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#TheFly #MikePence #KamalaHarrispence pounces on harris but the media focuses on a fly the nba is thinking of removing black lives matter messages for next season and portland might end up with an antifa mayor we've got that much more coming up and it starts right now welcome to the news and why it matters i'm hilary kennedy i am filling in for the lovely sarah gonzalez while she is at home on maternity leave we have a really fun round table for you today i'm here with yaakov bullions host of the yaakov bullion show thanks for being back good to be here and also political commentator christian walker glad to have you here so happy to be here i've gotten to meet you i know so nice you're doing some traveling soon yaakov you've been traveling coast to coast so we're excited you've made the time to be here thank you it's good to see you again always all right so the vice presidential debate it was last night i know a lot of people caught it in case you didn't let me give you the rundown this was an issue-driven coherent political debate between vice president mike pence and senator kamala harris a significant amount of the media discussion and the reaction though it focused on a fly that landed on vice president pence let's take a look let's tell you this this this presumption that you hear consistently from joe biden and kamala harris that that america is systemically racist and that is joe biden said that he believes that law enforcement has an implicit bias against minorities is is a great insult to the men and women who serve in law enforcement and i want everyone to know who puts on the uniform of law enforcement every day president trump and i stand with you now i don't know if either of you were able to watch last night i'm sure most of you have seen the clip one way or another what did you think about the fly landing on mike pence you know really i just think it shows how pathetic the democrat party is right now that they're only talking points after the debate after we talked about uh coronavirus and a bunch of different topics that the only thing they can focus in on is a fly landing on vice president has had um i think it's cello i think it was funny for five minutes and liberals as always ruined the joke yep look these gentlemen that you got on your screen now that's going to talk i want to ask him has a fly ever landed on you right ever this is normal occurrence it's ridiculous to spend air time on a fly shows you that they know their candidate had a very poor performance the poor performance mike did great and maybe the fly christian just loved that silver fox right just love the hair matches it like a landing pad just love it it's ridiculous hillary come on he does have beautiful hair well some people took it to extremes like msnbc in their commentary we've got a clip of that i mean i don't think it's ever a good sign when a fly lands on your head for two minutes you know that's a that's a sign all through history of sin and historically biblically uh maybe you wouldn't normally say this after uh you wouldn't it's only safe to say this sorry after midnight but you know the a fly he who commands the fly has always been seen historically as a mark of the devil now i have to ask for the record are you joking because uh the fly could have landed on anyone yes but it didn't it landed on mike pence and it says something i don't hillary you know this guy's tapping into a world that i will defend like i will defend it to death okay shut your mouth because you don't know what you're talking about mark of the beast is triple six by the way buddy you don't read the word of god probably you know nothing about what you're talking about that flies landed on you a million times in his life probably it's insane there's slinging mud this is how low they'll go you want to know how low the left will go there's there's no bottom there's no bottom they'll go there's five feet of crap and they're under the five feet of crap that's how low they'll go okay maybe you hang out with the flies and maybe watch too many fly movies with that kind of a comment to come out man it's ridiculous mind you this is the same party that during the democrat national convention they took the word of god they took the word god out of the pledge of allegiance so i just find it a bit offensive that now they're they're acting as though they are the party of religion they're the party of god they're not right yeah it was very interesting they decided to bring religion into it at this point all right so msnbc also had a debate analysis and i want to play you a clip of that as well uh about the fly and i believe thing those were they were visually distracting and strange things um i don't think we need to dwell on them everybody knows what they were but um those were the oddities of this debate two weird things one thing something going on with mike pence's eye and that fly that nested in his hair quite comfortably for the length of an entire question um other than that it was like a visit to normal politics land which is fine and to be expected when it comes to senator harris who has been a mainstream democratic politician essentially her whole life even though she's had an interesting sort of rise to the place that she's in right now in the party but mike pence was visiting from another world in which the donald trump presidency is a normal republican presidency and he was defending it on normal republican terms um which sort of i think would have made for potentially a consequential debate if pence was describing a presidency that existed so uh rachel maddow was with nicole wallace and joy reid and after reid noted how pence apparently steamrolled the moderator anne harris which she said will hurt trump with women wallace said that the performance was flaccid and anemic which will hurt with men i i mean i think by most accounts even if you aren't pro donald trump or mike pence i think most people thought he he did well though he was very composed it was a very different debate than last time do you think they're just looking for any little thing to take the focus off of the fact that by most accounts pence did very well yeah look you could go to those very same liberal colleges that these people come from and go ask them in a debate who wins the debate and it's the one that holds the ground and doesn't get defensive right and who became defensive kamala harris became defensive pence was never as a matter of fact he complimented her numerous times on her accomplishments thanked the moderator like a gentleman which he is and i absolutely have had phenomenal conversation with the man that is him by the way on and off the camera he's an amazing human being he held his ground he looked like a statesman