Resident Evil: Afterlife Destined for Quick Video 'Afterlife'

Resident Evil: AfterlifeMovies Release Date:  September 10, 2010Rating:  R (for sequences of strong violence and language)Genre:  Action, Suspense/Horror, Sequel  Run Time:  97 min. Director:  Paul W.S. Anderson Actors:  Milla Jovovich, Ali Larter, Boris Kodjoe, Wentworth Miller, Kim Coates, Shawn Roberts, Sergio Peris-Mencheta, Spencer LockeWhy is that Hollywood insists on giving us one-dimensional stories in 3D? With very few exceptions, 3D has served as an excuse to tease audiences into paying more for less. Much less in the case of The Last Airbender, The Final Destination and now Resident Evil: Afterlife.The latest chapter in the Evil story, based on—you guessed it—a video game, reteams husband and wife Paul W.S. Anderson (writer/director)...

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Sep 13th 2010
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