UFC's Jorge Masvidal Talks Why He's Campaigning For Trump | Ash Wednesday
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Steven sits down for a very special Ash Wednesday with UFC fight superstar @Jorge Masvidal in studio to talk MMA and why he's campaigning for Trump in 2020.

Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/louderwithcrowder[Music] foreign i know he has he's waved a white flag on life he doesn't leave his basement this guy doesn't leave his basement uh he is uh he's a pathetic candidate i will tell you that luke give me what you gotta do hey thanks for uh dressing up for the interview what do you mean that just enough like a funny dress upper that's it i don't get it subject for today [Music] yeah been a while since we've done one of these ash it's been a while just a little bit doing there audio wait i'm doing i told you i want to talk about it it's it's fine i wouldn't i'm good how are you and i'm okay uh because i'm very glad to have our guests kind of ash wednesday we're changing you guys let us know what it is that you want to see but we've done some long form interviews with guests before in the past and they've been by skype and now we're willing to actually just bring people out who we can uh who aren't necessarily political but sometimes maybe to enter the political sphere excited to have our next guest on i followed him for a long time actually and we'll get into that but now you sort of entered in the political mainstream for some videos here campaigning uh latinos for trump uh gamebredfighter on twitter and uh the uh do you still have the the bad belt jorge still do you still still do my dad's got it uh nice and tucked away for people who don't explain to them what the bad belt is oh the baddest mother ever in the world okay i love how he says i say the word okay the baddest mother efferent um me and nate diaz competed for it it was a great time man president trump was sitting cage side uh the rock presented the belt and my favorite fighter of all times walked me out i got him to to show up which is roberto mano right it was just an amazing experience and i also got the headline msg which is the mecca for fighting it's right i mean we talk about history ali frazier all these great guys that have gone through their sugar ray it's it's just freaking nuts that i got to compete there and headline it man yeah it is so and uh you had robert roberto was he drunk no he was he was sober the night now here's the awesome thing the night before he took me out to his restaurant that he would always go to before a fight oh wow i forgot the name of it now it's uh it's right there in in right in the middle of new york and he shared with me some crazy stories so they always say don't meet your heroes because they'll let you down not true this guy right now he lived up to it and beyond the only thing is that he punched me in my arm because he started drinking he started punching more he punched me in my arm like seven eight times and it man i've never i've never fanboyed i've fanboy twice in my life with two with two individuals roberto was one of them and as he punched me at first i was like oh that's cool roberto's punching me and they just he's drinking more whiskey and milk which i've never seen this combination in my life whiskey and milk yeah whiskey milk combined never seen this in my life i'm just immediately like in this like whoa that's insane he's drinking more he's punching me more in the shoulder and telling me more stories i'm like man i'm about to fight tomorrow how do i tell him my arms are already hurting yeah man well and then the rock brought you the belt and then you think he's you think he's being tested by you sada um i don't i don't think you shot attention no i don't think you said it but it is but it was a big deal this is something so it's you know the ufc they have these champions it's just you know like tito ortiz called himself the people's champion that's one of itself crowned yeah uh but everyone knew that that jorge mazvel is just he's a guy who fights he's one of those guys who just fights kind of old school mentality some people say sort of any time anywhere it doesn't mean you're not strategic and you're very skilled but there are a lot of guys now who are afraid to take fights um and so people were saying that he's just this buzz saw the most entertaining guy and so this belt happened with him and nate diaz the bad belt that was just for the guy who you probably don't the guy who you least want to meet in the street that's how i was described remember the old uh gracie family they used to say yeah you know um hixon is the guy or hoyler's the guy you don't want to meet the mat but it was uh uh helsin who you didn't want to meet in the streets helson gracie he'd be like why butterfly god look i stomp i break his testicle and i run like that's why he never did the challenge matches uh so you're the helsing gracie of the ufc where people are like oh that's a guy who just you know he's a it's a fight i'm gonna come the baptizer i'm gonna come and give everybody that paid a penny to whatever amount their money's worth you know it's always something that i'm i'm a competitor first but i'm also an entertainer so when guys are coming not to fight it uh it's not good for us man it dilutes the product that we are we're fighters so at the end of the day just get in there and fight you know some guys are just having too much strategy where they're running away or they're trying to like just press you up against the fence and neutralize you and themselves it doesn't work for me you know it's a fight we got to give the crowd what they want which is to see a fight you have to keep strategy in mind you have to win you have all these patterns and and rhythms that you've been working on that you have to get done but at the end of the day you have to be entertaining if not guess what nobody's talking about