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To listen to this episode, subscribe to The Matt Walsh Show on Apple Podcasts: on the matt wall show i have an idea a plan for how to proceed how to get things going again again and it involves you know everybody making their own decisions personal responsibility is what we used to call it and i will outline that today also five headlines including millions of americans uh now considering homeschooling for the first time so we'll talk about that and in our daily cancellation we will cancel two of the dumbest criminals in world history possibly and they happen to be nfl players uh perhaps not surprisingly so all of that coming up all right um and also i should mention at the top just because that i really really need a haircut it's it's getting the situation is getting bad i am getting precariously close to ponytail territory in the back here i could almost um make a ponytail almost and that has brought me precariously close to uh actually allowing my wife to cut my hair and i have i've held off for two months bravely boldly not allowing it and the reason i won't allow her to do it is because i know that at least part of her would be tempted to take the clippers and just go right off the top of my head just buzz cut right off the top and i know she'd be tempted to do that because i would be tempted to do that if i was her so there would at least be that temptation and i could never be probably only about a five percent chance she would actually do it and then i also know yes it would be hilarious if i had to go do the show the next day with uh you know with with totally mangled hair so i would kind of appreciate the humor but at the same time it would ruin my life so that's situation um hopefully we can get the uh the the barber shops open again and you know mainly not because of uh people like me need haircuts because we look like mangy dogs but mainly because people who run barbershops and hair salons and so on you know they need to make a living i think that's probably the more important thing so as we talk about opening up and everything there's there's been a lot of debate about whether people should wear masks and whether it's really effective or not to wear masks and whether businesses should require it of their customers or not um you know personally it seems clear to me that mandating the use of face masks outside as some localities have done like in los angeles for example is absurd at best i mean the best thing you can say about is absurd there's no reason to think that you're at any appreciable risk of contracting or spreading the disease when you're outside outdoors especially if you're maintaining a comfortable distance from other groups now on the other hand there does seem to be reason to think that running or cycling or jogging or exercising outside in the heat with a mask strapped to your face and collecting sweat and spit as you go is not the most hygienic practice you know i've done no scientific research into this i admit i have no data whatsoever but i'm guessing that when presented with a choice between exercising while breathing into a spittle soaked rag or exercising without the rag the latter choice will generally be healthier and more sanitary that's i'm guessing now does that mean that people shouldn't wear masks in my opinion in my anti-mask okay now this is one of those things we all have to be anti-mask or pro mask no i'm neither i have really no opinion on on what other people decide to do with their faces you can do whatever you want with your face cover the whole thing in a mask you can walk around with it with a pillow case over your head if you want to it doesn't matter to me i acknowledge a business owner's right to require masks in his establishment and i'll comply with those requirements out of respect to the private property rights of a business owner uh outside of that i'm probably not going to wear one my opinion on masks is like my opinion on most other crotavirus precautions make your own decision and live your life and godspeed it's it's just it's not clear to me why there needs to be a consensus or a universal strategy that we all adopt when it comes to this now yes you could argue that masks are more effective if everybody else wears them too but if they're effective at all if they have any effect they should still offer you a significant amount of protection um regardless of who else has them on like if you're if you're going to store something and you have a mask on and you're maintaining social distance and you're not lingering very much you're going in getting what you need and you're leaving even if nobody else in the store has a mask on yeah it's not perfect protection but it should offer you some protection should make a difference if you're telling me that masks make no difference at all unless everybody has them then it sounds like masks are pretty ineffective anyway so what's the point somewhere along the line we decided that the coronavirus threat is one threat that we all have to respond to in the exact same way without exception but that is not how this country generally functions and it shouldn't start now so so why can't this be the way forward those who wish to wear masks wear them those who don't wish to wear masks don't wear them businesses that wish to require masks require them businesses that don't wish to require them don't businesses that wish to remain closed remain closed businesses that businesses that wish to open up can open up people who wish to stay locked in their homes indefinitely stay locked in their home indefinitely people who wish to go outside