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[Music] oh oh it sounded like blowing bubbles and milk oh that was a combination of waterboarding and diarrhea i just i wasn't into this of your own you just ruined our show on the outside by going here's what's funny about that that would have gotten us banned or at least fined on the fcc yeah really you could say you're verbal diarrhea fine yeah you said that guy's butt had diarrhea no that guy really yeah he said that guy is a that guy is a piece of you would be like ah maybe a fine but if you say that guy uh uh that guy that's his piece of they would say no look the lines are the fcc's discrimination against the field of proctology justice the problem is with proctology what is it they use a sigmoidoscope is that what it is what does it think they use what's this what's the scope they use man i don't know my guy uses a kaleidoscope and it's almost like he's like oh look there's like a rainbow like there's a rain that's not it that might be so fun can we move on sir and then he goes on to the skin cancer screening which requires a lot of parting yeah so hey no joe lewis go back here joel oh you know what happened i crumbled up and threw a paper sorry chaotic day my half agent bill richmond is hello quarter black garrett hey good morning my cousin who met you yesterday didn't believe you were black audio wait is there two cute man overlays gerald how are you he's not black what this could just be called the first joe biden five minutes because we've talked about soiling oneself right and that people are not black it's true joe biden themed so let's move on to uh more uplifting news uh there have been two terror attacks in france oh yeah uh one woman was just beheaded at a notre dame church uh two others were killed in nice by a terrorist here's the thing they were shouting allahu akbar and there was another knifeman who was shouting allahu akbar he was shot dead by the police but and i've told you guys how in the morning i have these kind i have this app where i set up news so i listen to fox news and npr and i have abc news and bbc and truth truth be told there really are no other conservative voices on there outside of fox news but i try and get just when i wake up about 20 minutes of news from all sources and the first time i had heard about this story about the attack in me so this is at 5 00 a.m on my little news report and it took me a while to go back and find this right so we could get a recording i said hey let's find this recording because it's a news thing that changes every half hour this is exactly how the story was presented dave this was an attack in broad daylight at a church in the city of nice police say three people have been killed there are reports one of them was beheaded several others were injured the mayor of nice is describing it as terrorism and says a suspect who's in the hospital kept shouting god is greatest in arabic as he was arrested hold on a second seems like he's trying to stretch saying god is greatest in arabic do you mean the catchphrase yeah do you mean the catchphrase like there were many people saying long live the resistance in their native tongue of french well why don't you mean people like russell's stars what was that he said uh they may take our lives but never take a free well he's also english you're making it hard he was saying god is great in arabic do you mean allahu ak frickin bar which is the sound that makes everyone hit the deck yeah exactly i think it was actually related to uh she wasn't wearing a mask so there was a fence taken there oh yeah it was like no the beheader could have been fouchy in a mask oh my god interesting listen no i'm just saying anonymity they had one of those things in the front of the church where it says how high the person is and the person was at least five one so clearly yeah and no strings maybe that's how faji got to be head of the cdc is that money there is there's a grant if you're really not a joke i knew a girl who was four foot eight but she didn't look like a she was just small and she got money i don't mean is it called money yes it's called short people subsidies it's called short people subsidies i think it's little people suffer money so because it's it's not supposed to be giving out willy-nilly to people who are just short right supposed to be given out to the like you know the actual people like you know like like you know like or guys who look like haggle okay okay lps but she was just short and she got the money and i felt like she was uh abusing her privileges it's an lpl that's a little people lump sum settlement yeah exactly and is he a second beheading in france uh this month the teacher was beheaded for showing cartoons of muhammad it's a tragedy and i i hate seeing this and i also just thank god that i don't live in france or canada yeah thank goodness yeah having that is the slum islamic culture kind of come in that probably wasn't a great idea france you probably should have had some border control there well you know what they locked down they've locked down their economies for four weeks along with germany um oh yeah there will be no commerce and i'm sure that'll they'll bounce back it'll work you know can i you know i want to jump in real quick to say something what's interesting is people will always point to america as apparently the founder and sponsor not just the president but a user of racism in the world stage but they'll never point at any places in western europe except during these attacks right but actually when you go there and you look