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To listen to this episode, subscribe to The Matt Walsh Show on iTunes: the the u.s. women's team won the World Cup this we do what you switch is great news job well done it's a nice accomplishment if only soccer was not a communist conspiracy I think I could celebrate it even more I mean it's it's a fine little game okay don't don't get me wrong I don't it's just that I prefer sports and I love America that's the only so that's those are the two things that prevent me from really appreciating and enjoying and more is just the fact that I'm a patriot and also a sports fan but if I wasn't any of those then I think I would I would like it more in it I'm not criticizing soccer just because I'm calling it a fake sport loved by commies and traitors doesn't mean they don't crit sound of criticism it's just a it's just it's an observation so don't I don't you take it the wrong way if you're sports fan but you know we're told that the success of the women's team means that they should finally have equal pay right that they should finally be paid equal to the man the men that they're paid a lot less than a men's soccer players supposedly and this is a sexist conspiracy is what we are being told I want to deal with that claim today to start with because there's just it's it's this whole thing about equal pay in sports of all places it's just so in blue Matic I think of where we are as a society because the whole conversation is so cartoonishly stupid and off base so we're going to talk about that but first I want to tell you a little bit about freedom project Academy I've talked about that before and there's a reason because you know that this year nearly seventy billion dollars of taxpayer money will be spent on public education that's seventy billion with a B yet there's a new report that came out that finds that just two and five American students are actually ready to attend college when they come out and most of those students are coming out of public school so many of you have obviously been searching for an alternative something different a school with traditional values that help students develop strong foundations in math and science English American history you know in education that actually is focused on education and not on making your kid into a woke sjw and importantly an education that teaches kids how to think rather than just giving them what to think giving them things to regurgitate onto a piece of paper and that is where freedom project Academy comes in it's an accredited online school built on judeo-christian values and classical curriculum for students from kindergarten all the way through high school we're talking about a complete interactive educational experience where students attend live classes with other students from across the country Freedom Project Academy provides live and recorded lessons homework tests tutoring grades transcripts so if you want to learn more about this if you want to get enrolled which I would suggest doing and you got to do it soon because the enrollment ends on July 19th so don't wait too long you got a couple more weeks go to freedom for freedom for school comm and request your free information packet don't forget to subscribe to their weekly education podcast the dr. Duke show available on iTunes and everywhere else where you can get podcasts again enrollment ends July 19th so take back control of your kids education freedom for school comm freedom for school comm freedom for school dot-com okay now equal pay for soccer players I think that if people were better educated maybe they'd have a better understanding of these kinds of conversations some presidential candidates have have also called for this Camilla Harris I think kirsten gillibrand or Bernie Sanders they're all the same I don't know the women's players have made the same point saying that they should get equal pay and then the crowd there at the stadium in France after the the victory during the celebration they started chanting equal pay equal pay so I want to just for a few moments focus on this issue which as I said is is theirs it just shows you where we are and I think it reveals why our conversations about controversial issues oftentimes don't go anywhere because things like facts and logic just aren't allowed to enter into the discussion so first of all I keep hearing this claim that and this is one of the things that the Equal Pay discussion is based on this claim that the women's team is better than the men's team because the men's team doesn't win anything and the women's team keeps winning the World Cup and all joking aside I do respect their success I think it's I mean they're good at what they do and I respect anybody who's good at what they do as long as what they do is morally appropriate and I think arguably soccer is morally appropriate though there's a discussion to be had there we won't get into it the men's team I guess is not very good in comparison to other men's teams across the globe because that's how we have we're judging this if you say oh the the women's team is better than the men's team you must mean by that when you say it that the men's team is not as good compared to their competition as the women's team is against their competition and one of the reasons for that is in this country I think the best male athletes end up going into different sports I mean oh I should say they end up going into sports like soccer I mean sorry football I apologize for that slip it was offensive they end up going into sports like football basketball baseball and that's where I think the best athletes go whereas in other countries the best male athletes almost all play soccer so they're in other countries they are Kevin Durant's and their Odell Beckham's go to soccer where ours go to basketball baseball football but even so there's no question at all that the men's team is better pound-for-pound than the women's team they may not be better against their competition but when you say the women's team is better if you actually mean that you think the women's team would beat the men's team like they actually are better athletes period they're just better at playing soccer well then you must be drunk or high because or brain-damaged there's just no way you could actually think that now