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13:45 "... democracy died in darkness have ..." from Colombia not even the Columbia School of broadcast but I hate to search them because they would have found it this is your job again I refer back to the five core principles all of these were broken and again not following principles or guidelines they are purposely misleading you in to the dark so next let's debunk the timeline that has been used a lot lately in articles in fact the checks and the fact checks and the pundits on TV it's probably the most misleading fabrication I've ever seen by the mainstream media a large part of the story is how Obama administration was strong-arming the Ukrainian government by telling them who they could or couldn't investigate the u.s. policy at the time was that Soros funded G&G NGOs and various other people of interest like them like the head of burry smih were off-limits to Ukrainian prosecutors it was first reported earlier this year by journalist John Solomon that the former prosecutor general of Ukraine was being told he who he could and couldn't investigate by the US ambassador it came from this interview watch now keep something in mind here this prosecutor is the one that took the place of the man that Joe Biden had fired this is the good guy they claimed Shokan was corrupt even though they never brought a specific claim against him and the new guy the good guy loose anko was now saying the exact same thing now fired predecessor had said that now he's saying it that he was being told not to investigate the head of burry smih the Soros NGO and a slew of others now if the media was actually doing their jobs and being impartial here they make a point to at least appear appear to cooperate the now disposed prosecutor that Biden had removed but that's not what they did they instead see how do I put this respectfully they lied they started blatantly making stuff up writing their own fabricated story to hide what really happened they initiated one of the most misleading lies I think I've ever seen in the press the media began making the claim that loot saenko retracted his statement that there was a do not prosecute list the Washington Post ran this insanely slanderous story attacking John Solomon claiming he quote foisted a bogus story one of their biggest points was that Lou Sanka went back on his statement regarding the do not prosecute list the post uses this to slam the hills you look at our world today tell me how would you characterize it chaotic disordered ruling unpredictable tumultuous volatile confused hysteric lawless there's darkness in every corner but we've seen darkness before for decades as we witnessed war and destruction and decay it was the media the journalists war correspondents the reporters they were the ones who shined the light they were the ones that chased the story chased the corrupt the evil [Music] but today as darkness has never seemed more enveloping [Music] our media today even though they claimed democracy died in darkness have blanketed our country under a veil lies misdirection smears [Music] I don't care if you're Republican or a Democrat they'll know we're being lied to purposely deliberately we're being kept in the dark but in the blackest of darkness even the smallest flicker of light becomes a lighthouse to those who are actually seeking truth we tried to strike that match to give you a flicker a month ago it's showing you exactly what our politicians on the Left have been doing in Ukraine and 2.5 million people read people blue people black white farmer the city slicker although they tuned in because they were starving for facts we're not talking about Joe Biden I don't care what he did bombshell No nothing to see here folks those people shared the life but over the past four weeks the media and the political parties have tried to snuff it out the smears began with an assault on the investigative journalist who first rang the bell on crane it continued with misdirection defending people like Alexandra chalupa and ambassador Jovanovic it's continuing now with a new case on Rudy Giuliani but just be careful about what you say I asked you to marry it's an all-out blitz to confuse you to take you away from the context and towards a new misleading narrative it is bordering on unethical if not illegal but the media's job is to do the exact scrutinize government action from all sides button had an affair with a former White House and hold them accountable regardless of their political affiliation if I were the devil I'd have mesmerizing media Fanning the flames man I am almost overwhelmed every day with the temptation just to shut out all of the overwhelming barrage but then I remember overwhelmed the system this is what they've done to us what they've tried to do and so it is our job to be better to look for the light to protect it and to focus on the whole story deception and misdirection lasts only as long as the truth seekers allow it to so yeah our world today is filled with chaos and disorder and darkness but there's always a light and now it is falling to us to shine the light cannot afford to fail because the stakes for freedom not just here but all over the world has never been greater and you know there right a republic does die in darkness hello again America and welcome to part two of our three-part series on what is happening with Ukraine last time we met we we put this together we put the whole chalkboard together and tried to show you the truth of what was behind what they the left was trying to hide during this impeachment of Donald Trump what really was happening in Ukraine well tonight I'm gonna show you the other side I'm gonna show you the case made by the media and by the left we're gonna go through all of it and I'll show it to you and you're gonna see that maybe maybe there's something that doesn't there is just not quite right then because democracy dies in darkness is the Washington Post likes to say we are going to take on the media a month ago we were going through this chalkboard and we we talked about the media doing a few things we showed you how you have to make a case tonight as we take you through all of this I want you to keep