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The Department of Labor has released the latest jobless claims numbers, and they have surpassed expected numbers, reaching 6.6 million. This makes it 10 million total in just two weeks. Will we be able to come back from this? Gov. Gavin Newsom admits he is looking forward to using this time to push a "new progressive agenda." At least he's honest. Stores in Vermont are ordered to close the aisles that have items that are "non-essential." Talk about government overreach! The Chinese city of Shenzhen announces that it has banned eating cats and dogs. Does this mean they'll eventually ban wet markets entirely? Unlikely. And host Sara Gonzales ends the show with a big announcement! the new jobless numbers are out from the Department of Labor and they're not good nearly 10 million jobs lost in two weeks is it time to panic yet also a Democratic governor admits the corona virus pandemic is a good opportunity to push a leftist agenda huh if only anyone was raising the alarm on that earlier also the state of Vermont orders big-box retailers to stop the sale of items the state deems non-essential in their stores what could possibly go wrong in Vermont we've got a lot coming up and it starts right now [Music] welcome to the news and why it matters I am Sarah Gonzalez today joined by conservative commentator grant stinchfield back in the house looking dapper as usual love being here and Yakubu Ian's jack-of-all-trades I feel like that's how I yeah I have to introduce you or I'll take five minutes to say all of the things that you're really good at so filmmaker extraordinaire yeah that is a really nice both of us are wearing outfits where we have to spread open the oh yeah what the shirt says it's true and really mine was just that I didn't want to change out of my pajamas when I came to work and I was like well this is a book by the way you can find this baby lives matter' shirt at blazed media shop blaze Mediacom I was like well this is a blaze media shirt so I have an excuse to just continue wearing the t-shirt on air so by the way you can find this at in my closet my many shirts that I never sold any of them I just mean I'll take one I should sell them those are great yeah I bet I bet we'll be getting comments now like tell me where I can buy one I'll buy one off your grant all along them it's right no I wasn't it now that you mention it let me tell people where they can find my shirts it's an important message defend America especially right now you're right the Department of Labor released its weekly jobs numbers today and no big deal guys it's just the highest level of jobless claims in the history of the country so nothing to see here you know there were 3.3 million almost 3.3 million I believe who claimed unemployment two weeks ago and that was by far the largest and now we've got another 6.6 million for a total of 10 million in two weeks and again again the previous high was 695 thousand in one week and that was 1982 but but so look this is totally different time totally different scenario we went from super great economy to super bad economy overnight I mean we just turned the faucet turn the faucet off yeah absolutely I mean we everybody knew that jobless claims we're gonna be in the millions you drive down the street every little store is closed of course it is Dow was up 400 something points that I was down yesterday it's up I've never seen these wild swings but no one's surprised by this this is this is not a situation where we've got a sick economy for a long time and these numbers keep building building building this was shut the faucet off and what do you expect but those numbers are gonna go falling all the way back to where they were as soon as we say okay everybody can go back to work and people are gonna be so hungry to get out of their houses hungry is it no pun intended go to restaurants go out go to the mall go buy stuff people will get their jobs back do you think all the jobs come back I think a lot of them come back I think it's gonna take a little bit for all of them to come back but I think like a snap of a finger a large majority of them come back okay that's the statistic I want to see right it's just because we are talking about a lot of medium income wage your servers are gonna get their jobs back when when water Berger opens back up the server's gonna get it so maybe not the same guy but you're gonna go get employed again what I would like to see is in the stimulus package to the corporation's they should it should if you look at it and we crunched numbers the last two days you should be able to see employment rising and even even above where we were because of some of the stimulus so there's a recovery it's gonna be interesting I think you level off in the long run I think you level off I think before November we're gonna look really good again on the economy just just look at the Dow if the Dow is up four hundred and something points on the day when it's announced it's 10 million jobless claims like it doesn't make any sense on a normal and a normal economy that should be but traders have already taken this into account this isn't a surprise to anybody yeah well I mean but when you look at the stimulus package that they passed and I I mean if Americans are out of jobs I don't see them going to restaurants yet to spend the money that they're getting right I see it I'm saving it and holding on to it so that they can make sure that they can get by so how do they put that money back into the economy because that's been my worry all along is well who's gonna be spending this money right now well I think I think you make a great point human nature is gonna take over again you know in that everybody is so close to phobic at the moment and they're going to they may dip into savings and then but I think just by nature life is gonna return into its a rhythm now I hope the rhythms changed a little bit because we were so pulled apart as a country hopefully this does unite us a little bit which I haven't seen yet but I think by nature people just get back into the rhythm of kids go to school I pick my breakfast up at you know chick-fil-a in the morning and so you go and I think just by nature you're gonna see spending happening and so there's another thing to consider here in all this to which is middle-class America that go to go to an office for