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00:12 "... to the border a year ago apparently and ..."
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16:48 "... tragedy crisis on the border and one of ..."
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To listen to this episode, subscribe to The Matt Walsh Show on iTunes: so a guy named up here or Yvonne Pierre a guar posted some photos to Twitter yesterday these are photos of a trip that Alexandria Kaiser Cortez took to the border a year ago apparently and we're told that she took the trip to the border not for publicity or if actually took a break from campaigning a break from campaigning to go to the border and to protest our immigration system basically the photos are so transparently staged and phony that it's it's it's almost physically painful to look at them it's difficult to look because they are so contrived but let's take a look at them anyway so here you go here that here are the photos that were posted I got a lot of retweets and likes and people are saying that I was it's well in fact some people were we're very touched by these photos but there are a lot of people even apparently aoc supporters who said that come on you know I'm the I like you but this is ridiculous so there's a occ you're standing next to a fence looking right into the camera a very sad disappointed kind of concerned look on her face i that look right there you see right that is a look that I get for my wife a lot especially when I make puns it says so it's a very familiar look and then we have her right after she looked into the camera now she's now she's covering her face in despair and and then now she's doubled over okay so now she's really going in for the this is the dramatic moment the climax but she utterly overcome by despair now she's doubled over covering her face this actually looks like this looks like me when I go to a bar and find out that they only have Miller Lite and Coors on tap it's a very similar like no those beers taste like watered-down goat urine so it's of a so I do the same thing I understand that actually okay and now here she is again now she's regained her composure but she's still looking quite sad and now though angry and disturbed this is the look that I give when I'm stuck in the car with all three kids and they started singing songs from The Wiggles this is the actually no that's go back to the to the one of her doubled over no that's me that's actually me when I'm in the car and the kids are singing so it's difficult to drive it's a little bit dangerous for me to be doing that well while driving anyway so there those are the pictures I mean it's it's just a joke now the crisis down on our border is not a joke that is a serious problem we're going to talk about that today but she is making a joke out of it by using it as a you know this is very similar remember those stories couple weeks ago of the Instagram influencers who are showing up at Chernobyl to take selfies sometimes half nude selfies this is very similar to that this is an essentially a glorified Instagram influencer going to the site of a real human travesty for for a photo opportunity just disgraceful well as I said there's more that needs to be discussed about 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get any wise emergency or outdoor food product at an extra 25 percent off the lowest mark price at wise food storage comm when entering Walsh at checkout or if you call eight five five four seven five three zero eight nine plus shipping is free so this can't get any better wise has a well fact it does get better because wise has a ninety day no questions asked return policy so there's no risk and taking the initiative to get yourself and your family more prepared today but I don't think you're gonna want to repair return it because I don't think you're gonna get the food and then say to yourself you know what I don't actually want to be prepared for an emergency I'll send it back if you love your family anyway you wouldn't do that that's wives food storage com promo code Walsh to get any wise emergency or outdoor food product at an extra twenty five percent off and free shipping all right the company wage Fair has been the target of protests and outrage by the left because it's selling furniture to migrant detention centers in fact a bunch of employees of the company over five hundred of them are planning to walk out today in in protest of it but but wait a second I I thought we were upset that the kids at these centers don't have beds to sleep in and that is upsetting I agree because they should have beds right so now the centers are getting beds and that's a problem too you're protesting that they don't have beds and then they get beds and you're protesting also it it just it doesn't make any sense over five hundred employees signed a letter to the company the letter says in part this particular order for over two hundred thousand dollars worth of bedroom furniture is destined for Curry's Carrizo springs Texas to a facility that will be outfitted to detain up to three thousand migrant children seeking asylum in the United States so it sounds like this this Detention Facility is trying to be prepared it's it's it is outfitting itself knowing you know if the people running the facility know that there's gonna be an influx of children so they're trying to prepare and make sure that they're they've got places for the kids to sleep and stay that's good that's what we want right it continues the practice of detaining children and adults on our southern border has been condemned since its inception but the but since the acceleration of the practice in 2018 and the increase in death and injury that come with that acceleration we have seen more vocal condemnation of the practice we the