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Alexandria Ocasio Cortez claims that we’re running concentration camps on our border. Is that true? No, of course not. We’ll discuss. Also, the Huffington Post publishes maybe the most horrifying article I’ve ever read. Finally, is it really a good idea to tell kids that they can achieve anything as long as they work hard enough? I don't think so, and I'll explain why.are we running concentration camps at our border that's what Alexandra okay so Cortez claims and we'll take a look at that claim that rather a stupid claim here in a moment but first I want to tell you about big token big token is a new app it's pretty cool I want you to you should check this out because it's a new app that lets you share data about yourself your interest your habits and then get paid for it the getting paid for it is the highlight here because right now you already share a lot of ton of information with tech companies and they're the ones who make money off of it so what about you this is your information you should be getting paid that's what big token comes in here's how it works first you download the app you sign up for a free big token account have done it myself very easy to do they walk you through the process take just a couple minutes next you complete actions to earn points so actions include answering surveys checking 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b.i.g Tok en that's one word download the app and sign up make sure to use my referral code that's Matt Walsh again search big token in the App Store or Google Play download the app use my referral code matt walsh to sign up claim your data and get paid okay now let's try to get ourselves caught up to speed on this our friend Alexandria Carroll Cortez was doing one of her iconic Instagram live performances where she just rambles incoherently about whatever subject happens to pop into her head and in the course of that of that spectacle she made a rather startling claim listen listen to this the United States is running concentration camps and that is exactly what they are they are concentration camps and if that doesn't bother you I don't I like we can have okay whatever I want to talk to the people that are concerned enough with humanity to say that we should not that never again means something and that the fact that concentration camps are now in institutionalized practice in the home of the free is extraordinarily disturbing ok now this isn't really the point but personally my favorite part of that clip I thought the the part where she is the most eloquent is is this part right here if that doesn't bother you I don't I like we can have okay whatever I'm gonna talk to the people very profound profoundly eloquent she truly is the voice of her generation but more to the point I suppose she says that we are sending immigrants to concentration camps and she says never again concentration camps never again now any reasonable person hears that an immediate immediate Lee knows that it is a Holocaust reference Jews were sent to concentration camps and never again has been the mantra among the Jewish people and among all people the world over saying we're never gonna have another Holocaust right that's that's everybody knows that you say concentration camps and never again you are evoking the Holocaust period very clearly but of course it's inappropriate and absurd and hyperbolic and manipulative and exploitative and and and any other words you could think of to compare immigrant detention centers to Nazi death camps so people react to day Oasys remarks negatively they're very critical of it and aoc true to form being the brave warrior for truth that she is responded by lying and claiming that she was not referencing the Holocaust and that's not what she meant and just because you're talking about concentration camps doesn't mean you're necessarily talking about the Holocaust which is technically true right I mean you can have if you want to look up the dictionary definition of concentration camp it's not gonna say a Nazi death camp technically there are other concentration camps and and it doesn't necessarily refer to that but when you throw in never again it's pretty clear the the comparison your tried to make aoc followed up with a tweet saying and for the shrieking Republicans who don't know the difference concentration camps are not the same as death camps concentration camps are considered by experts as the massed attention of civilians without trial and that's exactly what this administration is doing it's kind of funny to heat the hear AOC accuse anyone else of shrieking considering she's the most streaky politician in Washington right now but never mind that now in one of the weirdest displays I think I've ever seen left is spent the day on social media yesterday trying to parse sort of the difference between concentration camp and Nazi death camp claiming that AOC was talking about concentration camps which are just places for the detention of people without a trial and not Nazi death camps but this is obviously ludicrous for a number of reasons first of all everyone knows as I said everyone knows what comes to mind forget about dictionary definitions for a minute when you say concentration camp if we're playing a word association game and I say concentration camp you're gonna say Holocaust or Nazi or Hitler that's that's why people that's the associate association we all make and that's precisely why people use the phrase concentration camp in a context like this because they're trying to evoke that imagery and the emotions that are associated with it that's why she used the term because of those associations second as I said she said never again that's an explicit Holocaust reference third if concentration camps are just places where people are detained without a trial then the county jail is a concentration camp right the drunk tank is a concentration camp security at the airport is a concentration camp we've really made the term into something ambiguous and innocuous which is not what the left wants to do they want to they want the term to retain the Holocaust associations and they want you to believe that there is a holocaust happening down at the border