if you were to put if the men's team as bad as they are against the against other men if you were to put them on the women's circuit they would win every game 50 to nothing including beating the women handily and one of the ways we know that is that number one they're men and so they're just they're male they may not be the best athletes that the best male athletes that America has to offer but even so they are relatively successful male athletes in soccer which means that they're just gonna be better than the women and it's as simple as that as I pointed out before the women's team a couple years ago lost to a bunch of 14-year old boys and the only and look it's not this is not mockery the only reason I bring that up is because there are people out there claiming and they do appear to actually think that the women's team is literally better than the men's team and when you hear that claim then you have to say okay yeah but they lost too they lost the 14 year old boys and you could say all you want was a scrimmage they weren't trying that hard okay you know I mean do you think this men's team wins there's any chance they would lose to 14 year old girls they could be out there on what they can be hopping around on one leg and they would still beat fourteen-year-old girls so and that just shows you all it does it just shows you the biological difference between men and women that's all that is and so it's you know when we say that men are better at a sport than women that's not like all that means that men just have a biological advantage they didn't really do anything to earn that inherent biological advantage if they become great athletes and they've done a lot to earn that but just the very fact that they are men provides them with advantages this is one of the reasons why myself and every other same person were all against the idea of putting biological men into women's sports biological men who claim to be women were against putting them into women's sports just because of that incredible biological advantage they have it's just not fair now the other side of this is the matter of of revenue as for that let me read from Forbes an article written by Mike Ozan Ian a few months ago here's what he says he says I read from his he says as Dwight Jaynes pointed out four years ago after the u.s. women beat Japan to capture the World Cup in Vancouver there's a big difference in the revenue available to pay the team's the Women's World Cup brought in almost seventy three million dollars of which the players got 13% the 2020 the 2010 Men's World Cup in South Africa made almost four billion dollars of which nine percent went to the players the men still pull the world the World Cup money wagon the Men's World Cup in Russia generated over six billion dollars in revenue with the participating teams sharing four hundred million dollars less than seven percent of revenue meanwhile the Women's World Cup is expected to earn 131 million for the four-year cycle 29 to 20 2019 to 2022 and dole out 30 million dollars to the participating teams okay that's what that's what Forbes says so let's think about these numbers for a minute the men will share 400 million dollars from the six billion they brought in the women will share 30 million from the 131 million they brought in so that's what for the women that's what 20 percent or something like that 20-some percent 20 percent verse 7 percent by that figure it's not the if women want to be paid equally then they should be paid less women are actually overpaid equal pay should mean that they that they they get an equal share in the revenue they generate which means they should get 7 or 8 percent or I should say they should get yea if they if they so it 131 million the women the men got six seven percent so equal pay would mean the women would get six or seven percent which means that they would share I don't know eight or nine million bucks not thirty million but if they want equal pay in terms of just the pure amount they get to share which would mean they also get to share four hundred million dollars then that would mean that they are paid almost four times the amount that they generate in revenue so where is that extra money even coming from the entire you know Women's World Cup it only generates a hundred thirty one million if they want equal pay they want 400 million dot wet where's the extra almost three hundred million dollars coming from it's just that it's a claim that does that's why I call it a a cartoonishly stupid discussion it has no basis in reality the the men in women in terms of revenue and also skill are in two different universes and that explains why women are paid less in sports it's it's the same thing in basketball and we hear this sometimes this complaint that WNBA players are paid much much much much much less than NBA players which is true now I don't have the I don't have the averages in front of me the average amount that an NBA player is paid versus a WNBA player but I'm sure that the differences are are huge but that's because the difference in revenue is huge the whole league okay WNBA the whole league generates sixty million dollars in a year the whole league WNBA the NBA with men generates eight billion okay the NBA generates significantly more in a week than the WNBA generates in a year so that's why the men get paid more there's more money to share there's just more money to go around I mean if men if we were to get you give equal pay in the WNBA well giving them the women an equal amount to the men by raising their salary would just be impossible because the money doesn't exist it's just not there to give them so the only way to really give them equal pay would be to give the men a lot lot less but then the question is who gets all the extra money just goes to the owners or excuse me we're not supposed to call them owners now they're their governors because owner is racially insensitive so the rest goes to the governor's it sounds so stupid so I can't even say even if I wanted to be politically correct I can't say it I can't refer to NBA team owners as NBA governors it's just so creepy and weird so that's the thing the money is there because there's so much interest in the NBA and that's why the men get paid more there is almost no interest in the WNBA that's why the money isn't there and