undersigned are writing to you from a place of concern and anger about the atrocities being committed at our southern border they said condemned since its inception Noah does not pit has not been condemned since its inception because the left was not condemning it during the Obama administration and it was happening then also now the way they get around is they try to say oh yeah was happening during Obama's administration we didn't talk about it then we didn't care in fact not only did we not talk about it but it wasn't just that the left wasn't talking about the crisis on the border back in the Obama administration it's that they were actively denying that there was a crisis so now they're condemning it the way they get around it is they say well you know it's it's it's the problems gotten worse since then okay the problems gotten worse you claim but so you're more concerned now than you were before that would justify being more concerned except that you weren't concerned at all before you went from 0 to 100 there was no 25 or 50 in between like there should have been which really makes it seem like this is political partisanship and the only reason you're pretending to care now is that Trump is president and they also say that that whether they phrase it the practice of detaining children is condemned well the mere fact that we are detaining people is obviously not a problem and you didn't think it was four years ago and you were right the simple act of detaining people is is there there are scenarios where you need to do that it's a problem when the conditions at these facilities aren't up to par and sometimes they're not but that but that's where getting furniture getting food and all that that means that we're improving conditions and that's what we're supposed to want the hypocrisy on this issue the partisanship the lack of real concern is infuriating because there is a real crisis down there as I said and that crisis comes with a significant human cost in fact there's a photo that has been all over social media for the past day that really shows that cost I think it shows two immigrants from El Salvador excuse me father and daughter apparently and they're washed up on the shores of the Rio Grande both have died lying face down in the water the young girl two years old has her arm around her father's neck it's just a it's a it's a devastating gut-wrenching photo that you can't I mean if you're a human being you can't help but be moved when you see it especially as a father myself well even if I wasn't a father obviously I know I would still know that it's tragic for people to die especially children but as a father I see this kind of stuff and inevitably I'm gonna think of my own kids and imagine my own kids in that situation it's unspeakable I'm not gonna show you the photo here because it's extremely upsetting and not everyone wants to see something like that but if you do want to see it you can easily find it online now this photo is being used and we could stop right there the problem is that the photo is being used it should be used for anything it's not a political tool this is real life this is real death this is something real that's happening it's not it's not a ammunition to be used in an argument or it shouldn't be but that's how people are treating it so it's being used to of course make the case against Trump's immigration politics or policies even though again the problem didn't start with Trump but aside from that Trump is not responsible for this poor child's death he didn't he didn't do that there are many authorities many entities that you could point the finger at Trump is not one of them so how do we prevent more of these tragedies when you do everything we can to discourage illegal border crossings crossing the border illegally is incredibly dangerous especially for children children you have to deal with the elements dehydration starvation gangs bandits wild animals I mean everything you can imagine you're trying to cross a desert sneak across the borders of a country it's a very hazardous undertaking and the best way to protect human life is to discourage people from undertaking it in the first place there are a lot of ways to do that for one thing people I think the first thing that needs to happen and that this is not something that we can from I primarily do but people should be working with in the Central American countries to improve conditions and punish crime thus encouraging people to stay I mean rather than having everyone abandoned ship and leave their countries which I understand the instinct to do that and as again as a father you know if I had kids and I happen to have the bad luck of being born in one of those countries and living one of the countries I'd want to leave to I I think I would yes on one hand if everyone leaves that it makes it difficult to clean up the problems within the countries but so that's a was a father I think I would say you know what I'm more concerned about taking care of my own children that I am about enacting change generally in the country my first responsibility is to my kids so that's the case and I understand that but the fact remains that it's a self-perpetuating problem because these these countries are in terrible shape everybody wants to leave but everyone's leaving so there's no one there there's no one sticking around to fix the problems and so then it just perpetuates itself now when Trump famously said back in back when he launched his campaign that they're not sending their best which is true in in some cases in some cases we are getting criminals and drug dealers and so on not all of them of course but there is some of that and it's a problem but when he said that leftist we're very outraged and they insisted that no they are sending their best they're