that's their point it's just that when they get called on it they look for a back exit because they know they can't possibly offer any rational defense for the claim that we're running you know Nazi we're doing a Nazi like operation down on the border so here's the real question putting all that to the side however you characterize these detainment centers which is what they are and I think that's the most straightforward way of describing them they are centers of detainment places where we detain people so however you characterize it if you don't like that if you don't like what we're doing what should we be doing in your mind as it stay right now we have detention centers or detainment centers that are used because there's a flood of people coming across the border some are sneaking across some are claiming asylum well we can't just let them all waltz into the country and then go about their merry way and backing up for a second this is another difference between what we've got going on and a concentration camp because people people are choosing to come here knowing what's going to happen knowing that there's that there are detainment centers and that's where they can end up maybe people come here this is their choice generally a concentration camp is is well-liked within Nazi Germany the Germans went in and they rounded up not they rounded up people they rounded up their political enemies they rounded up Jews and and anyone else that they wanted to kill or get rid of they rousted them out of their home and they put them on train cars or buses and they brought them to these camps that's not what's happening here these are people who come to us their own choice they don't have to come they could turn around and go home anytime they want do you think people in concentration camps have the option to just say yeah you know what never mind I'll go home if you have that option you're not in a concentration camp so again what's the other option and even someone's applying for asylum while those claims need to be processed and investigated and during that period before the Asylum is approved or not approved what do we do with the asylum seeker we can't send them home because because that's where they're trying to get asylum from right they're trying they're trying to leave their home okay so they don't want to go home we can't just let them go because then we'll never see or hear from them again and then there's no point of the asylum process because they'll get a de facto asylum just by disappearing into the interior of the country so what's what option do we have we have to detain them while we process the claims or if they're sneaking across then we detain them while we get ready to send them back and how do we detain them a lot is made over the separation of families at the border but we don't have the facilities to give entire families their own little homes their own little cottages to live in while we sort everything out and as a matter of safety you don't want to throw a bunch of kids in to the same detainment facilities as as you know as a bunch of unknown grown men we also don't even know if the kids who are coming across with with the adults really belong to those adults they don't always there's a lot of human trafficking and stuff that happens at the border as well so there are a lot of complications and that's how families end up getting separated is it nice is it pretty I guess not but I honestly don't know what the alternative is I've never heard anyone suggest an alternative I've heard a lot of people complain about the situation as it stands right now but I've never heard a better suggestion I've never heard someone say okay here's what we can do instead because as I said just letting them go that is not a plan that's not a strategy but I've never heard a plan if your issue is just with the conditions of the camp's if you claim that the conditions are not up to snuff then okay then complain about that call for better conditions but AO C and the other leftist they seem to be taking issue with the with the whole practice of detainment itself yet again they don't offer a better solution it's like I mean think about actual prisons now the stuff we got going on down at the border those aren't prisons but but as a different example if you think about prisons the whole idea of a prison is kind of grim and ugly and and not ideal right I mean in an ideal scenario you wouldn't have any prisons because you wouldn't have any need for them you're locking people in cages not letting them go outside except for brief stretches and they're you know they've got people men with guns trained on them at all times it's not a fun thing but but but what's the other option I mean it's very easy to walk into a prison as is horrible but you got all these people locked up and chained up and this is a terrible okay yeah it is kind of horrible but what's what choice do we have just let the murderers go free make them promise not to do it again yeah that's not gonna work you see when someone goes and commits a serious crime they put us as a society in a lose-lose situation because we don't want to have prisons we'd prefer not to have them no one has prisons are not fun things but we also can't let this person go because they're a danger to society so they're the ones they create a lose-lose situation where there is no great option and you just have to make do and deal with the situation and that's what they they're the ones who do that by committing the crime it's the same thing on the border when people flood across the border into our country even if they aren't murderers or whatever else the fact is they are creating a situation where there just isn't any perfect or even very pretty way of handling it they're doing that so we can only handle it the best we can we should always respect their dignity as human beings because we should respect everyone's dignity as a human being but we also have to enforce our laws we have to do our due diligence and we have to process claims when the claims are made we have to do all that stuff it's really easy to complain about this but suggesting solutions is a different matter and and by the way I'm not dogmatic on immigration personally I'm not one of