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Music by @Pogo[Music] um [Music] strangers [Music] all right welcome to uh ash wednesday that's a my my voice went oh all all right which is horrible because of how masculine our guest is almost makes me feel embarrassed to be here uh this is being this is kind of news to a lot of people but we'll have a new show called fearless at the blaze hosted by jason whitlock uh mr whitlock thanks for being here sir good to be here good to be in crowderland yeah i like this this is the whole idea when we built this studio was we wanted to be a space where people would actually want to hang out you know not like you know if you've worked at espn it's almost like the blaze and saddles town where you get in you're under the bright lights and like get me out of here that is true you got your own video game i'm looking at stephen crowder yeah steven crowder that was actually the least expensive item here yeah it was just some guy who made it for us like all these other people you know when they build sets they'll build super expensive sets when we uh remember we're first talking with this company we're just hiring someone as a consultant she's like oh okay well we get like a neon sign i think we could get it for you for fifteen thousand dollars whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa she just said well we have a podcast that i think it might have been espn that has a pool table that's like i mean i want to say something absurd like 50 000 and i just go well that's done these bloated budgets are not going to exist anymore when you have joe rogan in an airstream kicking your ass pretty much yes so um and you've been on on all fronts well first actually uh i'm going to light this uh you're gonna have to teach me how to smoke a cigar yes okay which is interesting because we were just talking about when i go to a cigar lounge it's 50 black people and then all the white people are conservative but i don't think all the black people are conservative but i've never once seen an argument at a cigar lounge it's just kind of a great uniter where you can sit talk have a drink calm down i think that probably everybody in there has shared values i think that many black people are conservative but vote democrat because they've been programmed and trained that way but yeah a lot of people my brother and his wife are into cigars right a lot of athletes a lot of my friends are into cigars i just i've never been into it just but you know i'm always willing to know there you go we'll try something new all right so i'll show you how to light it now is i always i always feel like an idiot whenever i'm teaching someone anything i mean you have a lighter yeah yeah um so and that's a torch later so we want to do is toast the cigar all the way around kind of see like you want to toast the edges if you get it lit the right way where everything is lit um then you're not going to have burn problems a lot of times you'll see people they'll just start like puffing on it and what ends up happening is they don't light the cigar evenly and it canoes and it becomes a problem here let me watch you doing it there you go yeah but i don't i see your whole thing well cc when you blow on it and this has a soft flame so then i and then once you light it once it's all lit then you take a couple of drags you know in from the flame you suck the smoke in from the flame a little bit yeah so now you put the put the flame up to it flame up to the foot yeah now draw on it and kind of rotate it as you draw on it there you go and let me see real quick if you blow on it blow on it you should see it should all be lit and then you'll kind of see the little black spots that's where you'll light it a little bit more yeah for people who are watching here kind of on camera i'll show you a lot of people send me they'll send me requests like how do i light a cigar i keep having problems there's an easy trick is blow on it and once it's all lit yeah and then you can just draw on it and once you get it lit it'll be good and i'll as you finish that i'll tell a story here these are actually they're from the wide shot these cigars are uh bello sartes um not an official sponsor by any means to the show but cigars are really are an item that are finite like this i think is about age seven years you can't just make more of it like bourbon and i just pull i can't believe i'm not coughing having pulled on this twice really well you shouldn't be inhaling it i'm not okay yeah i don't know this is a really nice smooth cigar there too i think you're i think you're good and is the draw good are you getting like you're getting smoke through it yeah looks good to me all right there you go so we're all we're all set now that we uh now we've spent way too much time in this but let me because i have to thank people out there that aj fernandez the people who uh make these cigars i never wanted to recommend them because like guns there's a cigar shortage and so i knew if i recommended my favorite cigar i wouldn't be able to buy them so not a sponsor to the show but he did say i'll make sure that i can always send you a box so now i can tell you uh bella sartes is an unbelieve it's it's my favorite i recommend it very affordable i have lung cancer tomorrow i'm blaming you well i'm blaming you blame all those years coal mining what are you gonna blame me if you get cte too won't blame you for that but look i'm glad you got me some casa dragonas too that's it i'm sorry yeah i love this tequila okay and so that's going to help me smoke this cigar and that i think because again i'm a lightweight i'm not a big drinker i'm not i used to smoke weed in college but that was in college a long time ago jason a long time ago and so