you you're not getting your paychecks ain't going up you know do you think that because here's the thing like you've become really popular recently uh and you've always been popular but you've been fighting for a long time yeah i remember when you were fighting for that when i saw you kind of coming back up and there were these rivalries that come like oh wait jorge muzzle yeah i've been following this guy for a while you became really popular recently do you think that had you been more strategic like some of the more athletes as opposed to fighters you may be would have won more fights yeah yes periods yes or no there's just some fights that uh maybe i shouldn't have fought so and so in so-and-so's native land of like south korea you know i've had a korean over there or i went and fought over here um since the start of my career i had a couple fights back home like seven eight fights in the early start of my career but i'm close to 50 pro fights now those are the only fights i have back home the rest has been on the road so for me being on the road has always been home so when they tell me you're going to fight in japan the world champion and he's japanese to me to be like well then it just means i got to knock him out i can't go to decision not always did i get these knockouts why do you say that because here so i trained at guy messages for a long time my dad did too and he said he never won a decision in japan that's something i hear a lot yeah is it so there really is a nationalism where if you are fighting a japanese fighter you gotta kill him you gotta they're gonna give him the decision but it goes it goes for everywhere you're at right if if i go to texas and i'm fighting the dude from texas the commission is from texas they might have seen this guy as an amateur not not to say that it's corrupt across the the playing field but we all know going into enemy territory in his place it's it's it's not okay to just win on the decision you have to murder the guy but it's still not the same as japan i've heard many fighters yeah japan japan can be bad um for a while brazil was bad but they've cleaned up i think brazil is pretty fair in the judging now but for while japan and instead of japan it could be shaky man there's a lot of weird things a lot of weird calls they could just over there they used to give you a yellow card 10 off your purse person or red card will be like 20 of your person sometimes they would just hit you with that you're beating the guy up you take the guy down you've been fighting for like four or five minutes you take a little 10 second break and all of a sudden there are free hits you with a card wait what the hell is going on wait wait i'm passing guard here you should have passed it faster you know oh my gosh wow yeah it was uh um i think guy messer he lost to kazushi sakira that was the first one where they agreed to one round and you can re-light your cigar by the way if it goes out don't worry this is relaxed um and then he lost a split decision to ricardo arona and rogerio nogueira and you think about if those three fights go the other way and if you watch them it clearly seems like one guy messenger goes down in history as one of the best light heavyweights ever wow um so he used to talk to me about that in japan but obviously you're not from japan and this is something you've been doing your uh is it hispanics for trump or latinos for trump recently everybody for trump yeah yeah latinos latinos hispanics lions however however however we get the message across and you're a you're cuban american my dad's from cuba my mom's from peru and i was born in miami florida okay so american yeah you're family american as can be yeah anything that i say that offends you just take it out on wade stephen and how did that uh well let's let's take it back here for people who may not know your dad came here from cuba how did he get here he decided at 14 that he wasn't going to be part of the communist government the dictatorship oh wow yeah and uh him his best friend at the time and his best friend's uncle they they came up with a plan they had found a tractor that was like destroyed and had a tractor tire was there and they got the inner linings of it they created a raft with it and they took off and they said see now what's interesting is my my brother my dad has a lot of brothers that had attempted to leave cuba like in the 20s and 30s of attempts and gotten caught failed for numerous things and they all tell me to this day like we never understood how your father on his first attempt being 14 years old managed to escape so he was one of he was the first person in my family to get over from cuba he was stuck in the at sea for six days oh my god the the water they had these makeshift water things that they brought and on day two it got contaminated the salt water got into the water so now they were at sea without water so he created a raft that carried them and everyone but he couldn't he didn't he didn't think of a lid no they had a lid but they didn't i don't know the containers what containers you might have used it how he explained to me is that they had these containers and they were dragging behind them on the raft because they didn't have enough space in the wrap for some of the bigger containers and somehow some way they thought they had figured out but at 14 how much do you know right right it went bad and they got so he gets to the united states at this point he got two uh actually i'm sorry he got to um virgin islands okay and from the virgin i know i'm sorry bahamas from the bahamas you got extradited to uh united states okay wow and uh his family is still back in cuba we got a lot of family back in cube but at this point in time when he's our team he's the only person so what does he do what does he do well he uh um he spent some time in the hospital he was about in the hospital for a week because he was extremely