Nearly 10 Million Unemployed in Just Two Weeks. Time to Panic? | The News & Why It Matters | Ep 505

The Department of Labor has released the latest jobless claims numbers, and they have surpassed expected numbers, reaching 6.6 million. This makes it 10 million total in just two weeks. Will we be able to come back from this? Gov. Gavin Newsom admits he is looking forward to using this time to push a "new progressive agenda." At least he's honest. Stores in Vermont are ordered to close the aisles that have items that are "non-essential." Talk about government overreach! The Chinese city of Shenzhen announces that it has banned eating cats and dogs. Does this mean they'll eventually ban wet markets entirely? Unlikely. And host Sara Gonzales ends the show with a big announcement!

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Apr 2nd 2020
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