these people who thinks that you know every single illegal in the country right now should be rounded up and deported regardless of circumstance we need to build an 80-foot wall across the entire border like the Great Wall of China I'm you know I'm not I'm not that hardline I mean I'm I do believe in protecting the border and enforcing our immigration laws don't get me wrong but I'm open to any and all solutions personally I'm willing to have that discussion but the problem is that left is for the most part don't have any ideas they don't have any Salette don't offer anything they don't bring anything to the table they just complain and you know they they come basically their argument with immigration much like their argument with with with many other issues is essentially just to sing the John Lennon's song imagine they'll imagine there is no war imagine there were no countries imagine there's no violence imagine they just just at all it's just terrible trite stupid song that is very little redeeming about it but that's alright but that's not an argument it's like yeah we could imagine that that'd be great McGann it would be great if we didn't need detainment centers it would be great if the whole world could live in harmony with one another holding hands and singing Kumbaya and all that I mean that would be fantastic but it's not the reality that we live in and so we need to the reality is that we live in a world with countries countries that are not all the same and often don't get along and so we need borders and it just so happens that the country to the south of us in fact that whole region to the south of us is not in good shape and there are a lot of there's a there's a lot of chaos and anarchy and drug cartels and violence and human trafficking and all this stuff and so we have to be very careful about who we let through and then when you end up with floods of people trying to barge their way in we've got to take them detain them and figure figure it out not ideal but that's the way it is all right what else let's see here well three female athletes in Connecticut are I just want to mention this briefly because in Connecticut these three female athletes are filing a discrimination complaint against the policy in the state that allows biological males to compete against girls which is something we've talked about many times up there in Connecticut and they're saying that this robs them of metals and that they should have won and it's discriminatory and they're against it and they're completely right of course that's completely accurate there just is the case that they make it III mean thank God that this is happening I've been waiting for for someone to step up and file a complaint like this and to force those who support the idea of putting this crazy insane idea of setting putting biological males in female sports those people should be forced to go to court and defend that idea because it is indefensible the case that these girls are making is a rock-solid indisputable case there is no argument against them as I've said plenty of times in the past I have never heard this this is the fascinating thing about this subject is that even though you have these these laws now across the country and you find this increasingly the situation where boys are put in with girls and sports because they claim to be girls even though this is happening and it's so common now I have never heard a good argument for it it's kind of like the immigration thing I've never heard anyone suggest an alternative well for this I've never even really hurt anyone even tried to defend it I don't even know what did what what the argument in defense is I've never heard one aside from just well these boys say they're girls and it would hurt their feelings if they came that's not an argument that's not even close to an argument and because we can we can just get rid of it immediately by saying yes but then all these other girls who now can't win because the boys their feelings are hurt and so you've got a lot more hurt feelings on the girls side so that's not good enough you've got hurt feelings first hurt feelings and there are a lot more hurt feelings on the one side so that outweighs it you got you got to come with something else you get because then your next argument has to be well yeah but the boys you see their feelings matter more that must be your argument and that again that's not an argument that's just nonsense there is simply no good reason to allow this and there are a lot of good reasons not to so I'm very glad that we're seeing this alright let's see here's something else that we we talked about this last week and we we talked last week about the sexual ization of children right that is going on especially by leftist their agenda to sexualize children to normalize pedophilia and this is a theme that i talk about frequently something i've been warning about for years i didn't plan to bring it up again this week but i saw this article in The Huffington Post and I just can't ignore it I I have to tell you about it because it's so I mean I wish I had noticed this last week when I was talking about this because this is this is Exhibit A right here okay here's an article in The Huffington Post allegedly a prominent and respected publication the headline is our pride parades kid friendly parents say children can handle the kink children can handle the kink that is that that is a sentence written in the headline of an article and I've imposed children can handle the kink now if you ever find yourself making that argument if you ever find yourself in a situation where you are sincerely making the argument that children can handle the kink that here's what you need to do you need to go to NASA and you need to ask if you can board one of their rockets and then ask them to shoot you directly to the moon you need to deport yourself I don't know if it works that way down it now I'm not sure if they'll but at least try I mean this is what you you need to get to the nearest rocket ship and just deport yourself to the moon or really any by any any heavenly body that is not the earth because you don't even belong on planet earth if that's if that's your you just there's no place for you here I'm afraid