dehydrated he was destroyed sun burned everywhere so he was like messed up he was in the hospital for about 10 days to a week and when he got out um met with some people of government stuff and boom they sent them off to the project housing you know so he's 14 years old living by his own in project homes and stuff like that you know so from there his his life starts well you know what though i always i always wonder what that's like for a cuban american coming over at that point in time in project housing where you have a lot of americans listen there are a lot of americans who have tough shakes but they're also a lot of americans who are in project housing who have no idea what it's like to actually be in cuba i wonder what your dad thought when he would hear these americans bitching in project housing he was probably just going like man you don't know how much better you have it it's he he knew already like man i already i could tell by like week number two this uh place was better but he did tell me that um there was a lot of like racism towards him because he was one of like the first cubans you know so he had it rough on that end where he was like maybe there was like six seven other cuban guys in the whole neighborhood you know and and the majority warrant cuban so he told he tells me about that so that's where he gets his first uh taste of like what's his name um this was in overtime where he first went to okay wow so yeah so so in florida yeah in florida miami florida and you cannot find same thing today you can't find a cuban anywhere not a single one yeah it's very hard where can i get my plantains yeah i have no idea where i guess can someone get me a pork sandwich um but now there are very few people who americans think of as more americanized than cuban americans and i was going to ask you this because cuban americans were the most solid republican voting bloc for a long time and i'm from quebec which isn't as bad as cuba but quebec is a socialist province a lot of people don't know that would socialize healthcare fifty-two percent income tax fifteen percent sales tax wait a rewind you said fifty-two yeah fifty-two and you know you don't have to be making that much for 52 income tax and then we're taxed on tax we would have a gst a national tax they total it up and then they add another seven percent yeah effectively and our health care was not very good so i just say because this is all under the banner this is for the health care or what what is all these taxes it's like a european socialism type safety net yeah the health care you know uh more social safety programs though we still have plenty of homeless people you know we have i think we have more public rehabilitation but we have rampant drug use so it's just an example of a european style socialism as opposed to really a full-on marxist style socialism yeah of of cuba but um so when i came to the states i really and i was born in detroit to be fair and then raised in montreal but i really wanted to be a part of the united states of america i was coming here for opportunity seems like a lot of cuban americans were that way and very pro-america um as opposed to a lot of some south americans who we get here now who don't want to become american but they want to bring as opposed like cubans didn't want to bring cuba to the united states no they wanted to leave no no no but that's not the same with the caravans we have now well they're going we want to bring over uh you know the honduras culture it's like why don't you leave it it's it's interesting that you bring that up to me because i've grown up on both sides literally of of the argument my mom's from peru from south america and my father's from cuba to where uh ideology-wise they fight like cats and dogs sometimes and yeah and then i uh i started you know when i started getting old and i started asking my mom what makes this country so great and i started asking my dad what makes this guy i asked my dad since since the beginning what what would get you to risk your life to get on the raft at 14 years old what was going on there because i was when i first heard the stories i was like it's either bs or you're exaggerating there's no why would you do that why would you risk your life like danny goes man you don't have no idea what you have in this country you know right and i was like explain to me what do i have in this country mcdonald's he's like sure just the option that you could go to mcdonald's or burger king or wherever the hell you want to go yeah makes this country grain i go what's over there you don't have mcdonald's goes no it's not even that you don't have mcdonald's over there it's that they're going to tell you what to eat you're going to wait in line for like two days to get food maybe maybe that place runs out of food they're going to send you to another town to go wait for your basic necessities like toothbrush and stuff so all day long they're like dogs chasing their tail where they're just trying to meet their basic necessities and that can't even be meant it's insane to me so then my mom and him would argue a lot and uh and i would ask my mom what makes this country so great too and then she would tell me and then i would hit her with why do you want to bring that from over there to here because like you said um yeah and i love i love my latin american people from wherever they come but i just i don't i don't like that style of government it obviously hasn't worked we we have numerous examples look what's going on in nicaragua colombia right now is not doing the best argentina's already getting a little weird you know really argentina i always thought they would but they have a lot of universes in argentina of do yeah all of them christmas miss worlds i was like well it's between like argentina venezuela and brazil always yeah no we don't even want to talk about venezuela they got the miss universes