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Today on the Matt Walsh Show, the media claims that many Americans still don’t want to leave their homes and get back to their lives. If that’s true, fine. That’s why I propose that everyone who wants to go back to work and their lives should be allowed to. If you want to stay home, you can. What’s the problem? Also Five Headlines including the arrest of the two men who shot Ahmaud Arbery. And in our Daily Cancellation, I cancel a news channel that shamed a man for the crime of operating his ice cream truck.

To listen to this episode, subscribe to The Matt Walsh Show on Apple Podcasts: https://apple.co/2EgkuROtoday on the Matt Walsh show the media claims that many Americans still don't want to leave their homes and get back to the lives they want to stay barricaded in their homes there they're not ready to be done with the lockdown yet if that's true fine and that's why I propose that everybody who wants to get back to work and back to their lives can do so and if you want to stay home you can I think that's the path forward it's an easy solution what's the problem we'll talk about that also five headlines including the arrest of the two men who shot a mod our Bri and we'll talk more about that case today especially in the email it's got a lot of email about it and in our daily cancellation I canceled a news channel that shamed a guy for the crime of operating his ice-cream truck and you have to see this video just to see how proud of itself these quote-unquote journalists are for shaming this guy so we'll talk about all that coming up but first as mentioned a new poll done by ABC says that 65% of Americans don't want the economy to reopen now I have trouble believing these polls because they don't at all reflect what I hear when I talk to people and I often think even though it's unscientific I think I do think sometimes your own anecdotal experience of just the vibe you get from people when you talk to them I have found that to be more reliable than these media polls much of the time in many circumstances but let's say let's say for a minute okay whether these things are accurate these are accurate polls well fine we still know - despite what with some but supposedly 65% of Americans want we know that there's no good reason for the lockdown to continue there wasn't a good reason for the lockdown to begin in the first place but almost everything we have learned in the last two months has made that truth inescapably clear okay so to be in favor of the lockdown two months ago is one thing to be in favor of it now is quite another because we have a lot of data under our belt now a lot of experience and it all points to the fact that this that there is no justification for this over 33 million people have been put out of work many businesses on the brink of or over edge of bankruptcy our economy teeters near total collapse and all of this not to prevent deaths or to stop the virus but merely to delay the inevitable moment when we have to figure out how to live in spite of it this is all a delaying tactic there are still people I think a lot of people in this poll don't understand I think part of the reason why they're in favor of the lockdown is they still don't and probably because they're getting their news from places like CNN they don't understand what the lockdown is actually supposed to accomplish it's not supposed to save any lives really it's just supposed to delay it's a delaying tactic for most of us the risk of returning to our jobs and our lives is very low the virus primarily victimizes the old and the infer my has had a hugely disproportionate impact on nursing homes as I argued a few days ago I laid out the numbers we talked about this in many states and many countries nursing home fatalities account for more than half I mean sometimes we're talking 70 80 90 % of all kovat 19 fatalities when you add the elderly who are not in nursing homes okay so that's just specifically people in nursing homes then what about the 75 and overcrowd who are not in nursing homes and then you also add in people with pre-existing conditions it becomes evident that young and healthy people are very unlikely to die from this disease or to be hospitalized because of it in fact young and healthy people I mean the the the the threat of death from Cova 19 for a young and healthy person isn't that much more than the threat from the flu that's just that's what the numbers tell us I know we're not supposed to make these comparisons I don't care that's what the numbers tell us now that doesn't mean that we should cavalierly throw aside all precautions and safety measures and just throw it all to the wind and everything no that's not what it means and that's another problem with these polls is that I think the way it is presented is do we have a lock down or do we do nothing whatsoever and just pretend like everything is normal like those are the two options that are presented but that's not actually the people who want to end the lockdown most of them that is not what they what we are proposing you could still have plenty of safety measures plenty of social distancing measures you can take plenty of reasonable precautions while sort of going about your lap your life the and if you do that the threat level as a healthy person to you will be quite low and we should be and this is the point we should be allowed to take that risk if we wish for people who for a culture that supposedly values autonomy and being pro-choice so much I think this position should be appreciated we should be able to choose to take that risk of a wish but this brings up an important point the argument the retort is that well even if the young and healthy go back to their jobs if we allow that to happen and we allow them to reclaim their lives well the problem is that there they might spread it to people who are not in that category so remember Governor Cuomo said a few weeks ago that for all the people who want to for the people have the audacity to want to get back to their jobs and feed their family he said it's not about you it's not about you it's not about you it's about me I mean