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To listen to this episode, subscribe to The Matt Walsh Show on iTunes:'m not sure if you guys heard about this yet but I thought it's important for you to hear if you have it in case you missed it the the Second Coming happened I don't know if you saw it but the Second Coming did happen not a huge deal or anything but the Second Coming did did in fact happen a pretty highly anticipated event almost as anticipated as the Joker movie which is coming out this weekend which I'm looking forward to the Church of Sweden as it turns out has said that climate change alarmist Greta Thune Berg is the successor of Jesus Christ they have appointed her as successor of Jesus Christ which means like I said that that her birth I guess was in effect the second coming I don't remember reading that that's not wasn't my interpretation of the book of Genesis in fact I kind of was well I was kind of expecting more I was thinking you know multi-headed dragons and horsemen coming out of the sky and that's sort of how the whole apocalypse thing would happen but all kinds of mystical stuff but instead we get a teenager yelling at us for not recycling I'd be lying if I said it wasn't a little bit disappointed two thousand years of waiting and the new Jesus comes on a mission to reduce carbon emissions not exactly what we were anticipating but what can you do plenty to discuss today beginning with another hate crime hoax that the media fell for as usual hook line and sinker and also as usual one that put people's lives in jeopardy and we're gonna talk about that in a second but first today's podcast is brought to you by even cheerio watches no matter what you consider your style to be a quality classic wristwatch is something that every guy needs there's always going to be an occasion where you want to look sharp you want to impress and the Apple watch you know it just isn't gonna cut it you don't want that digital stuff going on we're partnering with VIN share o so you can get a truly stunning 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also pick your own and don't forget to use code walls for 15% off these watches already look way more expensive than the art which which means that you get your extra 15% off you know you're really getting a good deal that's havin charile watches comm all right um here's an interesting question to ponder as we get into the first topic of the day what does it tell you about a country if the members of the supposedly oppressed segments of its population are constantly inventing instances of impression oppression what does it tell you about a systematically racist country if examples of systemic racism have to be fabricated out of whole cloth constantly I think maybe it tells you that the oppressed populations aren't actually oppressed which is a good thing right that's good news that's something to celebrate when the demand for oppression has exceeded the supply that is a very good indication that you don't really have an impression problem in your country you do have other problems the fact that people want to be oppressed is a cultural problem but the problem is not systemic oppression that's something to think about as we continue along today now you may remember the story of Amari Allen a sixth-grade girl who claimed that a bunch of racist white boys in a Christian school that she attends staged a brutal racist horrific attack against her and rather than me recounting her claim let's take a trip down memory lane and look at the CBS report about this alleged incident this is from about a week ago and this is what this is how CNN reported it where were minister where were anybody to protect her from this heinous heinous crime Cynthia Allen is overwhelmed with frustration after learning what her 12 year old granddaughter Amari went through on this school playground monday you guys she me Amari is a sixth grader at the private Emanuel Christian school in Springfield Virginia the place where second lady Karen pence teaches Amari tells wusa9 she's been bullied for weeks sometimes I think that like I don't deserve to like be there at a school and everything and that she says three sixth-grade boys won't let up taking her school lunches calling her names and more recently an attack on the school playground like all three around me although she says a third student pulled out scissors then cut her hair her lengthy dreadlocks now hanging unevenly like took like big chunks of my hair just cut so that was the report and there was at CBS but but every major news outlet had a story like that they were all over this story we should mention might as well mention because the media it mentioned it many times that although I don't believe it was mentioned in that report leaks I didn't notice it Karen pence Mike Pence's wife works at this school which is a fact that many left-wing sites were only too eager to point out when this story first broke just one example here the left-wing rag Ross story had this headline their headline was white boys attacked classmate and cut off her dreadlocks at school or Mike Pence's wife teaches and here's a headline from another obscure twing rag called newsweek sixth-graders hold down classmate cut her dreadlocks a private Christian school where Karen pence teaches why is it necessary to tie Mike Pence to this that's the question now it isn't obviously except for the before we even get to the fact that this whole story is BS which it is by the way that's the twist ending here but but you know except for the fact there's no reason to bring Mike Pence into this as they did just because his wife works there except for the fact that the left has a Mike Pence obsession they have a mike pence fever and the only prescription is more