but you don't want to nobody wants to live in that well not so much anymore now they have more so like them runway models ironically uh from venezuela but no it's true listen bring your food bring your music obviously but not the not the way of got the political not the political stuff and that's very different now um and it surprised me because you know like it's an overwhelmingly republican voting bloc here cuban americans and then they broke for barack obama which surprised me like cuban americans for the first time and then it seems like there was a huge backlash when he took that picture in front of che and now they're breaking huge for trump again but i always wondered why that little sort of blip happened the cubans have voted for obama i don't want to say all of them and and uh say every single cube in the vote but the ones that voted for him were the younger crowd yeah so like me and up and like my dad's uh agent up there never never would vote for him my dad was telling me since he was starting to run he was seeing his policies as he was putting him on a worldwide stage he's like this guy's a socialist before obama anybody was like oh this guy's maybe you know not the most american guy of them all right my dad was already calling how i was and uh it's just crazy that that if you're born in that system you're indoctrinating that system your ideologies is not the same as the cubans that said i'm not going to stand for this i'm leaving man you're not you're not going to tell me what my favorite color is i'm out of here but the ones that stayed they grew up in that system that then later on said i don't want to be in cuba i want to have wi-fi and i want to freaking have all these cool things america has and now they come over to america their their ideology their their stance isn't quite the same though they know better than anybody else you escape that government if you like it so much once you go back to if you like those laws right that's something i don't get you know yeah i think you're right i think there's a separation with the younger generation in older generations kind of like you have you have that with a lot of asian amer americans we've talked about that how even though asian americans are consistently democrat voting bloc they're inherently more conservatives because asians would migrate here you know particularly first generation from let's say china or okinawan they would open up or indians they would open up shops they would open up restaurants they'd be business owners but they wanted to send all their kids to school right to become doctors and lawyers and then ironically a lot of their kids go to school and they end up being less wealthy than their parents who were shopkeepers because they're getting into debt and they're getting degrees that they don't necessarily use and so you have young people uh in the asian community who tend to be further left on individual policies and i was talking about voting but i wanna we'll show this clip here really quickly this clip went viral of uh you at uh a rat was a rally for donald trump yes sir a rally for donald trump and then uh it got throttled um this is jorge masvidal i love that this is politics in 20 20 20 the bad belt holder talking about donald trump i'm going to let you in on something the democrats just think that they're entitled to the latino vote they think that we just have to hand it over to him that's right you sure as hell don't see me they gotta show us what they can do for us what they can do for our communities we're not gonna buy the same wolf tickets and false promises that destroyed great countries like venezuela and cuba it's not gonna happen you know what else is not going to work for them playing despacito on your cell phone it's a panda to us hell no you got to give us some credit for having heads on our shoulders i'm going to wrap this up some words of barack obama he said elections have consequences that is true and those words have never been more true than they are today we either reelect president trump and keep america great amen or we let joe biden destroy the greatest country the world has ever seen now i'm a professional athlete and i've been one for most of my life so i've always seen things through a sports lens that makes donald trump our head coach and before the global pandemic we were winning super bowls and when you're winning super bowls you don't fire the coach you don't doesn't matter if you don't like the plays he runs the players he puts on the field or what he says on twitter you sure as hell don't replace him for another coach that's been in the business for 47 years at every level and never won a game okay so a little before my first question is you said that after that got what eight million plays or something on youtube we we got to like 10 million rather fast maybe like two days it was already up there you know and then something happened yeah something happened where it just wasn't being shown no more it got shadow band like a lot of my my content that's not um it's not like something that you can't fact-check it's just like me bumping fish with the president and we'll see you know you've been in this game for a long time you know the date already right nobody's gonna come tell you i could already look at a video in three hours into the video i know what it's gonna do in a week more or less right now i might be off a couple hundred thousand here there right but more or less i'm gonna be in the right neighborhood i'm seeing how it's going and then all of a sudden it just stops at flatlines and it starts going down yeah we know what's going on you know so it's just crazy that that big tech will say that they don't have a position on it but they definitely have a position even if they're not fact-checking me even if it's just me with a picture of the president they're they're they're not showing it to all my fans they're not yeah