their job and sit in a cubicle for their job many of those people are still being paid many people are actually working from home and I'll tell you in my situation I'm blessed I run trucks those are running do you know in my case I'm actually saving money I said to my fianc I said this is unbelievable we don't have to go out five nights a week to dinner to have a good time like we can stay home and just be right and this has been nice it's been like a whole new learning experience for me and I don't take that away from people that are really suffering and there are people that are really suffering but there is this other side of it that I look at my credit card statement it's not what it was before when I'm going out all the time but but it's not just about people suffering it's a great opportunity for families to get back together we're we've got families and you've got you've got a child so it's just about refocusing and retooling a little bit and say hey man the habits that we've had bad habits debt was through the roof as well you know especially millennial debt through the roof this is also a kind of a refocus mom and say maybe don't have to do this four nights a week or but they're gonna spend again human nature every they want to buy they want to spend I mean it's true in some of us not talking about myself or anything but I'm just saying maybe some people are bored stuck on the couch at home and like overspending on Amazon house QVC should be right I mean I really I was so bored the other night I was like someone needs to change the password on my Amazon account I'm just I'm buying so much I'm like why am I doing this I just I want I'm like I'm contributing to the economy it's fine we're ordering takeout through beruete Sand door - and all of these you know local businesses that are waving they're waving the delivery fees right now to try to help out these little didn't hellofresh and it's amazing because we're cooking yeah well right but my excuse is like well we got to help the local businesses look if I can help out the local contributing I call it my contribution to America bottle of booze did you buy way too many I have Christmas presents for years to come I want to get into gavin newsom gavin newsom the governor of california now we've talked extensively on the show i think probably when both of you have been here previously we discussed it we've climbed before we have but but but we've also talked about how the maybe this insidious kind of idea that leftist can use the corona virus to push certain agendas to take freedoms and liberties away from the people because they're scared and leftist I've seen oh good they're scared and they'll give us their liberties and freedoms for free we don't even have to do anything they'll just hand them over to us well gavin newsom interesting he was asked let's see if he saw potential to use the coronavirus crisis to push for the implementation of a new Progressive Era here was his it's a little bit long-winded but he eventually gets to the point here was his answer I see this quite substantively through that lens that equity lens looking at those folks that never fully recover you look at median wages for folks coming out of oh wait oh nine in the Great Recession that haven't fully recovered even today that are struggling and so what is going to happen to those folks in this current crisis and what's the opportunity to your question for reimagining a more progressive era as it relates to capitalism and I'm a capitalist I'm a small business owner I mean job creator well my customers are the job creators I'm beneficiary of their support and that helps build that demand that allows me to hire more people and so as a former business owner now governor I have had that experience and I have that appreciation of the importance of consumer confidence consumer spending in a vibrant middle class and so yes forgive me for being long-winded but absolutely we see this as an opportunity to reshape the way we do business and how we govern and that shouldn't put shivers up the spines of you know one party or the other I think it's an opportunity a new for both parties to come together and meet this moment and really start to think more systemically not situationally not just about getting out of this moment but more sustainably and systemically to consider where we can go together this historic moment if we meet it at a national level in a state and sub-national level so answer is yes so what I what I heard was like I'm going to distract you with this hand over here and then just sort of slip in this hand over here and you're not going to even see it because he started getting very long-winded about oh I love capitalism but to answer your question yes we really do see this as an opportunity to a push our progressive agenda long-winded misses by designed by the way yeah he does that two days and confuse and you know one's eyes glaze over and they stop it looks like such a nice guy talking oh I use a capitalist capitalist but we're gonna move to a new project what do you do for progressive agenda you're in California dude it seems like there's no new progressive agenda you've already ruined that state of destroyed at the cliff fall right off the cliff off the cliff yeah California and it's going to drift look are you saying what's the same for the Republicans and for us no no you know exactly what you want to do in this mode Benjamin Franklin right and I'm gonna paraphrase a quote and he says if you are willing to forfeit Liberty for safety you deserve neither that's California they have forfeited freedom for quote unquote government will keep you safe government will make sure you got a job got we know how to defend you Sarah do you know you get a forfeiture freedom that's California and it's because it guys like that they keep doing that kind of stuff I I was having a conversation with someone on Twitter which I know was my first mistake that's how all horrible horrible stories begin as I I was talking with someone like the hold my beer coming open beer watch this right yeah but he claims he was a doctor take that for what it's worth because it's Twitter but you know I was making the point that you shouldn't call the police on your neighbors for being outside if they're abiding by social distancing rules and this your video by the way it was it was a comment that my video is