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Today on the show, a mainstream media journalist shows some rare courage. Also, Democrats are trying desperately (and hilariously) to distance themselves from Jussie Smollett. Finally, headlines claim that a middle school student was arrested for refusing to stand for the pledge. That’s not the whole story.there are there are a lot of good reasons to not be very excited about the fact that Bernie Sanders is running for president again he just announced today officially that he's running for president it's gonna make another run at it and there are plenty of reasons to not support his run he's a nutty socialist for one that's probably the main thing but his age also does matter okay age is not just a number age is a physiological reality okay it's it's not-it's not just oh age is just a number no no it's it's it's more than that it represents the the amount of time that you've spent on earth and unfortunately in a you know in a reality where only death and taxes are certain it means that as we embark on this inevitable unceasing march towards our own demise and as we get closer to it we start to break down physically it just it happens there but it's happening meat to me right now I'm only 32 it's happening already I'm already doing the thing at 32 where you you know you you walk into a room and then you you can't remember why you walked into the room or where you're looking for your phone and then you tell someone to call your phone and then you look at your hand and realize oh I was holding it the whole time so I'm or I'm already doing that at 32 Sanders is 77 he'll be 79 in 2020 so if you were to win the presidency which of course he won't but if he did he would be 79 at that point the average age of death for Americans is 78 which is actually a lot lower than I thought I thought we were in the I thought we were in the 80s but apparently were at 78 so just putting that in perspective that at 79 you're already on borrowed time statistically speaking at 79 you simply do not have the mental or physical capacity to take on the most demanding and stressful job in the world and and that's not sort of sign the insults just just just a reality of it look at you know I mean look at a picture of Barack Obama when he first in the office as a relatively young man verse when he came out eight years later or bore George Bush I mean you see what it did what eight years Minh the White House does to a person I mean it's like when you're in the White House you're on dog years basically every year is seven years of stress so if you know so George Bush went in in is whatever 50s he came out he was like eighty and so when if if Bernie Sanders wins the presidency which again he won't but if he did when he gets out he'll be two hundred and seventy five years old really so it's just look when you're seventy nine how arrogant this is my problem with it how arrogant and how power-hungry and just eat a testicle and self-obsessed do you have to be to run for president when you're 79 I mean just go home and retire go be with your family go fishing or something you're 79 but you're so desperate for power you you you you you cannot imagine existence without without power and pursuing more power and that's how desperate you are for it that you are that you will you will even keep younger and healthier people out of office just so that you can sit on the throne even if you die on the throne you just want to feel it you just want to be on it what kind of arrogance is that really just step aside already let it go go home the the Democratic you know presidential field is going to be filled with people like this people in their in their you know older people and they're set in Joe Biden Bernie Sanders who knows maybe Hillary Clinton will run again just people who can't let it go already go home and enjoy the rest of your life that's my problem it's it's arrogant all right so things I want to talk about today I don't wanna spend a lot of time on Bernie Sanders well we'll move on from that already the media you know likes to to credit itself with having courage journalists like to pretend that they have a lot of courage but I think that courage is is actually the probably the most wrongly attributed and least often actually demonstrated virtue in modern society so in other words it's a virtue that we're all we're always attributing to people and to actions but very often we do so wrongly and it's kind of rare that we act that we see real actual courage so for instance a journalist who stands up against Trump Jim Acosta doing one of his show a little things at a press conference taking it to Donald Trump now these they might get credit for that from other people in the media for being courageous but that's not courageous because you're doing something that everybody else in your profession will agree with and admire you for so it doesn't mean that you shouldn't stand up against politicians and powerful people if you're if you're a journalist you should do it the way Jim Acosta does but in general in principle that is a good thing to do I'm just saying that when the when the politician is a Republican and you're in the media well right or wrong you know that when you take him to task all of your friends and and all of your colleagues are going to agree with you so it doesn't take courage to do it but a journalist standing up against other journalists okay well now that takes courage which brings us to Laura Logan who was a reporter she was on a podcast called Mike drop with retired Navy SEAL Mike Ritland this weekend and she's a reporter I believe for CBS during the course of that discussion she called her own profession to task and she's began a lot of attention for this over the last day or two I think rightly so let me just read a couple of a a few of the lines here from her interview some of the things that you said you said the media everywhere is mostly liberal not just in the US but in this country eighty-five percent of journalists are registered Democrats that's just a fact no one is registering Democrat when they're really Republican so the facts are on the side that you just stated most journalists are left or liberal or Democrat whatever words you want to give it how do you know you're being lied to how do you know you're being manipulated how do you know there's nothing there's something not right with the