don't cigars give you a little bit of a buzz a little bit but it's more comparable to um like coffee you know what i mean and if you inhale it it'll make it don't drink coffee well i'm saying it's more of a mild stimulant is that good this cigar has made my tequila taste even better well you know what that's a big thing it's like pairings like wine with cheese um so there and i'm not a big drinker either my wife thank you so much she bought me a bourbon oh that's good that was like almost 100 i've never had that in my life and i think now i'll only ever drink 100 bourbon it's so much better all right so mr whitlock we had you on the show a while back and the reaction was like intense how much people liked you um and the word that kept coming back was authentic people really liked your authenticity which i mean is always a good quality but it seems to be something that people recognize with you and you know i've talked about this before i think what it is is we've talked about how you have a lot of conservatives sometimes if they're like black conservatives or gay conservatives you know which are atypical um a lot of times they come up to the ranks and right away they have a show or they have people think that they have something to gain when you came out with your views and i don't want to say conservative as a christian sort of you can say traditionalist however you want to define yourself i mean you stand you stood to lose a lot and you did it anyway and i think that's why people really gravitate toward you i hope that it's my authenticity and i hope that i would think there are people in your audience or your audience there's a lot of synergy because one i've been in the sports lane sports the values taught in sports are pretty conservative and so there's a great synergy between sports fans and conservatives well what do you mean by that because i you know people will look at like you know the colin kaepernick and what the nba that's the new sports world okay okay what sports have been for more than a hundred years has been a celebration of americana and a representation really of what america aspires to be a meritocracy colorblind unifying i thought you were going to say rich and black because that's football and basketball that is most white kids now if they could be anything they want to be rich and black they want to be that's they're all trying to act like their hip-hop moguls they're athletes lebron you know this kid every kid looks up to them which to me growing up i grew up kind of on what we would consider a post-racial america certainly more so than today i mean i had pictures i didn't even play basketball just had pictures of michael jordan on my wall you know what i mean it was one of those it didn't really matter it seemed like a meritocracy and and nowadays because people are so gun shy i think people are moving away from that sometimes they're scared well we're i think we're moving away from our christian values in this country and i've been on a little speaking tour where i've been trying to explain to people like you think cancer culture is about conservatives or republicans or donald trump or stephen crowder or jason whitlock what's being canceled is jesus the this whole racial thing is a way of moving people away from their christian values yeah and you're hitting people that are trying to be beholden to their christian values and you're labeling them as races yeah so now they're less likely to espouse their christian values because they've all been defined as racist that you would think that black americans are republicans when you look at where they line up on things like social issues you know a lot of the social values and certainly they're the moderate wing of the democrat party today but why do you think that why do you think that that sort of wedge works with black americans when they're you know predominantly compared to white americans it's very secular kind of the black american culture is the one place where most people would still identify as christian but sometimes they buy this stuff hook line and sanker well i think it works because of our history there has been a reason for us to consider our race as something that america uses against us and so we have placed a higher value on our skin color uh than we probably should and we've certainly we've been susceptible in this new era to identifying more as black than christian we prioritize our skin color over our religious faith and that's a mistake and i think if you understand the history of america the african-american journey has been the steroids for american greatness and so if you go all the way back to 16 1700s the the sin of slavery and the black people's fight for american freedom made america live up to its best ideals made america live up to what was promised in the declaration of independence and what's promised in the u.s constitution and so our history is something we should be celebrating and not looking at as like uh that it damns america right we should be looking at it like no no your history made america great yeah your pursuit of freedom made america live up to its best ideals you're essential to american greatness and we thank you and have gratitude and respect for that and let's don't cover this all with with shame and it's damning of america uh you're essential especially too because so many white americans shed blood to make sure that we ended the unique sin of slavery i mean a lot of people don't realize this i was from uh you know was raised in canada i was born in detroit raised in canada and uh when i started this show i guess about a decade ago when i was on radio um someone called in and said something i don't remember but they listed the year and they said you know my so and so