sending good law-abiding hard-working people and I agree that a certain significant portion of these people fall into that category but you see the problem here those people are coming here if they are good law-abiding hard-working then those are exactly the kinds of people that these countries need in order to clean themselves up especially when you've got now we talk about the kids and the families coming over and because that's what affects us emotionally the most but the fact remains when you look at these caravans of people and everything many of them are our single young men and those people especially are the kinds of people they're physically healthy strong capable don't have any dependents young men got people like that those especially are the people who need to stay or or whose countries need them to stay to stay there and help rebuild it so but how do we get people says it's a self-perpetuating problem people are leaving makes the problem worse how do we get people to stay well we'll talk about that but but before we get into that I want to thank our sponsors over a dynatrap dynatrap is the leading manufacturer of outdoor mosquitoes and insect traps and now they've come up with a solution for indoor pests because you know when when in the in the summertime this is one of the most annoying things you have to deal with summer is great but I'm not actually a big fan of summer but some people like the summertime for some reason if you like it to be hot and you're sweating all the time and and if you if you enjoy that and also if you like insects inside your home because that's another 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we're talking about what can be done to minimize the human cost the human tragedy crisis on the border and one of those ways I think with the main way is to get people to discourage illegal immigration in the first place and the way that you do that is we shut down the border we we enforce our immigration laws we deport people yes we stop offering entitlements to illegals in fact we make it clear that if you come here illegally you're not gonna get entitlements we make it clear that if you come here illegally it's not gonna work you won't be able to sneak in yes we build a wall we build a physical barrier that's going to make it even more difficult it's just yet another roadblock in the way we do all of that that's how we preserve human life we want people to think this this is to try to come here illegally is a dangerous potentially fatal decision if we care about human life and if we're compassionate if we care about these people then we want to discourage them from doing that and this is how we discourage them but if we insist on keeping the borders open on just welcoming anyone not enforcing our immigration laws saying anyone can come in then all you're doing is you're encouraging more people like that father to try to bring their their children on on such a dangerous journey and more people are gonna die all right um let's let's talk about this as we have established repeatedly the left is now beyond parody at this point impossible to but you can't satirize them anymore it's just impossible to do and here's exhibit 45,000 in to demonstrate that BBC Radio 4's Saturday Review show did a segment on Toy Story 4 which just came out last week and which I'm which I'm looking forward to taking my kids to but apparently maybe I shouldn't take my kids because it is a racist sexist movie that also discriminates against disabled people apparently that's according to Stella Duffy who's a film critic I guess she came on the show to share her thoughts on the film a film that in case you didn't know is animated it's an animated children's movie about talking toys in case you were unaware of what Toy Story is that's what it is and this is what she had to say about it listen to this hello my name is Stella Duffy and I didn't like Toy Story 4 I'm the Grinch who hated it seriously it's 2019 what on earth are Disney doing having a film that for a start has no leads that are black characters yes there are black actors here but we do not they're yellow and they're green and they're plush how can they possibly think it's all right now I mean yeah maybe 1995 which was also wrong then as well actually but now to be seriously every single humanoid toy is white it's just shocking then let's talk about the white feminism on display here oh look Bo peeps are feminists no she's not she's still gonna fall in love she's still gonna get all habit not spoiling still gonna get all happily ever after that's not feminism that's a woman's kicks off a skirt to reveal bloomers has a couple of thoughts does some high wire acts and it's disabled it's covering every base okay so there you go it's it's racist sexist disabled list disabled us I thought ablest was the term so ablest is when you discriminate against disabled people it's so then disabled list I guess is when you descript discriminate against non-disabled people i well anyway she's upset that there are also no black leads okay but all the leads are toys which means they're all Chinese either Chinese or they have no race at all because they're toys I mean one of the lead characters is a toy slink is like a slinky dog another is a green dinosaur another is up is a pink piggy bank another is a mr. Potato Head what what ethnicity is a mr. Potato Head Irish I mean what that doesn't make any sense should the film what do you want you want the Phil so even though we've got all these toys who have no race no ethnicity you're saying there should be a black lead in the film so do you want should the film feature like a miniature real-life black person should this suddenly become Honey I Shrunk the kids and in a black person the size of a doll walks on and you know interacts with