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Find behind the scenes footage on instagram:[Music] when you report fake news which cnn does a lot you are the enemy of the people cnn should be ashamed of itself having you working for them it's like in a state of shock i'm not thinking about that that's okay i know you're not thinking you never do i'm sorry what a stupid question that is what a stupid question but i watch you a lot you ask a lot of stupid questions i want to have that fight with you hey all right another fight with me it's okay in the meantime i'm president and you're not [Music] subject for today [Music] oh that's um did anyone get it right by the way the uh the intro what it's inspired by no i was just thinking about it oh i don't tell anyone you through that question it was marie saleh was a frenchman and then go over and see all the birds and the trees very well known yeah even though i don't think she ever saw a farm in her life she was a chain smoking french lady who likely engaged in all sorts of acts of degeneracy as the french dukes speaking of which we will be talking about cuties today we're going to be talking about the lancaster riots which you know you would surprise like how can anyone cover them yeah it's terrible if they have cameras they shouldn't have anything to plug them in no amish country joke and uh we have uh also the lapd the knees been defunded we'll be talking about that and we'll be teaching the hodge twins brazilian jiu jitsu how are you half asian bill richmond he's glad to be here yeah you still on no caffeine yeah do you feel it uh creeping up on you now i mean i feel other things they're all negative bunch of negative feelings that's my life he had a good weekend i had to get prepped for this cuties show of course i'm freaking out that's true barely legal coming up how are you gerald a i'm doing well good uh button up that top button uh quarterback garrett is here hey good morning and audio weight okay so we have some things to get let me ask you this first off do you think we're going to be seeing more riots uh or cop ambushes specifically we've gone from riots in general now to cop ambushes like you've seen in los angeles and this is nothing new you know this happened in los angeles after rodney king and my uh grandfather actually was in the air force he was a colonel in the air force and would run reconnaissance uh with snipers in the rooftops during the detroit oh wow riots don't expect john boyega to teach you about that in that motel film the destroyer covered no and black uh police officers had to ride home and unmarked cars with protection in the detroit right my dad watched the tanks go down kaju road sitting on a mailbox he was short late bloomer so i want to know if you expect to see more of this and i want to see really quickly before we move into the lancaster uh protests see what they're covering on cnn and what is that pfizer ceo and my company declined funding for vaccine research yeah oh i'll tell you that really quickly the reason they're declining federal funding for the vaccine researchers so they can be uh independent and provide it hopefully uh more soon without you accusing donald trump of politicizing trump's dude just like hickenlooper accused donald trump i believe it was taken looper one of those second-rate dnc candidates accused donald trump of politicizing the wildfires while saying the only way i quote the only one the only hope we have of putting out these wildfires is voting joe biden i do enjoy how you can switch between different sites and they'll go from donald trump sends billions to vaccine research funds cronies in the pharma industry and then you go like to the next page and it's like donald trump refuses to support pharma and hard-working pharmacy science accelerates vaccine trials by cutting through red tape oh i'm confused you should be brian stelter's straight i told you i'm more confused yet yes very it's our job speaking of confusion uh lancaster pennsylvania uh okay so this was it was lancaster pennsylvania you want to make sure that i'm correct right but uh um amish folks are i used to perform i performed in lancaster pennsylvania wow early on one of the first shows that i had ever done really uh on this country huh was italian villa east and i was left there by my ride i was opening for him oh no yep i shouldn't use a horse jeff norris was his name he left me in pennsylvania and a waitress from applebee's had to drive me to the bus stop so that's nice of her her name was fallon i hand a guy nice hand to god i mean you know you're in a bad spot when it's in applebee's waitress who has to rescue you all right i guess so in the realm of actors i'm a four in the realm of uh touring stand-up comedians who appear in lancaster pennsylvania i'm a nine so getting a lift wasn't too hard just turned on the old crowder charm which was please please this guy this hack left me here there's nothing here i'm going to starve except an applebee's uh okay so uh these were the rioters the protesters in lancaster i want to show you them first they were upset of course after a police officer shot a man and uh we always know that that of course is racism here's what they had to say about it we need results and at this point these young people here are gonna get it one way or another look at that white guy wow why is the youngest son from home improvement banging on the back of that horse trailer that's where he is we always wondered where he went so this is of course the narrative and this of course sets off riots like i said 71 send me one video one video of a completely just cut and dry lynching like we're talking about that's the narrative right now i haven't seen one i've seen cops act poorly i've seen cops have bad