last night he looked sharp not just physically but he was on point when he got attacked he turned it right back to facts brought it back to center and i think i saw something like a little poll running that you know harris had more time than pence actually on the mic so for the record let's just get back there you know because the attack that he steamrolled and whatever no he just dominated within the rules and won the debate hands down and also i've seen a lot of liberals on twitter saying oh this is what it's like for a black woman to live in the white supremacist patriarchy i thought pence's behavior was extremely respectful he remained calm cool and collected and you know what this is why we don't exactly or i personally don't like people like kamala harris being nominated to run for vice president because if you're going to be weaponizing your race your gender your sexuality and distracting us from getting into policy i think that's irresponsible to the american people and i actually saw another msnbc report that said that a lot of voters thought it was a draw between the two and in my opinion that usually means that the conservative nailed the liberal and i think that's exactly what happened well they were reaching when they were giving their commentary we've got a couple of other clips i want to play for you where they described him again as being flaccid problem tonight is that vice president pence appeared flaccid and anemic and that's going to hurt him with men i mean the only people that they still had in their coalition after last week's barn burner from trump were the the sort of grievance voter that is a very vocal and animated part of the trump base does she know what a man is because she's probably one of the women that's emasculated men her whole life she's probably on the feminist train going i'm come on we're listening to people that they're talking out of holes in their ears here i mean they're grasping if they had to take their air time and talk actual policy they know they know what it would have looked like they would have had to say listen our player didn't do well tonight you know but they couldn't so it's flies and flaccid and his hair it's ridiculous well and i think a lot of people weren't expecting this abc news anchor george stephanopoulos also brought sexism into his analysis accusing pence of mansplaining listen to this because obviously mike pence is a former television commentator does have a very calm demeanor but i think a lot of people were noticing some mansplaining going on tonight i don't know i didn't see it that way okay so um like you pointed out jaakko two independent reviews of the speaking time revealed that harris had equal time with pence if not more uh ben shapiro said that pence's performance was effective which is why they assumed that pence actually spoke more um norah o'donnell cbs said pence was masterful and said you may not agree with what his administration does but in terms of his debating style he repeatedly did not answer the question that was posed to him in the record of the trump administration on over issues but they talked that it seemed like as you pointed out kamala was on the defense throughout the evening so let's get to undecided voters because undecided voters say pence won and harris was abrasive and condescending and we have a clip of this we're watching last night with the focus group what did that group think they thought that mike pence was the clear winner which was very different than what happened in the first debate they felt that pence was calm cooled and collected they had an issue with how kamala harris communicated and as i'm listening to them the tone and demeanor of the discussion last night was exactly what the american people want they go back and forth where they talk about where they stand but there's still some complaints with our undecided voters that they're not specific enough about the future that kamala harris spent too much time prosecuting the trump administration and mike pence spent too much time defending the trump administration they want to know exactly what they're going to do on jobs they want to know exactly what they're going to do in taxes and the number one question from them is what's going to happen with the supreme court will joe biden try to pack the supreme court mike pence did an outstanding job making that an issue yesterday and that is resonating in the minds of the american people today so lentz also said his focus group was more upset with harris's smiling smirking and scowling than pence going over what was perceived to be his time limit what did you think of her expressions because you couldn't miss him i think it was very clear that whenever kamala feels uncomfortable or she's on the defensive she makes clown faces she laughs and that was her the entire debate pence remained cool i didn't feel he was defensive whatsoever he made his um commentary he made its points very concisely and excellently and i think i mean i know undecided voters had to see that as well yeah look she carries herself and has always carried us up with a hotties like a haughty attitude right it's almost like a chip on her shoulder and she's constantly wants to defend herself and that's always the sign of an insecure individual that's a sign of somebody that doesn't feel like they're supposed to be at the table right she knew last night that she was outclassed and she probably knew it before the debate started because that's the eye rolls the smirks you know when you have a normal just a normal conversation a husband and a wife what happens when a wife starts rolling her eyes it's it's it's not good right it's not good she's not a good sign yeah yeah she's out of the argument she's about to lose the argument so kamala sorry man it was so noticeable we just have a couple of minutes but i i want to talk about the second presidential debate because now uh they've announced that it will be held virtually but president trump said he doesn't want to take part in this um they're saying it will be a town hall meeting but the candidates will participate from separate remote locations to protect the health and safety of all involved c-span steve scully will still be the moderator but trump said hey i'm not going to waste my time with this they're just trying to protect biden do you think he should agree to the virtual debate absolutely not anything to protect little dementia joe joe's been caught reading off a teleprompter before we you know there's conspiracies that he has earpieces and why should president trump have to debate with uh joe biden's staff no it should be a debate between them two and it should absolutely be in person they could do it outside 12 feet apart plexiglas whatever they need to do but a virtual debate is just