the toys just so we can check off that demographic box it's obviously absurd and this is this is really mental illness this that person you just heard is mentally ill clearly and I mean that sincerely I mean I'm concerned about her and she has a problem because Little Bo Peep falls in love the characters fall in love imagine how bitter and sad and and lonely you have to be to get ticked off that the characters in an animated children's movie fall in love but this is you know what I I like to write satire articles sometimes I'll write satirical pieces for the daily wire and if someone had suggested to me two weeks ago that I write a satirical article complaining that Toy Story is racist because there are no black leads I would have said no I'm not gonna do it because that's that's obviously too absurd Oh glad that's that's too far out there for a satire to work you want it to be it has to be it has to be a little absurd like it out you whatever your satirizing you're taking that line of thinking that you know philosophy and you're just taking it to an extreme to demonstrate the inherent absurdity of that that line of thinking but I would have thought well that's too extreme you know that's I mean they wouldn't really come on like that's a straw man they wouldn't really come but no they they really are complaining that Toy Story is racist because there are no plaque there are no black toys by the way Toy Story 4 you might try to justify this by saying well maybe she means that there are no black voice actors but that isn't true um key & peele are are in that they are voice actors in this movie they voice to plush plush dolls but the problem is that the dolls are not black the dolls are like blue and pink or something just absolutely ridiculous alright so one other thing to mention before we get to emails San Francisco a city that resembles a large outhouse at this point has decided to really focus on the important issues it has banned the use and sale of e-cigarettes and vape pens now I'm pretty sure that you can essentially legally shoot up heroin in San Francisco I don't know IV I don't know if that's actually the law in the books I'm not recommending it I'm just saying that people do that anyway and it's they don't seem to be arrested for it they also you know defecate on the sidewalks so you could do all of that without much fear of legal repercussions but no you can't you can't smoke a cigarette or vape the mayor this is the reason the mayor gave for the band the mayor said there's so much we don't know about the health impacts of these products but we do know that each cigarette companies are targeting our kids and they're advertising and getting them hooked on addictive nicotine products ok so did you catch that we don't know the health impacts and that's why we're gonna ban it yeah we don't know much about this better ban it just in case yeah you know there could be a problem with it we haven't even so we don't know so let's say I will just ban it ban it and ask questions later that's that's the philosophy now of the nanny Staters listen I don't smoke e-cigarettes I don't vape I I do tend to think that vaping it's not for me I think vaping looks kind of ridiculous if you're gonna smoke I think to you know smoke like a man smoke a cigar that's not a real recommendation kids I'm that don't smoke at all I'm just saying that if you I mean if you had to choose if someone put a gun to your head and said smoke one of these I would say go for the cigar so you know this is not sound like I'm trying to defend something that I do because I don't use these cigarettes but it's just when are we gonna get it through our heads here that this kind of nanny state approach does not work you're only when you do this you're only making whatever you're banning you're just making it seem cooler and maybe at a certain point we have to just accept the fact that we're not gonna ever stop all the teenagers from smoking something it's just it's the reality seems like I mean just looking at the human history at least modern human history the teenagers the some of them are always there's gonna be something that they're smoking so yeah we got them we got them this so it used to be back in the you know 70s and 80s that all the teenagers smoked cigarettes and then we we embarked on this 20-year campaign to stop people from smoking cigarettes and that kind of worked and so then they just graduated to e-cigarettes and vapes like there's always gonna be something and I think at a certain point we have to just realize that and except it doesn't mean we doesn't mean we stop discouraging it it just means we stop trying to stop it by force of law with regulations and fines and penalties and all that because really at the end of the day that's regulations and fines and penalties and laws that's not actually what what stopped kids from smoking cigarettes I think the main thing you know well the the the main thing was just was just discouraging it just by pointing out like yeah you can do it but it causes cancer it's gonna make your teeth yellow so on and so forth just hammering on that and then people chose not to and also I think when when 'men effect when you stop seeing so much smoking on TV and the celebrities weren't doing it quite as much that it didn't seem as cool to the kids and so they didn't do it but what I'm trying to point out here is that the there's the cool factor is big with kids and that's the reason why they why they were all smoking in the 80s because it was just a cool thing to do the problem is and trying to make something less cool is difficult that's a that's a when you are an uncool adult and which we all are uncool as adults and you notice something the kids are doing that is destructive yet they think is cool and you're saying to yourself I