grandfather i don't mean how many years how many generations back said you know fled to canada and i did the mental math there was slavery in canada a lot of people realized there's slavery obviously in the english empire long after we abolished it not in just britain but the not in england but the british empire and i said oh you know what they would have said in canada if you fled there great more slaves because it existed there um we did though we are singularly unique in fighting a really really bloody battle to end it um and and it's it's one of those things that i think people overlook when even they look at jefferson or washington and people who always saw it as evil this idea that it was unanimously accepted look it was unanimously unanimously accepted by slave traders in africa for example was a business that had gone on and it was a way of life but a lot of people in the united states always had a problem with it even people like jefferson who owned slaves right he knew it was morally wrong and needed to be corrected and that's why he wrote the declaration of independence the way that he did you and i i think are both friends with glenn beck have you ever seen glenn's got rough drafts oh yeah from declaration of independence yeah that show you what jefferson really thought about slavery but we couldn't get two of the colonies to sign and they couldn't refreeze their own slaves until death and so there's like have you ever have you met david bart you know glenn beck that's been with all the historical documents oh man we i would go there and he has this building where it's you know basically hermetically sealed humidity controlled and he has all these old documents and because i'm i'm often an idiot with important things i'm always nervous like if it's someone who's really important or if it's an object of great historical significance um i always get nervous i'm going to break it and he'd be like oh yeah this is uh i don't know it could be like this is a jefferson's uh diary and this is a one of the original leathernecks that they were you know you talk about the navy and the marines where the terms come from and actually fighting off islamic pirates and like here you go and it'll toss it to me he has so much there it's like a bat cave of history um i wanted to go back to something you mentioned about sports kind of you know conservative values and that kind of goes to something that i've always said this even if you look at uh rich white liberals like in hollywood entertainment industry they claim they're liberals but they don't live like liberals in the sense that they work really they just feel guilty so they a lot of them don't want to accept that their work ethic or their skill their talent has brought them success let me ask you this when you how many years did you play in the nfl i didn't i did not play i played college oh you played sorry yes we'll see this is how much i look i know nothing about sports uh but then you commentated obviously commentator i made my bones as a journalist so college ball and you played five years did you four you played four in the name taught me five years i graduated from college okay well i'm just kidding i'm o for two uh but the point here is did you feel like you were uh did you feel like people were discriminating against you based on race when you played college ball did you know uh look did i see some racist acts as a college football player did i experience some yes uh you know we had a black guy and a white guy on our team uh and i liked both of them but they got in a fight with each other at a party and the coach kicked the black kid off the team and we all erupted yeah i was like hey man this guy was at the fight yeah you know this is crazy and we got the guy reinstated on the team was it like a mutual fight it wasn't like a jumping like that no it was a mutual fight yeah it was a mutual fight it was and and look i like both of them i'm still friends with both of them today 30 years later uh but we erupted and like hey man this is bs and they had to let the andre back on the team look i i we played against i won't name the kid's name but we played against the team that uh the defensive tackle that i was blocking the whole game called me the n-word throughout the entire game and i just kept looking i knew guys on the other opposing team yeah has he seen you well it doesn't seem like a smart move it wasn't but he's a defensive player i'm an offensive lineman oh so you wouldn't meet up yeah and but no we were playing each other against each other i was blocking him and i would look over at his teammates on the other they played for northern illinois i look over his team i was like what is this clown doing because he's on the defensive side it's a more black side of the ball he's huddling up with if there's 11 defensive guys probably eight of them were black and i'm like one thing that i will say that white hockey players got right no other sport has this you know i've talked about this i don't know how much you know about rockstar yeah exactly and the ref lets it go they've changed it now yeah but actually a friend of our family hopefully won't mind i've talked about him before stu grimson really solid christian we actually met him at a place called hockey ministries camp where it was for often underprivileged youth or they would have like grants where kids could go and they would do bible study and then they would also do hockey practice and uh stu grimson came in and he was an enforcer in the nfl and uh that was his only job yeah this thing keep going it's cause it's cause you're talking it's okay i don't know um but you know what there's some there's a beauty to that it's sort of self-governance where if this guy was calling you the