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Music by @Pogo[Music] [Music] oh [Music] subject for today [Music] all right then hey here's the thing you guys may not know painkillers is they work really this week and you have my back i have my ruptured disc in my back and then i had some painkillers and i of course didn't want to take any because i didn't want to be loopy today right right uh and then uh i i hit the deck like an old man so i apologize if you see me during this it's not a commercial for imodium it's just my background by the way you know he's doing commercials for modium beverly mitchell the middle sister from seventh heaven or as i call her disgusting i was gonna i was just gonna ask who is doing commercials for imodium beverly mitchell okay is now doing commercials for imodium like on instagram people like look look at my yoga pants look at jim shark and she's like diarrhea medicine i can stop myself from pooping you're so regular fire your sales rep lady take what you can get stephen we have a lot to get to today we will be this is the start of fraud week we told you that yeah talking about fraud and election irregularities i know we covered it as it came in but a lot of you were saying hey what's happening on a state-to-state basis we need sort of a catalog so we will do a catalog today starting with dominion voting systems oh boy not a conspiracy there's a lot of tom flurry going on there and then we'll go into georgia michigan pennsylvania day by day and upload the crowder bit so that you can share them with your friends who will no longer be friends with you but you don't have to worry because thanksgiving has been cancelled no worries today is my half-assing laravel richmond and dave landau of compound media hello everyone hi hello father christmas hello that's what they call me this is the white robe i don't think that any of our robes on air should ever be white yeah i feel a little uncomfortable because i can see the article in the new york post and his uh one of the co-hosts who donned a white robe does that actually have a hood on him [Music] it's just a turtleneck robe now combining that with a white surgical map that's not good oh my god just stop three breaths all right quarter black garrett is here audio wade is here gerald is here how are you i am well get me pain pills and um what we have breakfast anything else we were told that of course it was a conspiracy theory but uh this is breaking from uh my homeland and i'm very ashamed i'm sorry oh by the way we'll also be talking about can you get covered twice the science says no so can you get covered twice dominion voting of course the violence in uh dc from antifa these are the topics we'll be covering today and then we'll be playing steven no sports and taking your chat at mug club this is going to be fun but first the prime minister of my country were you were you were getting a little loose with the terminology here it is country yeah yeah canada uh had this to say about the pandemic and the great reset building back better means getting support to the most vulnerable while maintaining our momentum on reaching the 2030 agenda for sustainable development and the sdgs canada is here to listen and to help this pandemic has provided an opportunity for a reset this is our chance to accelerate our pre-pandemic efforts to reimagine economic systems that actually address global challenges like extreme poverty inequality and climate change reset it's happening here's what here's the thing if you if you go out and you make a statement that immediately could just be rebutted by the craziest deep wormhole of conspiracies q anon alex jones verbatim and you couldn't fact-check that person that's a horrible statement it really is dependent on you provide us the opportunity for a great reset for global economies and then he mentions the un that's not a good idea well and i think i'm pretty sure that he morse code blinked bilderberg it doesn't help that he looks like the bad guy from equilibrium the guy who's like in the tv like telling you like big brother this is what's going on and why is their camera so shitty i know i mean the country it's cobra they don't have they don't have high speed yet yeah no i love how he's like we're here to listen yes because nobody cares what you say we are here to listen go ahead and talk and four viewers in the live stream hold on a second i want to talk on my skype and mother get off the phone isn't he just proving freudian slip right it's like literally the top of the greet reset says do not mention great retakes you get removed if you were to mention the great reset or globalists on youtube and he's the one who says it maybe he's playing 8d chess who knows no maybe he knows that people are going to react and he's like that's exactly what i expected no no no this is justin they were like if he mentions it they know for sure we would not let him into the great recess right this guy's an idiot if he knows about it then it's definitely not real speaking of reset before we move on uh tax filings have now revealed that uh joe biden had a cancer charity okay that uh raised millions and spent millions on salaries uh zero on actual research really nothing on actual research from joe biden here's something else when we read this story i remember i was thinking uh and dave i don't know if you're like a political junkie but i remember when barack obama was running for president they were looking into charitable donations between mccain just a junkie and even i was like wasn't joe biden the least charitable politician ever and we do we have the records uh he only gave 369 dollars a year to charity over the course of a decade so cancer research a decade cancer research