether Joe Biden well first up if he did it that's the real crime wave rapes an actual crime yes it's a crime it's not like is it this Iceland yeah it's just crime and not funny crime it's right on the button crime rapist right there it's one of those trends that sort of there's not a gray area being said the crime that we are witnessing right now is that a media malpractice is that of them covering up what could potentially be a crime and making it hard for people to investigate whether or not a crime was committed and that to me is what's so sinister and I will say this you never want to attribute malice you know as to what what can i shocked up to stupidity but i'll make a case here as to why i think some foul play is going on you know if I were if this were a clue I'd like huh and the murderer is CNN yeah so let's go to this really quick glad we're not terror read she talked about how the reason this was the other town was she talked about you now that terror yeah it's different blow at a party right this is Tara Reid fortunate coincidence right well it's spelled differently it is but it doesn't matter right and there's also maybe she's not Joe Biden is also being accused by rosario Dawson ah he just apparently he had a fetish from Josie in the cat co-starred may yes it's a very weird fetish stuff you know different strokes also he tried to rape someone from different strokes oh wow what you talking about Biden he was like well he he's like trying to always talking about rape so Tara Reid said in one one interview in another you know my mother did call in to Larry King back in 1993 about this and it was sort of veiled and she said I bet you someone could find the episode well someone did find the episode and even though you can't a hundred percent confirm that this is Tara Reid's mother the one who's accusing Joe Biden of sexual assault we can confirm that her mother lived in Samuel Obispo we can confirm it's her on the timeframe where she said that it would have taken place and the voice in question has been identified as Tara Reid's mom by some folks so right now just to be clear this is not really in question it hasn't been confirmed but we haven't heard anyone even deny it I want you to listen to this phone call Tara Reid woman who was allegedly raped by Biden her mother calling in to Larry King we're bad couple more phone calls on this very important topic our guests are former United States Senator Howard Baker Richard Allen former national security adviser and Louis Romano of the Washington Post San Luis Obispo California hello yes hello I'm wondering what a staffer would to do besides go to the press in Washington my daughter has just left there after working for a prominent senator and could not get through with her problems at all and the only thing she could have done was go to the press and she chose not to do it out of respect for him or she had a story to tell but out of respect for the person she worked for she didn't tell her well but these are the people who do come to the Louis Romano's right the staff worker who says I want to let you know about what's going on also the guy down the hall mm-hmm and a lot of these people have a sense of obligation they feel that this public official should be accountable if it's something whistleblowers to the president exactly no the first thing I notice I apologize for the poor sound it's how bad Larry King is yeah it just repeats and then tosses to someone to do his job the city rose now in San Luis Obispo California you're on the air okay so you're saying you were raped and you want to know if that is a crime correct your honor what is the legal status on rape it is a crime Larry it is a crime San Luis Obispo we'll go to our caller in Poughkeepsie that's a big legal thumbs down from this headline says that Chipotle has gotten in trouble one more time for contaminated food no doctor your thoughts on contamination at Chipotle thank you for your commentary I will be back and people act as though he's providing some sort of value okay so here's what's really scary after this the August 11th 1993 broadcast of that show right disappeared keep this up because I need to see this really quickly now here's what's crazy about this 154 155 if you look at these episodes right we don't know when this was removed from the Google Play Store but it skips from August 10th August 12th I've looked into and keep this up for a little bit because I can't look at this on my iPad I looked everywhere else through these seasons and I couldn't find a day skipped provided it wasn't a weekend weather I always actually ring this is the only one that I can find and if you look that it goes from 154 to 155 that means they had to change the episode numbers of the catalog after for the entire season if they can bring that down that is so same some people were saying well CNN had this removed know CNN actually didn't have it removed but that's even scarier to me because that means that Google Play themselves removed it and someone at Google alphabet Google changed the entire count afterward which makes me wonder what kind of I mean what are they are they sacrificing children to Molech when they go out to Bohemian Grove like what kind of a cabal is there behind the scenes right they remove that video though so don't worry it's already good right yeah yeah some people were saying there's no conspiracy because CNN doesn't doesn't do anything with Google well huh that doesn't you that just means that Google is in on it with right it's worse if that's the case it's right isn't the actor here it's somebody else that did it it's like oh great now we have to worry about them too right even more I always do yeah and if all people Google should know how the internet works they think that if you remove it then it's gone never had net zero correct that's that's correct from the 1990s yes I hear you use the Internet right I do not but in the internet everything is everywhere all the time so why do they think that yeah just okay well we'll change the route the numbers so people won't like nobody Wayback