of their homes will go outside of their homes see these are all matters of risk assessment so a combination of factors have to be weighed and that that calculation can be complicated for every individual depending on your situation that calculation though is downright impossible if we're treating 330 million people as if they are one homogenous single entity when they're not the calculation is going to be different for everybody depending on their situation and that's the point i think there are some people personally it seems to me there are some people who for them it makes a lot of sense to stay inside as much as possible wear a mask when you go out there are some people like that people who are elderly people who have pre pre-existing conditions but that's not everybody why do we have to pretend that everybody is the same uh and why is it that people who usually are all about extolling the virtue of of choice suddenly have abandoned that uh when it comes to this we'll talk about that more in just a second but first um you know i've i've done this myself and with ancestrydna learning about our family ancestry where we come from and uh you know i was i'll be honest with you i was a little bit worried at first when i when i started because i heard of so many people doing this and i was worried that i'd be disappointed that it wouldn't live up to the hype but it definitely did and it's just been fascinating to learn about my own family and where i came from how it is that i ended up this way which i think is a question a lot of people have there are many paths to finding your family story whichever way you choose tracing your family generations back with a family tree or uncovering your ethnicity with ancestry dna whatever it is it's easy to get started with ancestry an ancestry dna test tells you where your ancestors are from uh and ancestry's billions of records and millions of family trees let you discover their personal stories researching a history is a fun activity it's something that involves the whole family you know i know my kids especially been very interested to find out as well and the stories you learned about you learn about can you know be shared and it gives you something to talk about um around the dinner table and with your families so uh if you haven't if you've never tried this before i would absolutely recommend it you could trace the paths of your recent ancestors learn how and why your family moved from place to place around the world just learning the story of your family start exploring your family story today head to my url at matt to get your ancestry dna kit and start your free trial that's um okay so this this this is my point this much seems obvious to me if you remain shut inside your home indefinitely and you only emerge for brief moments fully masked just to go to the grocery store you're probably not going to get sick you'll also be living a kind of dreary life not a life that i want to live but but that's that's my own perspective and who cares what my perspective is you can live that life if you want to you are free to be a reclusive hypochondriac if that's the sort of existence that you prefer the point is that there's no reason to require the same existence of everyone even if all the rest of us are running around you know coughing in each other's faces kissing strangers on the mouth whatever it is you will be safe shut in your home sheltered from the germ orgy that's happening out there so you don't need to worry about it so so why not make this our reopening strategy another term for this strategy is personal responsibility also liberty it's the strategy we've employed for most other diseases most of the time if you're very fearful of this disease it doesn't matter if anyone else thinks that your fear is overblown or justified i think that's where a lot of the tension and the argument and the division is coming from where we think that we have our opinion of this disease and the threat that it poses and we think that everyone else has to feel the same way about it they don't it doesn't matter it shouldn't matter at least they shouldn't have to feel the same way if you're fearful of it you have your reasons great well not great i mean i'm sorry that you're fearful but but you you can live accordingly you're entitled to your fear you're entitled to whatever strategies you put in place for its sake but your fear is not entitled to dictate my life that's the point now i know you can dream up scenarios where even if you're locked in your house someone can get you sick uh and i've it is someone someone today told me that um or yesterday when i was talking about this someone said oh well that's the old canard of well that's great for you but your choices might kill my parents and i said how are my choices going to kill your parents if i'm if i'm out doing my thing and they're shut in their house because they want a shelter in place and it seems like how could i have any effect on them the only way i could have any effect on them is if they choose to go out and participate in society and if they if they choose that then they choose to take on the risk and that's it and then i was told well uh you could get a mail carrier sick and then he could deliver mail to my parents and the virus could get on the mail and my parents could touch the the mail and then get sick okay that's that's how extreme that's how tortured people are getting in trying to explain how or why everybody has to stay locked in their home because you might you might get a mail carrier sick or somehow transmit the viru transmits the virus by mail to someone who's locked in their