Mike Pence they just can't stop talking about the guy they add they they are obsessed with him and so they bring everything back to Mike pencil they can and certainly they weren't gonna let this opportunity to drag his name through the mud go to waste now in of course reporting that a racist attack happened at a school where Mike Pence's wife teaches that would be like saying that there was an armed robbery at a store where Barack Obama's wife shops it's just it's irrelevant unless there's a reason to think that there's some connection but of course there wasn't anyway getting as I said to the surprise twist shock ending this was all this was all bogus untrue the girl made it up after the media reported this story uncritically amplifying the claims with zero skepticism you heard that and I'll give you so much some more examples in a moment but that Newsweek headline was there were two problems with it one is it tied Mike Mike Pence's wife Karen pence to it but also there was no allegedly no claims nothing like that just said sixth-graders hold-down classmate in Qatar dreads long dreadlocks they just they reported that as a fact but it was not a fact it was made up a Mario Mario land the girl admits now that she made it up her grandparents issued a statement yesterday they said partly to those young boys and their parents we sincerely apologize for the pain and anxiety these allegations have caused to the administrators and families of a annual Christian school we are sorry for the damage this incident has done to trust within the school family and the undue scorn it has brought to the school to the broader community who rallied and support for our daughter we apologize from betraying your chest now I don't I don't necessarily bright blame the the grandparents for this as far as I know they had nothing to do with making this story up they were told this by their granddaughter and they believed it and I guess you can't really blame them for believing it and you know the thing is I don't really blame the girl either because she's a kid and she made up a story and that's what kids do she should be punished for sure because it's a very bad thing to do but I think the lion's share of the blame should go to the adults in the situation who should have known better adults who for instance work in the media so we've gone over how these media vultures tried to tie Karen pens to this tighter to this without verifying a that it happened and B that she had any knowledge of it or any way to prevent it or had any association with this event whatsoever this event that didn't actually happen as it turns out now a quick word from you know no one really has time to go to the post office you're busy you got stuff going on we all do who's got time for all all the traffic and parking and lugging your boxes around it's it's just a hassle and it's the name of the game here is to reduce the hassle in our lives and that's why you need stamps comm one of the most popular time-saving tools for small businesses stamps comm eliminates trips to the post office and it saves you money with discounts that you can't get anywhere but the post office stamps comm brings all the amazing services of the post office right to your computer whether you're a small 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students cut off black girls dreadlocks in Virginia they put cutoff in quotes there but there is no allegedly no words like claims or says or reports just the allegation unconfirmed reported as objective fact right in the headline or this from the daily of the New York Daily News girls dreadlocks shorn off by three sixth grade boy classmates who held her down : family so you see what they did there they put : family at the end as a way to pretend that they're being skeptical when really they weren't because all people are gonna get a notice is they're gonna notice the girls dreadlocks shorn off by white boys that's all they're gonna notice when a media outlet is just a just a good rule of thumb oftentimes when a media outlet wants to report an unsubstantiated allegation as fact but they want to do it in a way that gives them plausible deniability so that if it turns out so if it's exposed as unsubstantiated or as false they can always say hey you know we we never said it really happen what they'll do is they'll they'll put the allegation in the headline and at the very end of the headline they'll put a colon report or : family or something like that or even like a comma report says so it would be like man abducted by aliens squids from Neptune report says well how about the website essence says twelve-year-old girl gets her beautiful locks cut off in school hate crime but even the headlines that that have appropriate qualifiers are bad like this from an NBC affiliate says sixth grades sixth grader says classmate cut her dreadlocks at school where Karen pence teaches so you've got this says in there at least so that's good but here's the real issue no matter how you report it it's gonna be a problem and the real problem is that you're reporting it in the first place because we've seen this movie before we've seen this movie many times we've been through this we know that people make stuff like this up all the time which means that the absence of real evidence if all we have is he said she said then a responsible journalist a responsible media outlet that actually cares about the truth that wants to and wants to do the right thing wouldn't report the story at all so they they always can find cover for themselves by saying hey we didn't know it was a fake story we she said it happened and so we reported what she said it and hey if it did happen it would have been a big deal okay until there is real evidence to report the outlandish story