it's basically exactly what he said and that's that's that's the argument that's that's the retort is well what about all the people so you want to take the risk but because you could become a carrier are you not now forcing other people to take a risk and also what about even healthy people who don't want to take the risk what about them is is it fair that all these people should have the risk wasted on them against their will and that's where I say no it is not fair but that's not what we're talking about here there is another way and I'll explain that in just a second but before we do a word from our good friends at zipper Court recruiter you know a lot of people are of course unfortunately looking for a job right now and we want to make their job search as efficient and effective as possible because II don't have a lot of time to waste zip recruiters focus hasn't changed they're still doing what they've done from the beginning helping people who need jobs find work at helping growing businesses find the right people for their open roles so what zipper crews always done and that job is more important now than it has ever been literally so if you're looking for a job right now know that zip recruiter is working with you to find the right job faster zip recruiter is dedicated to helping you get hired whether you're looking for 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advocated such a policy so I am NOT the only anti lockdown person who would be against forcing people to leave lockdown I I think every way I'm not aware of any anti lockdown person who wants to force this on anyone that's not what this is about in fact this is the anti force it's the other side that's all about forcing people to do this and that we're saying no this is this is not about force now the way it is portrayed by the Pro lockdown crowd you would think that those who oppose the lockdown want to mandate that everybody leave their home but we are in favor of no such mandate and have not proposed one this to me seems rather simple if you want to remain in your home that's fine stay there as long as you like you need not worry about anyone spreading it to you if you're still hiding behind locked doors I don't even understand the concern if you want to stay it locked out and you're saying you can't leave your home because you're gonna spread it to me how am I gonna spread it to you you're in your home I'm not I'm not breaking in so you're fine what's the issue you should be just as safe after the lockdown ends as you were before it ended because you're still personally staying in your home no problem but if you don't want to stay in your home then you can leave only those who choose to take the risk should take it and there's no reason why I should be prevented from taking the risk just because you don't want to take a risk you and I are different people we live in different homes we don't have to make the same decision that's the great thing about being autonomous beings whatever happened to that let me make my choices and you make yours now a common counter-argument to this plan so a counter-argument to my counter-argument to their counter arguments where a lot of counters now but they'll say well if many people get back to work and business is open again then some of the people who want to stay locked down might be compelled by their employers to come back to their jobs so maybe there are people who are working from home right now but if we start opening up again maybe the employer says you got to come to work we're gonna fire you or you know maybe maybe there did their job has allowed them to maybe they're furloughed or whatever the case is the concern is if we open up the economy and I don't want to leave my home whereas before my employer was accommodating it they might not accommodate it anymore and then I'm out of a job now this strikes me as an ironic and hypocritical concern considering the source after all if you're if you're pro locked out if you're in favor of continuing lockdown then you believe that 33 million lost jobs is a price worth paying you're afraid you're gonna lose your job if the lock downs end well the lock downs themselves resulted in 33 million people losing their jobs you were okay with that in fact you've probably scolded the people worried about losing their jobs for quote putting money over human life so now what you're doing the same now that you stand to lose your own job suddenly job loss is a problem 33 million unemployed people isn't enough to justify hoping in the economy but one lost job yours is enough to justify keeping it closed I mean do you see why this line of reasoning is not particularly endearing or persuasive people who have pre-existing conditions that put them at high risk of Cova 19 should be accommodated I think and provided provided for so that they can remain home I don't think that we should be you know I think if someone is in a high-risk category either because of their health or their age they should remain home and they should be accommodated which is a lot easier to do than accommodating everybody I mean the government sending stimulus checks to everybody or at least everybody under a certain income bracket that's not sustainable sending stimulus checks to a much smaller group of people a targeted smaller group of people who have to stay home because of their health condition that I think is much more sustainable and that's something we could do the elderly you know most of them aren't working anyway so they should remain quarantined but the young and healthy ought to be given the option to return to work if any young and healthy person wants to stay home indefinitely because they're afraid they're free to make that choice I don't think we should subsidize that choice that's that's yes that's correct if you're young and healthy you're not sick you're not elderly I don't think you should be forced out of your home but I do think the lockdowns should end and I don't think we should subsidize you I don't think you should get any checks from the government you know if you want if you want to stay home indefinitely because you're afraid of germs and viruses