home i mean come on the other argument i've heard a lot in the last couple of days is um that if we're going to take this approach of everyone you know assess their own risk level and live accordingly then by that logic well it almost seems like you're saying we shouldn't have seat belt laws or we shouldn't have smoking bans and actually funnily enough yes that's how i feel and that's that's actually a great comparison i think the seat belt law comparison is very good because let me tell you how i feel about seat belt laws i think they're completely ridiculous and nothing but a fundraising mechanism for the state there is no reason why we need cops going around looking for people that don't have seat belts on so they can charge them 50 bucks for not having a seat if you want to drive down the road without a seatbelt on that's your choice it's your risk you're not putting anybody else at risk and uh and you know no problem you you should be able to choose to take on that risk except even with that you know that's a very that's actually a generous com comparison for the pro-lockdown side because at least with at least with seat belts although i believe that people should be able to take on that risk if they want to and there's no reason why we need daddy you know daddy's state out there daddy police officer out there lecturing us to keep our seatbelts on but at least there you know this the science is pretty well established um there's very little controversy that you're you are safer with seat belts anyway most of the time now you could argue if you're going very slow you get into a fender bender you might be better off without the seat belt because if you have it on you could get whiplash or something i don't know i mean there's but generally speaking you're better off with the seat belt on that's pretty well established science the thing with the lockdown though is not only should people have the right to assess their own risk but it's by no means a foregone conclusion that this lockdown strategy is actually the safest so it's it's not just that people aren't being given the right to assess their own risk but it's that we are being forced to us to accept the risk assessment of government officials and scientists who are on the government's payroll we're being forced to accept their assessment when their assessment is at a minimum highly controversial and there's a whole other way of looking at it so that's the point but either way it goes back to as i said you can be as scared as you want whether your fear is justified or not is not the point but your fear does not dictate choices in my life or at least it shouldn't let's go to headlines um a camera uh a camera guy from a new york news channel was at a lockdown protest and the video was shared by kevin vesey from news 12 in new york and uh he said as he shared it on twitter the level of anger directed at the media from these protesters was alarming and a bunch of other media people shared the video as well shaking their heads and disappointment and indignation and all the mean things that people in this video said about the the media but if you listen to it i don't know i listened to it and everything seemed pretty accurate to me so take take a listen to this i'm just trying to get by on the sidewalk that's all you shouldn't be here you stop you stopped airing the trump briefings and you keep airing cuomo briefings go home we know about your liberal agenda we know you want to keep your job we get it you're not getting dollars in right now you want it you're not going to [Music] i don't know what happened to tell the you kevin come on essential big news i gotta say i can't find fault with anything that was said there it just where where's the lie tell me where the lie is it shows you the whole problem with the media though doesn't it that rather than think to themselves geez people really hate us what have we done wrong okay what have we done what are we doing wrong that people feel this way about us rather than saying that which is which is the the question that a self-aware person would ask themselves rather than that they say oh geez people really hate us there must be something wrong with them number two nfl announcer joe buck says that it's quite likely the nfl season will go forward without fans in the stadium but he indicates some other adjustments that might be made he said in an interview quote i think fox and these networks have to put crowd noise under us to make it a normal viewing experience at home i think whoever is going to be at the control is going to have to be really good at their job and be realistic with how a crowd would react depending on what just happened on the field so what's really important and then he also said on top of the crowd noise that they might pump in at least to the broadcast they might have cgi he indicated they've talked about doing this well they'll have cgi people in the stands so it looks like a full stadium and this of course is all a very terrible idea if anything you get more mics down on the field so we can hear the action you know on the sideline on the on the field that might be interesting might get a little dicey too with the language i admit um and or or you know of course the other option is just play the games have people in the stands let people come to the games it's outdoors at least most stadiums are even the indoor stadiums are obviously very big so there's plenty of air circulation i don't i really don't see any reason why you have to not have people in the stands or at a minimum you got a 70 000 person stadium sell 40 000 tickets or 35 000 tickets and then there's