told by a child without doing any kind of due diligence or any kind of verification is malpractice see that this this really isn't hard when I first heard this story I you you probably had the same reaction as me if because you're a thinking person unlike our folks and media well I first heard the story a week ago or whenever it was and I saw the headlines my immediate reaction was yeah right my immediate reaction was a kind of sideways glance said now I don't think so what I immediately thought now I didn't say that publicly because I didn't have evidence and so just like you can't report Stan shaded allegations as fact without evidence you also can't come out and say oh I know for a fact that didn't happen unless you have evidence so I'm not gonna come out and that's and that's that's one of the things the media knows this right they know that they can report the substantiated stuff and you've got a you've got a you know a young a child saying that she was brutally attacked well nobody's gonna want to come out against a child and say no I think the girls lying no one's gonna say that especially we don't have any if the only reason why we think it is just gut instinct which is what it was for me that's not gonna be enough it's not enough for me to come out publicly and say I think she's lying even though I thought she was so the responsible thing what most of us did what I did what most people I just didn't say anything about it I didn't say anything one way or another just wait a minute because once the cops get involved which they did here the cops are gonna figure it out that that's you give cops credit for this they have they really have no trouble sniffing out these fake hate crimes they can kind of tell right away because with something like this if it really happened there should be a lot of evidence that it happened and and there so it doesn't take them long to sort it out like they did here so when when we see things like this from the beginning what we should say to ourselves is hmm okay here's the claim it's certainly a dramatic claim and if this did happen it's a horrible thing but there are two explanations that could account for why this claim is being made one explanation is a group of race racist children at a Christian school really did staged a brutal premeditated hate crime in the middle of the school day involving a deadly weapon which would be the scissors which no teachers apparently noticed so there's that explanation or a child made up a story which is more likely all things being equal if you have no evidence either way which is more likely which is more likely to happen in one scenario you need several children to have done something extraordinarily evil and on the other scenario you need one kid to have done something bad but something that kids do all the time which is make up stories obviously the more likely scenario is the is that is the latter scenario which doesn't mean that the former is impossible it just means that the the latter is more likely but why am I even bothering to explain this because we know that the media knows exactly what it's doing we know that the media it's not like they don't know how to look into a story or they don't know how to look into the background of something and verify and do their due diligence they know how to do it they're just selective about when they do it so when a black girl tells a wild story about white boys holding her down and cutting her hair off the media will report it without doing any background or making any attempt to verify any aspect of the story whatsoever but when for example a white guy raises money for Sick Kids then the media digs into his past to find out what he tweeted in high school now all the sudden they're skeptical now all of a sudden they want to know what's really going on so they see that they see a white guy donating money they say what's what's really going on here hey if I did find out what's going on with this guy that's when they're interested in their in their due diligence just just vultures this is not a victimless crime by the way what the media has done here in this case is not victimless just like it never is victimless it wasn't victimless with the Covington Catholic it wasn't even victimless in in in the case of the justice Millette hoax because what you're doing is you're Fanning the flames of hatred you're causing division and especially when with this school I've talked to some of the parents who have kids to school I've gotten messages and emails from them telling me what's been going on at this school and it has been chaos for the last week it's torn the school apart it's brought all this negative attention on the school there are people online saying horrible things about the school the people that teach there the kids that go to school there and I put this all on the media I really do I put it a hundred percent at their feet it you know it's be honest in a way I I feel sorry for the girl too because I kind of doubt that she thought it would it would get to this level I it's I don't know what exactly led her to making up this story but I'm sure part of it was she wanted attention which as I said kids make up stories for attention all the time my kids do that they don't do it on this level but but you know kids do that it's something all kids do sometimes and it's so I I say look it's the kids are gonna act like kids and and that's why the adults have to be adults to protect them from themselves so it's not even just for the sake of the other kids at that schools particularly the white kids who have been framed as racist they're the primary victims but even this girl responsible adults would protect her from herself and when she comes telling this story rather than putting her all over