Lazy MSM Blames Trump & Not the Gunman for the El Paso Shooting | The News & Why It Matters | Ep 343
00:33 "... the shootings that happened in El Paso ..."
03:05 "... explains why El Paso right the guys in ..."
03:11 "... way to El Paso he wanted to be close to ..."
07:35 "... I think this the selection of El Paso ..."
10:46 "... shooting that happened in El Paso and ..."
10:55 "... toward the El Paso because it's a ..."
11:28 "... those two crimes and in the El Paso when ..."
12:59 "... know this this guy and a tan El Paso ..."
15:11 "... shootings that took place in El Paso and ..."
15:21 "... responsible for the shooting in El Paso ..."

08.05.19 | Tragedy struck El Paso over the weekend, but the MSM is more concerned with blaming Trump and his rhetoric rather than taking the shooter at his own word. Also, the response to shootings has become so politically-driven that the shooter is mostly portrayed as a victim rather than a murderer, and the actual victims become reduced to numbers used to score political points.

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Aug 5th 2019
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