coverage when they simplify it all and there's no gray there's no gray it's all one-way well life isn't like that if it doesn't match real life it's probably not there's something wrong she's saying so for example all the coverage on Trump all the time is negative that's distortion of the way things go in real life because although the media has historically always been left-leaning we've abandoned our pretense or at least the effort to be objective and she goes on to talk about how the media has become political activists and she and you may even use the word propagandist she uses she says now none of that is news to anyone right but I think it's worth paying attention to well number one because when somebody in the profession is telling you this then you know it's true because she's got no reason to say this if it wasn't true and also it takes guts and integrity for someone in that world to say it see when you actually risk something when you put something on the line when speaking truth will cost you something something real something tangible when you could actually be tangibly palpably hurt in some way by spy speaking the truth well then that's when it's courageous to do it so good for Laura Logan on the other end of the spectrum so that's what courage looks like a fortunately a rare example of it but let's look at some examples of cowardice which is something in far greater supply we have a surplus of cowardice in our culture and so we have a very cowardly display from Democrats and a lot of people in the media who are trying to play clean up now and trying to save face after the smollett thing blew up and humiliated them but they're not doing a very good job of it for instance both Kamala Harris and Cory Booker you may remember when the news broke about about about Jesse Smollett with when the fake news broke when he came out with his with his whole made-up story within hours Kamala Harris and Cory Booker both came out and they both use the exact same phrase they said it's a it's a modern day lynching as a phrase they use they called it a lynching and they went on to talk about how this is hatred and bigotry and so on and so forth but now suddenly now that the story has shifted Kemal Harris said Cory Booker that now there become now they're getting more cautious and they want to be more thoughtful and they want to make wait for the facts to come in so let me show you this is a clip of Camilla Harris when remember what she said she originally called it a a a modern day lynching but then yesterday she was asked again about small it kind of a follow up like hey what do you think now and this is what she said which tweet what we are about saying that it is a modern day lynching that sorry Jesse small in okay so I will say this about that case I think that the facts are still unfolding and I'm very concerned about obviously okay so she's very flustered there and by the way that shows you you see there it shows you that Camille Harris as a Liberal Democrat she is she is not used to being challenged at all by the media and she is not at used to being asked difficult questions which this shouldn't even be a difficult question this is just hey you made this comment two weeks ago more facts have come out what do you think now so it's not even if it's uneven telling a gotcha question it's a very fair basic question that as a politician she should absolutely be prepared to answer but she wasn't prepared to answer that question she didn't think she be asked it because this is the media right they're supposed to help her you know there's they're supposed to be friends with theirs they're supposed to be her friends her PR team and she was asked that question she was she was flummoxed um Booker was not quite as flummoxed but just as cowardly here's here's Booker's answer when he was asked to follow up on his modern day lynching phrase well the information feel coming out I'm gonna withhold until all the information actually comes out from on the record sources okay so both of them now are saying well well well let's let's let's wait let's hold off let's wait for more facts to come in I just want you to appreciate the irony here when no facts had been it there were when there were no facts when no facts had come in when we knew nothing and there was no evidence of anything either way both Harrison Booker were ready to call it a lynching and go into a whole spiel about hatred and bigotry but now that there are facts now they don't want to say anything so when note and when no facts were in they didn't want to wait for the facts and now that we have a bunch of facts now they want to wait for more facts before they say anything else right okay meanwhile like we talked about yesterday the media is so trying to back away from this and a plate of public lips on the show yesterday of the media doing their own kind of Camilla Harris impression and sort of stammering and yammering and trying to find a way around this tried to explain that no really they were they reported this fairly all along you know they they weren't you know Hollywood celebrities and maybe politicians okay they jumped on the bandwagon to world but not the media no we we didn't do anything wrong we were we were you know we're the courageous truth seeking fact-finding journalists and we could never be guilty of reporting fake news no fake news that's a that's an offensive slur that Donald Trump use that that's that that's it's not fair we we don't engage in fake news that's what they're claiming but I thought it could be worth while before they stuff their own reporting down the memory hole which they're attempting to do right now it could be worthwhile to catalogue some of the headlines from the days immediately following the attack so I ought to give you a brief sampling just so we remember you know how they how they really did handle this despite what they're claiming now and so I'm not gonna read you tweets from celebrities and politicians these are reputable news outlets and these are some of the headlines so from from the first few days after the supposed attack so this from CNN CNN Headline empire star jussie Smollett attacked in possible hate crime and there were identical headlines that could be found in The Hollywood Reporter and deadlines in other places now notice something that's it's it's sort it's not very subtle but it's a little subtle because the word possible