training i've never seen a clear-cut situation in the last six months i shouldn't say never but recently with all these riots you know this is the new season of riots i haven't seen anything even close to what you guys claim let's go to the one here so you know what happened the guy's name was ricardo munoz a woman was fleeing the house and he was chasing her with a knife this cup is a hero but just like by the way with jacob blake where we don't care about the fact that the woman was sexually assaulted had a restraining order an act of warrant and then said hey by the way the guy who sexually assaulted me he's back here the cops said thank you for doing the right thing we'll be there to protect you in this case a woman is being chased by a man with a knife but uh let's forget about me too the officer's not supposed to do anything here's the body cam foot get back and the man is chasing with a knife now let's go we'll see a freeze frame here hold it ah he's not only holding a knife he's making a war face that's like daniel day lewis and last of the mohicans he definitely looks serious he's in the air it's an action move and we have riots in protests and expect by the way this to be brushed under the rug just like rachard brooks that kind of went away because they thought well you know what the american public is gonna be on board with us because all he did was aim a gun at a cops face beat the crap out of them and it wasn't a real gun it was a taser then americans said i think beating the crap out of an officer and aiming a taser at his face is enough and they said you know let's forget about that one here's jacob blake and once people say you know what i think a restraining order for a would-be rapist on going back to the house stealing the keys of the woman then he allegedly raped anything they'll go you know that's fine hear about this one they'll go you know what the guy was chasing a knife screaming like xenia the warrior princess going i think okay here's and they'll bring you another one just it just keeps happening i love that they released the body cam video because they're like oh you guys have a problem with this this is like what two days later or very very soon after here you go here's the video yeah just see it yeah i think that's what they're looking for that's what they're supposed we won't have any more visitors go and see where we shot witness out here so we need to release this footage to protect these historic landmarks in lancaster you know and that's what's incredible that they're in the call for justice they're actually making sure that justice is not done so instead of actually doing investigations they're doing it the wrong way now i know you know the way that we approach these especially on the show is we talk a lot about how these officers are and how they're showing it but what's really interesting is that these officers every single one of them even in the most justified homicides these officers are traumatized they don't want to shoot anyone yeah that's the last one they want to send these videos out they want to respect the family if that guy had family brother sister children they would normally not release that they would go out there and try and talk to the family first and then over the course of time it would get out but now they're being forced to stop riots by showing the video did you know last night there were reports that those rioters who were out started to get the body cam and they were like oh yeah and some of them were starting to like some of them were like i gotta walk away why didn't you send in a social worker he's a product of the system it was just a deep fake right yeah really well i didn't know that we needed to learn this lesson again but the lesson from this don't don't chase the police officer with the knife well yeah should be i mean that should be the lesson at the end of the day uh but i guess the lesson from the left is that women of color don't need protecting and we should lengthen the police response times and as long as the man is of color if you are a woman of color take the raping and shut up yeah well rock beat scissors so maybe maybe use a rock oh by the way speaking of scissors this guy munoz had a history of being particularly stabby he uh stabbed four people in 2019 including a teenager now this is where people say why are you bringing that up that's not relevant it is relevant it is relevant because this is a call right a distress call because it's not the same as some random pull over how many times have we found out that there's a distress call and they go by the way this is a guy uh kind of his calling card is like they call him the stabby bandit and the cops are like oh my god it's a savvy bandit well i better be prepared and we don't take that into context stabbed four people including a teenager esther and also at a certain point can we admit that people like jacob blake that people like munoz here meaning people who commit these crimes i'm talking about protecting their victims who are also people of color before you start your you people can we admit that people who repeatedly commit violent crimes and flagrantly disregard arrest warrants restraining orders that there needs to be something done and it needs to be forceful if we can all agree that some kid with a baggie of weed shouldn't spend years behind bars can we all agree that someone who has a history of serial violence should probably never be out in a way uh that doesn't mark them so everyone knows that they're a threat to society i don't know what you do at this point yeah he served his time put his dad four people served some time came out step more people serve some more time i think i'd like to know before i start hiring him to buy groceries [Applause] well it's