this in mind is it in the national interest everything they were going through is it in the national interest this is what the White House and all the people that understand this story should be asking is this in the national interest and what I mean by that is was it in the national interest to find out if Russia tried to influence the 2016 election the answer is yes and let the chips fall where they may find out if Trump colluded with Russia to hurt the DNC candidate Hillary Clinton I said at the time if he did that if he was colluding with Russia he shouldn't be our president well we did these two things and I supported both of those two things because it was in our national interest now does the fact that the DNC currently is benefitting by a Russia investigation or this impeachment does it mean that we shouldn't pursue this national interest of course not but just because somebody benefits from it doesn't mean we stop looking at it that's ridiculous what kind of nation would we be we would never have lasted this long so if you agree with me on these first three then you have to go on would trump benefit from an investigation in Ukraine and on barrese meant in the Biden's absolutely positively but would he benefit any more than the DNC has benefited with the Russian and now the impeachment investigations no in fact I don't think as much okay you agree with me so far let's move on which is more which is more in line with America's national interest withholding us a US aid money four hundred billion dollars until the recipient country whatever country that might be investigates what happened to the seven billion dollars that we just gave them and they lost investigate was there any collusion to influence the US elections the government corruption their government corruption in collusion with our government collection corruption involving our State Department US intelligence NGOs us candidates oleg arts etc should we is it more in line with our national interests to have somebody saying I'm not giving you that $400 until you investigate these things or is it more in line with our national interest for a president or vice president to withhold and billion dollars unless the recipient country investigating those things the answers to these are very clear unless you just can't stand it unless you have a reason a visceral reason of visceral emotional feeling of I just want this guy out then this logic goes out I want to start here I want to start with OJ Simpson of all people Oh J Simpson is probably the most famous murder trial in American history at least in the last 50 years it was a train wreck from beginning to end and then the entire case boiled down to this the glove the bloody glove found the crime scene was it OJ Simpson's glove did it fit did it fit because if it didn't fit well you know the rest of that it's no disguise it's no disguise it makes no sense it doesn't fit if it doesn't fit you must acquit Johnnie Cochran's famous line worked he planted more than enough doubt in the mind of the jury and OJ Simpson was declared not guilty now somehow or another Cochran was able to get that journey and much of the nation to mostly ignored the insane year-long trial they threw out the DNA they threw out the shoes the footprints they threw they threw out blood in the guy's car because that didn't fit but that wasn't big evidence of anything the story wasn't bound up in a glove there was a lot of context to the double murder not at least of which was AJ's extensive history of beating up his wife but this became the symbolic moment that led to celebrations in much of the black American community did the glove really declare OJ's innocence at the time of the verdict in 1995 most black Americans thought so there was it was much more than just the flimsy evidence of the ill-fitting glove that made him innocent in their mind they wanted him to be innocent there was a stronger emotional and historic reason that he was innocent for many black Americans the OJ trial and the verdict was all about not simple guilt or innocent it was about the desire to see a black man finally stick it to the man and triumph over the system that's what that was about now 25 years after the verdict there's nobody looking at this they're just really looking at what really happened and who this man was polls indicate now that most Americans think that OJ Simpson was guilty after all in 1995 the glove was just enough to give people who wanted him needed him to be innocent it just gave them enough to go yep it's about the glove now people have absorbed the broader context of the narrative and everything that was going on and they understand the truth now there's a killer on the golf course mocking mocking everyone okay what happens if we let that same kind of emotion Drive this because this one's about all of us and our government the Democrats in the mainstream media the left have boiled down the Trump Ukrainian case to a glove that's it a stupid simple straightforward evidence to impeach the president it's a bloody glove he made the phone call and there was quid pro quo well wait a minute Biden had quid crop' pro as well you can't you can't narrowly focus on the glove because when you do it's not honest it's look the left is not honest with America the media is not and they are deliberately distracting you with the glove now tonight I'm going to explain those problems I'm going to show you the parts that the left is completely ignoring and I'm going to share with you an unbelievable string of lies in the second part of this you are going to see what the meat has done and you've never seen anything like it you never have you think the media is bad you have no idea but this isn't an effort to play Perry Mason for the president I want to make that clear flanked frankly some of the stuff when we're looking into it I don't know I really don't know is Rudy Giuliani a crook I don't think so but maybe but the left thinks that the glove is is enough to remove a president from office I don't think it is but even if it's not imp inte impeachable if Rudy Giuliani did something or Donald Trump did something great then let's impeach him or whatever it is but Rudy Giuliani in jail whatever