Crossing The Border Today? Not Without a Pat-Down | The News & Why It Matters | Ep 290
00:54 "... are going to be safe at the border now I ..."
01:04 "... to be safe at the border ..."
07:39 "... at the border thank you that's what I ..."
07:48 "... going deployed to the border and I mean ..."
08:32 "... and I say it's on the border they need ..."
08:44 "... doesn't want to go to the border in the ..."
09:54 "... the border it'd be a tough sell yeah a ..."

05.17.19 | The panel dissects President Trump’s newly released Immigration plan and then completely lose focus by making fun of the TSA being sent to the border. Also, the Democrat’s latest path to impeachment.

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May 17th 2019
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