you know it's crazy well that one was pretty damning because you mentioned uh uh joe biden playing despacito yeah well that's just yeah that's speech i get it but there's other ones that are like well there's it's just a picture of me and the president or something like that and they'll do craziness to it you know yeah boy but yeah that got shadow banned big time you know what made you decide that you wanted to go out and help donald trump on the the campaign show because i said you bit your dad more concerned you've obviously been more sort of right leaning but i don't think you've entered your thrown your hat into the political arena with official support before right no never um here's the thing from the start of it all uh i i got a lot of family like i said from both sides yeah and and they don't have cuban you're very fertile people big families they don't have this mouthpiece my my dad doesn't have this mouthpiece my aunt that lost her chesticle getting to guantanamo bay because of the line all right pause we're going to continue on that line of thought with that but lost her chesticle yeah for people who don't otherwise it's testicle because there's so much craziness going on i don't know what you can say now i don't know what's right i don't want you to get sued i don't know if tits are permitted you know because it's crazy it's a little weird because it's crazy and i'm not saying because of you guys i'm saying because of the mobs out there right of craziness so my aunt lost her trying to get from cuba okay i'm just laughing trying to get to cuba and in there there's there's a strip where they've put land mines and and all types of bombs because the cuban government is so amazing that they have to keep their people in this island she's trying to get to one town on one base i went and entertained the troops they showed me that the minefield that exists like their biggest security problem is people trying to come in to the prison cubans why why think about that not only are you trying to get into a prison but there's there's there's devices that might take a limb or your life away and you're still risking it because it's so bad behind you that you don't give a how did it only take one titty though that's my question i mean that's a weird explosive yeah it she managed to get through the field she they have like a scout or something she got far enough and then it blew up and then you know it but she must react like huh and just like covered one i don't know i wasn't there but they have good health care so i'm sure she got a new free one right from the cuban government i think i know she ended up making it to one time she didn't oh yeah i think they helped her out yeah yeah this happened back in the 80s i think i want to say okay so okay so sorry we'll go back to just because you mentioned that people are going to say wait we lost the testicle we have to go down that rabbit trail let's follow down that titty written rabbit trail now otherwise people are just going to be thinking titty on the brain so now they know uh but you were saying she didn't have a voice your family didn't have a voice so you decided because trump ran in the other another election we've had a lot of elections but so what spurred you to say okay they don't have a voice now i'm going to you campaign for donald trump definitely and and i would do it in a heartbeat you know i it i know i probably send more to lose and to gain but i don't care because my dad is telling me this is the right thing to do my honest enemy this is the right thing to do my family from south america that that is a little bit more into what laws and what laws are not being passed is telling me i'm doing the right thing so i know i'm doing the right thing i'm using my platform to say something that i feel in my heart is right you know yeah and i don't one thing i want to say about donald trump is i don't i know he's not a politician because most politicians since i've been watching since i've been 16 years old that i've been watching these guys they'll say something like i'm gonna end all wars i'm going to pull our trees how many times have we said that who who has actually done it kept us out of wars who's actually bringing the troops back so that immediately in his first term made me say man this guy is not a politician he's not out there sending us dreams and wolf tickets this guy's coming through on what he says i can get behind that you know i like transparency i like somebody says i'm going to get this done and does it right somebody i could do business with just on a business level much less to lead the country you're going to have somebody like bite in it for 47 years all he does is literally oppress my people deported more people than any president in history or any vice president twice he did that with obama he created the crime bill i mean it's crazy and he finally just admitted it people were still debating with me whether that was true now well he finally just admitted it there is no more debate or not he wrote the crime bill and then got it passed you know now to be fair too that i talk about this with the crime bill yes a disreport it was a bad bill and that it disproportionately put black people in jail but the reason for it and back then it was supported by the i believe the entire black caucus is because crack it wasn't just about drugs it's that crack was leading to a lot of violence in communities well interesting and so this was a bunch of politicians who didn't know how to deal with the communities and they said well crack is causing the violence so let's you know let's try and uh uh crack down on crack as opposed i was trying to look for another word crack down on correct down on crack um and that's why it's treated differently from cocaine because there was a lot of violence in these communities so my point is like i don't

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