based on everyone needs to watch your video by the way Thank You Larry thank you thank you go to Sara Gonzales unfiltered on YouTube make sure you subscribe as well it's the latest video on their suburban moms versus the coronavirus and I would like to say thank you to the moms groups that I am involved in that gave me all of the material for that particular video but he said you know yeah you you can have the freedom to go outside but as a doctor we should have the freedom to be able to tell you to get out of our hospitals and I was like ah that's not how it works I'm not the oath you took buddy yeah thank you we go back to your oath for a minute well also I mean the way that this doctors Creed you and I and this guy's probably a liberal and probably wants health care for all yet he's okay with kicking people out of ha right right and I'm what but I mean the way that this virus is transmitted I mean you you would have no way of knowing if someone I mean you don't know if you got it from someone at the grocery store from someone in your household from something you have no way of knowing so you know then you've got the doctors who want to restrict people's you know right yeah yeah writers have always gotten into this business talk about guns they want ask questions of their patients of if you have guns at home what are your business is my doctor when you have guns in the home you want to poke their nose and everything well they play God now they play government know that how do you take a guy like that seriously though I mean I mean you don't know but I mean it's terrifying to think that there are doctors out of the agenda that's enough for sure that they believe that they that's there right now entitlement but but honestly what they signed up for right like any police office today when you marine today will tell you even if I'm out of Marines the codes the codes mean I'm gonna honor it they're so far removed from reality Sarah I mean it shows that I just I believe we're gonna turn this thing around and then it's gonna get real fun I'm telling you it's gonna be fun November 5th 6th 7th through 10th is going to be a fun week but the popcorn but do you think I mean you're saying Trump is reelected in this scenario that you're saying yes do you think though what happens if the economy does not come back is he still reelected are you asking me if the economy does not come back does that that it does that mean he absolutely does not get elected without kovat yes with kovat I don't know he's approval ratings pretty high on how he's handling covered which is why I think he there is some overkill from him but I think he's playing a really good defensive game at the moment saying look I'm gonna do everything so that the American people without question though I'm for your safety right I think he's still elected great this this is backfired on the mainstream media and the Democrats and though I believe Corona is clearly real okay I've come to that understanding but I watched the media deal in worst case scenario after worst case scenario after a worst case scenario they leave you with a feeling of doom and gloom like we're never gonna come out of this this is all by design same thing with Democratic politicians they pushed this craziness about Colvin 19 all in an effort to derail President Trump and his chances of being reelected that has backfired here yes Corona real yes it is dangerous but your quest to unseat President Trump you went down a dangerous road and now that's backfired on you because I think the president's doing everything he can and every reasonable person that I talk to even on the left if they can be reasonable even them say this is not the president's fault mm-hmm yeah come on and and I'll tell you that how I know when they know they've lost a fight is when they start picking the next one and now moving on to this well we got a vote online you know a mailer vote you get a mail in your vote they moving there already because they got a pin something on the guy I mean we couldn't make Russia stick we couldn't make an impeachment stick we couldn't make the virus stick to him what he caused it now all the sudden looks like we may pull through maybe we pulls through it it's just what then mm-hmm well let's push and extend this thing prolong it you saw the DNC moved there and moved a convention out and pushed it out I believe they're gonna try and push this thing out in the media as far as possible to where you get to a point where you almost have to vote by mail or something that that's what they want and then they want to play funny games all right coming up speaking of taking your freedoms and liberties and overreach of government Vermont's orders big-box retailers to stop selling non-essential items in their stores we will get into that but first you guys have heard me talk about my personal favorite coffee America's leading veteran owned and operated coffee company black rifle right now they are launching a coffee donation campaign to support medical and emergency workers quarantined military personnel and their families and others working around the clock to mitigate the national and global impact of kovat 19 coronavirus these are guys who they are constantly giving back to the communities they are constantly looking for the communities that need your help the most and they are focusing on those communities so for every coffee purchase on black rifle coffee calm right now black rifle will donate a bag of coffee or a can of its newly released ready to drink coffee to medical personnel first responders and service members now here's how you can participate go to buy a bag give it back initiative at black rifle coffee comm you purchase any bag of black rifles roast coffee they've got all sorts of different roasts my personal favorite is the double caffeine which is what gives me the energy to come in here and talk about coronavirus every freakin day you can also check out black rifle copy club which they deliver your favorite flavors to your home or I was gonna say office but no one's going into the office anymore so they'll deliver it to your home you're not gonna have to run out and go to the grocery store you can say self quarantined very safely with black rifle copy club and if you use my discount code you will even save an additional 15 no I'm sorry 20 percent off of your order you can purchase it