is in there but look at where they put that qualifier of possible empire star jussie Smollett attacked in attacked in possible hate crime so there's only uncertainty around the motivation it's a possible hate crime but the attack itself is reported as fact you know there's a there there's a big difference between empire star jussie Smollett possibly attacked in hate crime and Empire Star justice Millette attacked impossible hate crime there's a big difference between those two headlines and the media knows that the New York Times says Jesse Smollett star of Empire attacked in what police call a possible hate crime yet again now this is this is totally intentional okay it's it's it is manipulative it is completely intentional when they are making this headline they know that most people only read the headline especially in this day and age of social media and everything people are just scrolling down social media they're seeing the headlines and they're getting input their impression of what's going on so even if they use more cautious wording in the text of the article it's the headline that matters and there's a conscious decision here to not put a word like possible or alleged or reported or suppose it or whatever in front of attacked because they want you to think that that was an actual effect the AP this was their headline Jesse Smollett strikes emotional chord attackers won't win now this headline could have been written by small it's just hired defense attorneys this is just pure propaganda pure PR for for justice Millette and the word alleged appears nowhere in the in the in the headline it also appears nowhere in the text of that particular article by the way from from Variety Chicago PD's seeking persons of interest in justice Millette attack manager was on phone during incident yet again no alleged no indication of of any kind of skepticism just reported as fact Forbes headline Empire actor Jesse's mullet issues statement after a vicious attack I'm okay now this one I love because the folks over at Forbes they knew they had to put some kind of qualifying word in front of attack right they needed something there they couldn't just say attack so they were thinking should we put alleged there or possible or report it or mineral let's put vicious in front of it so this is what this is what the media does now consider consider for a second how these headlines would look if a conservative let's just take a very similar kind of incident but change the politics around a little bit and the racial dynamics so consider how the headlines would look if a if a conservative Hollywood actor like let's say Dean Cain okay what if he claimed that he was jumped by two liberal black men in Elizabeth Warren for president t-shirts who were shouting leftist slogans as they stomped him half to death and imagine that he that he said that this this suppose an assault happened in Huntsville Alabama Warren country as the attacker supposedly shouted as they were stopping him and there are no witnesses of it there's no footage to confirm the story but that's his story it is inconceivable that CNN or the New York Times or the AP would publish headlines like this if they reported the claim at all it would be conveyed with extreme extreme and warranted skepticism and we all know that of course and so it gets redundant after a while to point it out but I think we do have to point it out and we do have to keep pointing to the truth as the media tries to bear it bury it alright enough about Smollett here's a wresting story out of Lawton child's middle academy in lakeland florida the story that you may have seen yesterday again if you're just reading the headlines the story was that a middle school kid a sixth grader was arrested for refusing to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance before school and that was what was going viral in social media and everything that a kid was arrested for refusing to stand for the pledge but and and and by the way yet again when I was on Twitter I saw all kinds of people posting about this story or you know just retweeting a headline they had headline and some from some news outlet about how a kid was arrested for refusing to stand for the pledge and you know people retweeting the headline with a little caption saying how insane this is and I thought this is America and blah blah blah it's like people never learn or I mean how many times we just went through this with the smollett thing how many times we have to go through this before people learn you you need to read the story for yourself you cannot come to any conclusions at all based on headlines if all you've read is the headline then you should not be saying anything about the story publicly you should be posting about it you should be retweeting it you shouldn't be offering your opinion because you don't know anything about it all you read is a headline and the headlines can be and often are and are at this point almost certain to be misleading how is it that people still don't understand this because with this story if you would just read actually click on the stupid little headline and read the article you'll find that there is more to the story the kid was not arrested for refusing to stand for the pledge that is not the story that is not true let me read a bit from Emily zanotti story in The Daily wire so as a sixth grader in Florida was reportedly arrested after he refused to participate in a class recitation the Pledge of a move a move which escalated into a confrontation with police and school officials according to local news sources media and Lakeland Florida reported that the 11-year old a student at a Lawton child's middle academy called the flag racist and described the national anthem as offensive though the national anthem was not being played at the time a substitute teacher who was minding the students class reportedly asked the student why if it was so bad here he did not go to another place to live they brought me here the boy replied according to a statement taken by the school's resource officers the teacher reportedly retorted well you can always go back because I came here from Cuba and the day I feel I'm not welcome here anymore I would find another place to live at that point the substitute teacher called the called the office noting that she could no longer deal with the student the school's dean of students reportedly tried to