n-word you know in football if you could have had a uh ref tell you to all right drop that we're not gloves but take off the helmets and go that would have been a lot better i kicked his ass the whole game did you have michael okay yeah i got my gift back and we beat him and you know but but yeah no place on the planet is perfect unfairness is a part of the world racism is just a derivative of unfairness yeah it's just this form of unfairness it's not going to go away ever you ca i cannot lose this argument though no country has created documents like the declaration of independence and the constitution and a system of governance that combats unfairness right better than america and that's all you can do and that's the biggest concern when you look at all great civil rights movements whether i mean whether you're talking about uh race or gender equality the whole suffrage movement we can go another women i'm glad you got the right to vote without having to do mandatory draft bucket duty or pay taxes okay and we voted for that a little bit different from civil rights but they all were um they were spurred by speech the first amendment you know these everyone whether you're black or white and some people try to abuse that but ultimately these constitutional rights are what allowed marginalized people to speak out raise awareness and like you said fix the unfairness tip the balance back and now you have a movement white black i would just say it's really more so about elites versus us the plebes americans who want to make sure that you can't speak and if you can speak and they say well it's not a first amendment issue they want to make you afraid to speak and they'll do it with you by calling you and uncle tom like you said and they'll do it with me by saying well you're a racist so i guess we're two peas in a pod a racist hosting an uncle tom i don't know how that happens a racist wouldn't be in a room with an uncle i just you know but this is where we are now and once you take that away and right now obviously black people enjoy equal rights in this country but who's the next marginalized community if you take away speech right now you're talking about i mean for example taiwan or the people of hong kong right these are people who need americans to speak out for them and even though it's not against the first amendment the nba has put more we can't speak about hong kong you know we just had john cena who's all natural by the way john cena apologized for acknowledging taiwan as a country because of pressure from a communist chinese government and big tech who are willing to appease them i really am concerned that there are going to be people in positions of power who can pick what new civil rights movements are allowed to take place which marginalized communities are allowed to speak taiwan no you don't get to people of hong kong no you don't get to hamas good get in the car you started this by saying white liberals preach one thing but what they actually do for themselves contradicts what they and and the biggest thing i see what drives me craziest is the white liberal with an ultra commitment to his family or her family yeah and they're basically telling black people family doesn't matter to you we got a government check ignore that 75 80 of your kids are being born into a single-parent home ignore all that we got a government program that's going to fix that head start is going to fix the fact that there's no daddy in the home right that ain't the way they're living they're not sitting they are committed to their families and will keep their families intact despite whatever dysfunction may be going on daddy may be cheating mama might be cheating but we're gonna keep this family together for these kids they have the commitment to their and if there is no family structure trust me you're not going to grow roses from that you're not going to grow success from that and so it's like they're sentencing us black people to a dysfunctional family that can't produce properly functioning supportive neighborhoods communities nations anything that's that's the hypocrisy they know family is the key to everything but they want to tell us now you know what the key is stopping these lightning strikes of police killing black men right there that's lightning killing getting struck by lightning and dying happens as often as what we saw happen to george floyd god rest george floyd's soul this is where i drive people crazy because i've had a family member who i helped raise a cousin killed by police in indianapolis in 2012 in what we believe was an unjust fashion i get it i know that pain i'm not speculating i know it but that happens so rarely right it's it's like lightning striking and killing somebody but family breakdowns that create generational dysfunction yeah we need to focus on that my dad was alive and still running the masterpiece lounge the coronavirus would have destroyed his business and his way of life he ran the masterpiece lounge the masterpiece lounges neighborhood bar and indianapolis that's exactly the kind of business i would expect a black man to run the masterpiece lounge you ran it rises me zero do they have cigars in there when they're not probably not towards the end but it was look it was my favorite place on earth it's in the inner city in indianapolis it's it's it's why it doesn't matt how much ever money i've made or will make in the future i'm always going to be a masterpiece lounge person yeah uh and like working because it caters yeah still there i sold it to somebody else and okay they they run it or maybe they've sold or someone else but it's still there i'd love to go visit it sometime we could go do a walkthrough and see if it's like you know it used to be if you remember it's