now at black rifle coffee com /y if you use promo code Y you will get 20% off and you can help first responders right now pitch in and get delicious coffee that's a win-win for you black rifle coffee comm /y enter promo code y for 20% off Vermont's agency of Commerce and Community Development has ordered all big-box retailers now that's Walmart Target Costco those big name stores that sell you know a wide array of different different products they are to stop the in-store selling of items the agency has determined to be quote non-essential now this comes after many governments have decided people can only go out for non sorry for essential activities may not go out for non-essential activities one of the essential activities is obviously grocery shopping so I guess the idea behind this is only let people only allow people only give people the option of picking up essential items and they won't be tempted to buy non-essential items I'm not sure but stores must close aisles close portions of the store or remove items from the floor and only offer non-essential items via online portals telephone delivery or curbside pickup to the extent possible I feel silly asking this question grant because I feel like you're already know what your answer is going to be but is this an overreach of government what do you think yeah I mean this is outrageous this is another attempt to control people and there is no trust this is the difference between liberals and conservatives liberals truly believe that government knows what's best for you could service believe we know what's best for ourselves or our families I trust the people of Dallas where I live I trust the people with Burlington Vermont to go keep your social distancing go out I went to Home Depot the other day they got the 6-foot your bangs from going in ever no one was breaking the rules everybody was abiding by the rules to go in the Home Depot what is it their right to tell you what you can and cannot buy this is outrageous but again they're using it in a some respects I think this is a test of the public it's a test to see how will you comply will you just roll over the sad reality is I see a lot of people rolling over and it's no coincidence the Liberals roll over and the Conservatives say what yeah look you can't say it's much better than that honestly huge overreach and and how would you even determine what's essential while I'm sitting I think sitting yeah thinking about a diabetic yeah a diabetic drive past Walmart on his way to CVS which is allowed to go to in Vermont because that's essential and he goes listen I need sugar in my body right now he walks and he goes for my diabetes I need to get myself a candy bar a coke to go that's not essential serve right it's insane right it's insanity we started the segment with the California Governor saying this is a good opportunity for us to overreach now we're saying go Vermont Bernie Ville right here we go just to give a little bit of idea what this includes now this includes these specific items obviously not limited to these specific items but arts and crafts beauty supplies which I argue are essential not non-essential carpet and flooring clothing I mean you meet the clothes right consumer electronics entertainment books movies music furniture home and garden jewelry paint photo services sports equipment and toys I mean is the I mean obviously I'm government overreach it's government overreach but the biggest problem I see with this is everything that they're trying to do to limit it's so subjective I mean for me I'm like I have to entertain my son right like I need I need some sports equipment maybe because you're forcing us to stay in the house I'm not taking him to school I have to get him out and get exercise to me it's essential for my son's mental and physical well-being to make sure he has activities to do outside and no I'm not just gonna make him play with rocks so maybe I do need a baseball bat but I mean who is to determine that to be essential or non-essential in my particular life that's where the subjectivity is such a problem look yes but you're also in the same time asking every mom to become a homeschool teacher well yam and gotta go get art I went to the sky with the support phone cord I bought foam core boards the other day for a school project is all of a sudden I'm teaching if you see Chuck Woolery tweet you know the game show Chuck Woolery said there are parents everywhere now realizing maybe it's not the teachers fault that's a good awakening moment but look but these things contradict but they always do the left always contradict themselves I mean they're its overreach that's it grant you said it done that's the difference between between liberal and conservative in this country but Sarah raises the the the real heart of this point is the who decides in everyone who is whether we talk about what guns are proper who gets the guns where you're gonna shop how you're gonna shop when you can go to who decides and if it's a bureaucrat in some office building in some state capital that's not the person I want deciding from them right since were along the same vein let's talk about Bill de Blasio who New York City Mayor obviously who there's this big controversy going on right now in New York City over a Christian charity called Samaritan's Purse they have set up kind of a makeshift hospital would that be an accurate depiction and Yahoo's report right it's like a little makeshift it's a tent a little matrix a little to care for patients of coronavirus and people are pissed they're mad because well I shouldn't say people I should say the left the left is mad because it's a Christian charity and you can't let a Christian charity help because if they're Christian it cancels out any sort of help that they could be providing so leftist were very very up in arms but not to worry Bill de Blasio has reassured the panicked progressives that he will be monitoring them for signs of quote discrimination because you know they are led by Franklin Graham who hates gay people and when I say hey hates gay people I just mean he believes in the biblical definition of marriage look interesting to see how that gets rich which as as a flat-out self-proclaimed Jesus lover Christian on the show if I'm worth my salt any day of the week it means I love everybody and I treat everybody the same that's actually what our faith