TV and setting her up for this failure which is gonna haunt her now for the rest of her life rather than that they could have been responsible if they really cared about her so they can't even claim that that oh you know we're just so against racism and we cared so much for this girl that we we had to we couldn't help ourselves but to come to her defense if you really cared about her you would use your brain and say okay there's a good chance she's making this up it doesn't make sense it's a crazy story and so we're not gonna put her all out there and set her up for public humiliation which is exactly what they did it's it's it's detestable and it's not just the media either we can't just put it on the media's put this at the feet of the media it goes it's a hundred percent their fault but then it's also the fault of the average people on social media who see stories like this in a way you know even they call it social media for a reason right in a way we're all part of the media now if you have a social media account you now participate in amplifying spreading in effect reporting these kinds of stories and so I think we that's a responsibility we have to take seriously and when you doesn't take a lot of effort just to hit retweet on Twitter Lorde hit share on Facebook but when you do that with a story without doing any with without without doing any due diligence on your own part I think when we do that there's responsibility on us too we should also be saying we hear a story like that we should say hold on a second I don't know about this yeah let's wait I could wait a little bit I don't need it sound like I don't need to retweet it right now everyone else is already doing it I don't need to retweet it I don't need to share it I don't need to say anything about it if it really happened well then I can I can wait for the facts to come out I can talk about it next week if I really feel the need I don't need to do it right now all right um have you ever wondered why so many Americans are sick and unhealthy and overweight this is a this is a question that we're all asking ourselves well between the food supply and a sedentary lifestyle Americans are in the worst shape that they've ever been and that's to put it mildly and that's why the team of on staff physicians and Brickhouse nutrition created field of greens all right field greens this is what it is it's an easy way for you to add fruits and vegetables to your daily routine because the fact is most of us we're not we're not getting nearly enough of that okay I can't remember the last time that I sat down and ate like an apple or something it's just we enough time for it you don't think 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about something else you're speaking of public humiliation so I I don't usually follow the action on Dancing with the Stars I've always been more of an America's Got Talent kind of guy myself to be honest personally but but Sean Spicer former White House spokesman back when the white white house had spokesman and actually did things like press conferences which they don't do anymore but he's he left the way now so I've seen it and he's he's been on Dancing with the Stars and he he keeps getting voted through so they had another episode last night I think and then they're gonna do the results show tonight I guess and he keeps getting voted through because a bunch of Trump fans keep voting keep voting for him even though he's a terrible dancer um and and don't take my word for it here he is I think this was his performance last night dancing I don't know what kind of dance this is supposed to be but watch this [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] I mean I mean come on that's I've no dancer myself but Sean Spicer he's not even doing anything first of all he stands there while people while other people dance around him and then every once in a while on occasion he'll wiggle wiggle his body out of rhythm with everybody else and then he and then he starts standing there again you know who's a better dancer the guy from the Trudeau blackface video yesterday he's a better Vance er in fact in fact the other guy from the Trudeau blackface video is a better dancer to this guy remember him this guy is actually very talented I think that's a great that's a great impression of an ostrich but Spicer he turns me into a dance snob and I can barely walk to the kitchen without tripping over the couch okay let's hope that's all uncoordinated in clumsy I am and you know how I dance this is how I did so this is how most awkward white people when when you're in a wedding or something and you're in a position where people are dancing this is me I'll show you I'll show you my dance moves this is my dance move I'll show you right now this is me this is how I dance and sometimes what I'll even do is if I really want to give I'm really getting into it and I'm feeling the rhythm then I'll add this move into it watch this move do you see the thumb so I'm doing a little thumb a little head little thumb uh-huh so that's my that's what this is me dancing at every wedding I've ever been to this is me dancing if people look over and they want and they they're trying to assure me to the dance floor I just yeah good so that's me that what I just did there that's better I should be on Dancing with the Stars I should be on Dancing with the Stars give me a desk or a table and I'll just sit there and this will be and I invoke me through because if you're voting Sean Spicer through that I should get through on that I get the joke you're voting him through because because he's bad I understand that it's a that's a that's trolling that's a tried-and-true American tradition now this goes back to who was the guy on American Idol I think the the