you're free to do that but you got to figure out how to make that work for yourself I don't think that it's society's job to make that work for you we're gonna get the economy going we're gonna we're gonna get society rolling again if you don't want to be a part of that fine but we're not gonna pay you you know we're not gonna pay you to do nothing but again these are the people who like to preach about the superfluous 'no son's doing a time like this these are the very people who've been saying how dare you be concerned about finances all right well now I'm saying to you how dare you be concerned about it you didn't care about the finances of 33 million people who lost their jobs am I supposed to care about yours I mean you'll forgive me if I treat your financial situation as superfluous considering you've done that to everybody else in the country and now it's a problem now if your financial concerns are not superfluous then you might decide that it's worth it to get back out into the world and take the risk and that's a decision you should have a power to make we should all have the power to make let everybody figure out their own priorities their own needs their own acceptable level of risk let them choose which door they're going to walk through and then walk through the door that's what it means to live in a free country let's move on to headlines number one we talked yesterday we talked yesterday at length about the case of mod R burry who was shot dead in the street by Gregory and Travis McMichael the McMichaels father and son duo claimed they were just making a citizen's arrest but for reasons that I went into detail explaining yesterday that excuse just really doesn't wash at all now that McMichaels have been arrested a day after the video when public arrests were made but the shooting happened back in February and Prosecco have had this video in their possession for a while now so why did it take public outcry to spur arrests that alone is an enormous outrage it would seem that local law enforcement intended to cover this up and let the killer's go without facing any kind of trial and if that video doesn't come out these guys are still on the street that seems obvious remember the first two prosecutors in this case recused themselves because of their connection to the elder McMichael it's obvious that the people the powers that be down there making these decisions in Georgia really didn't want to prosecute these guys really didn't want to well and why is that many people say it's because of racism I think another potential explanation is that the elder McMichael is a former cop and to me this all reeks of cops trying to cover for one it for their own you know cops looking out for their own kind of thing that's that's that's what it seems to me to be and it certainly wouldn't be the first time that happens number two the unemployment rate is fourteen point seven percent or in fact numbers just came out today the unemployment rate was fourteen point seven percent in April which is officially the highest unemployment rate since the Great Depression and I think the highest unemployment rate since they started officially tracking these numbers in the 40s when you factor in the people who are underemployed and that they went from full-time to part-time that number is 23% remember that's just April and remember this does not count the millions of people who haven't filed or couldn't file or or don't qualify for unemployment so the worst unemployment rate since the Great Depression is actually an understatement that's actually a very conservative way of putting it and we did all this we locked 33 million workers in their homes because of a virus that mostly kills people in nursing homes and then we kept sending infected people into the nursing homes amazing I really historians of the future will spend their whole careers trying to figure out what happened here and why we did what we did and they won't be able to understand it and I don't understand it either three speaking of nursing-homes reading now from The Daily wire it says unbelievably despite the fact that elderly people in senior care centers have been the hardest hit demographic in the corner virus crisis the state of California where Governor Gavin Newsom has instituted harsh lockdown measures is asking assisted living facilities to house elderly patients infected with the corona virus in exchange for money so we know in New York there was a mandate passed back in March forcing nursing homes to take infected people and there was what we talked about few days ago there was one nurse come in particular had that had no corona corona spyer's cases or deaths they were forced to take in to coronavirus cases and then shortly after they had 30 people died and that is a direct result of the mandate of the policy in New York which means it's a direct result of the actions of Governor Cuomo he has that blood on his hands I don't see any way around that and now you've got similar things going on in other parts of the country in California they're gonna bribe you to take in coronavirus pate Colonel as far as patients it's incredible I mean to have this level of uncounted competence and it's still happening even now I also don't want to here when I talked about this few days ago some people the excuse some people offered is what else are you gonna do if you have an elderly person who has coronavirus what el where else you gonna put them they need around-the-clock care where else you need to put them here's my answer to that literally anywhere else okay anywhere else would be a better place than a nursing home and besides what about all these extra facilities that were set up especially in New York they set up all these extra facilities that I mean in ships and everything most that stuff ended up going empty what about putting the what about putting the elderly colonel about coronavirus patients there and giving them around two o'clock care instead of setting them right back into a nursing home and nursing homes which by the way were not given time to set up and be prepared to handle this and so the virus spread like wildfire and yet these governors