at the way that the the kind of what i would call the common french people are treating immigrants there's no la there's just a complete lack of any kind of empathy at all for even the people who are not dangerous those who want to assimilate whereas in america we have said if you want to come in and assimilate you want to run a business you want to you can go to a different church it's cool just don't behead anyone right and yeah the baseline of yeah there is an a a cover-up of the type of racism that is involved there that is completely anathema in the united states yeah no people are rejecting it there in europe it's not working out very well we're going to talk about a lot today by the way we're going to be talking about the philly riots and we have elijah schaefer who's been down on the ground he will be here live with us today sorry i should have introduced all these stories oh yeah we're going to be talking about the big tech uh what would we call it summit hearing yesterday a subpoena subpoenas you have to talk even though you don't really want to talk uh and uh what else are we gonna be talking about we're gonna be talking about uh one more thing i don't remember exactly what it was but mainly philly and this and uh hopefully and i will not i will do my best to not put elijah schaefer in any risk of being killed against time you can't because he's doing fine yeah he's doing fine himself yeah yeah yeah he's keep talking about that he just got his teeth knocked in at a five below in the philadelphia riots this is one of those you know what i don't we'll talk about the election but first you have the polls that changed after joe biden said he's going to ban all fossil fuels effectively sorry we're going to phase it we're gonna we're gonna mix it out mix it up what are you saying so that and now add violent riots see ya see you going red pennsylvania uh of course first uh please do consider subscribing or follow me on instagram it's louder with crowder there's a lot of material there that we don't upload here including some giveaway contests and uh we will be taking your live chat later today today the full show nothing goes um thursday everything here is uh so you get to see everything on youtube and say hey maybe i want this uh every day along with all the other stuff that goes up on uh on my club that we can't watch on youtube because well we'll talk about it yeah can we still tell youtube to piss off that's kind of fun it's fun you can stay with that okay piss off youtube well that was weak that was way too early too you do the stutter i don't want to make fun of joe biden hey i i have to say one quick thing about that is for those who haven't gone out and voted those who are still talking to people who are have still to go out and vote and if you're some of these states where you can vote like nine days afterwards definitely keep talking to people um is that by the way yeah everyone people should know everyone in wisconsin michigan you beat the lines and vote three days after election day yes yeah the best way these great tips great tips uh and election hacks so the four-hour election week is this buzzfeed the best ways to get your vote in um it's just a bunch of guys three days late at the polling station with taking piracetam trophies here's here's the thing there is a legitimate chance of conservative voices being even further removed oh yeah shadow band changed in a biden presidency oh my gosh that's the most terrifying thing even if he loses the presidency if you're not looking down ballot at the senate i mean the house is what the house is but at the senate and the impact that's going to have nothing about a interpretation of section 230 in the supreme court will matter if congress can just change the law and if biden is in the white house to be able to sign that over yeah to allow big tech to do what i want it is terrifying so we're going to get into that my question to you we have several questions today what did you think of the hearings yesterday on big tech and then do you think that the riots a week out from election uh will affect pennsylvania and this is why there shouldn't be early voting for everybody under certain circumstances i understand and i people so you're a hypocrite of course i voted absentee because i was on the road doing stand-up one election and so i had to vote absentee so but it shouldn't be a system where everyone can vote weeks early because a lot of people now are going oh i wish i could kind of change my vote sorry too late unless your ballot got thrown in the trash and there's a good chance of that so you know what don't sweat it now before we get to that the new york times released the name of the author from 2018 who uh he called himself anonymous remember the author about uh how donald trump had no character um well it turns out that the guy is noted cnn contributor and biden supporter miles taylor who every now and then got pence coffees um but here's the thing so he's the anonymous whistleblower now this is big everywhere yeah tune into the news at four and i told everyone on the team like tune in to the news yeah four eastern earth three central time as i call it god's time [Laughter] and then i realized i'm like wait this is the same guy who not that long ago was asked by anderson cooper point blank if he was anonymous here you go there was an op-ed there was a book by someone calling themselves anonymous are you aware of who that is i'm not look and i that was a a parlor game that happened in washington dc of a lot of folks trying to think of who that might be