calm the student down but after asking a student to leave the class 20 times to no avail the Dean called in the students school resource officer so this is a police officer that's on campus to deal with these kinds of things the school resource officer then intervened and asked the student eggs at the classroom and he refused and the student left the classroom eventually and created and other disturbance and made threats while he was escorted to the office according to the arrest affidavit the student was arrested by the school resource officer because he refused to follow multiple commands he repeatedly called school leaders racist and was disruptive they said he threatened to get the school resource officer and principal fired and to beat the teacher eventually the student was placed under arrest okay so that's the whole story now here you could still disagree and say he should have been arrested it shouldn't be dealt with that way that's fine but he was not arrested the thing on the arrest affidavit is not gonna say refuse to stand for the pledge that's not the that is not the the crime that was committed that's not a crime that's not what he was he was arrested because he was basically begging for it now of course the mother has come out and complained that her poor innocent innocent son is a victim you know come to his defense and everything which is very different from how my mom would have responded when I see all of these parents you know rushing to the defense of their of their unruly disruptive kids I all we always just had to scratch my head because that is not how I was raised at all that is so foreign to me as a parent now and thinking back to my experience as a child if I had I mean if I had refused to listen to my teacher which I I did that plenty of times when I was a kid I must admit but if I had refused to listen to my teacher to the point where the school resource officer had to be called in and then I still refused to follow the instructions that I was given and then as I was being led away forcefully because I refused to leave the class I threatened to physically assault my teacher and I was arrested for it I could tell you my mom would not be on camera crying crocodile tears of sympathy for me I could tell you that right now neither with my dad I would I would be facing whatever the legal penalties are and school penalties and then I would go home and I would face even worse penalties that's what would have happened to me but this of course is what part of what makes the job of teachers so difficult today is that they have to deal with these awful kids and they're terrible parents who will defend they're awful kids no matter what they're awful kids do and it's it's it's it's it's well awful and again as a parent myself I don't even understand that instinct like well you know my kids are younger but when we leave our kids with a babysitter or something like that because my wife's gonna go out for a date and I go watch a movie or something and if we ever come home and we get a report from the babysitter that our kids were being unruly um disobedient disrespectful that is going to make me very very angry and they are going to face severe consequences you know on the few occasions when we've come home and the babysitter has given us a bad report my first instinct as a parent is not to say oh no my little baby never would do that it must be your fault you're being mean too much of my precious little babies no see that's not my first dancing my first instinct is to believe the adult okay does that make me a bad parent my first instinct is to side with the adult over my kid because they're adults and I know how kids are I was a kid myself once so when I hear a story about my kid being disrespectful I think yeah well that's that I mean I know they can act like that sometimes I've seen it myself and it's totally unacceptable and so then what will happen is I will apologize to the adults for having to deal with that and then I will get my child and make them apologize here's a here's a news flash for this precious little snowflakes mom if if a kid is being told to leave the classroom he needs to leave okay if your son is being told to leave the classroom he needs to leave he doesn't get to refuse it's not up to him he's not the adult he needs to respect his elders see at this point it's not even about the pledge it's not about respecting the pledge or the flag or the country it's got nothing to do with that now now it is about listening to and respecting the adults that's all it's about it doesn't matter how he feels about the pledge doesn't matter that's fine doesn't want to stand fine but he was asked to leave that that substitute teacher was put in charge of the class for the day your son's not in charge of the class your sixth-grade son's not in charge the teachers in charge that's the adult and you as an adult should be should be backing up the other adult in the situation who you have entrusted your child to see by sending your kid to school you have put other adults in the position of watching your kid and and dealing with whatever outrageous behavior your kid decides to engage in so the least you can do as a parent is have the other adults backs don't send your awful kid to school and then they act and then the in and then they behave terribly and so not only are you you know are you inflicting your awful kids awful behavior on other adults but then you're but then you're on camera you're on TV calling for them to be fired over it it's your fault that your kids acting that way teach him some respect he doesn't get to do what he wants he doesn't get to shut down the whole class bring everything to a grinding halt force everyone to deal with his temper tantrum you know I saw this plenty when I was in school these these kids that would they would get upset at the teacher for whatever reason and whether they're right to be upset or not right it doesn't meant that makes no difference but then they're asked to leave the class because they're causing a disruption and they refuse to leave and they just sit there and they won't listen and so now everybody has to stop what we're doing we have to stop learn English to stop everything we're doing to deal with your kid doesn't that embarrass you shouldn't you be embarrassed by that as a parent see if I was the parent I would be humiliated I would be so embarrassed the last