who are doing this cuomo knew some you know the governors who have the worst outbreaks and have handled it most incompetently they're the ones hailed by the media the media is constantly falling to their knees polishing andrew cuomo's shoes talking about what a great job he's doing how they should replace Biden with him and yeah anybody would be better than Biden for the Democrats probably at this point but even Andrew Cuomo but here's the way the media is presented you want to talk about living in an upside-down world the governors who have the who've had the worst outbreak and I've had the worst response to the outbreak they're the ones who are hailed as heroes while the governors who have the the health who have best controlled their outbreaks like in Florida are somehow the villains of coronavirus the way the media talks about the governor of Florida who not coincidentally is a Republican I mean they're trying to make him out into the into the great villain of this story they don't have a serious outbreak in Florida we've been told though over and over again that there would be a serious outbreak remember the Spring Breakers everyone was freaking out about the Spring Breakers oh my gosh the Spring Breakers they're gonna kill us all what ended up happening with that they went home and they were fine what we were told that five or six of them at coronavirus what did they die no apparently it was okay it really worked out fine actually four and yeah and Andrew Cuomo on top of sending kronosaurus patients in nursing homes he also decided to clean the subway system for the first time this week this thing's been going on for two months and this is the first time that he's shut down services overnight to actually do a thorough cleaning of the subway system yeah but what a brilliant a brilliant leader brilliant leader what great brilliance me gimme give me one good can anyone hearing how brilliant of a leader he is but why what is he actually done that's good point to the success he sounds great in press conferences yeah his press conferences are great great press conferences really comes off great honey and he has those cute little interviews with his brother on CNN are they so cute together yeah that's what matters which even that can you imagine if Fox News had a employed a member of the Trump family imagine of Don jr. had his own show on Fox News and he did every night did interviews with his dad where he was just telling his dad how great he is do you think the left and the media do you think they would be gushing about how cute and wonderful and lovely these moments are between father and son the way they do with the brother brother thing on CNN no they would say this is outrageously inappropriate this is bad journalism or in the middle of a pandemic okay if you if you've got someone on an elected official who's who's heading up the response to this weather in New York or nationwide you need to actually ask him some good questions don't don't bring in a family member to question him for and here's an odd way to pay tribute here's a tweet from NY the NYPD it says JetBlue aircrafts will conduct a flyover over Manhattan over Manhattan Queens and the Bronx to salute frontline first responders and health care workers the aircraft's will fly at approximately 2,000 feet please follow social distancing guidelines if viewing in public that's oh my gosh what what are we doing first of all it's New York why would you think that people are gonna be excited to see commercial aircraft flying low to the ground through the city like of all the ways to pay tribute in New York how is that your go-to and meanwhile the NYPD's constantly are they're arresting people for not social distancing and now you're staging a spectacle for people to come outside and see number five okay there's too much anger I got to calm down I need to find something positive okay so here we go I you know I play a lot of tic toc videos on this show for good reason because that's always news relevant news usually it's tick tock videos that have gone viral and usually them in a negative way but I want to inject the little positivity so here's a viral tick tock video that I personally found both informative and inspiring watch this today I want to show you what this American girl likes as hot tea so I mix a lot of ingredients together so first it's one cup of Institue two cups of tank country time lemonade one cup of sugar another cup of sugar a little bit of cinnamon a little bit of cloves mix it all together put some water in a cup heat your water in the microwave add a few teaspoons to your hot water give it a little stir and that's what I like for hot tea that looks delicious I that's is a true culinary geniuses are never appreciated in their own time so people are making fun of this woman for that recipe but she will be remembered by history and revered and in fact this snack kind of reminds me of a snack that I came up with if you're looking for a meal to eat with that delicious tea here's one you could try this lightly fry some bacon you wrap it around a Snickers bar cover with shredded cheese put in the microwave for five seconds just enough to get the cheese a little bit melty and then you top it with gravy eat it with a fork and knife I'm telling you you won't regret it you might regret it but but it's good anyway especially if you happen to be say on death row and you're looking for a last meal you've given up all hope of living then I would recommend that one to you all right now for your daily cancelation but before we go to your daily cancellation I want to take a moment to tell you about daily wires newest most exclusive membership to your that is the all-access insider the all-access insider membership here is our premier level of membership all access members get the benefits of other membership tiers including an ad free website experience access to our live broadcast full three hours of Ben Shapiro show all access members also get other amazing benefits including of course the singular and irreplaceable leftist ears tumblr they also get to join live exclusive online Q&A S which is daily wires new discussion show which