Machine and so we have actually said with this evidence which is it's thin right but it does corroborate what she says happened yeah right and could be it could certainly more than we ever had with Brett Cabot exactly I was gonna say we've actually we have passed the point of the evidence that we had with Brett Kavanaugh we are light-years beyond that with evidence now for this case and we're not hearing well and here's what I understood there are three potential Biden running mates right they were in Sunday shows none of them were asked about the allegation and I believe it was Tara Reid I was really pissed off with Anderson Cooper no one asked anyone anything and this is let's just simplify this let's boil this down let's be reductive what happened to me - that wasn't it higher kind of even every hash tag me - everything was me - right now it's nowhere to be found kind of like black lives matter what happened the black lives matter that's gone now none of it there's no me - at all whereas right now you farmer the neighbor had with cabinet now what do I mean by that well how do I say that we have more evidence here than we have with Cavanaugh where there really isn't all that much evidence well with Cavanaugh we didn't have that much evidence but we had a lot of anti evidence we had a woman Christine Blasi Ford who came forward and said that something happened on a day that she couldn't remember in a place that she described which police investigated it didn't even exist her story that she gave to the psychologist didn't corroborate with a story that was put out in journals and and I think it was a Washington Post at the time and wasn't the same as the testimony that was provided at the hearing then there were other women who came forward who afterward recanted and said okay that wasn't necessarily true and the only reason they did that was because people came out and said there's no possible way he could have been there at that time throughout this entire timespan Brett Kavanaugh was like a real-life Doug in that a journal for his entire robbery and several other instances which is why it was considered to be at least semi valid as a form of evidence and gives no history outside of the accusations that were brought to light immediately by the media there is no other history of Brett Kavanaugh committing any any type of enterprise no sexual conduct at all nothing the only time it ever had ever been brought up was on the media immediately full-on assault against him this isn't the first time this happened with Joe Biden believe you're lying any eyes and ears he sniffs children he sniffs children he has biker ladies sit on his lap several people have come forward before and just said that they've made her that he's made them uncomfortable now this woman claims rape she says I bet if you go back to Larry King my mom called in and that goes up and then it comes down because Google decides not to Evert or to remove it entirely and then no media entity interviewing Joe Biden or any of the potential running mates bring up any of this there's a lot more evidence here than we can we not give them as at least as much credence like as long as that we gave Christine before there's so much more evidence and less disconfort disconfirming evidence but can we not just maybe raise them to the same level question about it and say hey yeah you're potentially one of his running mates what do you think about these allegations though they're obviously false I know CNN would throw it right of course what do you think about these terribly false accusations by that of a woman you know like you know just just discredit her immediately but they didn't even say that they didn't they said nothing about it right for her to be the spokesperson for the next me to movement I'm saying it's possible but at least ask the question if you are a news agency and you know what you're supposed to do there is no me to move I know I know think that's the point it's dead and I would as a matter of fact the one thing I will say the silver lining and this is don't expect people to trot out false accusations against Donald Trump this election well that was what was brilliant the last go-around they brought out the you know the tape of him grabbing by that you know and then he brought out Juanita Broderick yeah that's right bill quit most people think of Monica Lewinsky that's awkward but she was in love with it she left they we had a relationship you were raped right you were raped Juanita what it was raped its chair he's got like the would need a card right he's right away no we shouldn't bring this up anymore I better be quiet now I think that well God who knows the media might decide to make us go away and bring out some false allegation against Donald Trump but here's something else if someone were to come forward let's say right now right who worked for Joe Biden someone interacting with Joe Biden say you know what Joe Biden actually yeah he's kind of racist he treated me poorly because I'm a minority you would have to go well let's go back to the tale of the tape you can't go into a 7-eleven without a slight Indian accent Barack Obama is the first clean children growing up in a jungle a racial jungle put you back in Chains now does it mean that he's a I don't think that Joe Biden is a racist but if someone were to come forward and say he thought he treated me with a racial insensitivity that made me uncomfortable there's far more of a track record there then you would have of Brett Kavanaugh it's the rules for radicals thing of accusing somebody of doing exactly what you're doing it distracts people from you taking part in the things that you're a fan of Donald Trump or others of doing right yeah it's an insane strategy yeah there were me of evidence to convict him if somebody came out and said yes he's actually a secret racist you know yeah he has the hood he has the whole getup it's in his closet yeah there'd be plenty of evidence be like oh yeah all right well that makes sense you just need a few pictures of him having dinner with Robert Byrd