i've got my own thoughts about who that might be but uh you know we're not you're not president and i certainly don't wanna i i wear a mask for two things anderson uh halloweens and uh pandemics so no wait wait wait so he's a liar is that it yeah yeah he's a person who says things that are lies he tells lies yeah he's a liar okay look at anderson cooper with his dead werewolf albino eyes couldn't get the truth man poor guy you think listen having a butt baby really takes it out of you [Laughter] all right let's go to the twitter facebook the hearing the highlights um this is something so there were a few highlights here and did we we managed to get that clip of that lady saying that she wants to okay but the first thing is everyone was talking about jack dorsey yeah um this must have really been painful for him yeah because in order to get himself off the hook legally he had to admit that his product is of no value here he is looking like he just lost his wilson mr dorsey does twitter have the ability to influence elections no you don't believe twitter has any ability to influence elections no we are one part of a spectrum of communication challenge that people have wellson wells on crying out loud jack dorsey make yourself you wouldn't be presentable at a corn concert unless he's on stage so he had to sit there and say no no twitter has no ability to influence elections and uh when they heard about actually the joe biden campaign weren't happy they tweeted this in response so it seems pretty disappointing yeah man very unhappy access to his aides no he was describing what had just happened yeah they were like wait a minute but why are we paying all of these twitter people to make sure that they shut down the post story uh damn you influencers we have no influence well why did you ban uh the story at all as it relates to the election i'm a partisan hack i really i don't know i just came back from an ayahuasca trip have you seen my nose ring i think it's fake i think it's a fake nose clip-on he's got he's just got a small family of sparrows living in his beard he's like this is this is tweety i nurtured can you imagine having to follow that guy at work like he's your fearless leader for the ceo of your company watching everybody there no you're very fearful yeah exactly it's like he goes back to his office goes guys listen we are in the information age we are one of the most influential platforms in the world we are the ones who provide the free exchange of information and ideas and then when asked like so you believe that you have an influence on information ideas where'd you get that from not not no senator cruz i'd like to respond to that by saying no we are completely impotent uh just no terrible we have no influence on the election uh we are ranked dead last as far as social influence and i cannot get an erection to please my lover it is a real problem but i can actually throw this uh out of a tower and have my partner climb it so oh but utilities but i've sworn off radishes there you go um a little fairy tale humor there so here's another one uh by the way it's really important the new york post is still banned from tweeting today right okay they're still banned from tweeting today because jack dorsey went on to say well what they can do is they can uh they can just take can delete their original tweet right and then uh then they'll be able to first off why would they have to delete their original tweet that's they said no no they're not banned new york post can go into their account delete the original tweet and then they'll be able to uh we've unbanned the article is what they said so they said the original tweet was a violation now we've made it so the article isn't a violation well then why is that tweet banned right it should retroactively apply because you realize oh turns out it wasn't russian hack it was actually real you guys are the russian hacks irony so if that is no longer considered russian disinformation which we know it's not right they were saying jack dorsey said at this hearing all right uh new york post can go into their account as long as they delete the first tweet and then they can repost it after here's the people who understand social media like we understand it why would they do that here's why because there's a critical mass that occurs if you put out a tweet and it goes viral let's say 50 000 retweets 100 000 retweets 250 000 likes you lose that it is far more valuable to have a hundred thousand retweets and likes on one than it is to have fifty thousand across two people need to understand that because that is what these algorithms favor and they've already done the damage in other words if new york post has to delete their original breaking validated authenticated scoop now they repost it it might get a fraction of the interactions and jack dorsey knows that so it's like it'd be like if if uh youtube came out and said well stephen uh uh if he just deletes everything and now he can make videos critical of vox oh well thank you by the way yeah will you make will you will you throttle them so that no one can see them yes of course we'll make sure that nobody sees your videos on vox yeah but you can release them yeah instead of millions of views we'll give you tens of views to start with and think of this they're asking for new york post to remove it so instead of them removing it it's no longer a section 230 issue exactly no longer twitter has removed it as it relates to new york post because if anyone has had the ability to prove good faith or lack thereof which was the central part