let's read a little bit from this article it says each year in the blaze written by Briana sharp by the way Branagh sharp is the one who thinks that children can handle the king car well she says parents say that children can handle the kick each year in the blaze and if you're a parent arguing that your own children can quote handle the kink then you just need to go to prison because you're an abusive disgusting horrible parent and your children are in danger because of you each year in the Blazing Sun of the Pride Parade and Nelson I guess this isn't Kenna pegye I don't know that pegye Wren is the name here and her two young grandkids seek shade under the spinning rainbow Paracels ran a semi a semi-retired sex therapist told HuffPost canada the Paracels were a magical find and have come to symbolize the importance of this event for her family blah blah blah blah blah she says I can't imagine a safer place for families to bring children but then the article goes on to say anyone who has been to a parade has likely seen the procession of leather animal costumes kinky costumes in every hue and more skin than is normally exposed in public now it's interesting to hear them finally admitting this because usually when you accuse pride parades of being overly sexualized Affairs where there's people dressed up in bondage gear and stuff like that because that's what she's talking about usually when you say that they'll deny it and say what are you talking about you're crazy it's just a pride brain people are just coming out and kids are there they're waving flags it's just it's it's just you know it's no different than any other parade it's perfectly family-friendly but here they are admitting that yeah well there's more skin than what you'll normally see and yeah there are people dressed up in bondage gear but or dressed up you know in leather animal cut let's be clear about what that means by the way leather animal costumes and other kinky costumes quote unquote so those are people who have a sexual fetish for pretending to be an animal and then they engage in sexual exploits with people who have fetishes of copulating with animals I mean that's that's what that means that's your fetishes to pretend to be an animal and you're with someone who likes to be with people who pretend to be animals I mean this is this is sick gross stuff that no person should be exposed to let alone kids and then it goes on to talk I'm not gonna write actually I can't I was my plan was to read from this article I can't do it because it's - disgusting but suffice it to say that they they go on to justify having kids they're saying the kids can handle it writer educator and publisher s Behr Bergman told The Huffington Post Canada there's absolutely no reason not to take our kids to pride it's a fun day there are a lot of bubbles rainbow streamers and enjoyable performances and bondage gear it's there right as queer spawn and as a parent I might want to take my kids to pride because they might be lesbian gay bi trans queer or two-spirit queer spawn that's when you call your kids what in God's name there's a line here at the very end that I need to I just need to read then it will just be done with this if I can find it so here it is Bergman says first of all nobody likes nakedness more than children and we're just gonna you know what I'll just I'll just I'll cut it off right there because that's the argument that this Bergman is making about the quote queer spawn he's saying that well children you know children love being naked children the no one no one loves nakedness more than children no one loves nakedness more than children children can handle the kink okay these are the arguments being presented these are the arguments made by pedophiles these are pedophilic arguments these are arguments for pedophilia I mean it's right there in front of our face they're not even trying to hide it anymore guys they're being very explicit about it you've not yet you've now got gay activists I'd yeah sure you got bondage gear and all that kind of crap at the bribe oh yeah bring the kids as a they they love making this and they can handle the kink that's an art that is a pedophile argument so when I say that the left wants to normalize pedophilia I'm not exaggerating this is not fear-mongering this is not a conspiracy theory this is just literally what they're doing I'm just telling you what they're doing and we have to decide if we want to put up with that or not let's see one other one other thing I wanted to mention there's an article in Time Time magazine that I found interesting the headline headline is we tell our kids that hard work always pays off what happens when they fail anyway and I was ready I saw this article online and I was I was ready to laugh at the article when I first started reading it because it sounds like the typical you know oh the poor kids what happens when they start to fail well you know you tell them get back on the horse and try again right I mean pretty simple but the point that the article makes article written by by Rachel Simmons it makes the point that we we stuff a lot of positive mindset propaganda into our kids heads we tell them they can achieve anything if they work hard enough we tell them that positive attitude and hard work can accomplish any goal we tell them that they can do whatever they set their minds to and so on they can be whatever they want to be when in reality that isn't true right now the author Simmons gets into a lot of identity politics stuff talking about minority students students and discrimination and bringing like that sort of thing into it but which things that I think are irrelevant to this issue because this is not a rate she makes it into kind of a racial thing I don't think it's a racial thing at all but if we can put the SJW stuff to the side the central thesis is correct it important that people actually cannot achieve anything they put their mind to sometimes you you can really try very hard and still discover that you just don't have what it takes to do whatever you're trying to do I mean you can give it your all practice makes perfect blah blah blah and at the end of the day discover that you're still not good enough I that does happen it happens