Mark Levin: If We Don't Teach Children to Love This Country, We Won't Survive
00:34 "... a lot of plans for this country I know ..."
01:02 "... turn this country inside out and they've ..."
01:05 "... turned this country inside out even ..."
01:27 "... tearing this country apart ..."
08:05 "... into this country they're pouring into ..."
08:06 "... this country so that's the big lie that ..."
08:11 "... is people are not leaving this country ..."
08:31 "... than this country in terms of liberty ..."

The November #election2020 is SO important - and it's so much bigger than the candidates. Look at public education — that your tax dollars pay for — are children being taught the importance of this country, its freedoms, its liberty and justice? If a country doesn't teach its children to LOVE the country, it won't survive," says Mark Levin. We have a GREAT country — we ARE privileged to be living here! What country is better than the USA in terms of liberty, justice, & liberty? WATCH more Mark Levin:

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Jul 8th 2020
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