really hard to get the knife out of my spleen so you know we both have things we gotta deal with prick well you should bear the burden stephen of his choices and the police officer i don't know if you saw the video he was walking up to the house very calm you know everything was like he understood he had a scene that he was going to to make sure people were okay but he wasn't like guns drawn going in like if this guy had shown up at the door holding the knife just standing there he'd been like sir drop the knife drop the knife this would have ended totally differently than running out like trying to go after somebody like freddy krueger yeah well freddy krueger has claws for hands so that's a horrible film reference it would have accepted mike they're sharp or jason they're sharp jerk the unauthorized lorena by the way uh if you're watching this on the youtube of course do subscribe to uh android and apple there are audio versions uh available where you can download anywhere leave us a review and uh listen for the secret word and uh we'll tell you how to come back and play that game and get a lot of gerald's hair okay thank you uh so we have this of course happening we're about to get to the lapd situation which was an ambush against police officers was that the sheriff's or the pd i think it was the sheriff's it was a sheriff i think it was the uh last sure the lasd i apologize los angeles uh no no the lapd they were shot last week right this is the weekend so many it's hard let's just call them all racist pricks including the black ones well right any officer wearing the blue i don't care if you i don't care if it's justified you're a little timothy elephant it doesn't matter you're a racist and we want no part of you speaking of which we're going to defund you by 150 million which is what they did in los angeles uh and uh that also brings us to um oh yeah the latest installment here a e a lot of people were mad uh and your pressure your uh sort of boycott uh forced them to uh bring back not the the old iteration of cops but the new iteration so agreement um we have a preview here of uh amy's new series no cops tonight on no cops hmm it's not as compelling there's no third act i know yeah that's true you always told me about the article you gotta have the story arc you know take it up a e at least with the cops there was an act you know there was a there was a there was a middle and there was a there was a third there was a climax but this just sort of happens well that that sound will help him as he's dying like it's a very calming sound the phone rings i i do appreciate the realism though right i mean it was very very accurate yeah yeah everyone you know every episode is a cliffhanger of knowledge is very much a cliffhanger until you read the police report yeah 0.2 seconds in how long does it take to bleed out from a stabbing with no 9-1-1 answer uh the report says about nine minutes oh well at least you're listening for nine minutes it's you know it's all about like they say it's all about the cross-platform promotion with no cops they want to send people to the website to read the police report so it sends them back in and they sign up for the mailing list it's a no cops ponzi scheme is what it is um let's go to the la so it's not lapd it's la sheriff's stuff i'm pretty sure it's the sheriff's department yeah okay uh la officers let's go with two los angeles officers um we're ambushed i believe we have a b-roll here by a gunman watch walks right up shoots them runs away that is a short guy too it looks like a kid looks like the guy from willow that's not the worst thing you could say i mean he didn't even even have to aim down you know you shoot a lot like yeah you have to aim down in a window right right you have to get like probably two little rascals yeah just it was buckwheat one and a half little rascals [Laughter] so um then after this what happened was uh you had black lives matter protesters uh who were trying to go visit they claim they wanted to go visit who they refer to as the murderers the officers in the hospital uh with some of them yelling uh we hope you die here you go here's a clip now here's the thing you can go to reddit politics or huffpo and i'm saying only one person said that well here's the deal nowhere else outside of a black lives matter ant of a protest would one person say we hope you die mother effort is someone who is right exactly an attempted assassination with other people going clearly everybody's central roast yeah and there was at least one other person who wanted him to die the guy with a gun right at least we don't want to jump the gun too so we can't ascribe motive that's true i'm sorry that's my fault very confused thought it was a shooting range they didn't oh my gosh this is why you got to follow the rules range is hot range is not hot enough otherwise you'll shoot too often and these it is unreal what is this right now let's go to cnn really quickly gop battle battles for votes in crucial pennsylvania county hey is there something else going on in pennsylvania cnn maybe hasn't been mentioned at all i haven't seen anything this morning i looked i've seen hickenlooper go up there and say our only chance to put out these wildfires is to elect joe biden i don't know how about you stop the arsonists who lit some of the fires and allow us to burn away some of the brush which she can't burn away some of the vegetation controlled burns like we used to take this environment build some dam so you can actually have access to water that's a start by the way are we gonna blame record crop yields and record lake high levels on donald trump for climate change ask governor whitmer about climate change son of a all right um you're doing good and this is just so you know