ridiculous yeah i don't see the reason and of course they're going to say the man just had covet and i just want to say this you know for a 76 year old he was down for two days and he comes and he goes come on we can let's go let's go to work i'm ready to debate no no virtual debate put them in a room put them 40 feet apart if you want to bubble wrap you know joe if you want to you know put him in a hazmat suit but he's got to face the people with his own mind no support no aids nothing just come and face no bias moderator spoon feeding him the questions like last time right we want to see him go head to head in person that's what i do and i will say this someday that focus group i do want to see this as well the president needs to focus on the future and and play like joey's minor league you don't elevate a player to your level you play above him right don't even talk to him talk to the american people and tell us about the future because we're behind them the nation's behind them gonna be a good november all right well so we've got to go to break we have a ton more to cover when we come back but first i want to thank our sponsor home title lock so what does copen 19 have to do with losing your home a lot the fbi reported that since the virus struck cyber crime is up 75 and you know what it gets worse the legal title to all 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hall with democratic presidential candidate joe biden in miami that it was featuring undecided voters in attendance who would ask biden questions throughout the program but david rutz and colin anderson reported for the washington free beacon that at least two of these undecided voters had previously declared their support for biden on nbc news sister channel msnbc we've got a montage of this let's look at that welcome back welcome back miami and the town hall meeting with former vice president joe biden taking questions from undecided voters peter gonzalez has next question welcome to miami mr vice president um i was born in hartford connecticut and i've been living in coral gables for the last 20 plus years we get four more years of trump good luck and good luck with the future attracting younger voters let's go to ismail elliano who voted for hillary clinton four years ago but has voted republican in the past what's your question for mr biden mr vice president things uh you know that that that joe biden said during his speech that resonated with me was you know what defines america's possibility matteo gomez joins us now uh first-time voter came to the us from colombia at age two welcome spent a lot of time in colombia thank you lester for the introduction after watching the debate matteo gomez told us he really didn't feel like he got a whole lot out of it and it really did not do a lot to help him if you had to pull the trigger and vote for someone tomorrow how would you vote probably biden in this sense it would be one because just how unpresidential the whole entire debate was okay so additionally they unearthed pro-biden social media posts from two more of the supposed undecided voters from monday's town hall one of them on her facebook page it said pro america anti-trump and then another audience member cassidy brown reportedly retweeted a pro-biden account that attacked president trump for allegedly calling deceased military soldiers losers i mean do they think that america is dumb and that we aren't going to discover these things i just it's kind of mind-blowing mean i just i have to ask why do they feel the need to hide and tell lies to the american people unless they have unless they're hiding something unless they're hiding the amount of support that president trump has they're very nervous this is what you do when you're very very nervous what's the number one question and vice president pence was so strong is that common i wouldn't answer will you stack the court they stack the town hall debates [Laughter] they're going to stack the court they'll play they'll bend and break every single rule including the constitution of the united states by hook or crook okay this is this doesn't surprise me yes they'll stack the court this is pre-screened i wouldn't be surprised if the questions are being fed to these folks heck they he needed help from from a moderator they would spoon feed him questions this is again they're under here i told you you know they'll go as low as they can go now do you guys think that that the general american public is waking up to this and seeing that like hey wait a minute we are we are being hoodwinked i know i have super liberal friends in los angeles i live in la and i see even some of my most far-left friends are new trump voters because they see the amount of lies we're being fed they see that the left has just gotten too radical so i truly hope and believe and know of a lot of people who have opened their eyes to the lies yeah i just think they overplayed their hand this whole year yeah i think i think a lot of these decisions were made when cities started burning yeah it's a great point that's not america you know they don't want that well let's talk a little bit about covet because if you consume only the mainstream media and you follow only social media posts on facebook or twitter to get your news you probably think that the sole issue impacting the 2020 presidential election is the government's response to the pandemic cnn msnbc the new york times washington post nearly every other liberal leaning out they want americans to believe that the only things that matter in the election are that donald trump refuses to wear a mask that vice president mike pence failed in his leadership of the coronavirus task force uh not to mention his opposition to using plexiglass in the debate and that the white house is just a coven-19 cesspool but it turns out the issues american voters consider most important in the election are the issues that a gallup poll revealed as being anything but code but really the economy terrorism and national security education healthcare crime covid actually ranked sixth in their responses so the fact that the other topics were considered more important it doesn't mean that coronavirus is not a concern for voters because it did of course come in sixth place but when broken down by political party the results are not terribly surprising for democrats the five most important issues are healthcare coronavirus response race relations climate change in the economy but among republicans the top five issues are the economy terrorism and national security crime education and gun policy so if covid is not the main topic for the average american why do you think the media just keeps pushing it and pushing it if you listen to their list it's all feeling based their top five is all feeling driven it's