charity that gives no money to research and over a decade he gave three thousand let me do the math here three thousand six hundred ninety dollars total to charity and so right now here on ladder with crowder by the power of mug club combined i right now i'm going to do more for charity in cancer than joe biden never has we donated 3 691 children cancers research fund all for salaries though more generous than your potential president combined you'll save no one yes nobody and i know you shouldn't give to charity out of spite you should but yeah no you know i think the kids actually appreciate the spite dollars they come with a certain energy a blanket yeah a kid with come on kids with progerians can't be choosers that's true wow i don't know if that's what you call progeria progeria it's not a country i don't know everyone's a community now it's a community we're a community we're a people of color community we're a queer community we're an amputee community you were just talking about that on your show and hathaway with the witch hands yes she had to apologize to the lust club yeah basically i can't even think of the name because it was the stupidest limb list they called them just like limless something yeah yeah it offended limbless people different limb different lynn's difference thank you yes a limb different meaning you have less fingers that's that is different yeah so hopefully they're right yes flip it's flipper it's lobster claw hands yeah exactly and she's like i can surf it's like wow you can do stuff in the water that's a shock all right so we do have to talk about vodafone but first please do consider following me on instagram that's where you get the lifestyle stuff and i do not sell imodium that's beverly mitchell so uh do consider following on instagram there look there's my dog joe lewis he's nice and uh of course uh mug club is what makes all this possible out of mug club consider joining crowder election stream is still a live code because the election is not over and my question is to you people this is kind of we're crowdsourcing this do you know if your state uses dominion voting machines and uh what was your experience when you went and voted did you use that machine do you know because there's a lot of information out there that's anecdotal but pooled together we might actually be able to help uh get to the bottom of this a little bit absolutely um finally let's get to the million march maga million march and the violence that happened in dc um don't you love how when when you know the election was uh potentially allegedly stolen from donald trump uh there were no violent eruptions in the street at all it wasn't mostly peaceful protests it was entirely peaceful protest right and then there was the maga million march and then antifa shows up and then the proud bush and then of course there's a clash it becomes like the jets and the sharks again yes a lot of snapping and dancing a lot of snapping yeah the gayest gangs ever yes did you see i can do a muscle up well first that's impressive but we know tony that you want to bang riff you have no interest in burritos to be he just had a thing for puerto ricans and they weren't interested oh no you could tell instead of the teardrop tattoo they just had white oh no did that count a glimmer in their eye just that little sheen they looked like an anime cartoon uh so antifa black lives matter they attacked a bunch of trump protesters at the mogan now listen no one is blameless here but i do want to be clear this is the first video that circulated that you likely saw at the maga million march that donald trump retweeted which the left says was taken out of context but i'm going to provide you with more context here's the first clip donald trump retweeted oh all right okay so there you go and they pray for the gentleman which is uh very nice but um so just to be clear this is what donald trump retweeted and then people on the left were saying well it was taken out of context right here's the whole clip but they actually then provided yet just a longer clip that was equally selectively edited so here is the clip that is circulating on the leftist talk shows right now i want you to see it taking his megaphone they shove him shove him he trips over him here now people are swarming him for people who are listening on audio shoving people complain that he shoved women we'll come back to that he gets kicked in the back [Applause] so now you see as he pushes them away now the conflict is over he starts to walk away someone's been biting his time sucker punch okay all right that's enough people have seen that and then you see those they were saying oh he was pushing women you know that lady i don't know if yuck yuck is in that little orange shower cap it matched his jacket yeah exactly that's what she was mad about she's like we we were not supposed to coordinate how are they gonna know who's on what side if we're not the same i'm wearing orange i don't care if you're going hunting you got your shitty little vests just put it in my thing orange shower cap yeah matter of fact y'all could call me on shower cap we're not going to call you that ah think about it give me your jacket i want this to coordinate oh yeah my cat yo jacket i got it going oh no so to be clear a lot of people were arrested here okay including the man who got sucker punched there because uh he also committed assault through shoving but i do think it's important to note through context he didn't punch anybody there he was shoving people repeatedly the left was getting really mad saying can you believe that he shoved women here's the thing those two women uh i noticed when i saw them in this clip i have seen many clips from washington dc in every single