plenty of space people can spread out not a problem number three the new york post reports quote a black professor driving in vermont with new york license plates was flagged down by two white men and told to leave the state in what police are investigating as a bias-related incident according to a report the unidentified professor was driving with his 11 year old son last friday in hartford when two unknown vehicles approached and flagged them down around 10 am the professor who owns property in the state told police that one of the drivers a white man said that he was not wanted in vermont and told to leave according to the report he also told police that there were significant racial undertones to the interaction vermont's governor phil scott said he'd spoken with the victim and added that he has quote no tolerance for hate crimes in the state well you know i have to say i'm not surprised that jesse smilet got a job as a college professor but what the heck is he doing in vermont that's my question also there are a number of issues here okay like what do you mean they flagged you down so you were driving along and some white racists flagged you down to say something racist to you and you just stopped and listened to hear them out it doesn't i can't even make sense of this and even if this did happen which i doubt couldn't it be that he the guy's from new york and he has new york license plates and that's why they didn't like him i mean couldn't it be if if if this really happened my first thought would be well he's got new york license plates and these are people that are worried that he's bringing the coronavirus into vermont and so that's why they told him to leave and whether it happened or not whether it was racial or not why are police investigating it hate crime the governor's involved calling it a haker what crime occurred telling people that telling someone they aren't welcomed in the state how is that a hate crime based on what law what law forbids using that phrase to another person that's what i would like to know number four another report from the new york post says new york attorney general uh leticia james said wednesday that she is looking into reports that the nypd is targeting minorities for aggressive enforcement of social distancing she says quote in a statement uh the apparent unequal enforcement of social distancing policies is deeply troubling and deepens the divide between law enforcement and the people they are tasked to protect and then she mentions some videos that have popped up on social media showing violent arrests in black and hispanic neighborhoods okay so to state the obvious videos of arrests in black neighborhoods do not prove or even indicate that these laws are being enforced unequally on a racial basis of course though they are being enforced unequally but it's got nothing to do with race the inequality is between um the people who've been subjectively determined to be essential workers and the people who are who have been subjectively determined by the government to be inessential the inequality is between you know politicians who keep making a paycheck while depriving everybody else of their paycheck the inequalities between small businesses that are shut down while mega corporations that sell the same sort of stuff are allowed to stay open okay this is all inequality it's all injustice it is something the attorney general of any state should be looking into but unfortunately leftists like leticia james have to see everything through a racial lens which means they often miss the point entirely like is happening here um finally a real clear opinion poll released this week says 40 percent of americans are more likely to homeschool once the lockdowns end and that at least is one good thing maybe the only good thing to come of all this now i'm sure that a lot of the people that are thinking about this it's just because they're afraid of the virus and that's why they want to homeschool their kids but whatever prompts parents to at least think about uh consider taking charge of their child's education well then that's it's good that they're considering it at least so maybe that's one that's one thing um that uh people will pry their kids loose from the grip of the state i think it's good it's something to at least think about now let's go to your daily cancellation this is a fun one i've been looking forward to this uh fun for us anyway not so much for the nfl players quentin dunbar and deandre baker who are both being canceled they're cancelled because allegedly despite being nfl players and making millions of dollars to play a game for a living um they participated in an armed robbery a few days ago now the details in this case all alleged yes the details are pretty incredible bear in mind okay just just to clarify the cancellation is because of the sheer stupidity of this crime it's it's not because i object morally to armed robbery on the issue of armed robbery i'm sort of in the middle ground i you know i can see arguments forward and against it so this is not me passing judgment on on armed robbery or armed robbers just to be very clear about that anyway let me read from tmz it says according to police um the two men were partying in uh florida on may 13th when things took a disturbing turn cops say baker and dunbar were allegedly hanging out at a cookout playing cards and video games when an argument broke out and baker whipped out a semi-automatic firearm cops say the man began to rob party guests with dunbar assisting and taking watches and other valuables at the direction of baker at one point cops say baker directed a third man who