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15:53 "... joe biden led the house democrats 2021 ..."
20:25 "... march of 2021 we are talking about the ..." the house democrats pass hr one a massive election reform bill an awkward joe biden moment uh we're a little bit worried about him and more problems at the border we've got a lot coming up today and it starts right now welcome to the news and white matters i'm sarah gonzalez today joined by stuber gear host of student america i love that show yeah really it's really good quality show is it yeah i don't know i mean i i wouldn't say it's my favorite i'm gonna give it a go c plus yeah that's what we're going for exactly what we're gonna get uh also obviously joined by pat gray of pacquiao unleashed more of a b-minus kind of yeah i'd say okay so let's get into hr one which i know stu is very passionate about hugely passionate you know why it's number one it's the first bill it is that's why i'm going i'm big on this one uh it's called of course this the house stems bill it's called for the people act which just that in itself it's the opposite right should worry you when the house democrats are naming something for the people act so it's uh this massive election reform bill that will let's see it will create new national automatic voter registration that asks voters to opt out rather than opt in it will allow 16 and 17 year olds to vote it will put a ban on i'm sorry it will prohibit any states from banning mail-in voting and you and they have to accept the mail in voting for what is it pat ten days afterward uh and uh date of registration yes yes prohibits voter roll purging and bans the use of non-forwardable mail being used as a way to remove voters from rules can you imagine prohibiting voter uh purging okay people who are dead should still be on the rolls people who have moved out of state should still be on the rolls uh it doesn't make any sense they don't care they just don't care if you're a citizen or not they don't care if you should be voting or it also makes felons yes eligible to vote it gives the right to vote it also makes it uh is i think it's against the law to ask for a for an id yeah it bans voter id laws because i guess if you listen to the democrats minorities don't have ids i don't know if you're aware of that they can't get on the internet and they don't have id that's terrible yeah it's a tough quandary for him yeah so which is interesting because we just finished an election where if you said anything about uh the fact that democrats were playing games with mail-in voting and ballot harvesting and all that you were called a conspiracy theorist and now they're like well you know what we're going to double down on all these and just make them law it really is one of the more transparent issues that is solely about the benefiting democrats right like if you think about it like democrats are the ones constantly pushing for occupational licensing for like hairdressers you have to have a license to braid someone's hair yeah you don't have to need to have an id the cops called on them for having a lemonade stand yeah like that sort of stuff like they're they're the ones always pushing for that and i was like do you really need to have a license to braid someone's hair i'd sell lemonade and they're like uh you need a license for literally everything with the exception of the most important thing you do as a citizen right other than that you really we can't have people like selling fish tanks without licenses but we really got to make sure it's such a ridic i mean it's transparently obvious the only reason they they uh care about this is because it benefits them they know people who might not have ids who might be voting illegally who might be illegal immigrants coming in they know those people will overwhelmingly vote for them that is why they fight for these rules there is not one other little teeny bitty weenie bit of difference here they don't care about the uh they don't actually believe that the vote is being restricted against minorities they don't actually believe any of these things they only believe their vote will improve if they if they pass a bill like this which again will pass the house but has a negative one zillion percent chance of passing the senate right uh i mean which is true but it does give you an idea of where their heads at and what their what they're eyeing um in in the uh the years to come now i will say this is an interesting part the campaign finance portion of the bill um the federal government would provide a voluntary six to one match for uh candidates for president and congress so every dollar that a candidate raises from like just regular people small dollar donations the federal government would match six times over so your tax money will be will be funding campaigns at that point campaign ads campaign staff if that your tax dollars will will do that which again we have some of that already and we should have none of it uh campaign finance reform to my mind is uh basically unconstitutional in almost all of its forms um but yeah i mean this is this again you can't imagine that this has any chance of passing they're not going to get to 60 votes on this you can't pass it with 50. so there's basically no chance of it passing in this form though you could see a a form of this where some of these things go on that the senate would actually go ahead with like you could see susan collins and mitt romney pulling the trigger on something like that i don't trust them for anything yeah i mean but just to get to 60 you're really going to have to move it a lot are there targeted things they could try to do that could probably get them to 60 votes maybe but it would be way more limited this is just that aoc fever dream and an aoc fever dream has no chance of passing that as long as we they still have to have 60 votes in the senate they ever change that rule yeah we're in massive trouble right the filibuster's nothing i mean really it's the difference between complete disaster it's the only thing between us and disaster pat i saw that uh ayanna presley took the took the floor and said that 16 year olds actually were very mature and wise and that was why they should be included again like no one believes a 16 year old is mature and wise now there may be a individual singular 16 year old that is that is wise uh but it is not are you forgetting about the tide pod challenge remember when they did that cool thing the 16 year old and