it is but I don't see that evidence yet but I'm willing to go there but not at the expense of excusing everyone else I I want to do tonight with the left refuses to do and that is look at the story from all angles and ask honest questions let the chips fall where they may but to do that we have to start with the understanding of what their glove case is I have to take you out of this studio because there's way too many chalkboards come and follow me out [Music] now remember when I take you through the left glove the argument that they're using to convict the President and impeach President Trump I am NOT here to convince you that the glove doesn't fit it's vital that we understand what the left is doing what they're saying and see if there's anything to this because if there's crimes here let the chips fall where they may but we want to make sure that we're not just concentrating on the glove but the whole picture we have to ask the hard questions of the President and his people and the questions that the left won't ask of themselves so here is the LES glove case against the president in a nutshell the president directed his personal attorney Rudy Giuliani who has no official US government role to pressure Ukrainian government to investigate two things one the Democratic National Committee's interference in the 2016 US election and to Joe and hunter Biden's activity in Ukraine while the president was vice president all right the left central narrative is that there is an official US policy that is very supportive of Ukraine but that Trump used Giuliani to run a shadow policy that was all about digging up dirt on the Democrats specifically the Biden's to benefit Trump in the 2020 elections they kind of leave out all of the corruption that might have worried the president or anyone in the State Department comment withheld they do say that the that Donald Trump withheld four hundred million dollars in promised military aid to Ukraine until the Ukrainians agreed to pursue these investigations and announce them publicly now any decent crime story needs good villains and the left has their cast of villains and here they are you might remember some of these people from our last chalkboard but you haven't seen this guy who I think could be could be played by Joe Pesci and then there's Igor Froman I'm not the eager they call me i Gor they were clients of Rudy Giuliani who just got indicted and arrested earlier this month for breaking campaign finance law then there's then there's this guy yuriy lutsenko Lutz anko is the former prosecutor general of Ukraine and he's a good or bad guy depending on which day of the week it is for the Democrats he's usually down here on which this guy the the one this is the guy Joe Biden got fired and then this is the guy who replaced him and so all of them loved this guy until he started investigating things around this guy and then he was no good and so that guy got him fired and this guy replaced him now the Democrats hate both of them because they're they're really really bad you know he's a villain because he helped fuel the alleged delusions of Giuliani and Trump that's what they say then there's John Solomon John Solomon is a guy who I don't like to call a villain I like to call him a former employee of the New York Times a former employee of the Washington Post a former employee brought 20 years of The Associated Press now all of a sudden he's a bad journalist whose massive research is totally illegitimate because he works for the hill which is a conservative organization it is and of course the two biggest villains in this story are of course president Trump and Rudy Giuliani villains now the heroes Wow the heroes Joe Biden The Whistleblower the Ukrainian ambassador for the United States the State Department hand the new Ukrainian ambassador of the United States William Taylor so let's go through the timeline of the lefts case against Trump now first you will notice that it took us three chalkboards to do this for the the case for the president if you will this timeline is very condensed there's not a lot here and mostly just over the past year and a half this starts in May 20 18 these villains work quickly and they come out of the blue so it starts with Lev Parnas he's an American citizen he was born in Ukraine and what loved is he met with another villain this is congressman Pete sessions Capitol Hill even though he has white hair and so do i and so does Jeff sessions we all have white hair have you seen any of us together at the same time no could I be Jeff Sessions and Pete sessions anyway Lev and Pete met and they were ki SS ing and that same day sessions sent a letter to the State Department seeking the dismissal of our hero Marie Jovanovic now you're Marie Ivanovich is a sweetheart of a lady that the press and the State Department and the Democrats love now the indictment against harness and I Gore Al Gore and lev says that they donated twenty thousand dollars last year two sessions re-election campaign in an effort to influence sessions to help get rid of Jovanovic oh my gosh now every good crime story needs a few heroes and Jovanovic is one of those and I'll have more on her in just a second but also Harmison Fernan donated three hundred and twenty five thousand dollars to a pro-trump super PAC called america's first action it's bad the check exists how do you explain that I don't know the fact that they disguise the source of the money through their phony business global energy producers is also disturbing okay one for the left not good now an unknown person we don't know yet connects Rudy Giuliani oh that ah connects Rudy Giuliani not with I Gore walk this way he instead somebody connects these two Parma's then helps Giuliani connect with our next villain oh yes someone get him a white cat to slowly pet yes the former Ukrainian prosecutor general Viktor Shokan the one that Joe Biden bragged about getting fired but also he was connected with Yuri lysenko Lysenko who was the process general at the time so Rudy Guiliani choking and loose anko in December 2018 Giuliani talks with shokhin on skype in January of the same year Giuliani meets twice with Lou Sanko in New York City and then talks with