was wearing a red mask to shoot someone who had just walked into the party but fortunately no one was actually shot all right um law enforcement says the men made out with more than seven thousand dollars in cash along with several valuable watches including an eighteen thousand dollar rolex watch a twenty five thousand dollar uh other kind of watch that i can't pronounce because i'm not rich and then some other watches too according to cops some people the party believe it was a planned robbery because the three men were when they were done taking valuables there were three getaway cars strategically positioned to expedite an immediate departure and the alleged the alleged getaway cars by the way were a lamborghini a mercedes-benz and a bmw okay so first point here obviously is why weren't they social distancing that's the real crime here forget about the armed robbery the real issue is what what were they doing at the party in the first place very very irresponsible behavior during a pandemic second they were hanging out at a party with people they know and everybody knows them they're there okay having a good time apparently argument breaks out so they say hey you know what might as well rob the joint and they rob it and then they run away and they get in their luxury cars and they run away but where are they going everybody knows who they are so what's the point this is like when my couple days ago i caught my three-year-old sneaking into the pantry to steal a snack and i stopped him i said hey and then he ran away and i'm thinking where are you going i know who you are and i know where you're going and i have a key to every lock in this house so it's but you might as well face up to the punishment now the jig is up so i'm just this whole thing perplexes me i um everything who robs people out of frustration like what kind of response is that i'm not saying i'm the best at conflict resolution but and and i get frustrated too it sounds like they were playing a game one of the guys got frustrated i get frustrated too playing board games um but it never occurred to me to flip over a scrabble board and just commit felony robbery on the spot out of anger and then the whole fact of course that again these are nfl players making millions of dollars one of these guys was a first round pick last year so i mean he just became a millionaire recently and now he's out robbing barbecues imagine how shocking that is for everybody else there that not only are these dudes robbing you not only do you know them not only are you going to be able to id them to the cops in in five seconds but they're the richest dudes at the party and they're the ones robbing you which is super super that would be surprising i guess to everybody but bernie sanders who i guess will not be surprised that rich people are robbing others maybe he was onto something i don't know all i can say is that it is it is now more important than ever that the nfl season go forward um we cannot cancel the nfl season look at what nfl players are doing after just just just the off season workouts were canceled and now you've got two nfl players one of them a first round pick last year committing armed robbery of not just one person but mass armed robbery [Music] just from cancelled workouts can you imagine can you imagine if they cancel the season imagine what it's going to look like in like december 2020 if the nfl season is canceled and these guys have had nothing to do this whole time the sheer death toll from nfl players uh for the death toll from nfl player related violence will easily exceed the covet death toll so that's that's a pretty good argument right there i think for keeping the season going also i just want to watch football that's the other argument as well okay let's go to emails before we do that i want to take a moment to tell you about daily wire's newest most exclusive membership tier that's all access the all-access membership tier is our premier level of membership all access members get to participate in all access live which is a brand new interactive programming feature one of us daily wire hosts hang out every night at 8 pm eastern 5 p.m pacific and you can ask questions with just a back and forth pretty casual you also get all the benefits of our other membership tiers including an ad free website experience access to our live broadcast the show library access to the show's mailbags all of that all access membership tiers also include of course the singular irreplaceable leftist tears tumbler so head over to subscribe to join daily wires all access club with a new membership or an upgrade and get 10 off with coupon code walsh that's subscribe see you there okay so uh as mentioned if you're a daily wired member you can send a email through the mailbag and i'll get to a couple of those now this is from michelle says hey matt i agree with everything you say about letting people make their own choices but aren't you walking right into an obvious response from liberals if you can make your own choice about being exposed to the virus or not why can't women make their own choices over their bodies when it comes to abortion you said on twitter quote if you want to leave your house during lockdown do it if you don't don't well isn't that just like the lefts don't like abortion don't have one logic yeah michelle i've heard this many times now and um no i don't think the two issues are the same at all i i think that these are two two very different arguments here's the crucial difference well there are two crucial differences number one abortion is the direct and

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