like this type of challenge people tide pods people bash it it's it's about the smartest thing that's happened on the internet in the last 10 years i mean the part where you're just eating poison is actually smarter than most of the things on the internet so i mean every like again transparently it's only because 16 and 17 year olds would vote for democrats there is no one on earth who think i mean we all know together that 18 year olds also don't know anything about this process it shouldn't be voted as a whole and and and don't have enough knowledge to vote for these things 16 you're just adding people to their voting roles they're just trying to win uh there's no principle behind it other than that it's just they want to win more easily and you know again they can try these things i don't think the american people would go for that i don't think the senate would be any chance they get to 60 votes unless they had there was a massive wave election where democrats were in the position of where they were in 2008 or better and that's really tough to do uh given the the red blue split of these states yeah but it's still the audacity of them to you know anytime someone questioned uh what what happened that like hey you guys were kind of gaming the system to make sure that you won this election conspiracy theory yeah right right every time and the audacity of them to just throw it in your face and say actually we're just gonna pat like we're just gonna pass all of this and make it federal law or i mean i get it they're not passing it but like we're gonna try right we're gonna put it on the books we would like it to be known we would like to put it on paper that we are trying very hard to pass this through just the audacity of it just drives me bonkers and there's like there's a huge difference between sort of the looney tunes theories that go around about like people like i think they've created little people that climbed inside of voting machines and are switching votes to hey the democrats sure got a lot of their wish list uh through before this election and it helped joe biden i mean look it did that's not a stolen election and at least the way i would tr i would say is a stolen election so an election is more like you're going in and you're changing votes making the laws that you know that go through and everyone knows the rules in advance but the rules just happen to favor it's like you know if you have but if they're changing the rules to allow for ballot harvesting i mean that would be you wouldn't consider that stolen votes i wouldn't say it's stolen i mean look if the person who is ballot harvesting is stealing votes that's a different story right i mean the ballot harvesting thing like you know it is that's the sort of uh negative term to put on it right um and i would by the way share that view that harvesting is is accurate it's way too risky right like there's a theoretical use for that right like in their case use would be like you have a nursing home none of these people can leave the nursing home they still are able to vote someone goes and collects their votes if you wanted to assign that to i don't know a a non-partisan election official right like you could theoretically make an argument that that might make some sense or maybe even just going to the place and setting up a ballot uh you know a ballot box there or whatever that we all know that's not the case though yeah it's like partisan actors go and take a bunch of blank uh ballots and start checking off boxes now they're like oh it's very difficult we haven't seen any uh there's not tons of evidence to support that well that's the whole point of fraud actually you're supposed to hide the evidence when you do fraud so obviously that you get caught you're bad at fraud the people who are good at fraud don't get caught that's how fraud works uh so i i don't know i mean like it's like you know for a very long time there was no evidence of fraud on bernie madoff either but eventually there was which is which is surprising because the democrats usually are not good at anything but fraud they've gone down very good about that they've got down fraud well biden before the election said that he had assembled the largest election fraud team in the history of the country and i agree with him i think he probably did yeah that's a great point they just had an election overturned in north carolina when republicans uh committed election fraud right like this actually happened and it was a republican this time you know anyone going this is why power is so bad in a centralized government you know people are very thirsty for it and they'll do all sorts of illegal things to get it your job as when you're when you're kind of making the rules like it's just like the sport it's just like sports you make rules uh to guard against people doing things that are illegal there are penalties in football to stop things that we don't we want to just you know discourage those sorts of activities obviously people still hold uh almost every play but it's if you just got rid of the holding penalties then everyone would hold all the time and it would be much much worse that's the that's the idea here and it's something that democrats seem to notice in other fields but again this is not about fairness it's about them winning yeah how long do you guys think that that the filibuster stays because i feel like it's just time is dwindling it's in peril yeah i'm nervous about it which is why you know stu is is correct in saying they're not going to get to 60 but they could at any time use the nuclear option yeah then they won't have to right um and they've done it before well yeah and they were warned hey guys remember this is going to come back to bite you and then he didn't listen and now it's going to happen again and of course they're not going to listen yeah i mean this would be really serious and i think like you know i think what it would take to for that to actually happen is um one of two things one a major event right like you know something like a massive mass shooting a terrorist attack something where they believe the action is so clear that we have to do x y and z and the republicans are just in the way you know you'll see joe manchin and chris and cinema switch on a dime on something like that or if they just see them as too uh too much um associated with just slowing the government down you know they're not even passing this giant stimulus bill we want to pass like they're always in