instance where throughout the day by the way and you can see because you can watch these clips and see as the sun sets some are daylight some are dark all day any time that someone was being assaulted by an ant for rioter they just happen to show up like say their name three times say orange shower cap in the mirror three times and they show up just swinging me back i'm a so they've got like season pass tickets on this i think not how the rules were oh man we have a montage of these broads throughout the day let's show it and find out there they are okay look different lighting so it's clearly hours later this is an old lady who gets assaulted oh there's your own shower cap oh i see here wow again sucker punch the guy from behind there you go still patrolling with the gang just two innocent ladies going on their merry way for a stroll pink boots the other one's got pink okay [Applause] yeah yeah they grab a taser and then i'm pretty sure they follow this guy into the parking garage look at this yeah there you go there you go there's pink hood and finally there they are when justice is served yes there you go and i know i know i get it do you guys think that justice is racist whatever uh look at those cops did you see how they were uh shooting and assaulting yeah absolutely which if those ladies had tasers and had been committing assaults they would have been well within their rights you know to put do at least a little little neon belly you know give a little bit of an arm lock and like hey don't move just make it unpleasant got a little bit yeah i'm not saying i'm not saying a violation everything but i'm saying i think that if you commit a violent assault being arrested should generally be an unpleasant experience the most racist thing i've ever heard pretty much i also believe that prison should generally be uncomfortable how dare you wow i know wow controversial i know you could not i should not be saying that we have a gentleman with a white robe who's also been in prison 13 times and look at him he does not fare well in prison no i am a prison tent [Laughter] they're like you gotta quit breaking the stitches i'm like i'm not the one doing it you're probably probably more experienced with orange shower caps than anyone in that indeed i don't know here's your standard issue though i really wouldn't really my concern if i were you wouldn't be so much about your hair getting wet i know you don't like that the humidity makes it frizzy but there are going to be some other pains for you uh by the way the guy there who sucker punched him kenneth de berry uh he was charged with disorderly conduct inciting violence aggravated assault and being a felon in possession of a firearm he's also a registered sex offender who sexually abused a child under 16. how does that happen i don't i don't think that you could find as many registered sex offenders drunk at the registered sex offender watch party right like i don't think you can find so many registered sex offenders at a nambla convention right yeah anywhere you go kyle rittenhouse shoots two people were both of them sex offenders at least one of them was at least one of them once again jacob blake this guy come on oh my gosh was it jacob lake coming back to resex offense yes yes yes he was going for round two exactly they don't even use the term repeat offender because he does it so often they save words just going he's a re-sex offender there's a whole different category you got to adequately label these people i mean just as there's your repeat offenders then you're resex offenders and there's mvp right yeah this is exactly by the way let's let's see uh cnn before we go to uh something really quick on our fraud week uh there is rudy giuliani what are they talking about they're attacking giuliani's character and they're going to commercial well let's see if they attack sydney powell because no one can argue with her legitimacy we're gonna be talking about that a little bit so we told you that we were going to dissect the different instances of fraud and break them down by state but before we do that today is the initiation of this we need to talk about the macro uh problem with the dominion voter systems it is time to kick off fraud week [Music] and then and then the line goes down that's our country yeah oh uh and actually right now we do have as we do this all week um our on-the-ground correspondent thomas finnegan uh with fraud week and some facts regarding fraud thomas finnegan can you hear me sir good morning steven i can hear you fine all right well we can't see you let's let's move the cam yeah move the camera up thomas finnegan move the camera up please let's angle the camera up because we're just looking at your chest let's look up a little more yeah a little no we don't have you thomas thomas there you go stand back okay no whoever is operating the camera is really really dumb and deserves to lose that's a great spartan armor vest though that is a great spartan armor vest but that's not important right now angle up a bit yeah hand tilt the camera up tilt it off up thomas finnegan give us some fraud facts here for fraud week yeah all right uh stephen this is really exciting it's a beautiful morning out i just wanted to go through a few quick facts for you basically uh you know it the family of frogs a grouping you might you might say is called an army of frogs and uh they're amphibians uh composing of you know the the order of anurah which means tailless and ancient no uh thomas thomas can you hear me it's uh it's it's it's fraud week fraud with a d yeah as in uh daryl uh all week yes all week it's fr it's fr yeah nothing about frogs at all for the entire week okay all right well thank you thomas finnegan we'll check