would ya yeah that'll happen pro tempore him at that point he was fourth in line for the presidency yeah if here's what a couple of airplanes went down yeah Robert Byrd wasn't he wasn't just kind of dabbling in racism he was recruiting he'll and dent in a company car the clan sent him there town very hard to find a Lincoln Towncar all white it is like Mary Kay you get enough recruits you get your own Wow you get enough recruits and you get a car with a custom burning cross hood we just use the KKK to a multi-level marketing [Laughter] it's really basically a Westphalia I don't have to compromise my uniform right and I can get where I need to go anyway my point is Jo binds a rapist in a racist I don't think he's either of those things right I am at the point you know I used to say like hey we should be above that I don't know I don't know at this point for comedy cuz they they could see that and then they can say no we don't actually think he is like there's both they're right we're fine well at least hold them to the same standard you hold and by the way the interviews that happen on the sunday shows that you mentioned I don't know I know that there's three I know two of the potential running mates and they're both women is the third one a woman as well yeah so all three women this was not a relevant topic a women's issue God so like there was a guy sitting up there yeah that's it potentially could be Joe Biden's a vice presidential candidate well I don't know you know exploratory committee yeah yeah quick question are you concerned about him raping you yeah exactly smelling your hair is it okay if he smells your hair now running mate for job I didn't diddle you correct at no point did he smell your collar yeah alright your thought on sniffing babies will be back Larry King I'm sorry Dave Ruben I know everyone really likes pens I can't think of anyone maybe Barbara Walters she's one who trivialized worse than anyone I think I've ever success voice the Larry King's got that I don't know it's easy to imitate voice that's fun way to search for a way to condone oh come on I don't know he's Larry King was the worst guy at handling the trolls but caller number two calling in from Tempe you're on the air Howard Stern's penis Howard Stern's penis probably by the mmm Howard Stern's penis do you know anything about that Senator Byrd no matter what I said he has to repeat it oh we're gonna get you some new updates on the coronavirus kovat 19 deaths and the all cause mortality rate now again I make no apologies for the position that we've maintained here on this show whole table but before that I know that many of you of course you're in quarantine and right now we're seeing that actually it looks like they're gonna be in quarantine still in in Wisconsin through May yes what so yeah all the way through May is what I just saw there on CNN so we know that many of you have had your morning commutes disrupted we do our best to serve you so I believe we have our senior traffic correspondent on it's time for traffic update [Music] all right Thomas Finnegan with our traffic update tell us what's going on this morning there Thomas that doesn't sound well nothing good nothing good okay uh thank you very much all right this isn't a traffic update with Thomas venturi reporting [Music] how did he make senior correspondent or respondent so no one seen Thomas no well no he's the guy one of the groans though yeah he is he's on the front lines definitely the guy one out there by the way next to the tornado do you want a new trip because we've been calling obviously everyone on the front lines working in hospital sure as heroes right there on the front lines working in hospitals but you know what a synonym is for that now furloughed yeah yeah we've just destroyed decimated the health industry here in the United States a lot of people don't know this that people are just they can't stay in business because we were waiting for a surge that never fully came and an idea of flattening the curve was to make sure they were equipped now they're equipped but they can't provide non-essential services they can't make money and I bet who knows what's gonna happen with the healthcare sector and they're not doing well visits so a lot of these doctors offices are just sitting empty like okay well I do it sick talk videos and stuff yeah so pediatricians are just sitting around waiting for more kids to come in but they're not come don't come in for the regular scheduled stuff so and that's also a big reason that the testing isn't very high because people were told not to go in they're afraid of this virus and so they don't want to go in and get tested and then they said well why isn't there more unless you force people to come in and get tested but you're not gonna have more testing the good thing is now we have several different municipalities that have done antibody testing and I know this isn't a hundred percent accurate okay I'll do a graph maybe next time when we do this show but we have New York City Santa Clara County Los Angeles County miami-dade County and then Chelsea Massachusetts near Boston okay many many many many thousands of people now would have done random testing sampling for antibodies and all of these different populations these are in small cities every single one has come out showing a four to over six percent infection rate meaning far higher than we initially estimated every single one let me go back New York City Los Angeles County miami-dade and I know Chelsea if someone knows of another large-scale antibody test that's reliable send it in because every single day every single one has now revised their death rate to 0.5 to 0.1 keep in mind 95% of those in every single study conducted involves people over the age of 70 with comorbidities so the chance so it is the flu right now the actual death rate is far more communicable but it is the flu let's be really clear now some people are saying though there might be some false positives for those antibody tests and so cooking might be a little bit high all right okay let's say that