the reason why there's no interest is because if just not that fun to watch I mean these are you're watching basketball with players who can't even dunk and again that's not an insult it's just a fact it's one of the one of the exciting things about watching basketball is to watch the or the high-flying acrobatics the dunks and all that crazy stuff well the women can even do that so many of them anyway so it's just not as fun to watch how do you account for that gap the the gap in interest the fact that there are more people interested in men's sports than are interested in women's sports is it patriarchy is it because of the internalized misogyny of sports fans that we all prefer to watch men play sports well no men are just better at sports and therefore they're more exciting to watch faster stronger they jump higher they dribble faster they're quicker everything is more exciting same for soccer now while I hesitate to call soccer exciting in any context it certainly is more exciting when men play it then when women play it because they're just better at it and that's all there is to it now so that I'm not accused of being a sec well too late for that I will be accused of being a sexist which which is you know just another another day in the neighborhood for me but let's let's look at a different comparison and one that works out in in favor of women okay let's look at a different industry the modeling industry I had to look this up because I don't know what I've thought my head but apparently from what I read top 10 highest paid male models in the country made eight million dollars collectively last year those are the top 10 highest paid so that's less than a million bucks apiece meanwhile the single highest paid female model made three times that amount just by herself okay the top 10 female models made collectively ten times what the what the what the men what the top ten men made is that a sexist conspiracy in the other direction is there some kind of gender pay gap in the other direction or now we have two equal things out so that male models make the same as female models no female models earn more because they're worth more and why are they worth more well for one thing women are more beautiful than men okay it's a little bit harder to quantify Beautif beautiful there's no question that women generally are more beautiful than men if you think of all the people you've ever seen in your life or met who just had just had stunning earth-shattering Beauty right probably all of them are women if you go out in public or if you're watching TV or whatever and you're just and and you see someone's just so incredibly beautiful then most of the time that's gonna be a woman and the thing is even if you're a woman yourself that's probably true in your experience where you yourself if you're out in public and you happen to notice that somebody is extremely beautiful probably that somebody who you're noticing is a woman and because it's just sort of we say beauty is in the eye of the beholder well it's really not a beautiful woman is just a beautiful woman it's just it's just a it's a fact that you recognize nothing more nothing more to it than that not only that so that's one thing that women have in the modeling industry it's an advantage that they have that they're just more beautiful the you know I don't know who the top ten female models are but I imagine that if you saw them this is a way what those are beautiful women it's extremely beautiful that's why they make all that money also there's more for a female model to do she can model clothes she could model jewelry she can model makeup male models can model clothes mostly but men don't buy nearly as much jewelry and thank God they don't buy nearly as much makeup although I think the left wants to change that disparity but as it stands right now most men don't buy makeup so if you're looking for if you're a jewelry company or a makeup company and you're looking for a model to show off your product 90 times 99 times out of a hundred you're gonna pick a female model and that's why female models make more and that's all that's it they're just they're worth more for those reasons they have biological advantages and they have they have which translate into advantages in the marketplace there you go now going back to the soccer thing for a minute we have to realize that there's two conversations here because there's there's the amount that the women get paid by FIFA which is the international soccer organization the organization that that gives out the the World Cup money and that's where that big gap is the 30 million versus 400 million and that's where the big revenue gap is the six billion verse 131 million and then there's also a discussion of what's what US soccer players are paid here by US soccer and that's where the revenue gap is is isn't actually it's I think from what I read just when you look at US soccer alone historically men generate more revenue but that gap has been closing in recent years so okay fine but then if you look at what US soccer pays their athletes the the pay gap is also not very large like if you look at the top five highest-paid male soccer players versus female yeah the men are paid a little bit more but it's not it's not an enormous gap the big gap is with FIFA it's with the World Cup money okay and we should be clear that when when people talk about the pay gap and they want to they want to close the gender pay gap ins in soccer they are referring to FIFA also Megan Rapinoe she's been in front of cameras specifically calling out FIFA for the pay gap the FIFA president apparently was was booed at the World Cup largely over this issue even though the men in the World Cup generate forty to fifty to sixty times the amount in revenue and so that's how absurd this discussion is all right um speaking of absurd speaking of absurd discussions and fake controversies I wanted to mention this so Disney is a company that has well ran out of original ideas probably 25 years ago and so they just announced that there's another live-action remake of a popular cartoon in the works actually there's a few so they're doing a Mulan remake apparently live-action and and now they're also doing a Little Mermaid a live-action thing I mean just think about think about how bereft of creativity the