Shokan a second time on skype then in February Giuliani meets again with lysenko in Warsaw Poland so lots of conversations happening with three three guys strangely all of them law enforcement you know attorneys strange I bet they had a lot to talk about well in March Lysenko reopens the verismo investigation now when you're opening this up it kind of kind of makes things fall apart just a little bit because URI reopens this but remember part of the president's phone call you know the beautiful phone call was that he wanted this reopened well it was already reopened Biden says this was just a politically motivated move orchestrated by Giuliani okay then March 26th one of the villains John Solomon posts an article where is John Solomon oh this evil guy he talks in this article that we have a bad ambassador who is doing really bad things including do not prosecute list oh my gosh this is so horrible the press has written to her rescue said that he has taken it back she never gave him a do not prosecute list never he said it the press is all over it we're gonna go to that here in just a few minutes hang tight now they used this to discredit Lou saenko the allegations of corruption and he was just fighting to keep his job during the ukrainian election and and he later reversed himself on that do not prosecute list now two days later March 28th Giuliani sends the State Department all of the files now remember the State Department is her boss and his boss State Department we of course love now he sends his research files and in those research files includes the notes from his conversation which he clearly was not hiding because he just sent the State Department notes of what these two talked about and notes on the burry smih Biden investigation so again if you're committing a crime boy these guys suck because they're telling these guys what they're doing also sent them information about ambassadors Jovanovic alleged interference the Giuliani file also includes some of John Solomon's investigative articles the combination of Solomon's article Giuliani sending his files to the State Department Lysenko reopening the verismo investigation kicks off the real conspiracy theory this is when the left says uh Rudy Giuliani with a candlestick in the library but on April 25th Joe Biden announces that he's running for president this is fantastic he's going to run now later that night we have our villain Donald Trump on Fox commenting on the claims that you Sanko had made and had been sent to the State Department now less than two weeks later on May 6th the Ambassador is booted out of her job she's fired in Ukraine days later when the left's second hero in this story begins the whistleblower he begins to say I'm hearing concerns about Rudy Giuliani undermining official US policy in Ukraine to pursuit from personal agenda of investigating the Biden's it's so weird because we hadn't heard about the whistle blower until she was out and the State Department was now thinking maybe there's going to be a change in policy well the good news is riding in to replace her is this guy William Taylor again who works for these guys the state department I know it seems like I'm saying that a lot oh but it's going to become very important soon so he works for the State Department not really for him because he has told the State Department if he tries to change anything that she was doing in Ukraine I walk okay just remember that fast forward to mid-july president Truong puts a hold on the four hundred million dollar aid Ukraine to Ukraine that Congress had already approved this is before the phone call the beautiful beautiful phone call now to senior administration officials say the delay is due to concerns about corruption in Ukraine but I'm looking at this timeline and I don't see any corruption I only see the corruption of these two maybe but what corruption the glove then the beautiful phonecall happens between President Trump and Ukraine president zalenski the most famous phone call since Rod Tidwell has Jerry Maguire to show me the money oh those days don't come back Trump allegedly said he would show zalenski the money if he helped investigate the Biden's risky business in Ukraine and announce it well this is what gave the left their their huge favorite phrase quid pro quo a week later August 2nd Rudy Giuliani travels to Madrid to meet with this guy who is this guy he's the new president of Ukraine his chief aide and advisor now that takes us to September 9th the current US ambassador to Ukraine William Taylor the guy who said I'm gonna walk if he does a chair well he sends the text message and he says in the text message this is crazy he sends it's Gordon Sanderlin who is the US ambassador to the European Union and Taylor says here you're withholding the Ukrainian military aid in exchange for a u.s. political campaign and that would be crazy and the European ambassador said yeah I know that's why they're not doing that I think you have that understood misunderstood but that text alone adds Taylor to the left lists of heroes up here now October 2nd remember with State Department was here what happened oh yeah Rudy Giuliani sent a big box of files of everything that was corrupt in Ukraine well the State Department didn't do anything with it but then the State Department's inspector general sent Congress the files Oh so finally we're gonna have some people look into those files right they submitted them to the State Department back in March and then they send them right over to Congress and Democratic Representative Jamie Raskin of Maryland do we need any more than Jamie I mean Jamie is a good guy or girl I anyway the only congressman to attend the briefing about this the only congressman the he was allowed to see it all and he said and I quote it's essentially a packet of propaganda and disinformation spreading conspiracy theories oh well if Jamie has seen it and the State Department saw it you know her boss and his boss well I'm sure everything is okay Jamie's trustworthy the left has enthusiastically promoted this as gospel ever since October 10 four men indicted for campaign finance violations including these two come with me I gore and Lev boom arrested with two other