Ben Stein: Expelled from the New York Times

Polymath Ben Stein says the New York Times canned him as a columnist for being too harsh on Obama. Meanwhile, a curious blog post by (pardon the tautology) liberal culture writer Patrick Goldstein of the LA Times says that I (or perhaps Ben Stein, but let us be safe and say both) have rushed to slam John Hughes as a Republican even though Hughes is “someone whose body is barely cold.” The implication is that I have defamed Hughes, and that perhaps Dame Decency called for me to at least have paused for some unspecified interval of corpse-cooling before doing so. This would appear to be a case of a liberal closing his eyes and wrapping a bandana of political zeal around his face to make sure no glimpse of truth can ever get through, but I shall spell it out anyway: It is not defamatory...

Proper Review
Aug 11th 2009
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