they were saying they were like we want to go visit those murderers well you can't like this is a public hospital first off i don't think you know how it works second you really don't understand rules work because my wife was paralyzed they wouldn't let me go visit her because my mother happened to be the one who dropped her off right do you know how i ended up visiting her i have a french canadian mother who gets stuff done she does have i told you this story my wife was there with the you know she uh she had the gbs with doctor we didn't know what's going on she was paralyzed from the waist down and so i'm finished doing the show i go in to visit my wife and uh i say hey i'm here to see my wife they say oh yeah sorry 24 hours you can't and i said oh yeah well i'm going to so they said no no you can't i said okay so i went and i sat down i texted my wife i said listen they're saying that i can't visit you i don't care if i end up on the nightly news i'm going to get in there but how long do you think you're going to be here because i'm only going to get in there once [Laughter] and she goes she says well just hold on hold on i'm going to have your mom talk to them i swear to you i wait five minutes the doors swing open a man in a surgeon mask comes out i just see behind him for a fraction of a second my mother standing like this tapping her foot if you know my french canadian mom yeah i see him and he goes that your mom i said yeah he goes [Laughter] my mom just read she just argued and she's just foreign enough that there was like all right i don't know we're open but can you believe this these guys they said we want to go visit the systemically racist murderers um are you next of kin yes i am the most nextest of kids you don't show up saying those things to get in the door yeah maybe not being dressed like that and waving a flag and saying i hope you die uh but may we go in and see them please i wonder what the plan was when once they got in there yeah i am listening as is emergency contact as you will see next of kin person i am his wife [Laughter] don't question the saddest part about that is that actually at some point if you don't have definitions of gender or race or anything else to be able to describe people anyone could walk in and go no that's my that's that's totally my husband right oh yeah okay never mind all right if i don't have to show id to vote i definitely want to show to go see my wife right yeah okay i'm just going to go in why are you carrying a bowling ball with a candle in it it's religious i'm sorry seek dagger and what have you go on insert thank you you guys have a light i'm gonna yeah this this is like a protester or somebody i mean just use a protester right somebody doing a protest and they get shot and it's like every like donald trump supporter showing up at the hospital or anybody that's a donald trump supporter showing up and saying yeah i hope they die too it's like why they didn't do anything they were just sitting there you can say that police officers or whatever officers are involved in this are murderers and that they're all racist but cops that were literally sitting in their car doing nothing at the time that haven't been accused of being the people that shot somebody in a racist torrent right like that's what i'm saying they're a part of the system that's not true they're a part of the listen listen listen all right listen listen all right listen listen listen listen listen they're part of that oh okay see i thought you were gonna go you but i thought you were gonna weave in your body that's funny sometimes people say like why don't you show all the change of mind but sometimes we should just release like the very few that we haven't released and it's just that you were born on that fence right yeah or like some guy sits in that repetition business card is running for local congress like those are the only everything that's useful we include yeah yeah but you're part of system even some even we were stretching with the covid one because some of the arguments were totally irrational yeah um most of the left are i don't know if you guys go go back and watch that there was a girl very nice she sat down and she was talking about cove and she was out there in dallas doing all everything acting like it wasn't really a threat when i told her about the numbers how they were inflated she goes oh my god now you're making me terrified to go with it i said well hold on but i'm telling you it's actually not as bad as she's like but they're still covered though oh yeah some people you just can't go that's when we didn't include yeah no we didn't um by the way donald trump did did i already tell people hit the notification bell oh you don't notification hit the notification bell if you're subscribed on youtube every morning at 10 a.m monday through thursday 10 a.m eastern 9 a.m central this tuesday we're gonna be doing the donald trump town hall oh yeah and uh we'll toss to you guys do you want us to as well do the thursday town hall i know that not everyone here will be available for thursday town hall i it came up so quickly uh i don't really know what the town hall with joe biden is going to be it's going to be one big glorified ad for depends a lot of teleprompter communication going every time they pan to the ground they're like dry wow literally every month it's a running commercial it's amazing they go to the ground it just shows this is the leading pad and then they show joe biden with that little blue dot i think he's a walking he's so democrat he pees blue no sir that's antifreeze stopped it smells sweet that might do him some good at this point uh okay so donald trump responded to this animals that must be hit hard we have his tweet if they die fast trial death