well i i know the guy sort of too invested some money in it but yeah it's still in the same neighborhood it's it's in the hood in indianapolis it's not far from where my dad built a brand new home in the inner city it's it's god forbid it became an apple beast yeah and i know it is it ain't that you know it's still the man and we man we had a backyard where we cook and grill and i used to i've taken like the when the final four would be in indianapolis i'd invite all the media to come eat and drink at my dad's bar i'd feed him drink them we'd cook the whole nine yards it's it's no look it's a black version of cheers uh and then occasionally once or twice a year whenever there was a big event in indianapolis i'd bring in all the media all my friends in the media uh and they get to see what this is how we do it yeah in the inner city of indianapolis and people loved it the food's great they're going to met yeah that's what's for real i mean that strong sense of community that you definitely get more in the black community than you get in the white community and the reason for that is because look people use the term black and white sort of interchangeably and this is where i have a problem with anyone who is actually a white supremacist is i go when people say white culture look you shouldn't be brow beaten or be ashamed to be white because it's not something you can control but there is no real white american culture because there's irish american culture there's italian-american culture there's polish-american culture whereas black american culture historically there is more of a unifier because like you said of how they were discriminated against in in a similar way so there is that strong sense of community and culture which i think a lot of white people are envious of and i think a big part of that comes from you look historically like you said strong family units with black families um i need to give you this this book i actually think dave has it right now the joe lewis uh biography that's my dog his name joe lewis just because not only is joel is my favorite athlete ever i don't think his title defenses in the heavyweight division have ever been topped but a quote from him that i loved in that book you know he grew up in he grew up in the south then he moved to detroit you know people think he's from detroit but he's not really from detroit that's right trained he said maybe i was ignorant to it but i grew up in the south it was yes sir no sir ma'am he said i didn't experience racism there like people talked about i had met racists he said but nobody called me the n-word until i moved to detroit and uh that was a shock and what was you know muhammad ali called him an uncle tom joe lewis because he was beloved by white america joe lewis was the most popular athlete in the country we talk about sports and race i think this is something a lot of people miss and this is why joe lewis to me is is and you can you know tell me if i'm way off base could just be my white privilege but think about joe lewis fighting max schmeling so max melling was sort of they propped him up it was like real life rocky iv right he was the aryan sort of example first fight joe was having them he lost he was the only fight he'd ever lost then joe lewis contrasts muhammad ali you know who who ducked who ducked a draft and obviously was a conscientious objector and that was a different story but it's it's interesting because it's so antithetical to what happened with joe lewis second fight max schmeling a lot of people don't know this joe lewis i think only a couple weeks later was going into world war ii he wasn't exempt because he was a celebrity so he was about to go into world war ii he's about to fight the guy who hitler is praising max schmeling the example of aryan strength that will defeat defeat the negro american you know back then and uh he got called by the president said you gotta you gotta win this one you gotta win this one for us it was the biggest sporting event in history at that point imagine the pressure on his shoulders and he knocked out max schmeling and all americans cheered and he was america's champion do you have individual racists sure that's not a racist nation i'm gonna go a step further because jesse owens just i think in 1936 berlin olympics he basically plays a similar role as joe lewis dominates at the olympics in berlin in front of hitler becomes a national hero joe lewis two years later 38 knocks out max spelling national hero and what what people there's nuance to racism my dad did not like white people you could call him a racist and he wouldn't bat an eye he his life experience things he experienced made him not like white people yeah my dad one of my favorite human beings to ever be created i idolized my dad i never in my life saw my dad act in a racist fashion towards white people and so there was something that trumped his racism in terms of his engagement sure and it was like because like a lot of people they just want to be good people right more than they want to be racist they want whatever interest whatever energy someone gave my dad he gave them that same energy back yeah so if you greeted him with respect he's going to give you respect yeah if you came into his bar he's going to give you respect he's a businessman so i lived a different life than my dad i played high school football with jeff george and on an integrated high school team that was nationally ranked we won the state championship i had plenty of white friends growing up my dad never now again he might privately say to me i don't ever want you dating a white woman and blah blah blah but when it came time to engaging interacting with any of my friends it

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