first the first he was the first person to ever be trolled through one of these talent competition who was it was a guy I forget his name terrible singer but he kept getting voted through because it was funny that he was bad and he was getting through so I get it but there's something that I think that I believe in more than trolling and that I think is even more American than trolling and that is rewarding excellence I don't believe in participation trophies Spicer is a terrible dancer just like me even though I'm better and in America when people are terrible at things we let them know it not by rewarding them ok no we we reward EXO if you're good at something we're going to applaud you but if you're bad at it we are going to heap scorn and ridicule on you and that is the American Way that's the American Dream the American Way of life so when you vote Spicer throwing on Dancing with the Stars you are you are destroying the American Way and the American dream so I beg you to stop it please stop it's not right it is it is immoral immoral that's what I say but still kind of funny so let me before we get to emails let me chime in for just a minute on this civil war thing I figure I want to talk about Dancing with the Stars first and then we'll get to the less important matter of the potential for in another American Civil War I think you know talk about civil war in fact if Spicer gets through and wins dance with the Stars I think there might be a civil war over that and and for good reason but as you you heard there's been a lot of discussion and outrage over the last couple of days because Trump tweeted a quote from his Lackey Robert Jeffress saying that impeachment will lead to to civil war that's what Jefferson and Trump retweeted it quoted it actually didn't retweet quoted it and tweeted it and so now everyone's giving their thoughts on whether we are headed to a civil war I've talked about this before but let me let me give my two cents on that I think there are two concepts here one is that that sometimes get conflated one is civil war and the other is civil unrest now I think that the latter option of civil unrest we are we're already seeing that we're already seeing the beginnings of that and we have been seeing that over the last several years we've seen riots in cities we now we've got an Tifa you know that is an example of civil unrest I think we could be heading to a situation where that becomes far more common and you see that across the country I think very easily we could be out of there and it's got nothing to do with impeachment Robert Jeffress said that were that it because of impeachment there's gonna be a civil war I think that's silly that's that's that's not going to be it but I think in general as a culture we are moving in that direction we're not moving to a civil war for a number of reasons it's not going to be a war mainly because in the main reason is that nobody we yeah we like to tweet and insult each other on Twitter but a civil war is not fought through Twitter that means you're actually getting out there and putting your life on the line okay which people aren't gonna do and I'm not saying that like I want them to like it's a challenge that's not my point here I'm saying that actually thankfully our laziness and our preference for a sedentary lifestyle where we live our life through screens and and on the couch that has had a lot of negative effects but the one positive is that it will save us from fighting a civil war because that's what it comes down to most people just have are gonna have no interest if you if you know anything about the you know the the the first civil war or the first American Civil War if we have to call it that you'll know that that was fought during a time when men were willing to sacrifice everything and endure unimaginable hardship walk into a situation where death was very very likely whether they died on the battlefield or in most cases died of disease or whatever else bad hygiene everything that was something that men were willing to do back then and that's part of the reason why we had a civil war well that's one of the things anyway that made a civil war possible that's just not the case anymore and I do think it's kind of funny when you've got a bunch of people on Twitter say oh yeah I'm ready to fight a civil no you're not you're just tweeted you're not doing anything because at the end of the day right you know you you've got your shows coming on at 8 o'clock tonight that you want to get home and watch and that's what we care about most now on the other hand going out and and you know going and rioting and throwing some rocks through through a window and then going home back to your mom's basement that's something that people are willing to do doesn't take a lot of energy doesn't take a lot of effort there's not a lot of risk involved especially because the police don't really do much to stop it and don't arrest very many people so that people are willing to do and I think we're gonna see more of that but not a civil war thankfully but the primary reason why we are headed in this direction and why we're we are fracturing as a country it's not it's not impeachment or any specific thing that has anything to do with Trump really it's that we just as a people have nothing in common anymore that's the problem and what people don't understand is that Trump and everything associated with him that is a symptom of the underlying issue so the more that we split apart as a country culturally speaking it's not because of Trump he is a symptom of that fracturing that has already that has been happening now for decades where we just don't have anything in common there's nothing that ties us together as

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