uh penalty for the killer only way to stop this so it seems like donald trump has been pretty clear on the ambush of the officers and this is what when people say oh both parties are the same no they're not at all joe biden's response weapons of war have no place in our community we need to ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines okay joseph dude let me be clear here he used a handgun and it's in california where you already can't have high-capacity magazines this is the whole point by the way criminals who invade your home they often statistically travel in packs they roam in backs or a school if you will or a gaggle and so a six-round wheel gun isn't going to get it done look at the reason that cops carry high-capacity magazines because of the miami shootout where they were outgunned by gang members who just were using semi-automatics and they kept reloading their magazines reloading their magazines so criminals often being multiple people at once if you're someone with a limited capacity weapon it's going to be a problem but handguns can be used as you see here with an ambush on cops this is the most illogical argument and shows you transparently the immediate pivot the immediate pivot to gun control we need to ban assault weapons you didn't use an assault weapon we need to ban high-capacity magazines already in california the shooting happened i pooped and by the way this is a pesky little thing that criminals tend not to obey laws anyway yeah somehow you know do anything also uh los angeles cut funding by 150 million dollars do they expect better results they expect better they don't work out for them as we all do you know you're gonna have to crack a few eggs in this case kill sheriffs i'm serious these people you know what why do these lives not matter at this point of course and also shouldn't that did have bulletproof glass do they all have bullet proof i thought their windows were down i don't know oh were they down that's too expensive we need to reduce the funding and have them go out in the kit car yeah exactly yeah i don't think there's i think most police vehicles the side windows are not bulletproof one there's the angle two the how thick it can be on the side and work in the mechanisms yeah yeah i don't think and after the budget's cut they're going to get golf carts yeah well and instead of like armor you know you know proof that whatever yeah exactly they're going to get like they're going to get the cardboard i think it's going to be spray painted like those scooters yeah hope hope you can get away which i will say probably the most bold people i can think of are the uh um the the motorcycle cops when i was in los angeles she was a kawasaki someone called me it was a motorcycle i think it was the kawasaki 1100 and i was just sitting there going man if i'm some kind of a gang member doesn't want to get pulled over and like tink yeah yeah problem solved yeah so those guys were incredible uh drivers they had to re-up from what i understood re-up their driver's license re-up their testing and uh can you imagine being a high-speed chase as a police officer on a motorcycle like going 90 down the 405. that's kind of badass you know compare it with those bicycle policies look on chips they did just fine okay that's true yeah he can move his hair they did well the glasses those were the i think the key element uh anyway let me know what you think i think this is an absolute tragedy and of course people have been emboldened to shoot officers so we've just gone through two very clear examples yeah where officers had their lives in danger and here's i'm not just talking about is the shooting justified or not or is some kind of a punishment justified talking about why don't we care about the lives of these people yeah yeah i thought after the dallas shooting we'd go ah you know what they have a tough job it is amazing just like when you call trump supporters nazis and it makes it okay to shoot them execute them right or just punch them in the face right everyone's a nazi when you say that police officers all police officers are part of an inherently racist white supremacist systemic racist system it makes it justifiable to commit all these we're seeing the fruits of it we are seeing people justify actions that americans would have thought completely unfathomable so if you actually buy this idea that your only hope to stop climate change is to vote joe biden well guess what your only hope to try and put an end to this lawlessness is to vote for the guy who's actually called it out yeah exactly and basically they're going to turn this guy into a martyr and i just want to tell you like cnn i've been watching all morning zero zero mentions of this so far zero zero mentions right now we're talking about the nfl teams honoring george floyd there you go right now by blowing a giant horn i wonder how many yeah apparently it was a wiser loser from a dr seuss book how many how many how many people who work there work security there how many police officers there do you think have been in this situation you almost didn't come home that night do you think any of those nfl players walk up to them and go hey man thanks i get that i have a multi-million dollar contract and i go out there i get all the the glory but i wouldn't be able to do this safely if not for you actually guarding people from the stands preventing from walking on not just to mention naked streakers which is kind of gross but people who could want to you know live in my basement like stalkers from david letterman thank you officers how often do you think they give them a pat in the back and appreciate it because i tell you what we do it all the time all the time when

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