the way and they're just trying to get in the way for for any reason i think the party of no yeah when they get when they if they can sell that to the american people they may very well do it and then it's free for i mean then we're in like literal disaster times i mean they will pass all sorts of stuff we that thing if it's the most important thing we have right now i mean i can tell you this the author of this particular bill said if mitch mcconnell is not willing to provide 10 republicans i love this if mitch mcconnell is not willing to provide he assigns them right ten republicans to support this landmark reform i think democrats are going to step back and reevaluate the situation there's a all manner of ways let's redesign the filibuster so the bill would have a path forward yeah i mean they're going to threaten that constantly and and you could see like joe joe i've said this before joe manchin kristen cinema you cannot trust them especially when they are noted when they need them for this vote they're going to say all the time oh i'm against this i'm against this i'm against that but the bottom line is at the end of the day they can come up with a way to to where it wouldn't be a full reversal we're getting rid of the filibuster completely for voting rights issues obviously we need no filibuster they'll find they can find ways around it it is a catastrophe if they do that that's why i was my big when the when the uh when the um impeachment was going on i was arguing they should just drag it out as long as possible call like fifteen thousand witnesses don't make they only have two years here until we have a chance to turn this around i don't care the guy's not even in office like yes impeach the guy not in office let's lock to everyone who he's ever spoken to did he go through a line where he was handshaking with people i want to interview all of them for five hours in front of the senate i need to drag it out until the end of eternity in my mind because you know look there was no cost to that at all it was the outcome was already done and we all knew he was going down would you be sad if they weren't doing business in congress unfortunately no one apparently no one agreed with me on that but i do think that would have been a good strategy i would i would have loved that i would have loved if they dragged that thing out unfortunately now we're at the point where they're they're starting to pursue these things and they're gonna get this 1.9 trillion dollars through it's at some in some form which is already damaging enough and then they're going to keep doing things like this over and over again yeah all right we've got more to come including an awkward moment from uh joe biden uh i don't think his team wants him actually taking questions from people but first we want to thank our sponsor omega xl if you are one of many americans you just live in pain and uh it really sucks and uh you're pissed off all the time at your spouse or your kids 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for free all you have to do is go to that is omega news get that second bottle for free right now at omega news back in a minute joe biden led the house democrats 2021 issues conference yesterday and there was an awkward moment on the white house feed at the end of the event he said that he was ready to take questions i'm happy to take questions and let's see how that went thank you thank you and i'm happy to take questions if that's you i'm supposed to do nance whatever you want me to do oh and of course we heard him saying na i'm happy to take questions and answer referring to nancy pelosi who was off screen and um no apparently the answer was no no questions please uh joe is done here i'm shocked i'm shocked well i think the most exciting thing tied to the story is the return of the nancy pelosi sucks pen which is in the store in the web store today for the first time in months go to nancy she does suck she signs impeachments with a pen just like this so you should get that at uh at nancy i will say uh watching uh this this video it again shows the discipline of the democrats that the republicans don't seem to have or want frankly i mean look we can criticize joe biden all we want this is the right strategy with joe biden keep him off of television i never see him say anything yeah i don't even remember he is president i i swear i hear more about donald trump than i do him he he has so like he should have given some sort of a speech by now or taken questions at a press conference or and and a very nice very nicely worded criticism of the white house which was like there are many ways to uh to see how engaged a president is with the press press conferences are one of them and by that measure joe biden is not doing a good job okay i mean that's the lightest possible way of saying that i love that but still i mean it's true he's done no press conferences he doesn't seem to be doing a major speech uh any time soon like to say like a a variety you know a state of the union sort of facsimile in the first year he's not doing that he which honestly well but yeah because they'd be better off letting him do a state of the union because at least he doesn't have to take questions i want to see him on his feet yeah i want to see him taking the questions i think he's in trouble i i think they know he's in trouble they knew it before and they're just still manipulating him and they're just trying to keep it under wraps well i mean the the cat is out of the bag we know that the guy's suffering cognitive uh dysfunction now he just is i mean what dan crenshaw said was amazing did you see his response to biden saying that uh texas has neanderthal thinking because they stopped the mask mandate dan crenshaw said well that's rich coming from a guy with low cognitive ability talking about neanderthals pretty surprising from uh from a us congressman but dead on the money and and they're trying to keep him under wraps with this uh one of the callers to my show this morning brought up an interesting point that when have you ever seen a president ask before if that's all right with you guys is that okay that is a great point can i do that is that all right yeah you just do it you're the president of the united states you don't ask for permission from nancy pelosi if you want to take questions take questions uh he he's but he's not in command no i don't well has he was he ever no no uh all right so speaking of the biden administration a large group of migrants