of the hearing yesterday and the questions that were raised huh it all goes away if you've made the user take it down right like jeffrey epstein hanging himself if you find hillary clinton fingerprints on his trachea it's a problem right if he somehow defies the laws of physics by snapping three bones with a bed sheet we're not uncle sam's none the wiser good on good on you uh castaway now here's the thing though one of the hunter biden articles at least one of them was still blocked at the time of the hearing here let's show this up we have it as b-roll look this is right here bring it up there quarterback [Music] there we go there you go this is still at this point you will see cannot be posted at the time of the hearing so they that's a big thing to me lying under oath that's that's a technically called perjury technically just technically although practically also legally bill clinton got a blow job and we threw out the rule book on perjury now and here's an admission here's i want to ask you this uh half asian lawyer bill richmond is this an admission because after being publicly called out on what we just showed you twitter unblocked the story yes so again at a time maybe they didn't admit it but it's like hey hold on a second you set up the hearing that it wasn't blocked you said that the new york post can go in and basically kevorkian themselves and then you say but then everyone can post it right now then people are while this is happening live this is amazing to me these people are on social media and they don't understand that they're being discredited on their own platforms as they're speaking he's talking on a zoom call which is being broadcast on traditional media and on youtube and he's saying yeah people can post uh people can post that uh we made sure that we fixed the mistake and people right then are using jack dorsey's platform going no no yeah no hey hey turn on super chat that guy that guy's full of we can tell he's full of i mean you know it would have been nice if we had had someone in the senate who was young enough to actually have done it live and just been like well actually yeah yeah actually i could show you it's right here if we could turn this on to the powerpoint i try to go that way and how stupid i present to you uh exhibit you're screwed yeah jack why don't you do this with me try and see if you can post it but how dumb is that they said they made a mistake they said this was imp we shouldn't have done that that was a mistake on our part but they said you can't actually have the original tweet even though it was a mistake on our part it was still bad then it was still against our rules then even though we've just said that our rules don't matter i think bill's point is it is that well they know that there's liability at this point and they are really trying to skirt it so let's get to some more this is also what should scare everybody there all of the democrats support the censorship of of speech online and i use that word i didn't used to use that word but i do now i do now when i say censorship because they are in bed with the government when they are suppressing actual stories that relate to government officials and the potential future president of the united states now we are dealing with companies that are in cahoots with the government who are trying to do their bidding and think about this for a second when we've talked about the big backers for biden right we've talked about wall street we've talked about big tech we've talked about big media there are there have never been companies more powerful than big tech twitter kind of necessary doesn't really need to be included in there but we'll include them just because we don't we don't want jack to go off the deep end that's right yeah i just landed close to the edge but i see him as a worthy opponent i don't want him to actually walk off a ledge but you look at facebook alphabet google right twitter you can probably toss apple there into the mix uh amazon there have never been companies more powerful than these companies and the democrats are fawning over them if you go and watch the strings fawning over them and begging please please please can we give you more control so you can give us kickbacks can you please censor people so that no information that might be presenting us in a negative light even just you know sees the light of day please please and these are the part these are the party of the little guy think about this for a second donald trump isn't saying i want to get the new york times removed from twitter he's not saying i want to get liberals removed he's saying we need free speech for all just like when he said not saying white supremacists or neo-nazis who should who should be condemned totally but they were fine people on both sides donald trump believes that people who want to tear down confederate statues even though he disagrees with them that they can be fine people donald trump believes that people who disagree with him should be able to be on twitter he believes that even the fake news lying media cnn new york times should be on there he just wants the right to rebut to have a little bit of a volley back and forth as opposed to the democrats this is something that was chilling to me i don't know the name of this broad kind of looks like elizabeth warren but isn't um she actually when talking with zuckerberg and dorsey called on them to censor more and specifically the president here you go i believe that the tech companies here today need to take more action not less tammy to combat misinformation