but let's take a sliding scale here at my my left your right maybe I should do it in reverse my right your left okay the flu is about 0.1 percent right death right and then the projected death rates that we had was between three and I heard as high as seven percent New York they said seven percent let's call it five percent so point one flu seven percent here okay here you have to be a long way away however always call the science deny if they said well you know what it seems like it's more comfortable to the flu than what they're claiming it's going to be right let's say that there are a few too many positive antibody tests right now and it's I don't know point five percent let's say it's point seven percent which no one is saying by the way now no one is saying the death rate at this point mortality rate could be any more than point seven percent most people are saying it's really more like point one to point five percent okay the stoopid krazy amt science denier she said it was closer to the flu zero point one versus five percent over here science foul she all these folks are their projections take your little dot put it on that sliding what is this a stick graph what do you call it a graph graph guess what the crazy anti-vaxxer climate denying anti science folks who said it's more comfortable to the flu got it exponentially more correct than the experts and of course i meant you should get vaccinated I'm not an anti-vaxxer of course I'm not saying that there's no such thing as climate change I'm saying you right labeled these people as anti science peasants who couldn't no you should trust the experts you guys were off by thousand yeah yes it's incredible and the cats really out of the bag on this like like when we just when are we done with this how much longer does this charade need to go on where people say we have to stay close and we have to do this through May and we have to keep our businesses shut down and hospitals and every every time you see CNN up there by the way they're talking about oh crap here's another one because restaurants are closed people aren't buying as much food right in restaurants and so the farmers are having problems now and the supply chain is starting to break down we really need to reopen the economy it's like dominos duh there's a great video with some people in in from I think Los Angeles two doctors who talked about the patient that they've actually seen and they've condemned body tests and I think we have it up at laterals credit come I will tell you this right now in our neighborhood okay we all live in about the same neighborhood we can go to Costco yeah and go shopping right we can drive through or pick up at Shake Shack at Five Guys at Dunkin Donuts right you can you can drive through or pick up Dunkin Dunkin sorry that's right they want to move the doughnuts no no no you wear that around your neck for all time okay you contributed to this obesity epidemic thus increase the mortality rate Jefferson Cova do you own it you will forever be Dunkin Donuts you know what if nothing else I'm gonna call you doughnuts so I can go to Costco I can drive through Shake Shack Five Guys Taco Bell Dunkin Donuts but I can't support my local bakery no I can't support my local mom-and-pop restaurant you tell me how that makes sense yeah it doesn't make sense at all especially when you can social distance in restaurants and you can sanitize stuff I mean God forbid you're telling me the fork they're putting on my table isn't sanitized right I'm putting in my mouth every other time I go to that restaurant look and see ya CNN did a segment this morning about how this is all affecting black small business owners right it's affecting every small business owner yeah like oh it's a weed we don't need to make this some sort of racial thing is this is a negative thing for people who can't everybody yeah for everybody and everybody's experiencing this at a different level but small businesses are experiencing at a high level isn't it kind of funny that right now they say this is affecting black people in my Norton they want to make it a racial thing but then if you Judy we've gotten in trouble where we've said I've made jokes about you know sickle cell and yeah quarter like they catch sickle cells like oh that's racist and that's a biological fact can I have a KD in blood I didn't realize that there are so many hereditary disease is exclusive to Akkadian bloodline violated genetic testing at the same enough black people sickle cell let's be honest they don't really want to talk about genetic predispositions they want to talk about food deserts and they want to talk about black business owners they don't really want to talk about diseases that might affect people of a specific right lineage of a specific racial makeup I think that might be a little helpful no don't talk about you've got a few you've got a few little grim reaper looking cells inside you they do there's sickles always waiting some people call it a sickle cell I call it a Sling see a little bit of a coronavirus update here that I think is important we didn't want to lead it with that because we thought rates was more interesting and I'm getting a little bit tired of coronavirus I bet you at this time man we couldn't have timed our quarantine months more perfect because after this you guys are they'll be free and next show I'm going to lick a popsicle stick and leave it on here look wait do you have the covent I'm pretty sure we all have the coke I'm pretty sure we all had curly that's pretty sure we all had it well that's the problem anybody testing is tough but you know what the best thing to do right now is isolate the sick and the elderly and get it over with you know inject bleach into my temple [Laughter] don't even get me started on bloody radiation all stuff because I'm people say are you giving medical advice no I'm just saying it's an actual thing they'll hit you it's real thing but okay before I move on to covent update Donald Trump real this is the kind of thing he does

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