people connected again to Rudy Giuliani as they were clients could they be guilty yeah could he be guilty yeah last week October 22nd the current US ambassador to Ukraine remember I'm going to walk if he testifies before a House committee and he validates the allegation that Giuliani was running a shadow organization yes shadow policy in Ukraine remember that shadow policies in Ukraine the State Department says that's what he was doing he also validates that the military aid was withheld to get president szalinski to commit to the investigations but wait he's the same guy who said that over here and was told by the administration in the same email no that's not what's happening here but now he says it over here to Congress and who the glove seems to fit my friends that is the glove step by step the case to impeach the president the main keys in the case are that Rudy Giuliani and Trump conspired to remove Jovanovic as the Ambassador that they froze four hundred million dollars in military aid to try to get Ukraine to investigate the Biden's and during that perfect phone call with zalenski in July trump incriminated himself by spelling out the scheme the left has established each of the elements of investigating a crime motive needs an opportunity have to have all three of them well does this case motive yeah President Trump wanted revenge on the Democrats for the Russian investigation exoneration for the collusion charge and he wants to win re-election in 2020 boy he's got that one in spades how about the means well Ukraine contacts like Lev Parnas US diplomats State Department Justice Department military aid probably a few spooks here and there Giuliani himself oh boy he's got the means the opportunity how will he is the president he can pick up the phone at any time and call whoever he wants so yeah and Giuliani has done a lot of traveling on behalf of the president in the last year and a half it is his most important client so opportunity doesn't appear to be an issue either so they have all three elements and it's not a throwaway case it's not at all some of these things may truly be a problem we don't know because we're not allowed to see any more evidence you see just the Congress is smart enough to figure this out and the problem is as it has been all along that this is not the whole case this is the glove if it doesn't fit you must acquit right it makes for a really tidy narrative for a TV courtroom drama but it also probably leads us to a place where the guy who is really guilty is now out on the golf course you know what I'm saying this whole case is a little more complicated there are a few details missing from this timeline first let's look at January of this year here's January this is when Rudy is meeting with loose anko etc etc well Rudy did something else he requested a visa for Viktor shokan now this is the same thing that the Viktor and Lou Sanko had asked this ambassador and was rejected well now Rudy Guiliani comes and says I want a visa for this guy but the State Department denies the request why then Giuliani goes to the White House they sided with the State Department why well especially if you believe the president is trying to get information on Joe Biden from this guy you'd think bring him in but wait a minute if the Whitehouse helps him get a visa and he's just working to get so much dirt on the Biden's maybe the White House looked and said could be a bad thing to greenlight ashokan visit here to America to meet with Giuliani because then we'll be caught the only problem with that problem is that Rudy Giuliani and in January is trying to get him in by March he sends the State Department all the information anyway this was all out of the open so it kind of falls apart there it's not tidy another detail missing is the timeline on September 11th September 11th right here what happened there they lost the quo that's when the Trump administration released the military aid to Ukraine so since this case is clearly a case of quid pro quo we gave the Ukrainians the money and and and they didn't announce that they were investigating this but they didn't have to start it cuz they already were and they didn't get them a boy if that's true Donald Trump sucks at being a criminal first of all they're wide open second of all he didn't get anything for it he just released the money okay so is there a crime but the biggest thing missing from this timeline is the context surrounding the removal of the Ambassador because if you look at this why would they want to remove this ambassador why why why remove her is she the one that's blocking everything oh wait a minute she got canned because she was advancing the State Department's anti-corruption policies in Ukraine that's what they say and she was standing in the way of Rudy Giuliani conducting a shadow foreign policy that just wanted to investigate Joe Biden and Purisima maybe she is one of the heroes well there is a different perspective on her among the Ukrainian officials we talked to one of them on the show in the last couple of weeks and it's one that the left refuses to look into in fact the guy we interviewed was also interviewed by NBC News they told him that his testimony doesn't fit the narrative I think the line was go back and watch that interview but back in October 2018 the Ukrainian prosecutor general's office hired an American lawyer and briefed him on a few things one of them was a pending court decision in Ukraine that found that the Ukrainians had interfered in the 2016 US election on behalf of Hillary you see the only problem with this chalkboard is that it totally dismisses this chalkboard and it dismisses this chalkboard and it dismisses this chalkboard see this chalkboard starts in 2018 so the problem is you can't really understand the State Department and and this one Murray Ivanovich you you can't understand what's happening here why why well you can't understand it on the timeline that the media is presenting you actually have to go back to where we talked about on the previous chalkboard this is where Trump fires the ambassador he fires her right here oh and that happens after these two are prosecuted

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