including misinformation on the election misinformation on the coven 19 pandemic and misinformation and posts meant to incite violence and that should include misinformation spread by president trump on their platforms so here's the thing take that's bad enough if you add more context it's even worse because jack dorsey had just gotten done saying when he was talking about i think it was the leader of hamas or the iranian regime talking about eradicating the jews saying well we actually allow that because we have policies that allow world leaders if it's saber rattling but they have they have censored donald trump's posts so think about this for a second that lady would rather the iranian regime and hamas and isis have ability on social media because no one no democrat said come on take that down from the ayatollah there exactly but instead they're saying we want donald for example when donald trump says he's immune to covet that needs to be removed how about wiping off the jews like a cockroach from the face of the map how about how about those statements can we start with those before we get to donald trump claiming he's immune which is very likely in line with science if at least for four months think about that yeah and do you think that little uh exclamation point came up and said you know check to see if this story is true whenever the commanding said that the holocaust didn't happen do you think that that twitter was making sure that people read the full article so that they weren't led astray when he's posting something like that i don't think so and i don't think any democrat is calling for anything like that because it's a useful tool for them and they're all turns on them their only emotions their only calls if you watch this was for more censorship yeah it was hey please we'll give you more control it was it was people talk about a dog this wasn't a dog whistle this was them this was the democrat saying go back and watch the entire hearing summit what was it subpoenas i don't know what we call it so their hearings they agreed to show up without having to be forced with the sabinas because they were threatened with subpoenas and they just said fine we'll come in okay so go back and watch the entire hearing and it's basically them saying to the leaders of big tech hey if we win we're going to protect you and we're going to make sure that you can uh you can remove people you don't like with the hate speech policy we got you covered that was the entire tone and actually spoken from democrats yeah which is uh which is to me it is so terrifying i'm reminded of uh when justin trudeau was running i believe uh he was running in canada for prime minister people don't know this when people say um okay the alternative is government media and you don't have to go to venezuela you can go to canada right we have cbc radio canada i think now they might have they might have finally gotten cable down there and i think maybe like for the first time the last two weeks in canada the internet doesn't go so but when they were running and they were running for prime minister i may have this wrong as far as who made this promise there's the conservatives ndp and the liberal party and either it was the ndp or the liberal party one of them i think the ndp promised a hundred million dollar grant to cbc government media if he won and i think it was trudeau who promised a 150 million dollar grant oh it's just a bidding one oh what a sweetie so just think about the corporate media man right no you'd rather have media where bernie can just say uh we're gonna tax billionaires and uh give you uh 20 billion dollars hope hope that works for you cnn and when you look at look at the end of that statement that that woman made where she was like we need to make sure to remove misinformation that is leading to violence no one's removing uh reza mcaslan the guy who's calling to burn it all down no one's censoring any of the blm protesters who are out there capital blm who are out there saying right oh yeah let's just uh destroy neighborhoods no one why did you do your dave chappelle white guy voice for blm uh because it's a lot of white people i don't know how many have you seen this let's go destroy neighborhoods uh hold on let me uh let me android search here cocktail oh i don't have supplies i mean i think i think it's been scientifically proven that only white people have read anarchists cooking so probably and so and then when you hear i mean we had uh uh wallace gentleman who was shot the other night with a knife you know one of the things that he said and i was actually glad to see it on the front page of cnn he's saying stop burning down our cities right there's nothing is coming out of this that is happening and yet no one is taking any steps in big tech to remove those types of calls of violence why because nobody knows nobody knows the answer because it's helpful they want a disco inferno here is another clip zuckerberg was asked this one was pretty uh this one was just i mean it's just fun um zuckerberg was puzzled and by the way when you look at zuckerberg now i don't know about but it looks like his it looks like his eyes are trying to run away from each other like maybe his eyeballs are playing tug of war with the bridge of his nose if you'll see what i mean his eyes are further apart like he basically he has two periscopes going left and right at this point so zuckerberg was asked if he could mean this was after by the way in the hearings they named many conservatives promin

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