are which is which are you know a lot of fun and they also get to participate in all access live our brand new interactive programming feature so you get all that stuff and I think but here's the main thing you're just a better person okay our our all-access insider members are more valuable as people than anybody else and that's that's the main you you get Worth and dignity as a person from this so head on over to daily wire comm so I've subscribed to join daily wires all-access Club with a new membership or an upgrade and get 10% off with coupon code Walsh that's daily wire comm size subscribe see you there okay now if your daily cancellation I am canceling everybody who had anything to do with this segment from CNN [Music] that iconic music screams summer and we all scream for ice cream but during a pandemic social distance the rule getting close to the ice cream man could mean getting something else fact of life yet here's mr. freeze not his name in his truck of treats unmasked unclogged taking cash for cones in the northwest burbs that's when cbs2 assignment editor Greg Kelly father of two dead on a bike said wait a minute dude it's a good idea to be doing this with the stay-at-home order covered 19 eventually our Greg got a bit closer tried to get an answer from mr. freeze again not his name at this time face coverings are required in public situations where social distance cannot be maintained [Applause] he drove off it for the questioning by our assignment desk editor dad biker and journalist Greg Kelly but this all happened in Hoffman Estates and tonight we'd learn ice cream trucks there our band have been for years the village manager tells us if you see that ice cream man call 9-1-1 I just honestly if you told me that segment was done as a parody of the lockdown and of all the paranoid neighborhood snitches if you told me that was a parody a satire of the coronavirus busybodies I believe you I would believe that that was some kind of Babylon B skit 100% I would believe it it is hard to believe that that is real but it is real and I'll tell you what makes it hard to believe even though it is again indeed definitely real but see I can always understand I'm never perplexed when a person does something very stupid that never confuses me I get it there are dumb people out there who do dumb things but when that very dumb thing has to go through an approval process and a bunch of other people have to be involved in it and so now you've got this whole chain of dumbness and throughout that entire chain nobody apparently even once spoke up and said wait a second guys I think this might be very dumb that's when it perplexes me and they're so proud of themselves the tool bag on the bike the reporter everyone they post this on social media they're so proud CBS they're so proud of it they they thought this is now this is great work guys it's not just that they didn't think it was dumb they thought they had a hit on their hands they thought they had a Pulitzer Prize winner which who knows maybe they actually will win a Pulitzer Prize considering where they give Poulter's to these days but they thought they had something and they'd be getting applause from everybody for this that's what they thought here they are harassing and shaming a man who's trying to make a living here they are bullying a working-class guy in an ice cream truck and they feel totally vindicated totally righteous like they're fighters for truth and just in the American Way it's amazing what absolute idiots and that's the most charitable thing I could possibly say about them I have an idea here's a better idea okay mind your own damned business leave this guy alone let him earn a living you earn a living if you're in the media you still have a job god forbid this guy try to make some money - what you're the only guy you're the only person it's a lot to make some money that that a-hole on the bike what he's basically saying is excuse me sir are you trying to earn money no no I only I can earn money I can earn money you can't how dare you sir try to earn money like me by deeds earn money I'm important but you're just an ice-cream truck driver I mean even if it was necessary to shame this guy which it isn't at all not even a little bit at all no it's not at all but even if it was why would you think that you as a person in the media someone who has a job and is well compensated why would you think that you of all people should be the person to do it just really disgusting meanwhile this guy is outside he's sir me he's serving you know children outside the virus doesn't really spread outside kids don't really contract it or spread it this is one of the safest jobs in the world to do there is no reason and if anyone's being put at risk it would be him as the ice cream truck driver if anybody's at a and you know he's not really in any real risk either but if anybody's at risk it's him so he's making a decision because he wants to earn a living and he wants to any wants to sell some ice cream there is no reason why ice cream truck shouldn't operate during this in fact I think we could all use some ice cream right now I think we can use the sound of an ice cream truck driving down the street there should be more of them not less we should be setting out fleets of ice cream trucks how about how about injecting a little bit of joy and normalcy into all of this bleak mad you know madness especially kids kids have been locked in their homes they can't see their friends I got four of them it's it's tough on the kids and they don't they don't underst understand why they can't leave that I don't understand it either they especially don't understand it so I think it's great not only is it great this guy's earning a living I think it's great that he's you know something a little bit normal and something fun for kids so they can enjoy themselves through all this we've taken everything away from them we've taken their friends from them we've taken away the playgrounds we've taken away birthday parties and everything you know Easter took that away from everybody not just the kids that's just ca

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