back in with you tomorrow yeah okay okay okay all right thank you thomas uh he was wearing by the way spartan armor vest for people who want to know correct uh i don't have it's a website spartan what is the website it doesn't say it on here spartan armor system spartan armor systems and uh their bulletproof vests are actually nij certified a lot of people say they're nij equivalent he's actually spartan armor is actually nij certified if thomas finnegan doesn't do his research he's going to need yes so we may use the crowded promo code you get 10 off sales and we actually use them quite a bit so we make sure to give dave some just to make sure yeah that's the one that was shot yes all right so now it'll be again oh well now i don't appreciate it look they're not good at everything though i still feel very insulted by my mother every time i talk to her even when i'm wearing the armor oh there are limitations too they don't protect feelings the insults go over very true and let's make sure that the orange shower cap lady doesn't get me okay you can shut off the skype there quarterback so let's go really quickly talking about uh election fraud uh election irregularities and election fraud they're talking about giuliani okay of course on cnn because they try and say look giuliani's crazy even though anyone who lived in new york thanked god for giuliani anyone who lives in the country who looked at the actual declining national crime rate said thank god for giuliani people out there i know a lot of you are millennials a lot of you are generation z look into giuliani in the mob okay not only 911 giuliani got to that position by effectively destroying the mafia people don't understand that this guy was very qualified but i understand sometimes now there's a little bit of the effect where he goes all in the evidence isn't as big as maybe sometimes he claims but sydney powell is about as legitimate as they come about as credible as they come she's the one who swooped in basically was a part of the defense team that uh proved michael flynn was innocent she talked about specifically we've talked about ballots uh poll watchers we've talked about ballots being harvested we've talked about them not following the constitutional parameters but there is another component to this and we don't know i want to be clear we don't know that there is massive fraud occurring from dominion voting systems and there is some misinformation out there both from the left and the right however this attorney who works with the trump administration sidney powell researcher look up her credibility had this to say yesterday regarding dominion voting we're fixing to overturn the results of the election in multiple states and president trump won by not just hundreds of thousands of votes but by millions of votes that were shifted by this software that was designed expressly for that purpose we have sworn witness testimony of why the software was designed it was designed to rig elections he was fully briefed on it he saw it happen in other countries it was exported internationally for profit by the people that are behind smartmatic and dominion they did this on purpose it was calculated they've done it before we have evidence from 2016 in california we have so much evidence i feel like it's coming in through a fire hose um whoa to be clear this is not a woman who typically uh makes claims that she can't prove or dresses like cory let me be clear she never makes claims she can't prove right she's you're a lawyer isn't she standing attorney with impeccable credibility in terms of not only her credentials but the different fights that she's had right i mean there are tons of attorneys are i mean every attorney i know has a ton of respect for her and the types of things that she's looking at and certainly we're only seeing the tip of the iceberg right recognizing what she's even allowed to talk about now versus the strategy of the things that they're going to get into and really this is something you covered i want to say week maybe like during the week of the election was we talked about the different connections the actually exporting it internationally and the software these are all different facts that have already been verified and she's putting them all together in this particular she has a crazy winning record i think a lot of people said would you put her like if she were an athlete because we'll play stephen no sports later would she be a michael jordan or wayne gretzky i mean i'm not hiring her to be a family law attorney because that's a different thing or a hand model yeah i mean definitely definitely she's all yeah she's not going to roberts no what probert should be a pro yet an enforcer a few old hockey fans remember from st louis i do want to go but let me hit you with a few quick facts as to the actual uh history of dominion and then we'll get into some of the errors inconsistencies that we've seen with this election so this is these are all verifiable the sources are available at we'll have the link below in the description i want you guys to look this up okay because there have been some people who've tried to use benford's law misleading and say oh look at these switched votes i think dr shiva or something is one that's something that's easily debunked a lot of these things aren't necessarily true it's very easy to use statistics to mislead people and i don't want to do that so what i want to do is provide you with a snapshot a history lesson on dominion what it is who they are and then we'll get to what has happened this election so dominion one of their uh one of their lobbyists for dominion is actually pelosi's former chief of staff and was listed as a clinton foundation i was gonna say that's