thing I would want to do is be on camera if there was a camera I put a paper bag over my head and try to rush to the car so that I wasn't caught on camera I'd be so embarrassed that my kid was doing that and you know what wants to get real big if the kid wants to act big act like a big boy and start threatening start making physical threats okay you know once you start making physical threats uh cops not gonna mess around with that especially these days I don't know maybe you've watched the news and you've seen the stories about school shootings and stuff like that violence in the schools yeah guess what if you make violent threats in a school to a teacher or to anybody else and there's a school resource officer there your butt's gonna get hauled away to jail that's what's gonna happen because they're not gonna mess around with that they're not gonna take any chances and they shouldn't again this has got nothing to do with the Pledge of Allegiance as far as the Pledge of Allegiance go you know I I it's it's a totally separate thing and you know as it happens I do kind of have an issue with the pledge but again that's that's totally it's it's it's got nothing to do it's a completely separate issue because this is about respecting elders and doing as you're told as a child but you know there are aspirin here's the thing even though it's totally unrelated now that I'm on the subject here's the thing I don't like about the pledge there's really just one line in the pledge not only and I know these days the people that there are a lot of people don't like the under god part no I like that part that part is good there's one line in the pledge I really don't like and that is indivisible with liberty and justice for all now I like liberty and justice that part I like that's good but indivisible see I I disagree with that I don't think the country is indivisible I think that's incorrect because I believe in states rights so the state of Texas for instance is not owned by the federal government it is not owned by the collective it is not an indivisible part of the United States it has the right or it should have the right I believe personally to leave if it wants to so at the very least the idea of an indivisible country is is controversial I mean we fought a war over it for goodness sake it is not a universally accepted thing yeah we have our kids stand up and say indivisible without encouraging them to think about what that means and whether or not they even agree with it because that's it again that's an opinion and not a not a universally held opinion that the country is an indivisible whole and it cannot be divided up so at the very least if we're gonna have our kids stand up and say this every morning they should be encouraged to think about it and to be and to be you know to be analytical but anyway that's that's beside the point the real point again is do as you're told as a child in school finally before we get to emails okay I almost forgot this I got to talk about this I need to show you something and I want you to prepare yourself because this is very disturbing all right I was I happen to swing by the grocery store yesterday I went to giant supermarket and as I was walking in I was immediately greeted by this look at this picture now I want to leave this picture up on the screen for a bit because I want you to really soak this in okay that is a robot that you're looking at right now that is a robot called Marty the robot I read this I'm not kidding I really this was at the grocery store and it moves around the store if it's it's got it's on wheels you can't see the whole thing in the picture I took but it is uh it is I was afraid to approach it on this I don't know if it's gonna you know zap me with a laser beam or something but it is it's on wheels and it just it moves around the store this robot I was in the produce section I was trying to find avocados of course because I'm a millennial and the thing was blocking the avocados and I'm like robot please get Marta excuse me so it moves around the store looking for shoplifters and if it finds a shoplifter it shoots anthrax in its face no actually that's not technically correct it's it says that there's a little sign oh it says that it's looking for spills to clean up but I swear this thing followed me around the store with it's huge dead googly eyes look at those eyes you're staring at the apocalypse folks alright the end of all things this is how it ends first they're cleaning up broken jars of mayonnaise in Aisle 12 and next thing you know Marty and his robot camp a tree 'it's are enslaving mankind so beware all right let's get to some of your some of your emails you can email the show Matt wall show at gmail.com Matt well show at gmail.com this is from cheerily cheerily I think is how you pronounce the name great name by the way says I love your show he listened to all all the episodes yours Andrew Michael and Ben in the morning on my commute to work I would there must be a long commute by the way I would like to thank you and the others for doing what you do and helping me get through my day from dealing with health care being a write to the Mary Poppins books being racist because the chimney sweep is doing blackface in some fashion you guys keep me grounded in sanity thank you seriously thank you I hope you have a wonderful day god bless thank you Cheerilee for watching all the shows in your commute or listening to them anyway hope you listen to them and not watch them if you're driving this is from Jared it says it seems that you are an effing idiot seems seei I appreciate that little so you hedge your bets a little bit there seems that I'm an effing idiot seems but looks can be deceiving Jared this is from Dustin and says hi Matt just listen to today's show I like you am on the fence about the death penalty I would hate to be in a position where I had to make such a decision either as a juror or a prosecutor however a part of my concern about the death penalty is that it actually costs more to execute someone that it does to incarcerate them for life trials where the death penalty is sawn also cost more a quick Google search will net you at least a few scholarly articles on the topic thanks for all you do get with the good work yeah that's true Dustin the people people death penalty opponents will trot out that fact qu

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