creative trust at Disney is where now they're reduced to staging these literal shot-for-shot reenactments of their own films from only a few years these are films from the 90s sometimes the late night me when did Mulan come out the late 90s wasn't even that long ago and now they're doing a shot-for-shot ring enactment uh but it's not even like they're they're giving us a new interpretation of the original material you know it's it's not even it's just they're taking the the cartoon and just redoing it almost all the same dialogue everything redoing it with real people we've got this Lion King thing coming out and they call it a live-action Lion King well it's not live-action because all the characters are animals so this is really just this is this is a this is an animated remake of an animated film the only difference is that the animation is more realistic but who cares if the animation is realistic these are talking animals it's not a realistic situation in fact I think if you if you if you have a it just it looks somehow even more ridiculous to have a realistic animal talking if you're gonna have talking animals just make it a cartoon because that's what it is but even in that they're they're hiring some of the same voice actors so they're getting they're getting a non-black Knaus name anyway they're getting the same how am i blank now is in there they're getting the same actor for who voiced Mufasa a very famous tiger - they're getting him from the nine to two voice Mufasa again so in this case it's going to be a shot-for-shot remake with even some of the same voice actors and it's just what's the point of this well the point is it's a it's a soulless cash grab and they're doing it because they don't have any original ideas anyway so the Little Mermaid a little mermaid is coming out and they announced last week that the Ariel the the person who's going to play Ariel is an R&B singer named Halle Bailey Halle Bailey and she's going to take on this challenging role of a mermaid and she's a black woman okay and the news of this casting arrangement was was greeted mostly with mild shrugs from the vast majority of grownups who really are too busy paying bills and taking care of their kids to worry about which actress is portraying a fictional fish woman in the next Disney film but in some quarters of society it the news prompted exuberant celebration as it finally am you know explodes the pernicious and harmful myth that all aquatic creatures are Caucasian because this is apparently something that people thought I guess and now we're learning that's not the case so little girls of all races can now dream of one day living in a coral reef and doing battle with an evil octopus who communicates her dastardly plans by singing spontaneous musical numbers now I guess any girl of any race can dream about that most people don't care about any of this right I mean it's a Disney film that can have whoever they want who cares but that's not the story if you were if you were paying attention to the to the news and you were on line last week especially late last week that's not the story that was being told in fact if you were to go right now and Google Arial or The Little Mermaid you're gonna be greeted with dozens of articles reporting on an alleged outrage among racists who were supposedly very angry that their favorite cartoon mermaid has changed colors apparently there was this huge outrage all these races like oh no we can't have a black woman playing a mermaid oh I'm racist and I don't want that that's what people supposedly were saying according to the media in fact there was a hashtag trending on Twitter a hashtag not my Ariel was trending on Twitter with a hundred thousand people or over a hundred thousand people tweeting about it on whatever it was Wednesday or Thursday the problem though is that easily 95% of the tweets in the hashtag not my Ariel hashtag were we're from were not from people outraged about the casting but we're from people outraged at the people who were outraged about the casting so you go now you can look through it yourself and you'll be hard-pressed to find a single person who appears to be authentically angry that Ariel is not white almost everybody is angry that people are allegedly angry that Ariel isn't white and this is one of the things that Twitter specializes in it specializes in people being outraged about an outrage that doesn't appear to actually exist BT put an article out on their website declaring in their headline racists are big mad that a black girl is playing Ariel in the Little Mermaid that was the headline now leaving aside the phrase big mad which is very annoyingly stupid to prove that these quote big mad racists do in fact exist et provides precisely six tweets two of those tweets are from anonymous accounts with less than 10 followers it don't appear to be real people two are from non-white people who for whatever reason thought that erielle should still be white and then there was another tweet from and this is actually one that the website complex the website the Daily Dot a few other websites they did entire articles about this one supposedly racist tweet from a now suspended account and it appears that that account which I think sort of started all this is a sock puppet with a stolen profile photo which is probably why it's suspended in other words a sock puppet account is a it's a fake account so somebody using a fake account with a stolen profile photo of a sort of generic looking blonde chick but white blonde chick someone using that account started this pretended to be outraged about the fact that Ariel's not white and started this whole thing now I have noticed a few real people annoyed not that that Ariel is black but just annoyed by the double standard because a white cartoon character could be portrayed by a black accurate actress but of course a black character could never be portrayed by a white actress so that's the double standard in fact the they came out with the remake of Aladdin which apparently was horrible and I remember that there was some grief that that movie caught because the woman playing jasmine was not Arab enough like she was she was Arab but not Arab enough she was a little bit too white looking and so that created some outrage you know you now you now find people upset when gay