were photographed earlier this week at the u.s mexico border near california wearing t-shirts that said it had the biden campaign symbol and it was asking them to let them into the country it says please let us in with an exclamation point on top of that so you know that they're serious because they did add the exclamation point they are all kneeling on the ground you know this is already on top of the problems that the biden administration has already had at the border with the unaccompanied minors in containers could we just call them containers maybe they're not cages now they are containers they do have kids in containers with bars on the windows the biden administration by the way i'm not talking this is uh march of 2021 we are talking about the biden administration not the trump administration kids in containers with bars on the windows as if they're in prison thank you very much separated from their family ripped torn ripped uh just separate and they they are i mean they're all screaming for their parents their mom their dad all of them which i mean you know really well because what we should be doing at the border is just whoever the whoever the kid comes in with just let them through let them stay together that they are who they say they are it's a smuggler and we know them to be really nice yeah i mean yeah what what bad could happen there uh but i do think that um they are they're gonna be in trouble here in a few months i think because there is this large influx of uh of migrants coming trying to come to the border seeking asylum what have you and we just heard yesterday that they are releasing covet positive migrants at least into the population the general population um so i think we're going to start seeing that we're also going to start seeing kind of the same problem that the trump administration ran into which was when you have a large influx of people you were not prepared to take you don't have a place to put them yeah yeah that is a problem and it's also a problem that a lot of their parents have been deported back to mexico or guatemala or honduras or wherever they came from and when they're contacted about their child yeah we'd like to get your child back they tell us no well what are you supposed to do then right yeah uh my uh son and daughter like to watch mr beast on youtube i don't know if you know mr beast um he's uh one of the biggest youtube you know personalities out there and he uh one one little episode they were doing was he opened up a mr beast burger and he put a big sign on the front that said free burgers and wouldn't you know the line was really long people came to get the free burgers and then he started handing the money through the uh through the drive-thru and they really like that too and they're like free money just kept going and going and going they couldn't keep up with the demand and it's like when you announce that the guy who was enforcing the law is evil and we're gonna reverse everything he's doing shockingly uh illegal immigrants are like you know what we might we maybe we should do is cross that border because biden is incentivizing us to come so you so are you saying they're kind of like magnets yes a little a little bit a little bit when they're screaming ali all y'all come free then it kind of encourages people to come on down i mean they do i am going to wonder if you know i think peter ducey has been the only person to really press really hard the biden administration but it will be interesting to see because i think that we've seen for the last four years a lot of people even in the media have really kind of been radicalized by the constant hammering of everything that trump did he's a xenophobe for doing this he's you know i can't believe he's not letting these people in and now you're going to see the biden administration do the exact same thing are they going to still be critical i'm sure there are a large number of people who will not be because it's just about a team sport to them but i do think that there are a lot of people who have really i mean they have like taken all of this in and internalized it and they're going to be very upset when they see this happening because they were just told for four whole years that that was the most inhumane thing you could do is throw these kids into concentration camps yeah i mean i don't it would be interesting to see if there's any intellectual consistency out of these people i mean to me what they think they're going to do is is carve out the little differences and say that's the reason why it's okay for example with the separation from their parents what they were complaining about one of the things they were complaining about with trump was that the parent and the kid would come across the border and they would separate them then right what's happening now is the parent and the kid are coming up to the border they're letting the kid cross the border so they're separate but they're separate before they walk across the border so then it's okay to throw them in a cage right like okay i get like there's a slight difference there and i get you know of course most people would guess the parent is probably crossing the border later on somewhere else and getting through is this a major difference that we should hang our hat on with policy you know no it's a it's a silly difference um and you know look it was never as bad as they said about donald trump um and uh you know they people like aoc will probably continue to hold that line and say it's the worst thing ever and it's literal concentration camps but i don't know if she's going to go that far she might not go that far she has been critical of it um but she just complains about everything i think is kind of her general standard um you know i i don't think that there is a a legitimate it was everything that trump did was automatically wrong so you you won't see you don't think we'll see consistency i don't think we'll see consistency here i think they'll just say that this is a different kind of okay yeah all right well thanks for the optimism still uh we've got a lot more to come first we want to thank our sponsor biltbahr who uh i think all of us at well stu can't say it because he's never eaten it but his wife tells him that they're great that's true we can all but pat and i can talk about how great they are personally because we're not vegetarians hey i guarantee i bought more built bars on either one of you 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