stands for it Samaritan's Purse I know them I've worked with them it's a great organization so the notion that the left wants to push in New York that a gay couple would show up at this hospital you need of Corona service and you're gonna say sorry turn away go no it's the liberal doctor that told you he wants close the hospital and kick people out right so that his organization is not going to do that well and I mean it'd be it would be interesting maybe if they had any sort of anecdotal evidence to show so they might do that they don't know no they don't krandall no they don't have anecdotal evidence it's offensive really and the only reason why they make accusations like that is because I think they would be the ones turning people away right if they're the ones running the hospital they're the ones turning oh you you guys around the blaze we're not letting you in the hospital this is how liberals act that's what the accuser does right right exactly these people for do with this in the middle of Central Park I mean it's sad that Central Park has to have makeshift hospitals in it yeah but I don't care if they're Muslims to set it up are you fine but that's but isn't that the real difference when you're looking at the true nature of the left versus the right is that you don't care because what you're looking at is the overall good and the help that people are providing what they're looking at I mean take Michael and oh and you know his my pillow guy right he's yeah he's he's manufacturing 50,000 masks transformed his pillow company into a mess totally transformed it so that he could help you know in this pandemic and all you heard from the left was I can't believe he got up during a press conference Donald Trump let him get up and actually talk about the Bible no that's all they took from it right and it's like you're willing to completely overlook all of the good that someone is doing because of a certain affiliation that they have this is this these are the same people that's defending Communist China these are the same people when we took out Soleimani mm-hmm say oh he's a national hero he equated him on this show to Elvis they defended a terrorist I mean they look if it's if it's if it's any one thing to needle the right with they'll do it they'll go there they will sell their grandmother if they could write to make a point they don't care there's no end to these folks right like I said California is off the cliff and they'll do it they'll go I mean that's despicable somebody wants to I don't care who it is to your point you want to help god bless you for helping who are is anyone to attack you from well you're not allowed to help I don't like what you stand for and it's bizarre because it's coming out of time where they're constantly accusing the president of not doing enough yet you know when you see someone who's trying to help no we don't want your help which how disingenuous is that right they're accusing the president of not doing enough Nancy Pelosi said they're gonna start an investigation more investigation of the president because he's not doing enough and nothing are you kidding me like do they not understand this backfires on them but the American people look at them and say stop yeah apparently not apparently not I mean it really is good I guess in some respects good I'm glad I'm glad they don't realize it well it's true all their own fate I mean they don't but you you have to wonder what are they paying attention to because you're looking at his approval numbers and as you guys mentioned earlier in the show they're higher than they ever have been during this handling of coronavirus there's nothing to indicate the general American public looks at president Trump's reaction and says he didn't do enough but what Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff take away from it is this is where we're gonna get them look this is where we're finally gonna get him Schiff Pelosi Nadler led them so deep into the woods they can't see the forest from the trees they don't know what's up what's down they are grabbing at straws they they're just throwing stuff they don't know they have no vision there's no peripheral perspective 30,000 foot view of where we are it's just attack Trump mm-hmm attack Trump you know somehow and in in you're right it doesn't work out for them but in a way I like it because it's the cookies gonna crumble they expose themselves yeah which in the end is what they've done over the course of the last three years they've exposed themselves for what they are phony fake frauds mm-hmm when we come back professors are now pushing back on the pandemic models they're saying hey guys maybe we should talk about what happens after the lock downs are lifted we'll get into that when we come back I like that phony fake brought Bob Graham baby fake you a recently posted op-ed by two professors now there is one from Carnegie Mellon and one from the molecular biology department at the University of Pittsburgh they are calling for greater honesty in pandemic modeling that's just what you want to hear when your economy has just gone down the toilet is that professors are calling for more honesty in the modeling that you used to a shut the whole entire economy down now they are saying that this modeling that we have used in America is too often concealing the fact that after lockdowns and other extreme social distancing measures are lifted the number of infections will go back up you're not obviously you're not getting rid of the virus except itself you're just extending the amount of time that it takes for the general public to develop a natural immunity to it it's just more of a slow spread I guess which is good for the hospitals I think is the the argument that you would hear but you know there at least there are there are professors who are saying this is just a delay tactic and that I believe is there their words not mine and they think it's gonna go up when we stop correct so so I've often said statistics when it comes to arguments statistics are like lampposts for drunks you can always find one to hold yourself up right and so I could point to another study done by two stanford university professors who said that because so few people have actually been tested have corona and have survived the mortality rate isn't a 2 to 4 percent th

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