characters and films are portrayed by straight actors so when there's when there's a switch in that direction it does create actual legitimate outrage mostly from liberals and they've got this Mulan remake coming out can you imagine if a non Asian woman was cast in you know as that is in the protagonist role of the Mulan movie can you imagine if they had like I don't know Amy Adams or something playing no it could never happen or the what's a princess and the Frog Tiana which is that the you know a black princess can you imagine when that when they do that remake which they will can you imagine what would happen if they had a white actress playing Tiana that again would be legitimate real outrage from the left so I have seen a few people pointing this out and saying hey look you know I don't really care who plays Ariel but the fact is you're switching her race you're telling me I can't be upset about that I'm not but the fact is if we were to switch it in the other direction with a different movie you would really be upset about it so that's a double standard that's hypocrisy so I have people point out but that's that's not out again that's not outraged over the casting that is just annoyance over hypocrisy and double standards which is totally justified now personally you know I think people of any race should be able to play fictional characters of any race I don't think it matters it's all imaginary so make James Bond black doesn't matter you can make shaft white who cares make them both Chinese make them green with purple stripes I mean what does it matter they don't exist it's fiction the Little Mermaid is also fiction but so is the outrage surrounding it this is yet another phony backlash invented by people who are ideologically invested in the idea that America is so racist that we can't even have black mermaids without the racist Nazis getting upset about it so this is an invented outrage it's like the Starbucks cup thing you remember a few years ago we were told by the media that conservative Christians were outraged and and we're very upset that the Starbucks cups were not Christmassy enough and then when you looked into it as I did you found that there were maybe like two or three actual conservative Christians who are really for some reason dumb enough to be upset that there weren't enough snowflakes on the on the on the holiday cups at Starbucks everybody else didn't care this was mostly a controversy and out invented by the media to push a narrative and to make conservatives and Christians look stupid and they do it all the time and they did it again with this Little Mermaid thing and that's another reason why you have to be very careful when you're consuming news or when you hear about some outrage all your parent lis everyone's outraged about this or that well you should always stop and ask are they really outraged about this go look into it yourself and many times you'll discover that now actually nobody cares let's see one other one other thing there was maybe we'll say this for tomorrow there was this incident at a Starbucks in Arizona where some police officers say they were asked to leave the store or move to a different location because their presence was upsetting to some other customers who felt unsafe around police officers and I think that this this is something that needs a lot longer covers I think we'll save this for tomorrow but the thing I want to talk about tomorrow with this issue is the comparison that's being drawn between this and the time that you may remember a couple years ago where there were some black customers or they weren't customers that's the point but some black men at a Starbucks in Philly who were asked to leave refused to leave then the cops were called on them and Starbucks in that case I'm not going to defend them when it comes to them asking the police officers to leave and of course I'll be accused all it's because you're racist you know because those are black men's of course well no there's a key difference between those two situations and we'll talk about that tomorrow let's get two emails actually Matt Walsh Oh at Matt Walsh show at his email address this is from Phil says Matt I see you've had several successes fishing police tell us if your son was president how he reacted well I had to just read this email because I was bragging on Twitter about the fact that I did catch a five pound and then a six pound bass last week we were staying at a lake you know at an undisclosed location and I won't disclose disclose it because I don't want anyone else taking my bass from that location and anyway yeah my son did do a fair amount of fishing with me and they were very excited by by those successes five and six pound bass you know no big deal actually there's kind of a big deal so you should I just wanted you to know that this is from Lisa says greetings Matt a common point people will raise when refuting refuting the idea of universal health care is that nobody has a right to another person's labor in this case the doctors I agree with this point of course but I was watching a crime documentary recently and heard the words right to an attorney I was then reminded that everyone has the right to an attorney even if they can't afford one the government will pay for one in that case the words right to an attorney are not contested at all in this country this isn't a controversy anywhere isn't this the same concept how can we say that nobody has a right to a doctor's labor if everyone has the right to an attorney's labor I haven't been able to figure this one out that's uh that's a really interesting point that I hadn't thought of before so I had to think about this for a minute when I got your email Lisa yesterday and so I think that this is the way to sort through it the right to an attorney we should be clear doesn't cover all types of attorneys there are many different types of attorneys that are in different avenues of law and deal with different things so for instance if you're suing Walmart because you slipped on a banana peel at the in the produce section you don't have a right to an attorney to represent you for that case and if you get sued by someone because they're walking through your kitchen and they slip on a banana peel then you don't

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