everyone I mean the average person could practice day and night from the age of four and still by the age of 19 or 20 not be nearly good enough for the NBA because only a very small fraction of all basketball players will ever make it to the NBA and those are the people ever in the NBA right if you make the NBA all those people worked hard they all are hard workers they've all been practicing since the moment they could walk they're all determined they all have ambition they've all got that but the ones in the NBA they also just have natural skill and ability and talent they they have something else that even if you practice as much as them you might never have or you could put all your heart and soul into math and science and never get a job as a NASA engineer you could try really hard to be a writer and still never write anything that's any good I see that sometimes with people people will send me emails you know asking how I got into writing and working in media and doing whatever it is I do I don't even know what I do but sometimes people will ask sending emails or how did you get into that and they'll tell me if they want to get into a two and they'll send me links to the blog that they've been updating every day for the last five years and the YouTube channel they've been vlogging on every day since 2016 and they'll show me all the hard work and effort they put in a day that you tele did they've been working at this hard for a long time and which is admirable but sometimes I'll look at it and it's very clear to me that it's just not good unfortunately it's there they're just not good at this and even after all that time they're still just not good at it and so they're not ever going to be successful doing it because they're not good enough and that that's also an important reality that our kids need to understand it is able to simply be not good enough for something because you're not going to be good at everything and sometimes what you want to do doesn't match up with what you can do and that is a really important lesson the way to be successful at anything in my mind is is to be undeniable it's not just to work hard it's to be undeniable to be so good that you cannot be denied that you will absolutely get a spot on the team will get the job grow the audience whatever it is you're trying to do you're undeniable you cannot be denying you are so good at it you are you are you're better than most everyone else trying to do it that's how you succeed be undeniable that's the key to success but hard work is not the only ingredient necessary and being undeniable you also need skill you need talent you need a certain Flair for whatever it is you're trying to do you need to be good in essence and what if you aren't good what if what if you'll never be good at the thing you're trying to do what a certain point need to realize when to move on I think it's kind of like you know I like to fish I'm a I'm a I'm a big fan of fishing and it this is a mistake you can make as a fisherman or or as an angler is the politically correct term to use as an angler a mistake you can make is it's almost there is a mistake in fishing where you could have too much patience like if you want to if you want to fish you have to have patience but you can also have too much patience because you could you could find a great spot you've got shade you know you're on the water you find a great spot there's shade there's structure in the water there's tree stumps there's maybe an old broken-down dock or something for the fish died under there's cover there's weeds and stuff there's a there's a steep ledge which goes into the deeper water so the fish can come up it's a wonderful spot you see bait fish around great spot that's where you should be able to catch fish but you cast the lure out you don't get any bites you cast again you don't get it by you casting on you don't get a bite and then for you stay there for like an hour or two and you never get a bite that's a mistake you stayed too long because even though everything was right you had all the ingredients you did you did everything right but it's just not working it's just not happy it should it's just not happening for you and so you need to know when to cut your losses and just go find a different spot because there's a spot there the fish are somewhere you will find them there's someone on the lake you just gotta find them and I think it's the same thing it's kind of a same lesson we need to teach our kids which is it's important to try hard it's important to put in the effort it's important to do things the right way those are the ingredients but sometimes even if you have all those ingredients the spot you chose the thing you're trying to do just isn't right for you and you got to go find a different spot and you need to know when to do that when to switch things up think about all those you know reality talent shows where they you know the high people come on there are some people who are really good and then you always have those people who the only reason they made it on the show is because they're terrible at what they're trying to do and so then we all can laugh at how bad they are which i think is kind of cruel and awful honestly but well you find these town whatever singing competitions or talent shows you find these people that get up there and they're on TV and they're trying out and they're awful and then they get shut down by the judges and they start crying and they sigh but I've been working at this since I was three years old and I'm not gonna give up when really know someone should have sat them down long ago and said no give up on this don't give up on life but just give up on this you're not a good singer you never will be give up do something else find something else I think if you if you if we never are willing to say that to someone then we set them up for a lifetime of failure and that's something that it this is where the schools should come in if we're sending kids to schools for you know seven hours a day nine months a year for twelve or thirteen years the school should help them figure out not just what they want to do but what they're good at what their skills are

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