feelings based nothing tangible nothing that actually moves life forward and feelings matter but it's all feeling you don't run an economy and feelings right and love is not a feeling and you don't fix a broken city by feeling right so it's all feeling based if you look at the top five in the conservative movement economy number one what's the number one thing that hurt through covet the economy right i just want to remind people if you want to think whether you want to fight biden or trump you want to go back to obama a friend of mine said this do you remember gas prices with 348 to 450 during the whole obama you want to go back to that that's what it's going to look like you're going to struggle as an american you're struggling now you want biden on the heels of covet you want an economic downturn to covet and now go biden you're going to go back to four dollar gas in this country this is what's going to happen right now that list is accurate it is economy first because that's how you drive opportunity that's how you reestablish communities you need economic upturn not to mention that the economy and terrorism and national security are some of president trump's strongest uh points to his administration we have domestic terrorists running around the country right now looting stores burning burning homes down breaking into people's cars uh and joe biden and kamala harris have discussed defunding the police americans don't want that as far as the economy president trump created one of the best economies in america's history and people want that back so do you guys think that the media is really missing out on an opportunity to focus on the things that americans actually do care about and want to hear about because i think most people not that they aren't still concerned about kovid but the economy is something that i think people would like to see more of a focus on i've learned in the last four years that the media really doesn't care about the american people they don't care about providing correct information to us they care about their own agendas so i don't think they're missing out on anything i think they're doing it on purpose yeah they're out of touch with the american hillary they're way out of touch and it doesn't matter to them that they're out of touch they've been successful in the past cramming down narrative into the americans throats and moving culture at will and then the culture stood up and said no more in 2016. and then now and then they doubled down and and then of course they lost control of their own narrative i mean they they're not even in control of their own party they don't even know what they're doing but they don't care about the american people right well we've got a lot to get to when we come back um we're going to talk a little bit about why the nba might be likely to pull black lives matter messages from the courts so you don't want to miss that but first i want to thank our sponsor keeps because have you noticed your hair isn't looking as full as it used to losing your hair is no fun so let's talk some options you can go to your doctor for a hair loss treatment prescription and then visit the pharmacy and try not to go broke just to avoid going bald or you can try keeps from the comfort of your lazy boy at home you'll get the same doctor recommended fda approved hair loss treatment but keeps offers the generic versions for about half the cost and one more thing that you'll love about keeps it is all online so you just answer a few questions snap a few pics of your hair and then a licensed doctor will review your info and recommend the right hair loss treatment for you and then it's shipped directly to your door why make unnecessary trips to the doctor and the drugstore when you can do it all from home so let me get you started with a special deal go to k-e-e-p-s dot com y for 50 off your first order of keeps hair loss treatments that's y y and we'll be back with more in a second nba commissioner adam silver announced on tuesday when the league returns to play next season black lives matter messages they will likely not be displayed on the court or on players jerseys as they've been this season he made the remarks during an interview with espn's rachel nichols ahead of game four of the nba finals in florida and during the interview he said despite the league being completely committed to standing for social justice and racial equality exactly how exactly that commitment is manifested is something that they're gonna have to sit down with the players and discuss so he said i would say in terms of the messages you see on the courts and on our jerseys this was an extraordinary moment in time when we began to see these discussions with the players and what we all lived through this summer my sense is there'll be somewhat a return to normalcy and that those messages will largely be left to be delivered off the floor now he didn't say explicitly that the messages were going to be removed due to a significant drop in viewership this year but he did admit that backlash to some of those messages from fans that it did play a role he said i understand the people who are saying i'm on your side but i want to watch a basketball game because the league has seen its viewership drop enormously through the nba playoffs especially during the finals the raids were down 20 in september and then 38 percent of fans said they're not watching because the league has become too political christian you tweeted about this you had some strong feelings about this tell me your thoughts um well i mean i tweeted something about lebron james and one thing i just have to note is okay the league could fall tomorrow lebron is going to have all his money he can retire he can retire gracefully what about the future of the league what about players coming up this is going to affect the league for years to come and it seems as though lebron and these leaders of this social justice movement don't really care about the longevity of the league i don't watch it i don't really care but i don't want to watch a basketball game with players who are displaying criminal rapists drug dealers people who resist arrest to the cops i don't want to see that while i'm watching a basketball game that's well said i feel the same way about broadway as well they've broken broadway in new york for the future young theater arts drama major who wants to go but here we here we go can we say placate a bit much a little impulsive here league now you want to walk it back and say maybe we need to have a discussion about how we handle this off the court yes because the athlete which i was once upon a time you're an entertainer that's your job entertain you're not a politician otherwise get out of sport

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