a fast overlay a clinton foundation donor 25 to 50 000 now that's not definitive anything i just want to lay out a case here texas rejected using the dominion voting system in 2019 they said multiple hardware and software issues that preclude the office of the texas secretary of state from determining that the democracy suite 5.5 a system satisfies each of the voting system requirements set forth in the texas election code here's another fast fact for you in case you think you're just a bunch of crazy right wingers in 2019 democrat senators uh elizabeth pocahontas warn amy klobuchar and ron wyden one of these things is not like the other yeah like everyone who's going wrong run hey i'm here too guys absolutely all right you're like the third witch in hocus pocus but eventually you got a walk-on role in sex in the city so you know someone recognized you that's terrible ron wyden we need to get ron wyden on the show yeah no we don't somewhere richard painter's going hey where he's still in my spot you don't have that [Laughter] you're silly all right never mind amy klobuchar elizabeth warren ron wyden issued a complaint about dominion referencing allegations of vote switching and other undisclosed vulnerabilities writing quote these problems threaten the integrity of our elections by the way we're going to go of course to bill and uh half-assing lawyer bill and gerald morgan but hit the notification bell if you are subscribed on youtube because subscriptions don't mean a whole lot the notifications let you know when something goes up here and on crowder bits and of course we do good morning mug club monday through thursday uh every week 10 a.m eastern um this is this is something i think a lot of people who want to try and paint this now is oh it's just you know monday morning quarterback from republicans this is something that everyone was concerned about and some could argue even more so democrats back in the day i mean there's no question that this was a bipartisan concern multiple states multiple voting jurisdictions and authorities people from both parties were saying hold on wait a minute this system might not be exactly the way we need it to be now when you combine that with the new information that's coming out about the votes that aren't matching with what's coming out of the system how there's these types of irregularities at the very least there has to be an investigation to go through all of these different questions and answer them even if you're a democrat if you really believe in the system then you know that the system will withstand scrutiny and all we're saying is scrutiny yeah but even further than that the idea that we're going to just simply walk away from one of the most important elections going down one path with one candidate and a very different path with a different candidate we got let's say we do this okay and joe biden wins and if he wins fair and square i understand but i do not trust any other elections going forward this is the issue and i think many americans do half of america doesn't believe that joe biden won the presidency we've already seen so many irregularities this is not like any other election i don't think anyone here ever contested again like we said romney mccain bush gore i even remember like oh well they called it fergor until there was a 37 days none of those were super controversial this is very different and it's widespread and systemic something else too in august 2020 uh data security expert i hope i'm saying this right hari hursty warned that the minion voting machines could be hacked um you just talked about how you could just modify a few lines of code yeah uh when they were doing a mock election they were basically saying that you could almost drag and drop put whatever results you actually wanted into this election oh that day and the election day and the week before the election right-wing propaganda outlet uh and wonderful goose steppers pbs reported on the vulnerabilities of dominion they found that the qr codes could be hacked candidates names could randomly disappear but like levar burton pbs says usually he points to a six-year-old boy who's more credible than him for some reason you don't have to take my word for it but election security experts working for the plaintiffs in the lawsuit against the state have uncovered several troubling issues alex halderman looked closely at the qr codes where the votes are encoded for the scanner by analyzing the structure of the qr codes i've been able to learn that there's nothing that stops an attacker from just duplicating one and the duplicates the same as the original barcode and in late september another concern came to light during testing election workers found half the names of the 21 candidates for senate intermittently disappeared from screens during the review phase really what about ron wein what was the name ron wyden what happened with you know who listens to pbs newshour how did trey how did trump get to you how did trump get to you pbs i like how nonchalantly they said that last part and by the way uh names disappear yeah still looking into that i don't know by the way people you voted for are not what do you mean they're just not they're not a thing we don't know um i mean how is this this is unreal now let me get to what's exactly happened this election just to be clear so this is free election right this is the stuff that we have all the concerns that we had covered we talked about potentially compromised votes and this was one of those sort of i guess intangibles where you go i don't know how much fraud there could be we can look at the ballots that were you know absentee ballots people who were

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