want to make that thing uncool it's really difficult to do because you're uncool so whatever you say about it the more you complain about it you're just making the thing cooler you see that's the way the equation works so it's a difficult trick to pull pull I think that it was basically pulled off with cigarettes it took a long time but one thing I know for sure is that you're not gonna make something less cool by making it illegal that I'm a hundred percent certain all right we're going to talk about it we're gonna get to some emails here in a minute but before we do a quick word about shaving did you know that the average guy spends 3,000 hours of his lifetime shaving which is an interesting statistic I don't know where they get it from I've always thought to myself that this is one thing that I hope that when we die and were you know kind of in that big waiting room in the sky waiting to go and talk to the big man and find out which direction we're headed right and we're all just kind of soon as I imagine it being like a big dentist like waiting room there's a couple of old magazines so maybe out-of-date magazines from seventeen thirty or something but I what I hope is that while we're there maybe they give us a fun little packet that has a bunch of just interesting statistics about our life like this is how many hours you spent shaving this is how many days you spend sleeping that kind of thing this is how many gallons of orange juice you drank and you're like just random things I always hope that anyway 3,000 hours of the life shaving don't don't waste four months of your life overpaying for pork for poor performing razors that's where Harry's comes in get Harry's a 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easy grip five blade razor with laser razor with a lubricating strip a trimmer blade for a close-up shave listeners of my show can redeem their trial set at slash matt walsh and if you prefer to shop in-store you can go to Walmart and Target and get harry's there as well all right let's answer some emails Matt Walsh show at Matt Walsh show at this is from Denise says hi Matt thank you for the witty sarcasm you add to my life every day I am wondering if you believe in spanking young children as a form of discipline do you spank your own children well Denise that's a tough question because I'm of two minds when it comes to this well I could tell you what we do that's not tough we don't spank am i against spanking on principle I suppose I'm not the Bible does say spare the rod spoil the child and people use that as a justification for spanking or even people will use that to make the case that we are morally obliged to spank but the problem though is that if you're claiming to take that verse totally literally then that means that you must hit your kid with a rod do you use an actual rod do you take out like a metal rod just to spank your kid because if you don't and probably you don't hopefully you don't then you are literally sparing the rod I mean in a literal sense you are defying that particular passage because you are not using a rod to hit your kid so I my point is that I think even those of us who spank I think we all kind of take that passage in a more general way to mean don't don't spoil your kid don't coddle your kid too much instill discipline you know that's that's the way that I take it I don't take it as we are somehow committing a sin if we don't spank our kids I just tell you my thing with it I could never quite bring myself to see as a parenting technique and I know that calling it violence is is gonna upset people who spank their kids it seems extreme maybe it is an extreme way of putting it I mean it is but it is you're physically hitting someone right so that are there I don't know I mean it is violence technically speaking now spanking if it's really spanking and not beating spanking is and this is wearing maybe you say well it's not really violence because it's not about inflicting physical pain now there may be a little bit physical pain but that's not the point the point isn't look if you're just grabbing your kid because you're ticked off and you're just looking to let out your aggression and so you start spanking him well then that's physical abuse you're abusing your kid you're a physical abuser in that case in fact I would go so far as to say just if you spank your kid angry you are physically abusing that is you're hitting your kid because you're pissed off that's what that is and that is definitely wrong but what about a scenario where you're not angry you're calm down you're not doing this because you're trying to make your kid hurt but it's just it is a form of discipline and you approach it yourself in a disciplined way in a sort of businesslike way like look this is the penalty so I'm gonna spank you I'll give you a hug afterwards because I love you but this is the penalty I think if we talk about the non abusive spanking that's what it has to be unfortunately though just from talking to people it seems like a lot of parents that's not really what spanking is for them they may say that it is but really it's they're ticked off and that again is abusive so you know but but let's let's talk about the spanking where it's your you're approaching it from a disciplined point a perspective and and it's it's not just anger well no I don't think that the parents that spank that way are abusing their kids but I still just choose not to do it and I think because I could never for me it always seemed like if I spanked and I get the kids to behave based on that then then basically the implied threat is do what I want or I'll hit you and again I know that's not what parents are literally saying to their kids at least I hope they're not that's n

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